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Twink Solid Longbox Underwear: Underwear That Matters

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

You need to be prepared. Every day could present a situation that could lead to unexpected sexual encounters, and it is at times like these that a good set of sexy underwear is a must. Loose, boring, conventional underwear can be a major turn-off and may very well ruin your chances for a second date. Twink Solid Longbox underwear will ensure that you never spend another Saturday night alone.

Twink Solid Longbox underwear are comfortable, soft to the touch and tailored for real men. It is made from high-quality, breathable, durable fabric that withstands wear and tear and keeps you dry. The Solid Longbox is also available in all sizes and comes in red, white, black and light blue.

In addition, for a limited time only, they are now FREE at! So, don’t hestate a second longer. Order yours today while supplies last!

Twink Solid Glovebox Underwear: The Ultimate in Sexy Underwear

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Most people think that men are not particularly concerned about how they look underneath their clothes, but the fact of the matter is that most men are very body-conscious and want to look good both in their clothes and out of them. They’re interested in feeling good about themselves and impressing their partners in the bedroom.

An excellent way of doing this is by donning a pair of Twink Solid Glovebox underwear. You’ll feel confident. You’ll feel sexy. You’ll feel comfortable. And you’ll tell your partner that not only did you exert effort to please her, you also placed quality at the top of your choice checklist.   

Twink Solid Glovebox underwear. Not only are they stylish, sexy and comfortable, but now, for a limited time only, they are FREE at! So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this amazing offer today while supplies last!

Support Your Thing with the Twink Solid G-String

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

You see men wearing sexy G-strings in magazines and on adult sites, and you wish you were brave enough to do the same. Well, it’s time to gather up that courage. If you want to have that to-die-for look and impress your partner, there’s no better way to do it than by wearing a Twink Solid G-string from     

There is currently a trend towards G-strings over conventional underwear such as briefs and boxers. The reason for this is partly advertising and partly the fact that men are bolder these days when it comes to their underwear.    

G-strings were worn by men and considered a necessity long before conventional underwear came on the scene. Cultural changes ultimately saw them wane, but they are now back with a vengeance. Today, they may not be exactly considered a “necessity”, but they are regarded as hip, bold and sexy, which makes them highly popular, and that popularity grows by the day.

So, after a short lull, men are once again recognizing the value of G-strings. They are preferred by men who want to look sexy and feel comfortable in style, and they are flocking to purchase them here at where we are now offering Twink Solid G-strings for FREE! Yep – you read it right. FREE! So, don’t wait a second longer. Take advantage of this amazing offer today while supplies last!

Strut Your Stuff with Bone Wear

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Colorful. Unique. Trendy. Sassy. Masculine. These are just some of the words that describe Bone Wear – the collection for men and boys alike.

Bone Wear is proud to be South Africa’s first and only international clothing label that strives to offer men a unique range of well-designed, high-quality underwear, gymwear and swimwear.

Made from the finest fabrics, Bone Wear is engineered to be colorful, unique and suited to the tastes of men. The Bone Wear collection features: 

  • uniquely designed boxer-style underwear that is tailored for a looser, more comfortable fit.
  • soft, silky spandex with white stitching, revolutionary stretch cotton Lycra and bijou Lycra, which is a light and breathable fabric suitable for swimwear and underwear
  • lined, seamless, support pouches that enhance a man’s assets.
  • a variety of colors, including black, blue, white and red.
  • Low and mid-rise classic underwear that are ideal choices to wear with low-rise pants and jeans.

Garments in the Bone Wear collection are comfortable enough for everyday use and stylish enough to wear on an evening out. This stylish, comfortable, unique brand receives an A for attitude and is an ideal choice for any man. Get your Bone Wear garments at today!

Strut Your Stuff in Twink Solid Minibox Underwear

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Tell everyone how hot and sexy you are without screaming it outloud. All you need to do is be yourself and let Twink Solid Minibox underwear do the rest. Although there are numerous undergarments on the market that you can choose from, at the end of the day, a pair of Twink Solid Minibox underwear at is the best deal out there because: 

  • The Twink Solid Minibox provides outstanding support, quality and style.
  • Made from 100% luxury cotton, the Twink Solid Minibox is also unbelievably comfortable to wear. 
  • Twink Solid Minibox underwear does not leave any marks or lines when worn under tight-fitting clothes, unlike some underwear.
  • Not only are Twink Solid Minibox underwear comfortable and trendy, but since is now offering these amazingly sexy underwear for FREE, they are also the most affordable on the market!

Style, comfort, quality, support and affordability – Twink Solid Minibox underwear has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry while supplies last, and get yours at today!

Tips for Choosing the Right Swimwear

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

In the past, men’s choices with respect to swimwear were extremely limited, and the styles were boring and tasteless, unlike those of their female counterparts. However, today, this has all changed, and men now have a huge variety of swimwear styles and designs to choose from. Every day, designers are introducing new, innovative designs that range from the bold and sexy to the more reserved and conservative. What’s more, the Internet has made purchasing swimwear easier than it has ever been before with online stores such as, which offers one of the largest ranges of both men’s swimwear and underwear available on the web.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best swimwear for your body type: 

  • If you have a tall, athletic build, any kind of swimwear will do as long as you choose a shade to match your skin color. Solid shades do wonders for the features, while patterned swimwear de-emphasizes large builds.
  • Regular, formfitting trunks suit men who are somewhat less tall, but still athletic, or you can go for a bikini with a high cut to make your legs appear longer and a low-cut waist to flaunt your abs.
  • Loose-fitting shorts are great for the tall and thin men out there. Just be careful not to overdo it!
  • G-strings are suitable for shows and private events, such as bridal showers or more intimate one-on-one parties.
  • If you’re the shy type and don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, regular trunks or shorts in basic, solid colors or small prints, such as Bermuda shorts, are an optimal choice.
  • If you are looking for something to enhance your male assets, there are a number of maximizing swimsuits at that will definitely improve your self-confidence and sex appeal.

No matter what your preference, you are sure to discover the perfect swimwear style for you at!

Men’s Swimwear: Go to the Beach in Style

Monday, December 6th, 2010

The swimwear industry is just as competitive today as the underwear industry, and as a result of this competition, men can now find numerous enticing, bold and innovative swimwear styles in various colors and designs, including bikinis, thongs, pouches and square cuts, just to name a few.  

The following are a few of the swimwear styles you can find on offer at

Thong Swimwear

One of the most popular swimwear choices among men today is the thong. This type of swimwear has received a great deal of criticism over the years, but today, thongs are used by many adult men who are adventurous and daring at heart. offers a wide range of trendy thong swimwear produced by a variety of brands. Thongs made from spandex and nylon are among the most common.

Square Cut Trunks and Bikinis also offers the more conventional square cut trunks and bikinis for men. There is a long list of sexy bikini swimwear and trunks to choose from that are created in various colors and edgy designs. Sport one of these at the beach, and your sex appeal will sky rocket!

String Pouches

String pouches are another swimwear option. This highly specialized swimwear is meant to catch everyone’s attention and is designed for men who are confident and comfortable in their own skins. If you’re not afraid to showcase your drop-dead gorgeous body, then the string pouch is the perfect choice for you.

On the whole, men now have a great deal of choice when it comes to swimwear as there is such a vast range of styles and designs available. Check out them all at and make the choice suited to your own particular taste.

Franklyn: Catering to Men’s Vanity

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Clothing reflects a man’s sense of fashion, as well as his social and economic status, his confidence, and of course, his masculinity. Contrary to public opinion, women are not the only vain creatures in existence. Men, too, are concerned about their physical appearance, about how their clothes, haircuts, shoes, etc. look. They, too, want to make heads turn, and Franklyn shirts, jumpers and hoodies help them do just that.

Clothing That Stands Out

Franklyn garments are not only made to emphasize your masculinity, but they also make you look sharp, strong and unique. Franklyn’s casual wear can make your ordinary day special by making you stand out in the crowd. In a Franklyn hoodie, shirt or long-sleeved polo, you’ll attract women like moths are attracted to light.

Comfort and Durability

Franklyn uses 100% combed cotton to keep you cool and dry, even during the tensest of situations. In addition, the shirts are pre-shrunk to ensure durability.

Men are practical. If they can save a few bucks without compromising on looks or quality, they are more than happy to do so. Franklyn understands this and caters to it, which is why they offer their products at very low prices, as well as offer discounts on bulk purchases. If you purchase your Franklyn garment at and are a first-time client, you receive an automatic 10% discount on every purchase of Franklyn clothing. Register on the website and sign up for the newsletters, and receive further discounts and promotional information.

Find the Right Style and Fit with Dick & Jane Menswear

Monday, December 6th, 2010

What do you want from your underwear and menswear? This is a question that would probably take most men only a few minutes to answer, but it is a big deal when it comes to underwear and menswear. There’s a long list of considerations when selecting undergarments, and you’ll find them all – quality, style and comfort – under one brand: Dick & Jane Menswear.

Meet Dick & Jane

Dick & Jane Menswear is one of the popular lines of underwear and menswear catering to the needs of men and their varied preferences. As Dick & Jane’s brand manager puts it, Dick & Jane is an apparel line providing for the needs of every man ranging from clean business wear to contemporary casual outfits. Dick & Jane Menswear is made especially for males out there who are conscious of their masculinity and expressive of their personal styles. This is what Dick & Jane banks on when providing high quality, essential apparel for men.

Ready Any Time

Dick & Jane Menswear believe that being “ready any time” should be the motto of all men. This is why the current collection materializes the Olympic concept of masculinity with underwear designed in black and white canvas with a tinge of eye-catching lemon and avocado stripes, as well as Greek-inspired ornaments.

Dick & Jane Menswear has used the history of Europe to create an entire collection of trendy menswear, and the minimal style is one of the things that makes Dick & Jane Menswear distinct from other men’s clothing collections. The brand very openly admits that they are strict when it comes to the materials they use to produce their products. Utilizing only the finest quality cotton and excellently crafted elastic bands, Dick & Jane Menswear knows what it means to be first rate.

How Dick & Jane Serves You Well 

  • Dick & Jane offers comfortable, high quality boxers and briefs.
  • All shirts, tanks, boxers and briefs are crafted to greatly enhance the masculine appearance.
  • Dick & Jane Menswear boxer briefs are made from 100% ribbed cotton to provide the ultimate in comfort.
  • Their shirts are uniquely tailored with shark fin collars, which is a distinct Dick & Jane Menswear feature that highlights the inner shirt panels.
  • Each item is emblazoned with an embroidered Dick & Jane Menswear logo, which is inspired by recent Olympic themes.
  • Fashion boxers are crafted with a contoured pouch for additional support and comfort.
  • Underwear by Dick & Jane are also cut low on the hips and cross high into the leg to fully emphasize the sharp, male physique. 

These are just some of the good things that Dick & Jane Menswear has to offer. As you can see, this brand has it all – quality, style and comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Dick & Jane Menswear at today!

Look Your Best in Body Tech Underwear

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Everyone wants to look good, but achieving this often needs more than just regular exercise. Sometimes, we need a little extra help, and this is where Body Tech underwear comes in.

Body Tech has gone through a series of changes over the past decades and has become an excellent manufacturer of high quality, enhancing, body-conforming undergarments for men. One of the techniques that they have mastered is producing undergarments using nylon stretch material that maintains its shape while accentuating the contours of the male body.

Body Tech underwear comes in a variety of fun colors and designs that will definitely turn your partner on. This high quality, comfortable underwear is also unique in that it has non-elastic openings and styles that maximize a man’s assets, such as this Cobalt Maximizer bikini underwear. Apart from bikini underwear, Body Tech also offers briefs, boxer briefs, thongs and shorts. Regardless of style, each piece from the Body Tech collection is created to be distinctive and impressive.

Purchase your Body Tech underwear at today and take the first step towards looking your very best!