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The WildmanT Collection

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

WildmanT is the men`s underwear and swimwear brand that lives and breathes for one purpose only: to make you hotter and sexier than you ever thought possible. Their product line is packed with exciting underwear that will pull the dark and wild side of you out into the open and expose you as the animal that you are; the animal that is hungry for more lust and action in his life.

But, let`s put aside the wild side for a second. WildmanT knows that men sometimes feel inadequate about their “package”. Now, literally not wanting to leave you hanging, WildmanT has created a top selling product that has changed men`s lives – the famous “Ball lifter”.  Imagine the looks you`ll get with this hot WildmanT square cut trunk with Ball Lifter C-Ring in cyan! This sneaky little invention is designed to enhance your appearance and the bulge in your pants, and provide you with an instant confidence boost. This product lifts your balls with a soft cloth, raising your package naturally in the air and making it seem like you have much more in your pants than you actually do.

Now, this isn`t cheating! No sir! You don`t have to worry about taking your clothes off and seeing a disappointed look on your partner’s face. Everything that you have is still the same. The Ball Lifter just lifts it up in the air. The thing is, some men have their testicles hanging lower between their legs, making it seem as though they don`t have much to show for underneath.  We know this isn’t true, but wouldn`t it be great to be able to help yourself a little? WildmanT`s Ball Lifter is comfortable, sexy, and once you wear it, you will never go back.

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The Timoteo Black Bead Necklace with Pistol Charm

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

There`s never enough weapons in your fashion arsenal, and you always want to stand out. To do this, you need to have at least one thing that will separate you from the crowd, show how unique and sleek you are. The Timoteo black bead necklace with pistol charm is the perfect way to do this. Wrap it around your neck, let it hang loose on your masculine chest and attract the hungry eyes. This necklace is made of black gun beads connected by silver chains and has a powerful pistol charm.

If there ever was a time to “fire at will”, this is it. Without doing anything on your part, this necklace is sure to make a statement for you. It will speak about how strong and macho you are, and that you don`t mess around. Yeah, a string of black beads does appear a bit mesmerizing, doesn`t it? Look at it a bit more closely. Doesn`t it just pull you into its darkness and make your heart beat just a little faster?

This necklace will accentuate your upper body and bring out the attitude you never dared to show, or didn`t think you had. Imagine it sitting under a smooth, black shirt with a cool pair of matching cufflinks. Stunning!

Separate yourself from the crowd and get more bold and beautiful than ever by purchasing the Timoteo black bead necklace with pistol charm at today. Get it now while it`s still hot!

The Spy Henry Lau Collection

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Uniqueness comes at a price. Are you willing to pay it?

Nothing short of extravagant, extraordinary, exhilarating yet almost elusive emotions come to the fore as one begins to describe Spy Henry Lau. Henry Lau has struck hard at the core of the fashion industry and made a huge impact on everyone that is a part of it.

The Spy Henry Lau product line is honest in its attempt to be unique, bold and just a little bit crazy.  With his stimulating use of color and fabric, Henry Lau leaves no observer unaffected. His garments move and shake. They are pure works of art that you`ll never tire of and will be honored to decorate your body with. Some Spy Henry Lau garments, like this black Spy Henry Lau low V-neck, long-sleeved shirt, are dark and mystical, like the English moors under the cover of night. Others are wild, playful and as striking as the morning sun on a cold Alaskan morning, such as the Spy Henry Lau Shocking Colour bikini.

The Spy Henry Lau collection is used by DeBeers Diamonds, Nokia, Motorola and Tiffany & Co.  What`s more, Henry Lau designs has customized clothing for various Hong Kong celebrities like Leslie Cheung, Hacken Lee and Denise Ho. This is proof of how valued his clothing line is around the world.

Here at, we are proud to give you the chance to be unique, to make people ask questions about you and pay you attention. Don`t miss this chance to build up your image. Browse through the Spy Henry Lau collection at today!

Schultz Garments

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Talk without speaking, say something without opening your mouth, make a statement without doing anything – let Schultz do it for you!

It`s kind of a body language thing, this Schultz fashion statement. You don`t open your mouth, but you say plenty to the world around you. Smart men and women all around the world know the importance of speaking without saying anything. This is why we hunt for clothes that accentuate our personality, reflect our mood or indicate our opinions. Schultz underwear, T-shirts and jeans have combined the three to give you a complete in-your-face fashion statement that extends beyond just style, colors and fabrics.

Schultz knows how to send subtle messages that will get picked up wherever you go. Okay, it`s not always that subtle, but there`s a time and place for everything, as there is for this bold Schultz Coming Soon white brief made from 100% white ribbed cotton.

Now, there`s something really unique and gutsy that Schultz did with their line of jeans. They invented the interesting, fabulous-looking jeans strap that eliminates the need for a belt. Just imagine wearing a brief like this Schultz I Want Out with a pair of pants like these Schultz Cobra designer jeans. With the unique Schultz jeans strap, you can let them hang a little lower and show off that gutsy print on your briefs!

Make a bold statement and purchase something from the Schultz collection at today!

Rufskin Garments

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Rufskin is all about showing it all, telling it like it is, screaming, “I`m sexy, look at me!” without actually saying it out loud. Your body is your weapon, and Rufskin is the ammo. There`s nothing subtle about it. A modern day warrior like you fires all his weapons. Use what nature gave you, and let Rufskin take care of the rest. Show them what you’ve got in the best way possible.

Handmade and original, Rufskin garments give men pleasure, excitement and comfort all at the same time. They’re nothing short of perfect. Rufskin is obsessed with finding new materials for their collection and constantly defies conventional thinking. They like to think of their designs as unique, completely opposite to what everyone else is expected to wear.

Rufskin is devoted to making men more self-confidant and masculine, and their underwear and denim is created with several purposes in mind: to shock and inspire awe; to confuse and amaze; to bring sexy underwear to a whole new level.  You don`t just fall in love with Rufskin underwear, you become addicted to it. You cherish it. You treasure it. You adore it.

The Rufskin line has striking color combinations, unique designs, unmatched sport lounge pants, denim thong swimwear, unique see-through tank tops and shorts, and much, much more. Their range is extensive and covers all your needs, desires and obsessions.

The Rufskin product line at will feel like a second skin to you. You’ll never feel the urge to come home and take it off. This is not what Rufskin is about. They never sacrifice comfort for appearance.

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BREAKING NEWS: Underwear Company Uses Graphic Designers to Sell More Underwear

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Did you know that the company that owns PUNTO BLANCO, the Valls group, also owns a graphic design company? Did you know that they push those designers around the clock to make new, unique and stylish designs, just so that you can say you’re wearing the finest prints and colors the underwear market has to offer?

Now, we`re sure those designers love their job, but when you look at how much work has been put into the Punto Blanco underwear line – so many fabulous designs and colors, so much passion – you have to feel a bit sorry for those guys and gals because their work is never finished, but that`s good news for you, right? You know that Punto Blanco will never run out of ideas or fall short of being the perfect underwear brand for you. See for yourself. Check out the colors on these sexy Punto Blanco hip hop boxers. If you want something that`s not as loud and in your face, but still elegant and sophisticated, check out the Punto Blanco basix bikini (We guarantee that you`ll forget you have it on!).

And if that`s not enough, they`ve got their own fabric factory where in secret laboratories, behind closed doors, scientists constantly come up with the highest quality fabrics that keep you comfortable, dry and healthy. They even received a reward to prove it. In 2001, they received the Meryl Prize for best fabric manufacturing in Venice, Italy.

We know you expect we`ll brag about the quality, so here it goes: all of the things you read above enable Punto Blanco to stay ahead of the game, delivering only top quality products with supreme comfort, design and durability. Regardless of what Punto Blanco product you choose, you can be assured that the fabrics are expertly manufactured utilizing the latest technology.

Flamingos may not wear underwear, but if they did, it would be PPU underwear

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Why the flamingo? Well, this bird is one of the most beautiful, most colorful creatures known to man. Its colors are impressive, harmonic, devastatingly gorgeous, and in a way, hypnotizing. These things are what PPU underwear and this colorful bird have in common.

Columbian in origin, PPU underwear is stylish, elegant, sexy, eye-catching and extremely colorful, just like the flamingo. In addition, the soft waistband prevents unsightly red imprints on your skin and provides supreme comfort. Beneath the raging Colombian sun, these people have created a smoking hot underwear line that includes this sizzling, cotton Lycra thong that was designed for the sexiest bartender ever, as well this yellow brief with a leather pouch

If that`s not sexy enough, the PPU underwear line also features several see-through items that will fire up the imagination of your partner just enough to get things started. Don`t believe us? Check out this Lycra tull bikini in brown.

Browse through the entire PPU collection at for other exciting products, such as PPU thongs, jock strap underwear and the alluring white bodysuit, made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex. You`ll discover some amazing items that you won`t find anywhere else!

PIPE Underwear

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Forget everything you thought you knew about underwear. Forget everything you thought underwear should be. Forget it all – and meet PIPE!

PIPE underwear designs are literal explosions of color. Rainbows have nothing on PIPE colors. You`d think they invented a new color spectrum specifically for their range of underwear. There`s so much we could tell you about them, but see for yourself; check out the cool and mesmerizing print of this PIPE Tattoo boxer brief.

The founder of PIPE Underwear, Carlos Palacio, always felt that there was a lack of texture, color and comfort in men’s underwear and decided to create a company that would fill this void. With his skills and imagination, PIPE was born, founded on the philosophy that underwear should compliment your looks and make you feel unique and sexy.

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt hypnotized by it? Felt a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure just looking at it? Well, take a look at this masterpiece – the PIPE techno brief, made from a comfortable and breathable blend of cotton and elastic that wraps around and caresses your sexy body so as to send shivers up your back.

So bring some color into your world and select something from the PIPE underwear collection at today!

Obviously for Men

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

There are certain things Mother Nature created in this world: a sun that rises in the east, rain that provides thirsty soil with life, pouches on mother kangaroos for carrying her babies, an ozone layer to provide us with protection from dangerous UV rays and male genitals that need protection. This is where Obviously for Men underwear comes in.

For the first time in history, men have the ability to take care of their assets the way Mother Nature intended it. Designers Robert and Daniel Miljkovic founded Obviously for Men to push the limits of comfort and protection that underwear can provide – and boy, did they ever do it.

A scientific approach to designing underwear has given birth to the amazing concept of an anatomically designed pouch. The U-shaped seam that forms the base of the pouch is designed to sit directly behind your genitals, up against your body. This provides a snug though comfortable fit and separates your genitals from the rest of your body, preventing any embarrassing adjustments in public and ensuring that you feel cool and dry all day long. 

To top it all off, Obviously for Men is very ecologically conscious. Most of their garments are made without chemicals and from modal cotton, which requires considerably less water to produce than normal cotton (1000 kilograms of modal cotton require 500 liters of water to produce, while normal cotton of the same weight requires 6000 liters of water.).

So, Obviously for Men is both friendly to men and friendly to the environment. Purchase your pair from the wide range of Obviously for Men undergarments at today and give both your genitals and Mother Nature a gift.

Make Your Sex Life Sizzle with N2N Bodywear

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The only certainty with respect to human sexuality is its variability, to paraphrase the pioneer sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey. To the average human being, this means that sex is all about playfulness, discovery and testing uncharted waters. Does this describe your sex life?

If it doesn’t, it should, because sex is vital to our happiness.  Desire is the key, and making sure that you feel sexy and playful. Give yourself a break. It`s about having fun. When you feel desired, your own desire awakens, and one of the best ways to fire up that passion is to make your body look sexy. N2N Bodywear does this for you. It is a clothing line primarily designed to provoke desire and create sex appeal. Their main goal has always been to put the male body into focus by wrapping it in the sexiest, most sophisticated, most comfortable and most dazzling clothing available on the market. N2N Bodywear has been improving people`s sex lives for years in this way.

N2N Bodywear has an extensive range of products that includes men’s swimwear, underwear, jocks, sweaters and outerwear, trousers and jeans, shirts, sportswear, intimates, sleepwear and loungewear, with thousands of garments to choose from at  Get yours today and take the first step towards a sizzling hot sex life!