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Triple XXX- the Choice of the New Millennium

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The new-age youth groups need constant reinvention and for them the brand Triple XXX is the ideal choice in sexy men’s clothing.

Triple XXX is the new urban and hip line from the range of Mundo Unico underwear. This Colombian company manufactures mens sexy clothes of great quality, innovative cuttings, sexy prints and unique colour combinations.

Their range of brief underwear is truly amazing. The Supremo is a creation on its own with a combination of materials like cotton, polyester and Lycra which gives it a really exquisite finish and feel.

The Contender Brief, with its combination of cotton and Lycra, is comfortable, and at the same time, the prints are a bold statement. The Machination Brief combines all the elements of fun, style and comfort. The Boxer Brief underwear has many variations.

Their Neopunk Boxer Briefs with a combination of cotton and Lycra is a great buy. The Night Out Boxer Briefs, Machination Boxers and Contender Boxers are investments for those who want comfort as the main factor. The Audacity Boxers are a combination of polyester, cotton and spandex which gives sheen to the entire thing. Their Long Boxer Brief underwear has types like Boxer Confusion, Boxer Irreverence and Boxer Urbe underwear are a mix of cotton and lycra which acts the comfort factor and these sexy clothes men can get in fun and attractive colours like bright yellow and greens.

The Triple XXX range uses light materials like cotton, Lycra and spandex. The brand adds a unique and typical South American sizzle to its production. The vibrant colours and cool graphic prints add the fun factor to this sexy man clothes which are the epitome of sexy men fashion. They cater to every occasion and mood.

Triple XXX underwear has sexy designs that gives lends an exceptional support and shape to your package. They are durable and can be washed in machine without any harm caused to the sexy clothes men adore to wear. For truly unique and fun selections of mens sexy clothes visit the Triple XXX section at

Trend-Setters Opt Only for Delio Dietz

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Delio Dietz is a unique but popular name for people who love to set trends and opt for the stylish and innovative in sexy men’s clothing.

Delio Dietz’s range of bikini swimwear has a unique concept of a tattoo-like drawing at the back which looks quite good. The tattoo slip swimwear is available with a lining and a drawstring. Their underwear collection is very comfortable and made from mainly polyamide and elastane. The mesh ones are really sexy, while the bikini type underwear is the epitome of style. They are available in various colours and prints like animal ones.

Their boxer brief underwear range is very comfortable and its combination of polyamide, elastene in microfiber Polycat lends a nice reflective sheen. Their brief underwear is available in peek cut out slip, mesh and slip bikini varieties. The g strings of this brand of men’s sexy clothes are made from the fabric of the highest quality. The workmanship is superb and comfort factor amazing. The jock straps manufactured by the company are sexy but at the same time it does not compromise on the quality and comfort. They are made from cotton or viscose and as a result of it they are light, natural, comfortable and stretchy.

The square cut swimwear made from Lycra sports a wet look. The drawstring and lining concept adds to the comfort factor. Their thongs are made of the finest fabric with excellent craftsmanship. They are cut daringly narrow at the front and have a minimal coverage. They are stretchy, smooth and sexy and made from nylon and spandex. The range of muscle top t shirts, short sleeved t shirts and tank top t shirts are equally worthy of being a part of sexy men fashion.

The Delio Dietz’s range of underwear has unique styles. They do not compromise on the quality and are extremely well-crafted. They use only the finest quality fabrics and state of the art manufacturing technology. The range of designer men’s sexy clothing are comfortable and a real eye-candy. They feed the imaginations of your partner. In fact, it is claimed by many who have used this brand of sexy underwear for men that they actually give you a feeling of flying!

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Thong Swimwear- the Latest Bold Style Statement in Designer Men’s Swimwear

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Thongs are fast becoming the latest rage in sexy men fashion. If you like to flaunt your boldness, then thongs are the perfect options for you!

A thong is regarded as the predecessor of the loincloth, and is supposed to be the earliest form of clothing known to man. Many tribal groups were supposed to be using this type of clothing in the earlier times. The first public appearance of the thongs can be said to have been in 1939 at the World Fair in the U.S. when Fiorello LaGuardia, the mayor of New York declared that the nude dancer’s of the city should cover themselves up. Rudi Gernreich, the famous fashion designer is supposed to have introduced the first thong bikini in 1974. Fredericks of Hollywood started selling them in the early 80’s, followed by other brands. Now the market for this sexy men’s clothing has vastly grown with many men donning his bold and beautiful article of designer men’s swimwear.

There are different kinds of this sexy man clothes available. All the leading lingerie brands like Joe Snyder, Gary Majdell and others produce this kind of swimwear. You can make a selection from more than 150 different styles, colours and textures. They can be in solids or in mesh. Mesh adds up on the fun and naughtiness quotient. You can either opt for mono colours, or fun and bold prints like jungle prints, cheetah and rainbow ones. The camouflage ones are really seductive as well. String thong swimwear narrows at the back a little. You can also opt for stripes and checks as well. Bulge thongs and launch thongs give a real lift so that you look your best always. The c-ring ones have a great fit and give you a wonderful enhancement.

Most of these sexy clothes men wear are made from materials like nylon, Lycra and spandex in varying proportions. The materials are usually stretchy so as to provide no discomfort.

In these sexy men’s clothing there is generally a hidden opening in the pouch which supports and lifts the front portion. The elasticity of the thongs provides a snug fit always. Some have no liner, as a result of which, they can be worn as swimsuit, underwear as well as sportswear.

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The Caterers of Gay Culture- Ajaxx63

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Ajaxx63 is one of the very few brands that cater specifically for the gay culture of today by producing sexy men’s clothing.

Ajaxx63 is an urban-oriented company which first started selling its products at the Pride Festivals. It became an over-night sensation. They had also made an appearance in the first season of “Queer as Folk.” They gained their foot-hold in the gay fashion industry after becoming partners with This move made them reach their zenith and become a cult name in the gay retail industry. Ajaxx63 has appeared in various gay fashion magazines as well as the hit series showing on Showtime “Queer as Folk” and others like “Queer eye for the Straight Guy”, MTV’s “Open Bar”, “What not to Wear”, and many more.

Their range of beanies and caps are quite nice with high quality fabrics used for their manufacturing. Their workmanship is fine with smart styling and good quality construction. Multi-colour embroideries are the main hallmarks of their line and the colour combinations are very tight as well. They are perfect to top off the entire look. You can choose from their collection of mesh panel trucker caps, baseball caps, knit beanies and many more.

Their long-sleeved t-shirts are made of thermal and reflect the athletic in you in a tasteful yet sexy way. Their beautiful fitting is resulted due to the naturally stretchy quality of the light thermally woven cotton. Their graphic designs are stylish and excitingly colourful. Their eye for the detail and beautiful fit is really noteworthy. Their range of muscle top t shirts is sleeveless and truly made for the hunk inside you as they make you look your beefy best. Their funky messages add to the cool quotient. The short sleeved t shirts manufactured by this sexy men clothing brand are available in more than 70 variations. They are very clingy and hug your body so that the ultimate look is that of masculine sexuality. Their range of tank top t shirts is quite sexy made of 100% cotton, as a result of which there no question of any compromise with the comfort factor.

Ajaxx63 is one manufacturer of sexy men’s clothes that does not believe in compromising comfort for style. They use the finest quality of materials aimed to give maximum comfort. They approach the concept of a t shirt in a post-modern way. They are redefining the look of the t shirt by making them energetic, modern and fashionable. To check out the leaders of the gay culture of today go to

Sexy Tiger or Gentle Lamb- Joe Snyder for All

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Whether you are a conservative soul or an adventurous person willing to flaunt your sexuality to the world, Joe Snyder is meant for all.

The brand was founded in 1958 at Mexico by Jesus Vargas Abin who himself designed sexy men’s clothing for those willing to experiment. Later on, the brand was inherited by his son, who brought newer ideas and fresh conceptions to the forefront. As a result, in spite of being such an old and established company, it has not lost its touch and continues to go strong.

The range of bikini swimwear has more than 100 varieties and is available in different vibrant colours and prints. Their unique elastic feature offers a beautiful snug fit. These have no liner, as a result of which it can be used as swimwear, underwear and sportswear. The material is stretchable, thus ensuring that it can go larger or smaller according to the need of the hour. The waist band is double-seamed and durable. They can be found in normal material as well as sheer and mesh.

The boxer brief underwear and swimwear manufactured by them boast of many unique prints. Like all of their sexy clothes for men, they are multipurpose and more than 95 varieties of styles and colours can be found. The G string range of underwear and swimwear are available in various vivacious colours and prints and designs.

The jock strap underwear can be got of sling varieties with a button at the front so that the front part can be detached or attached at will. The spider and the peekaboos types are really bold and sexy. Long boxer brief underwear is made of cotton and is very comfortable. Joe Snyder running shorts are made of nylon and Lycra spandex and are available in as many as 10 vibrant colours. The square cut trunk underwear and swimwear are obtainable in around 100 styles in various colours and prints. The thong swimwear and underwear are available in almost 60 types.

The materials used by the brand are always top of the line. Their fabrics are guaranteed by DuPont with support from the Lycra brand, so there is no question of them ever compromising on the quality. The fabric is made so that they fit extremely well.

Joe Snyder uses a very modern technology for manufacturing its range of sexy clothing for men. Since they are unlined they are multipurpose and can be used as swimsuit, underwear and sportswear. Go and experience the Joe Snyder fever by browsing through the collection at