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Be Aware… 2EROS Black Label Swimwear May Get You Extra Attention

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Are you proud to show off your body or your sensuous manhood? 2EROS Black Label Swimwear has been crafted in chic styles to do just that and even conceal what you don’t want to… that is if you have anything to hide at all!

Men’s swimwear has to be both practical and fashionable, which may not be always easy to find…that’s what you think? This is not true…there are some online stores such as which offer different styles of Black Label range of men’s swimwear which are sure to impress you. They have invested precious resources to get you the finest range in men’s Black Label swimwear.

You can’t go very far into men’s comfortable and stylish collection of swimwear without running into the name Black Label. It is for the no nonsense man who is confident and knows what he wants. Black Label represents some of the best in men’s wear and if you are not very concerned about the price…which is really not too much…this is the one for you. It is designed from the top quality fabric which is a blend of 87% nylon and 13% Elastane. Do you want to stick out from the crowd…don’t worry you will!

V02•10 - Midnight (M)

V02•10 and V04•10 the new range of swimwear from Black Label, are available in brief and trunks styles in 2 exotic shades… red earth and midnight. Main highpoints of this sexy swimwear are the metal eyelets, toggles as well as the metal 2EROS logo on the garment. Black Label offers men’s sexy swimwear which will outlast even the funkiest beach party. Guys, you can wear the hot swimwear even when you want to get special attention or are planning to get out of it altogether!

2EROS has a collection of innovative designs and a commitment to high-end quality. Just log on to and order the latest craze in men’s swimwear. It will available for shipping from 12th October 2010. At DealByEthan.comyou will find the latest deals and styles from the world of men’s fashion. Get the heads to turn around without breaking your bank and the best thing is you don’t have to search high and low to get some of the best designs.

2EROS is the best choice for men who are looking for a simple sleek and sophisticated collection of excellent a range of swimwear. They don’t believe in being mediocre and go beyond the regular swimwear colours. It is the concept of Jason Hoeung, a brilliant Australian designer. 2EROS distinguishes itself from others time after time by delivering excellence with exceptional and attention-grabbing designs, which are fitting for the man who wants attention.

A small interesting fact for you guys…’2EROS’ can be interpreted in 2 two ways… ‘Zeros’ or ‘To Eros’. ‘Zeros’ depicts two circles inside the 2EROS logo, which is a visual representation of the male assets or Eros, who is the Greek god of love and lust and also signifies sex, male, passion and virility. This extraordinary 2EROS store was launched online internationally in 2008 and you can also get a range of 2EROS collection selected other stores.

Have You tried Eric Salo Sexy Men’s Underwear and Swimwear Line?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Discover the ultimate range of men’s underwear and swimwear as well as men’s grooming and accessory products which a man must have at It is really unique and different and that actually shows. Eric Salo is the co-owner of DealByEthan, which as one of finest online collections of daring and baring men’s underwear and swimwear available today. It is all about men’s fashion…with a focus on how guys can look confident and sexy in underwear and swimwear. The best thing about DealByEthan men’s collection is that they offer contemporary designs from the top men’s underwear and swimwear brands. DealByEthan continues to include men’s underwear and swimwear brands which will appeal to the new breed of body and fashion conscious men.

Clever Maori Long Sleeves Mesh T Shirt Black 7005 Displays The Animal Power

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Clever Maori Long Sleeve Mesh T-Shirt is the one to have a completely tribal look. Clever 7005 sexy men’s t shirts are hot and innovative with an attractive tribal print all over the sheer mesh fabric. Clever Maori t shirt are sexy, masculine and good fun. Get this men’s long sleeve t-shirt with a cool body hugging form in black and flesh tattoo design and a slender crewneck trim is strong black. You will have a body tattoo at less cost and effort with Clever Maori Long Sleeve Mesh T-Shirt. Look and feel sexy with the Clever Maori t shirt which is available easily at DealByEthan at the best price.

Paint The Beach Red With Ergowear X3D Squarecut Swimsuit Red

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Ergowear swimwear is hitting the beach with their amazing Ergowear X3D Squarecut and Ergowear X3D swimwear. Ergowear is a very successful men’s underwear brand who have expanded the range to include these incredible sexy men’s swimwear designs. Ergowear X3D swimwear has a three dimensional pouch and this men’s square cut swimwear separates that lifts you out from the body to a snug and a naturally enhanced style. Ergowear X3D Squarecut is the largest men’s swimwear in the X3D rang. You get a draw cord which allows safe diving. Ergowear X3D swimwear looks sexy and vibrant in red and has been designed in Nylon and Lycra blend.

Male Power Stretch Net Bong Thong 442- Are You Hot Sexy And Daring?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Male Power Stretch Net Bong Thong is a strapping way to show off the sexy you. The pouch trim and the waistband of the Male Power thong underwear is designed with smooth and shimmering stretch polyester combine which brings in comfort with style. These sheer men’s underwear are erotic and sexy with a sporty feel. Completely sheer net pouch of Male Power Stretch Net Bong Thong supports as well as lifts to offer an enhanced frontal silhouette and the elastic straps at the back keep the jock in position. Male Power thong underwear, are an excellent option for special occasions or can add an exotic touch to daily men’s underwear.

Your Heart Will Miss A Beat With Go Softwear Novel Strapless Jock Strap Black 2076

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

If you are looking for something sexy and unique, Go Softwear Strapless Jock in black is just the thing for you. Go Softwear 2076 strapless sexy men’s underwear gives a feeling of being one piece and does not have anything at the back. Go Softwear 2076 is designed from 90% cotton and 10% lycra. Men who want sexy men’s underwear which is unique, Go Softwear Strapless Jock and Go Softwear Novel Strapless Jock are for made for you. Just a little of Go Softwear Strapless Jock says a lot about sexy men’s underwear. You will be surprised how supportive Go Softwear jock strap is, and some men feel it is more comfortable than any standard men’s jock straps. But I am sure you will not be wearing them only for comfort!

N2N Bodywear Net String Underwear White N8- Flaunt All You Possess Proudly

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The N2N Net String series offers a transparent twist to your favourite see through men’s underwear for maximum exposure. The see-thru men’s underwear displays your assets seductively, getting you noticed. N2N Sheer Mesh G String shows what you have while being very comfortable and audacious. If you’re looking for see-thru sexy men’s underwear then you must try N2N Net String or N2N Sheer Mesh G String sexy men’s underwear! People will be awed by you in the next slumber party! It is made from 100 percent poly-net. : N2N Net String, N2N Sheer Mesh G String, N2N N8 and sheer men’s underwear leaves very little to imagination and will get all pulses racing!

4Boys Gear The California Boxer- Don’t Try Or You Get Addicted

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

4Boys Gear creates designs for the contemporary urban man and 4Boys Gear The California Boxer is a perfect example of the brand. 4Boys Gear boxer shorts, 4Boys Gear California, are amongst the most chic and modern men’s boxer shorts, men’s underwear that guys will love to wear. 4Boys Gear The California Boxer provides a sexy and confident feel with an excellent fit. 4Boys Gear boxer shorts, 4Boys Gear California are refined to suit the modern day to day lifestyle. 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Lycra blend offer ultimate comfort. Higher content of cotton allows the wearer to feel much better and Lycra offers 4Boys Gear The California Boxer to fit the body flawlessly.

Be Daring With Elite Underwear Boxer Brief Athens White 3681

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Elite Athens Boxer Brief is has been designed with style and comfort in mind. Elite 3681 are made with cool stretch cotton with the classic panel structure for an excellent fit. Long boxer briefs are a perfect for men who like sexy men’s underwear but prefer full coverage. Elite Athens Boxer Brief is available in loose cut woven cotton in white.  Sexy men’s underwear include close fitting long boxer briefs, Elite 3681 or a classic men’s underwear with deep sides and modern low cut hipster style. DealByEthan offers white Elite Athens Boxer Brief at the best prices in all sizes. Each and every men’s underwear has been cut to compliment and fit perfectly and offer ideal support.

Feel Seductive And Hot With N2N Bodywear BT Boxster Underwear White BT7

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

N2N underwear is a leading sexy men’s underwear designer that offers flexibility, comfort and fashion in an ostensibly endless flow of innovations. N2N BT Boxster is a good example of the collection. N2N boxer briefs have been designed with brushed Tactel with 90 to 10 Polyester and Spandex fabric. It is an enormously soft and stretchy material and has a suede-like feel. N2N BT Boxster has an unlined front pouch and banded leg holes which assist in framing and enhancing your back. N2N BT7 has a collection of sexy men’s underwear which is distinct from all other. N2N BT Boxster shows off your assets with being bold and comfortable.