Top 3 Trends That Consistently Get Men Marching Into Spas

November 18th, 2019

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but it seems more and more Martians are finding themselves marching into spas, accounting for 47% of all spa-goers to be exact. Spas have been more of a “lady’s hobby” for the longest time, but recent innovations in the industry have enticed more and more men to the world of proper grooming. Let’s look at what spa trends have put to practice to attract men to their establishments.

De-Stress With Reflexology

More than a fancy name for a foot massage, Reflexology makes use of ancient Chinese massage techniques, applying pressure to different points on the feet. This is said to release bursts of energy throughout the body, positively affecting healing. There is much support in the industry and in academic spheres for the practice, and the amount of male patrons who request the treatment are further proof of its validity.

LED Light Facial Treatments

LED light treatment involves shining an LED light across the face, allowing the light to permeate through the different layers of the skin. Just as the NASA experiment involving LED light stimulated cell growth in plants, this treatment is intended to revitalize the multi-layers of the face. As such, it is an invaluable tool for skin healing, aiding in the elimination of scars and fine lines.


Microdermabrasion is a relatively new addition to the traditional topically applied facials. It involves applying deep hydration and exfoliation agents, removing impurities and giving the skin a glowing polish. As with LED light treatment, this derma treatment is also known for curing and preventing acne, as well as clearing up dark spots, and creating an even facial complexion.

Scalp Treatments

Notice a bit of hair fall? Dubbed as “facials for your scalp“, these treatments have proven very popular for men with thinning hair, as it offers prevention in equal measure with proper maintenance. The treatment typically starts with an analysis of the scalp, usually making use of a magnifying glass. The scalp is exfoliated using a steaming cap and then massaged thoroughly with organic products.

As more men are taking it upon themselves to improve their looks, following the basics of grooming is finally fading, and spas are doing their part to accommodate this growing sector of the market. Luckily, there have always been male spa-goers, but with the strong rise in demand, spas must advance their techniques and apply small tweaks to adapt to the needs and wants of today’s modern man.

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Plan The Ultimate Sailing Trip With The Boys

October 4th, 2019

There are few things as fulfilling as taking time off and relaxing with friends. In fact, research reveals that friends play a critical role in the enrichment of your life and the overall improvement of your health. Add to that the calming effect of water, and it’s a no-brainer that a sailing trip with a few close friends is a great way to unwind. Planning the ultimate sailing trip means showing up in style, and planning an excursion that will be a fond memory for years to come.


It’s All About Creating Picture Perfect Moments 

What’s the point of planning an elaborate sailing trip without having those high-quality images worthy of a social media wall? While the natural surrounds will create the ideal backdrop for such a moment, it’s also important that you look the part. Casual wear doesn’t have to look plain or frumpy, and nautical-inspired ranges offer would-be sailors an opportunity to man the ropes and look good doing it. Take care to choose loafers that tick the style box, but also work well on boats.


Know Whether You’re Roughing It Out Or Gliding About 

Not all boats are made the same, which means it helps to do some research ahead of the trip. While powerboats are perfect for those moments where an adrenaline rush is a requirement, there are moments that call for a sailboat instead. If no one in the group has a boating license, it’s better to include this service when you’re renting the boat. A perfect sailing trip means everyone is free to enjoy the amenities. There are many types of boating excursions you can look forward to on this type of adventure, including mimosa sunset cocktail parties to show off your new linen suit or deep-sea fishing excursions.


Prepare For Different Weather Conditions

Although snacks and supplies should make their way onto the list, when planning a sailing trip with friends it’s always handy to brush up on the security aspects of the trip. This means going for a basic safety course before the trip. It’s also important to know a few things about sailing in case the weather gets a little bit hairy and the skipper needs some help. Preparing for different weather conditions also means foregoing the wools in favor of synthetic fibers, as they tend to dry easier and won’t weigh you down as much if you happen to get drenched.


A sailing trip is an ultimate time to shine with the boys, whether it’s combining efforts to land a big catch or to sit back and talk stocks and bonds. For every occasion, however, there is an outfit to make the memory a little more special.

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Best Dance Workouts for Your Living Room

August 24th, 2019

Don’t have time to go to the gym but want to whip your body back into shape? Then look no further. We went through the hottest dance workouts that you can do in your own home. So grab a pair of Adidas shoes on sale, your most comfy workout outfit, and a bottle of water and get ready to sweat!

Check out these great dance workouts and DVDs. Many are available for free or a small subscription fee online. You can also purchase many of these DVDs at your favorite online retail stores.

30 Minute Caribbean Dance Workout with Selena Watkins

Want to sweat and enjoy an island vacation at the same time? Check out Selena Watkins 30-minute Caribbean dance workout. The class is based on Socanomics. The videos showcase Watkins with other women showing modifications of the moves. Whether a beginner or a dance pro, you will love these moves!

Flat-Belly Belly Dance Workout with Leilah Isaac

If you love to dance and you love to explore musical styles, you will love shaking your hips with professional belly dancer Leilah Isaac. Learn classic belly dancing moves like chest lifts, chest drops, and the iconic hippy shimmy while dropping weight and losing fat. Enjoy an extra dose of tons of fun, too. Work on your core abdominal muscles and rock your belly.

Dance Like Nina 40-Minute Reebok x Les Mills BODYJAM Workout

Fitness guru and actress Nina Dobrev gives you an intense forty-minute dance workout. The collaboration with Les Mills and Reebok makes your heart pump and the calories drop. Grab your favorite shoes for hip hop dance and pump it out with Nina!

20 Minute STRONG by Zumba® Cardio and Full Body Toning Workout with Ai Lee Syarief

This intense dance workout makes you move, fast. High-intensity and high in fun, you will LOVE this motivational dance class with trainer Ai Lee Syarief.

Babywearing Dance Cardio Mom & Baby Workout: Mommy & Me Postnatal Exercise

For new mums that love to workout while taking care of their precious babies, these Babywearing Dance Cardio workout is just for you.

Super Fun Cardio Dance Workout with Broadway’s Joseph Corella and Blogilates Cassey Ho

This fun and easy dance workout explores a variety of fun dance routines to the tune of musical theater classics like Grease. Joseph gives you easy directions. Hop and bop your way to ultimate fitness. Trainer L J does low impact dance moves that are perfect for rocking baby to sleep and rocking your body to good health!

Senior Gold Dance Workout with Paul Eugene

If you have some physical limitations or haven’t worked out in a long time, then try Paul Eugene’s Senior Gold Dance Workout. This slower-paced dance workout routine is perfect for low-intensity cardio and movement. Eugene promotes a healthy lifestyle for seniors and believes dance help keep the “spirit vibrant”. Dance your way to a healthier and happier you with Eugene.

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The Rise of Brotox Injections

August 19th, 2019

The top male facial treatment currently trending: BOTOX® — also popularly known as Brotox.
By Kelsey Nguyen

There’s a reason why Dr. Jason Emer has over 107,000 Instagram followers (60% of his male patients found him via Instagram) and 2.4 million views on YouTube. Three words: beauty without boundaries. The acclaimed dermatologic surgeon believes in the philosophy that bodies do not follow rules — a principle that is reflected in his services. His West Hollywood practice is home to a colorful range of cosmetic and dermatology offerings: Hi-Def liposuction, laser skin treatments, and of course, facial sculpting.

From fillers to fat injections, Dr. Emer specializes in facial sculpting treatments that volumize lips, plump under eye areas, and create chiseled jawlines. However, for his male patients, there is one facial treatment that is particularly trending: BOTOX® — also popularly known as Brotox.

The past few years have witnessed a surge in male BOTOX® injections — in fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of men who received BOTOX® doubled from 2010 to 2016. Not only is this a momentous increase, but signifies a gender shift from BOTOX® being typically female-oriented to the male-dominated Brotox edition. Long story short: in today’s age, men are no longer shying away from BOTOX® treatments.

BOTOX®, also known as botulinum toxin, is a protein produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. When injected in small amounts via needles, BOTOX® prevents the muscles from contracting — the motion which causes those problematic wrinkles. The pain from BOTOX® injections is usually minimal and requires little to no recovery time. Apart from reducing the appearances of wrinkles and sagging skin, BOTOX® is also commonly used to treat muscle spasms, migraines, and headaches. Popular injection sites include the forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

At the end of the day, men also have aesthetic desires they want to make into a reality. They’re dreaming of defined jawlines and youthful complexions free of frown lines, and luckily, Brotox is their golden ticket to inner and outer beauty — beauty without boundaries, to be specific. Looking rejuvenated has its own kind of psychological power: confidence. A study conducted by Men’s Journal revealed that men who look and feel younger are more likely to have the upperhand in the cutthroat job market. Here’s to men adding BOTOX® to their career to-do lists!

We spoke with Dr. Emer about the rising Brotox boom and his personal outlook on the dynamic between modern men and cosmetic procedures.

What is the main reason why men get Brotox?

“Because they want to prevent wrinkles from forming,” Dr. Emer says. “Most men notice wrinkles on their forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes, and feel that they develop an ‘unapproachable’ or ‘mean’ look. By getting Brotox, it softens the look of the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes, giving them a more inviting appearance. It also prevents wrinkles from forming long term in these areas.”

Cosmetic procedures are traditionally associated with women. Do you think there is still a stigma in 2018 with men getting cosmetic procedures?

“Not anymore! With social media, influencers, and celebrities getting treatments as prevention (EX: BOTOX®, peels, skin care, makeup, lasers, microneedling), men of all ages are coming in wanting to look and feel good compared to their female counterparts,” Dr. Emer explains. “Men just want subtle, natural results that keep them ‘unchanged’. If you could freeze their youthful look in time, they would want to maintain that so they never get an overdone, frozen or unnatural appearance.”

Due to influence by online media, Dr. Emer reveals that it is now extremely common for men to get monthly facials and peels, laser and BOTOX® treatments every 2-3 months, and yearly Ultherapy and Thermage to prevent skin sagging. “Many men opt for facial implants and buccal fat pad reducations to contour their face structures,” he says. “For the body, they will do HD liposuction to make their abs or muscles pop.”

What do you think the relationship between men and self-care will be in the future?

“It is a HUGE market and rapidly expanding to include makeup lines for men, skincare for men, body treatments and supplements just geared at what men want.”

“HD liposuction, fat grafting and Sculptra® to build buttocks, Bellafill® for shoulders and biceps, penile fillers for size, PRP (platelet-rich plasma)/shock wave therapy for harder/faster stronger erections and sexual gratification, Facetite® to contour jawlines, customized facial implants to customize facial shapes, J Plasma®/Renuvion to create six packs with liposuction. And of course, BOTOX®, fillers, lasers, peels, and skincare to stay looking young and reverse sun damage and sun spots.”

If possible, can you share a personal experience you’ve had with a Brotox patient?

“Most of my patients use BOTOX® in standard injection sites like the glabella (area between the eyebrows, 11 lines (wrinkles that develop between the brows), eyebrows, eyes/crow’s feet, forehead lines, and the jawline. Many also use it in the armpits, hands/feet, genitals, and buttocks to reduce sweating,” Dr. Emer reveals. “Some of my patients even do Scrotox to stop ball sweating and make the testicles descend. I have many that do anal botox as well! You can suspect that, being as I am in West Hollywood!”

This article originally appeared on Aedition.

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How Household Utensils Can Help Find Love in the Future

August 13th, 2019

Do home appliances know all the details about you? Perhaps it is so if we are talking about smart devices. Kettles connected with refrigerators and wrist watches are already transforming our homes and will soon be able to transform our personal lives. But how?

According to the new report of the famous business school, the way we get involved in international dating and meet potential soulmates will change over the next twenty years. All this is thanks to smart home appliances. Referring to this report, information obtained from devices, such as smart wardrobes, showers, refrigerators, and watches, can be used to match us with our potential soulmates. The data from these devices will tell us a lot more about ourselves than we ever knew before. Instead of relying on self-esteem, smart devices will be able to objectively record data about our personality, preferences, and behavior. For example, a smart shower can say a lot about our hygiene, which strongly corresponds to the level of our consciousness and organization. The understanding of “acceptable” and “good” hygiene is different for each person, which can lead to romantic inconsistencies. By the way, a smart wardrobe can reveal a lot about our style. According to experts, the style of clothing is a very accurate and detailed reflection of a person’s personality.

At the same time, smart utensils such as refrigerators, microwaves, electric kettles, and other kitchen devices will be able to provide information about our diet, nutrition, and even spontaneity when choosing or cooking food. All these factors can be compared with information about other people in order to find the most appropriate person. Smart showers can become the norm by 2022, smart wardrobes – by 2023, and by 2028, our whole house will be “smart”, including toasters. Similarly, in the near future, smart clothes and smart lenses will help control our most complex behaviors and habits. Other home appliances, such as smart TVs, can use data from TV and film preferences, which will then be a key indicator in relationship compatibility.

One of the most popular dating sites has invested more than 18 years in determining what factors can help build healthy and successful relationships. Very soon, any additional opportunities provided by smart technologies can help bridge the gap in understanding between people. According to its experts, almost 7 billion devices are now connected worldwide.

Moreover, in the future, two smartphones, matching the social parameters of people, will send each other photographs of the owners, smart glasses will find suitable people by DNA, a special program will show future parents what appearance their children may have, and many more things will be available. In addition, there will be no dating as such because smartphones will give out all the information about a person.

By 2029, ladies will be able to determine the probability of a breakup with a very high percentage of accuracy from the very first meeting. It means that men who are not going to have serious relationships and create a family must be ready for this and invent tricks in advance. Also, scientific computer compatibility programs will be invented. Programmers will provide the classification of factors that can ruin our future marriage. It will include income, interests, religion, worldview, physical attractiveness, and so on. Analyzing these factors, people in love will be able to minimize the risks of a breakup. So, as you can see, smart devices and gadgets can help us make a relationship better.

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Choosing the Best Personalised Cufflinks for Gifts

August 10th, 2019

Many men use cufflinks when dressing formally. They are clothing accessories used to button sleeves for formal men’s attire, and they are made of different materials ranging from pure precious metal to cheap alloys. As soon as they are added to the cuffs, they introduce more style since they can be matched with shoes, tie or any other accessory that is worn.

Designers have been so creative in regard to fashion, and now we can get personalised cufflinks. Whether you are buying a pair for yourself or want to give them to a special person, these designer shops will give you all this. So, how do you go about choosing the best cufflinks for gifts? Here is how.

Look for the Best Designers

There are many shops that offer personalsed fashion items including cufflinks, and these are the experts to seek out. It is very easy today because all you need to do is browse for a list of these experts online. As you check, ensure that their work is detailed because this is one of the qualities that you are looking for in your pair of cufflinks. If there is no person to ask about this, social media platforms are the best channels to use. Previous customers will tell you about their actual experience, and this is the best guide before settling on a specific designer.

Know What You Want

Even as you want to surprise someone with a gift, you need a clue about what he really loves. Any cufflinks can be personalised like those that are made of gold, silver and other materials. According to designers at the Rocketbadge website, customization could include the design, color and materials. A friend can gather this information for you when you want the gift to remain a surprise.

Choose the Design

The time to choose the right design is now. Any company that does this customization will want to know what you are looking for. Their recommendations are limited until they understand your needs. They can give you a list of designs, colors and materials that they use so that you can choose, and the other details will be incorporated.

It is crucial to choose something that will impress the gentleman at the receiving end. One big tip is to incorporate something that he loves like an embossed football design, flag, initials or anything else. When it comes to colors, make sure that it will impress him especially if he is sensitive to fashion.

Pay, Collect and Send the Gift

The time to surprise the person you love is here. Personalised cufflinks can be given as a birthday or anniversary gift or for any other occasion. Some people may choose to give them to a man in their lives at any time.

Once the cufflinks have been ordered and prepared, just pay for them and send them to the intended person. With such a gift, you can rest assured that he will love and cherish it. Your relationship will also grow due to your expression of your feelings through this gift.

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3 Supplements to Boost Your Bodybuilding Efforts

August 1st, 2019

At present nearly 75% of American men are believed to be either overweight or obese according to a study published in The Lancet.  Considering these statistics it is no wonder that so many men are frantically trying whatever means possible to get rid of their ‘dad bod’ in favor of a more chiseled physique reminiscent of an underwear model. While there are many trending diet plans that can help a guy shed some unwanted weight, bodybuilding may be the single best way to not only lose weight but keep it off as well. You can furthermore ensure that you get the most out of your physique-altering bodybuilding program by making use of a quality supplement that will give your efforts a very welcome boost.

Whey protein is always a winner

Whey protein is the go-to supplement for countless bodybuilders, professional athletes, and regular exercise enthusiasts who are looking to lose weight, gain muscle and enjoy increased strength and energy.  Whey protein digests fast, making it the perfect post-workout supplement as it can help boost your muscle’s recovery ability significantly. For optimal results, choose a supplement that contains both whey and casein protein to ensure that your body remains in an anabolic state for an extended period of time while protein synthesis is optimized and muscle breakdown minimized. Twenty to thirty grams of whey protein (or a whey-casein blend) taken post-workout will help you significantly to obtain the physique you have always dreamed of.

MK-677 boosts lean muscle growth

While bodybuilders have been making use of growth hormone (GH) for a long time to speed up muscle gain and improve performance, the use of GH does have notable risks such as increased mortality and cancer risk. These concerns can, for the most part, be negated by the use of a GH secretagogue such as MK-677 which increases the internal production of GH.  By taking an MK-677 supplement you can enjoy increased muscle growth and strength without experiencing a testosterone increase. According to fitness professionals, up to 25mg of MK-677 should be taken in the early morning as it may trigger some sleeping disturbances if taken later during the day. Be prepared to eat a lot more though as you are bound to experience quite a few cravings while your body adjusts to its increased GH levels.

Fuel your workouts with caffeine

If you are dying for a physique that even Jason Momoa would be jealous of, you may want to consider pairing your bodybuilding efforts with a caffeine supplement. Numerous studies have shown that caffeine not only increases alertness and increase your pain tolerance during exercise but helps burn fat and allow for longer, more intense workouts as well. There are a large variety of capsules,drinks, bars, and powders to choose from, depending on your own personal preference. The recommended caffeine dosage is between 150 and 300 mg and should be taken between thirty minutes and an hour prior to your workout.

Getting into shape takes both hard work and immense dedication. By making use of quality supplements you can get the most out of your bodybuilding workouts and get the physique you ultimately desire.

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Trends in Male Wedding Fashion

May 27th, 2019

Marc Jacobs’ wedding this year to long-time boyfriend Char Defrancesco arguably marked a watershed in male wedding fashion history. If in the past, it was all about ‘saying yes to the dress’, these days, the groom’s outfit is just as an important – which makes sense considering that fashion is either Instagrammable or it isn’t really fashion. For this stunning celebrity-studded wedding, Char opted for an emerald green velvet tuxedo with accompanying bowtie, while the top-selling designer wore a more ‘serious’ dark green suit with a pale grey Windsor knot tie, cream patent leather shoes, and one feature that lent his outfit just a touch of magic: a single lily pinned to his lapel. The way the two outfits combined was testimony to the modern penchant for looks that complement, rather than match each other. What other trends are big for grooms this year?

It Starts with the Ring

As mentioned above, men’s wedding fashion is growing in importance, and this means paying more attention than to just the suit. The ring – a symbol that both bride and groom will cling to for a lifetime - is now expected to be an expression of a groom’s creativity, lifestyle, and taste. Instead of the stock simply yellow gold band, unique men’s wedding bands are gaining ground. New materials like wood, titanium, and palladium are making their presence felt. Some men (see Ryan Reynolds) are opting for wide, fashionable wedding bands that ooze sartorial flair. Others are opting to stack rings, or choosing rings made in mixed metals (think yellow, rose, and white gold or platinum).

Going against the Grain

It’s your wedding so why not dress in materials that are stylish and comfortable? When French designer Etienne Deroeux (who has shone in New York, Milan, London and Paris) got married recently, he remained true to his passion for active, urban looks by totally foregoing a tie and opting instead for an Indian collared top, worn beneath a simple dark blue one-button jacket and slim fitting trousers, coupled with camper-style outdoor shoes. The simplicity of his outfit went beautifully with his bride (Rae Boxer’s) spaghetti strap dress, which was in white silk and devoid of all traditional embellishments such as beading, lace, and embroidery.

Express Yourself

At socialite Amanda Jones’ recent wedding to Kevin Vaughan, the groom showed fashionistas how ‘new traditional’ is done. He wore a black tuxedo with slim fit, ankle-length trousers and gorgeous black suede slip-on shoes. His jacket had just one, low button and satin labels, which complement his two-toned shoes (in black and grey) to sweet perfection. His outfit went perfectly with his wife’s ultra glam yet classical gown, while paying perfect heed to current trends in terms of cut and jacket choice.

Stars in Your Eyes, Stripes on Your Suit

When fashion designer Victor Glemaud married his diplomat fianceé, both wore striped suits – but in totally different styles. Victor opted for a cobalt one-button suit with wide blue stripes, paired with a baby pink top and a tie in the same color. His fiancée went for a more serious pin-striped suit in navy blue with a raspberry-hued tie that complemented Glemaud’s pink looks to perfection.

It is a unique time in men’s wedding fashion; one in which a groom can really show off his passion for style and fashion. From unique wedding rings to casual tops, velvet jackets, and brightly colored outfits, there are many ways to take a leap away from the expected. Before making your decision, check out the choices made by your favorite celebrities and find the inspiration you may be looking for.

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ASICS Sponsors Los Angeles Marathon 2020

May 21st, 2019

True to sports performance and its unwavering dedication to athletes, ASICS will sponsor the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon in California this year. Although busy with new releases with its ASICS Kayano sneakers in Australia and abroad, the company has committed to a five-year sponsorship deal starting in 2020 with the Pasadena Half Marathon.

A Commitment to Performance Running

ASICS has announced its commitment to performance running with its partnership with Conqur Endurance Group. Whether running shoes vs. tennis shoes, ASICS will be the official apparel and footwear partner of the L.A. Marathon. ASICS will also be a core sponsor, with media exposure, promotional content, and store event activations. This strategic move will bolster the sneaker giant’s position in running and high end sports performance in North America and abroad.

According to ASICS North America CEO Koichiro Kodama: “ASICS is back and more dedicated than ever to drive our brand forward as we build off of the very foundation we were created on: performance running”. ASICS long-term hope, according to Kodama, is to reconnect with the West Coast community and long distance performance running.

Conqur Endurance Group ignites a passion for long distance running and sports through incredible international events like the “Stadium to the Sea” course, a scenic course that attracts tens of thousands of participants. Other events include the Santa Monica Classic and the L.A. Big 5K. Conqur Endurance Group sponsors dozens of non-profits. Students Run LA, a nonprofit partner, supports community running programs for youths in the United States.

A History of Running

Despite giving up some ground to companies like New Balance in recent years, ASICS has a deep heritage rooted in high performance running. In some ways, it owes its incredible success to runners. The company was founded over half a century ago by designer Kihachiro Onitsuka. ASICS renewed commitment to the sport will include partnerships with the Rose Bowl Pasadena Half Marathon, the Santa Monica Classic 5K and 10K, and the LA Big 5K.


Besides sponsoring the L.A. Marathon, MetaRide, and running events, ASICS has committed to sponsoring long distance runners like Emma Bates and Allie Kieffer. Bates won he 2018 USA Marathon and was the first female to cross the 2019 NYC half marathon. Kieffer followed right behind Bates, placing 7th in the same NYC Marathon. The commitment to notable long distance athlete helps ASICS overall image as it attempts to reposition itself as the top sponsor of long distance running.

Limited Edition Footwear and Apparel

The ASICS commitment to the Los Angeles Marathon includes launches of limited-edition sneakers and apparel designed specifically for the 2020 race. The new collections will be available globally at local and online retailers.

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Men’s bodysuit styles for an active day

May 16th, 2019

Before going into quality men’s bodysuits that are suitable for an active day out, it is considerable to know what a bodysuit is.

Formal introduction to men’s bodysuit

A bodysuit is a one piece and skin-tight dress that covers only the crotch and torso. It sometimes covers the legs and hands. Bodysuits cannot be classed as a swimsuit. Though, the style of a body suit is similar to a one-piece swimsuit. But, the fact is that the materials are different. At the crotch, a bodysuit has hooks or snaps. Bodysuits have various kinds of shoulder straps and collar styles, even sleeves. Men’s body suit can be made from materials such as cotton, nylon or lace. Even elastic materials can be a better one for a comfortable bodysuit for men.

According to fashion trends, there is a new range of men’s bodysuits styles that is fit for an active day. These modern styles are form-fitting garments that properly cover the torso and crotch giving the wearer a sense of comfort.

Originally, men’s bodysuits are produced for a fetish-inspired fashion or everyday active wear. The modern styles of men’s bodysuits will portray a man’s ideal sexy and masculine look. Giving the wearer a balanced form and posture. With the modern bodysuits styles available, men won’t have to wear an awkward look around in old or traditional bodysuits.

Functions of quality bodysuits for men

Men’s bodysuits are meant to provide comfort couple with a sense of versatility in one’s wardrobe. Modern styles of bodysuits are manufactured with unique quality kind of fabric offerings. Such as a sensitive Tactel fabric, micromesh fabric blended with polyamide and other quality materials. Each unique fabrics has its own functions and benefits.

Good and quality men’s bodysuit is supposed to offer a stretch relieves pulling around the crotch region and accentuates the shoulder and chest regions. Also, it is supposed to help trim the abdomen and the hip as well as help soak away sweat or moistures from the body.

What to look for in a bodysuit

A good style of bodysuit for men is cut and tailored to bring out the ideal figure of the wearer making him active throughout the day. Modern-day styles of men bodysuits are suitable for men from all works of life. From a builder to an office man and so on. Aside from a quality design or style, the most important things to consider when buying men’s bodysuit is the comfort and a good color that can easily blend into your everyday clothing activity.

Ensure to check out for styles that are great for outdoors usage. Bodysuits that are easy to wear and makes you feel warm inside. One single fact about bodysuits is the easy washing; either by hand or washing machines. If you are placing your order for your own men’s bodysuit online, make sure you know your size and ensure to place an order with trusted and recommended sellers. If you want to keep fit and look smart throughout the whole day, make a bodysuit a part of your clothing and keep being active all day long.

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