What Is a Jockstrap? Uses, History and Design

August 28th, 2020

The jockstrap is a style of men’s underwear that was first developed to protect the testes and penis during sports. It was mostly worn for cricket, cycling, and more physically demanding sports like wrestling. The jockstrap is still one of the most commonly worn clothing items for sports because of its ability to protect organs. More importantly, today it is used by sportsmen to protect their sensitive package, as well as used by the everyday man for regular wear.

Jockstrap Design

The jockstrap has a quite simple design. Mens jockstraps usually have a waistband attached to a supportive pouch for the genitals and two leg straps affixed to the center of the pouch. Today, jockstraps for men are produced in many sexy designs and cool prints, which can be found at online men’s clothing stores like Differio. Are you interested in finding a sexy jockstrap? You can also find gay jockstraps on underwear and jockstrap shops that sell hot styles from mesh jockstraps to leather jockstraps. Gay jockstraps support and highlight the pouch just as much, or even more than the standard sports jockstrap.

History of the Jockstrap

The term jockstrap comes from the word “jockey strap” that’s no longer used in everyday conversation. In the 1800s, “jock” was the nickname for penis which is why it is called a jockstrap today. In 1984, the first jockstrap underwear for men was invented for cycling by C.F. Bennett who owned a sports goods company in Chicago. The original purpose was to provide more comfortable rides for cyclists. It grew in popularity when Bennett’s newly formed bike company mass produced jockstraps in 1987. After that, it exploded in the mens underwear market. Today jockstraps are widely used in many physical sports, but you can also find plenty of sexy jockstrap styles.

Uses of Mens Jockstraps

Jockstraps are used for many different purposes and sports. Here are the most common uses of mens jockstraps today.


Jockstraps are basically made for cycling. Since it is widely used for cycling, almost every cyclist owns and wears a jockstrap before competing or during practice. It provides great comfort and safety for these sportsmen while they’re riding their bikes.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwide. In this sport, it’s necessary to wear a jockstrap for the protection of the testes and penis. You might already know that high speeds and fast balls can be extremely harmful for the testes if impact is made. It’s really a no-brainer why every cricketer wears a jockstrap!


Wrestling is also a very popular physical sport around the world. However, it is a dangerous sport too because it’s so physically demanding. In this sport, the sportsman requires a lot of safety around their body, especially sensitive organs like your nuts and penis. It’s no wonder why every wrestler these days wears a jockstrap for the safety of his manhood.


Football is one of the most famous sports and most-played games worldwide. There are very few men in the world who don’t like football very much. And as you know, every physical game requires maximum safety gear because physical games are nothing like online games. In football, it is especially necessary to safely protect your testes and penis with the right mens underwear. This is why almost every footballer still uses mens jockstraps to this day.


Karate is a very cool sport. It is a sport favored by many men around the world too. Like wrestling, karate also requires a lot of safety for sportsmen. Virtually every karate master and sportsman wears a jockstrap before competing with their opponent. The jockstrap protects karate masters from critical danger, and saves their testes and penis from critical hits.

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Top Tips When Choosing the Right Sunglasses

June 27th, 2020

The best top tips when choosing the right sunglasses for yourself is to know the one that suits you best. Most sunglasses are made from plastic and synthetic materials. This should be examined before making a purchase decision.

Should Be Comfortable To Wear and Good Shape

The first step when choosing sunglasses is that they need to be comfortable and in good shape. Take your time and try on several pairs of glasses and then select the pair that best matches your face shape. You can look at the frames, sizes and shapes of the glasses to see which suits you best. Remember that the size of the frame and the shape of the frame should match the face shape.

Go into Stores or Even Online and Try Out Different Glasses

It will also help to go into stores or even online and try out different glasses so that you find the ones that suit you best. Once you have found the best fit, then select the one that matches your taste, your personality and your budget.

Examine Material and Its Shades

Then you need to examine the material that the glasses are made from. It is important to look at the shades to find out if it is durable, impact resistant, easy to clean and wash and of course not too expensive.


The cost is an important factor to consider when choosing sunglasses, it should fit within your budget and you need to make sure that you get the correct shades that will ensure you sun protection. When buying sunglasses, there are two kinds of sunglasses – standard and style.

Check the Designs and Styles

Standard sunglasses are used to protect the eyes and are generally referred to as “steel” sunglasses. They are available in a variety of designs and styles. There are style sunglasses as well, but these are worn to enhance the look of the wearer.

Style sunglasses come in different colors and styles to choose from. These types of sunglasses are called the “stylish” sunglasses and are popular with celebrities and athletes. The style sunglasses have frames that are distinctively different from the others.

Look at Different Reviews and Ratings

Looking at different reviews and ratings can also help you in looking at the right sunglasses, most reviewers are often customers and this can help you in choosing the right brand, the right style and even the right price. Reviews are valuable when looking at the best sellers and in reading reviews to find out more about the glasses.

Find the Right Size

The next tip for how to choose the right sunglasses is the size. In order to find the right size, you need to see the frames. Try on several frames until you find the one that matches your face shape.

Type of Frame

The next tip for how to choose the right sunglasses is the type of frame. If you are buying the glasses for casual wear, then go for a frame that is a bit wider to add a bit of width to your face.

Style sunglasses and steampunk sunglasses are popular among sportsmen, celebrities and even some college students. The style sunglasses are available in a wide range of colors and styles, but they are mostly made of a lightweight material, which makes them comfortable to wear.

Look at the Colors and the Designs

Finally, when choosing sunglasses, look at the colors and the designs. If you want sunglasses for everyday wear, then you should look for a pair that are vibrant colors, but if you are more of a fashion icon, then go for bright colors.

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How Many White Dress Shirts Should You Own?

May 11th, 2020

Classic fashion never goes out of vogue. New trends might be set by fashion designers and influencers with every turn of the decade, but what once assumed the status of a classic shall always remain the same. And speaking of classic fashion, is there anything else better than that of an immaculate white shirt? Now, some of you might consider it to be a cliché. But a classic, more often than not, is a cliché. They have been tried, tested and approved by many since years. Therefore, there is no harm in declaring your love for classics and clichés. Do not let the other tell you any different. Now, coming back to the point at hand, we have taken it upon ourselves to enlighten you a bit about the importance of a white shirt, and the appropriate number of shirts that you must own. Of course, there is nothing absolute when it comes to fashion advice. To each his own! But, there is always a place to start. Therefore, if you ever feel the need of a place to look for fashion advice, to begin with, you shall always have the comfort of this article to fall back on.

The Importance of a White Shirt:

As we have already stated earlier in the article, nothing qualifies as a classic fashion than a white shirt paired with your favourite jeans or trousers. It is versatile and goes with anything and everything. And maybe that is why it is easy to dismiss them and nor feel their importance. But think of all the time when you were dubious about your fashion sense, or did not know what to wear. You probably found yourself reaching out for the white shirt in the corner of the cupboard, because that is how indispensable they are. A white shirt is nothing less than an essential, a staple that you need to get through every day. So now that we have eulogised white shirts to the best of our efforts, we shall move on to determining the appropriate number of shirts that you might need in your lifetime.

How Many White Dress Shirts Are Too Much?

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to white dress shirts. But of course, you cannot buy an endless number of shirts (or, can you?). Therefore, we shall try to figure out the count based on the kind of possible occasions you might find yourself in throughout the span of your life.

To Establish an Air of Formality-

We attend more formal meetings in our entire lifetime than the informal ones. Therefore, you need at least two formal dress shirts to keep in tandem with the environment of the meeting. You need one for the normal meetings and presentations, and the other one for the times when you need to meet high-end clients and dine with them.

To Be Assertive About Your Presence in a Party-

If you have never given the thought of having a white shirt set aside for parties and gatherings, you have been missing out a quintessential trend. If you intend on cutting a dapper look at the parties, get your hands on stylish white dress shirts and turn heads like no one else. White shirts spell dominance, peace and style in equal measures. There is no other dress that could possibly compare to a white shirt, even in the trendiest of parties. And it is thus, time for you to have one for yourself.

To Sport a Calm and Relaxed Demeanour-

A white dress shirt could come in real handy when you want to look calm and are not in a headspace for attention. You could just fit right in without making much noise, and get by the humdrum of the day. A white dress shirt really is your knight in shining armour that shall never fail to rescue you.


Going by the article, you would want to get your hands on three white dress shirts to get by anything and everything. Meetings, parties or a regular day at work- you name it, and your white dress shirt shall be there rescue you from your sartorial confusion. However, make sure that the material you opt for feels comfortable on your skin, or the discomfort will clearly show on your face. That, and a little bit confidence shall be enough to help you make a mark wherever you walk in.

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Blurring the Lines of Gender in Sartorial Choices

April 29th, 2020

Gone are those days when gender used to be confined into watertight compartments of black and white, and things were strictly divided into two categories- male and female. However, things have undergone massive changes and gender as a concept, has seen some major seismic shifts. There is nothing strictly male or female, and we have started perceiving the world with a queer eye. And the greatest proof of our argument, if anyone was looking for it, can be seen in the ways fashion has changed over the last few decades. The fashion industry has increasingly blurred the lines and smashed the concept of heteronormativity. Sartorial choices have expanded, and people have several options to choose from when it comes to clothing, regardless of their gender. Gender-neutral clothing is the future that we are collectively working towards, and this is what this article shall explore in details over the next few segments.

Gender-Neutral Fashion: A Sneak Peek

Tracing the lines of fashion dating back to a couple of centuries becomes imperative when we have the job of providing an insight into the rise and evolution of gender-neutral fashion. Have a look at the 19th century. Corsets, long flowing dresses, gloves and top hats were the flavor for women’s fashion. Men would be neatly suited up and cut a dapper look. No one back then could imagine women in pant-suits or men in plaid skirts. But, now, plaid skirts and a pop color palette on men is a thing, and muted colors and pant-suits on women steal the show. This is how fashion has evolved and has blurred the thin lines of gender. Androgynous dressing is the reigning token, and the fashion industry has been encashing this token to reap humongous profits.

Luxurious and Local Brands Have Started Supporting Gender-Fluid Fashion:

There are several brands that have completely changed gears and shifted their focus to gender-fluid fashions norms. In fact, the usage of the word ‘norms’ would not be wise since these brands do not abide by fashion norms anymore. It is all grey, and you are free to choose whatever you like. You are free to be whoever you want. For instance, have a look at Collect Interior, which is a brand that caters to the fashion requirements of him, her and them. The brand has a myriad of options for you to choose from, irrespective of whatever gender you identify with. And this is what has been pushing the brand to the heights of limitless success. Once a brand starts coloring outside the lines, there is so much fashion that can be explored and experimented with. Who says what is proper? Who says that pink is for women and not men? Fashion today, has no rules, and that is what makes it open to new possibilities and avenues. The lesser human beings complicate choices, the better it is for the human race to march towards progress.

Merging Men’s and Women’s Fashion Weeks:

Here is another factor that has influenced gender-fluidity in sartorial choices. We are talking about the fashion weeks held for men and women. Initially, these fashion weeks used to be held across two different timelines, so that one did not overlap with the other. But, with time, these two timelines started running into each other, thus, merging the two fashion weeks. High-end fashion houses have been merging these fashion weeks for men and women to save up on their money as well to create a gender-neutral fashion statement. The world looks up to these fashion weeks, and designers, students who study fashion and local brands, take notes from these fashion weeks. Therefore, this helps the planet to step up their fashion game and acquire a better insight into how the big names in the fashion industry have been viewing gender as a spectrum of colors, rather than just black and white.

End Notes: It’s All in Grey:

A gender-neutral approach to fashion has resulted in the fashion houses to play with themes, colors, subjects and patterns in clothing. Fashion no longer conforms to heteronormative schools of thought. Men can wear skirts; women can wear skirts- everyone can wear skirts. And this is not an idea that only cross-dressers abide by. This is something that the entire world is adopting into the mainstream, and with much gusto and panache.

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A Dad’s Guide To Parenting Your Newborn

March 19th, 2020

Parenting a newborn can be one of the biggest challenges for first-time dads. Newborns have many needs and wants that are unique to that specific stage in their lives. As such, parents should be well aware of some tips and tricks that can help them succeed in their parenting journey. Let’s face it: moms have that indescribable maternal instinct that helps them look after their children. Dads, on the other hand, are likely to need a bit more prep to make their parenting journey as smooth as possible.

Fortunately, many helpful resources like Myparentingjournal exist to help us with our parenting concerns. For some parents, looking after a newborn is a delicate task that feels overwhelming and confusing. These resources make the challenges of raising a kid a bit more manageable. Check out the website if you want to learn helpful tips, tricks, and advice. If you’re a new dad, here are four tips you can start with.

Check In On Your Baby’s Sleeping Patterns:

Making sure that your baby regularly sleeps through the night is important. After all, a well-rested newborn is a happy newborn. Look for a crib that has newborn-friendly features and is comfortable and accessible.

If you can oversee how how your baby sleeps even if it’s just for the first several nights, that would be optimal. This will let you identify potential issues like breathing problems early on. Parenting a newborn takes a lot of work and in safeguarding the quality of their sleep, you’re likely going to end up being sleep-deprived yourself. But the end result, of course, will always be worth it.

Help Them Eat Right:

Proper nutrition is a must for babies. Supervising a newborn’s diet and nutrition will involve strict feeding schedules. That said, try to stay as consistent as possible. Being on the dot is indeed challenging, but parenting a newborn can be fun as feeding time can lead to great bonding experiences.

Beware Of Cranky Babies:

Babies can get really cranky at certain times of the day — there’s simply no avoiding it. While cries for food or comfort are normal, crankiness can sometimes be a symptom of something more serious.

If you think your newborn is crying at an alarming frequency, talk to your doctor about it. Colic is fairly common in newborn babies and though it may be frustrating, it can be managed in a number of ways. For one, you can try to use a soothing balm to help calm your baby. Again, if you’ve tried a bunch of things and they just fail to work, connecting with youtr pediatrician for advice is recommended.

Anticipate The Costs

Caring for a newborn can be expensive. Babies need constant care and supervision, plus the cost of milk, vitamins, diapers, and other baby stuff like cribs, tubs, and bottles can easily pile up. If you are working parents and decide to hire a night nurse or a nanny, that could add to the costs, too.

With that being said, anticipating the costs that come with raising a newborn will be extremely helpful. While insurance may take care of hospital and medical expenses, expenditures for clothing, toys, and other implements are usually out-of-pocket.

As with anything else in life, preparation is key. Do everything you can do to make sure that you’re ready financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Parenting a newborn is no joke, and there’s really no shame in asking for help. For now, start reading trustworthy parenting resources to equip yourself with helpful knowledge and expert insight. Discuss arrangements and divide shifts and responsibilities with your partner. Also, don’t forget to relax and breathe. You got this!

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Style Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Date

February 28th, 2020

Doing anything for the first time is quite important in many people’s lives. Little things like the first day of school or a first dance mean a lot to many people. We all strive to be in good relationships, and that needs some effort from both sides involved. Something that we all know very well is that the first impression matters a lot when it comes to how people are going to perceive you. The same principles apply to dating and especially the first date.

You might have all the attributes that your date may be looking for, but little things may change their view. The way you dress on your first date is very significant and you should at least try to look the part. Here are some style mistakes to avoid on your first date.

Wearing Something Out of Your Hamper

A first date is crucial when it comes to dating. It is what determines whether the two of you might be compatible or not. You need to bring your A-game on the date, and that includes your dressing. It will be unwise to wear something that you wear frequently, and this is because the outfit might be worn out.

People tend to find you more attractive depending on what you’re wearing, so putting on something you have been wearing all week will do you no justice. It is important to note that wearing something that brings the better side of you does not mean an outfit that costs a fortune or particular trends or labels. You should put on an outfit that isn’t worn out from being worn regularly and looks fresh.

Bearing It All

The first date is where you both get an idea of the person, so it would not help if you come out looking strong. When dressing, you should be careful not to show too much skin, and though some may be interested, it will be off-putting to most. If you have to show off, you can pick on one asset to show, for example your legs. Showing too much may send the wrong message. There is much to learn on different relationships that you may engage in, and you can learn more about hook up meaning and other types of relationships.

Dressing for the Wrong Type of Date

It is always important to consider the type of date you are going on before wearing a particular outfit. Different engagements will require you to dress differently. It will be somewhat frustrating to be struggling on your date because of what you are wearing. The activity you are going to do on the date should determine what you wear.


It is important to note that what you wear on your first date should not stress you too much and this is because it may not matter a lot in the long run. Though what you wear may determine the first impression from your date, what you wear on the other dates that come after is what will matter more. The less effort you put into what you wear is an indicator that you are becoming more comfortable with a given person.

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Top 4 Wedding Photography Styles You Need to Know

February 18th, 2020

Photography is one of the essential aspects of a wedding. It tells a beautiful story of life and love. It is a celebration of two souls, who promise to take a journey together until eternity. The wedding photos can be shared with loved ones and can be passed on for generations to come.

Excellent local wedding photographers have stepped up their game and mastered various photography styles. Some photographers master one technique, while others merge two styles to come up with a creative expression of the day’s events.
Here are the photography styles that are commonly used by top wedding photographers. You may choose to focus on one form or combine two methods for an extraordinary collection of wedding photos.


For many years, wedding photography took a more conventional approach. Shots involve a lot of classic poses, which include group photos of the couple with the entourage and family members. There are also photos of wedding traditions such as wine toasting, bouquet toss, and cake cutting.

This style may seem old fashioned, but it is a favorite among many couples because it ensures that all parts of the program are included in the wedding photo collection.

For this style, the photographer is very much involved in providing the direction for the photoshoot. There must be proper coordination between the couple and the photographer so that all critical parts of the ceremony and the reception will be included in the roster of photos.


Often combined with the traditional style, this type of wedding photography tells a beautiful story, just like an award-winning documentary. The approach is quite informal but highly creative. The photographer often tries his best to blend in and uses his skills to aim, frame, and shoot candid moments as they unfold. There are a lot of shots that include intimate interactions and light-hearted moments.

For couples who aim for original photos that are full of raw emotion, then this is the type of photography that will fit the bill.


This type of photography is also combined with other styles. It is often used by local wedding photographers who cater to outdoor weddings. They shoot photos using natural light. An ideal time for natural wedding photography is after sunrise or before sunset. Natural photography best captures breathtaking views and gorgeous outdoor venues.

If the wedding is gearing towards a relaxed and nature-inspired approach, then natural photography is the way to go. It is best paired with barely-there makeup, light, flowy dresses, and wildflowers.


For couples who would want their photos to look like they came from pages of a magazine, then contemporary photography is perfect for them. There are still posed shots; however, they are more relaxed. The photographer will use lighting and angles to create dramatic and stunning shots.

This photography style utilizes objects to frame and accentuate a shot. It produces unique photos that perfectly embodies the photographer’s artistic prowess and the couple’s fun outlook.

Wedding photos speak volumes on the wondrous emotions associated with this sacred union. These wedding photography styles perfectly express the couple’s personality and the message they wish to convey through their photos. It is vital to collaborate with the photographer to achieve a keepsake that will last forever.

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How to Choose Your Everyday Jewellery to Fit Your Style

February 3rd, 2020

Australia is known to be one of the most diverse countries in the world because of its welcoming and friendly culture. The nation likewise has a stable economy and one of the best healthcare systems, both of which make it a desirable place for living. But another thing that makes Australia stand out is its multicultural and fashion-forward society, which makes it an ideal place to express yourself.

There are ways to show off your sparkling personality, but nothing beats sporting the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. There are plenty of varieties when it comes to fashion jewellery online in Australia. But here is the catch — with so many variations, styles, and designs to choose from, it can be quite troublesome to decide what to get. It’s essential to pick out pieces that you love enough to wear as everyday staples, so here are tips to help you get started.

Find your style

Online shops emulate some of Australia’s classic and up-and-coming trends, which mean that you have thousands of options to consider. Start your search by determining your style. Define it through an aesthetic or fashion inspiration.
Do you love the model-off-duty look that Miranda Kerr naturally sports? Or do you prefer to be an Instagram baddie or a youthful culmination of all things peachy and aesthetic? If you cannot decide on a style, consider creating a mood board with photos of all your favourite outfits and influencers. That should help you get an idea of your preferences.
From there, pick out pieces that go with your style. Polished and off-duty looks go perfectly with gold or silver pieces, while fun and quirky jewellery can spice up any simple outfit. Consider picking out a statement piece or two for special occasions or days when you feel on top of the world. A tip is never to mix metals unless you love the look.

Wear More Than One

Contemporary Australian jewellery trends include simple, minimalist pieces that are stacked or worn in a constellation. Consider layering a choker with a long necklace, or opt for multiple gold necklaces of varying lengths. These will give your neckline an interesting focus, especially if you wear low cut tops and blazers. It gives off a powerful, girl boss look that has been circulating social media. Pair a stack of gold necklaces with a red lip, and you are off to conquer the world.

If you have a penchant for ear piercings, then you cannot miss out on the constellation trend that popped up a couple of years ago. Everyone, from preteens to grannies and models, is going for second, third, and cartilage piercings. This trend is perfect if you cannot choose a favourite daily earring, as you can dress your ears with a variety of options at any given time. The likes of Cate Blanchett have graced the red carpet with a gorgeous stack of ear cuffs, which you can emulate with stud earrings and cuffs.

Think About Your Budget

Nothing beats getting a bang for your buck, especially when it means high-quality jewellery at lower costs. Try browsing for ‘fashion jewellery online, Australia’ or looking around malls to find different price ranges and get an idea of what you can get for specific prices. If you are allocating a big budget, then you can invest in good pieces or materials, like real gold, to make sure they will last a long time. A lot of people have nickel allergies, so read the description or consult with sales associates to make sure that what you are planning to buy is nickel-free. Opting for real metals will also mitigate this issue.

If you prefer changing your jewellery from time to time, then you can set a lower budget and opt for high street pieces. Over time, you can continue to add more pieces to your jewellery box and increase the variety in your choices. A collection of classic and statement pieces will make you ready for any Aussie trend that comes your way.

It can be a trying time to juggle between trends, classics, and jewellery preferences. Over time, your style may even change and evolve. But what matters the most is wearing pieces that make you feel the most confident and comfortable in your skin.

Carmel Isaac

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10 Things to Consider in Choosing Medical Scrubs for Men

November 23rd, 2019

Medical professionals use scrubs because of their practicality and comfort. However, healthcare uniforms are loyal companions at work, and they have to live up to your functional needs. The minor details of your scrubs play a significant role in your everyday efficiency.

Below are ten things to consider in choosing the best mens cherokee scrubs:

1. Cost

Although it means that you will have to invest more, purchase scrubs from a high-quality distributor. Do not disregard quality just because you have been looking at several affordable sets at the mall. Remember that you should not be late for your shifts, so you cannot be bothered with linty scrubs or threads coming apart. Invest in a quality pair instead of three mediocre sets.

2. Trend

Nobody knows you better than yourself. If you are a simple guy, you feel best sporting the same practical thing daily. However, looking around the work environment, men are more likely to be left out of the current fashion trends. You can find an attractive design if you give yourself time to try out various styles in a department store. It can also improve your self-esteem. It just takes a little experimentation.

3. Neck Shape

If the pattern suits perfectly, there is no issue in purchasing scrubs with various neck cuts. Selecting round neck, v-neck, and mock wrap for uniforms is like choosing trendy or straightforward scrubs. You could get one with a u-shape or a scoop neck and other designs. As long as you follow the company’s rules, buy whichever you prefer.

4. Chest Pockets

Besides picking comfortable medical scrubs, it is also essential to consider its practicality for your tasks. Take into account the items you put in your chest pocket and how crucial these things are. Chest pockets are handy for pens and phones.

5. Patch Pockets

Besides pens and cellphones, carrying medical equipment at all times is critical to medical professionals. You almost always take stethoscopes and medical records, so you need pockets to store other items you need.

6. Staining

White is the most popular uniform color for healthcare workers. It appears clean, and you would not want to stain it. White scrubs are also the easiest to get dirty. It comes with the industry.

There are medical facilities that permit their staff to choose the color of scrubs they would like to use. So, before purchasing scrubs, know the colors that your employer suggests, when there are no specific provisions, select colors that are dark and deep, like black, dark blue, or dark grey. These colors are much better in holding stains than lighter shades for men’s Cherokee scrubs.

7. Mood

Shades are readily available, and they are often exciting to choose from since everyone has their tastes. However, you might need to switch colors and tones of your scrubs based on the current season and your mood. Medical professionals can also sport clinical uniforms that are fashionable.

8. Length

Longer scrub tops best fit tall men; smaller guys could look even shorter with this length. A minor adjustment in the uniform length may be appropriate depending on the body shape, whichever is more comfortable.

9. Fit

Men’s scrubs are initially loose-fitting, but try them on before you purchase anything. They could seem like an excellent fit on display, but you will not know until you try it on. Select the correct size for a snug fit.

If you use well-fitting scrubs, you will feel more at ease and more relaxed throughout the shift. If nothing fits your measurements, it is best to seek the advice of the best tailors near you. It will make it possible for you to ensure repair work and modifications. Your scrubs should not be so loose-fitting that it is challenging to move around or so tight they might tear.

10. Slits

Another element in selecting the right scrubs for you is the need for ease of movement. Side slits and vents can improve convenience and provide ventilation. The slits, however, depend on the length of the scrub top.

When the top is shorter, the side slits will most probably expose your waist. Pick those with no side slits if this is the case. When your scrub pants have pockets, and you are wearing a scrub top with a longer back, the side slits can help you reach your pockets easily.

There are very long shifts in medical facilities. However, you can make your workdays much more manageable by selecting the right scrubs to accompany you. These essential tips will help you feel comfortable, and can even leave you feeling more efficient and productive.

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Top 3 Trends That Consistently Get Men Marching Into Spas

November 18th, 2019

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but it seems more and more Martians are finding themselves marching into spas, accounting for 47% of all spa-goers to be exact. Spas have been more of a “lady’s hobby” for the longest time, but recent innovations in the industry have enticed more and more men to the world of proper grooming. Let’s look at what spa trends have put to practice to attract men to their establishments.

De-Stress With Reflexology

More than a fancy name for a foot massage, Reflexology makes use of ancient Chinese massage techniques, applying pressure to different points on the feet. This is said to release bursts of energy throughout the body, positively affecting healing. There is much support in the industry and in academic spheres for the practice, and the amount of male patrons who request the treatment are further proof of its validity.

LED Light Facial Treatments

LED light treatment involves shining an LED light across the face, allowing the light to permeate through the different layers of the skin. Just as the NASA experiment involving LED light stimulated cell growth in plants, this treatment is intended to revitalize the multi-layers of the face. As such, it is an invaluable tool for skin healing, aiding in the elimination of scars and fine lines.


Microdermabrasion is a relatively new addition to the traditional topically applied facials. It involves applying deep hydration and exfoliation agents, removing impurities and giving the skin a glowing polish. As with LED light treatment, this derma treatment is also known for curing and preventing acne, as well as clearing up dark spots, and creating an even facial complexion.

Scalp Treatments

Notice a bit of hair fall? Dubbed as “facials for your scalp“, these treatments have proven very popular for men with thinning hair, as it offers prevention in equal measure with proper maintenance. The treatment typically starts with an analysis of the scalp, usually making use of a magnifying glass. The scalp is exfoliated using a steaming cap and then massaged thoroughly with organic products.

As more men are taking it upon themselves to improve their looks, following the basics of grooming is finally fading, and spas are doing their part to accommodate this growing sector of the market. Luckily, there have always been male spa-goers, but with the strong rise in demand, spas must advance their techniques and apply small tweaks to adapt to the needs and wants of today’s modern man.

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