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Real men wear BG Men’s underwear

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Previously, the men’s fashion industry was not as competitive as it is today and any diversification from the usual prints, colours and styles and cuts was seen as being too radical. However, these days, the fashion industry has seen a complete and drastic change from that mindset and inventiveness has come into the male underwear fashion industry, in a big way, including BG Men’s! The underwear of BG Men’s is unique, sexy and creative to say the least! They are just what the metrosexual men of today want and need.

BG Men’s underwear is available in a range of bright and vivid colours. The vast collection of BG Men’s includes apparel like boxer brief underwear, bodysuits, short sleeved t shirts, brief underwear, thong underwear, sets of t shirts and brief, etc.

Brief underwear made by BG Men’s is available in a wide range of styles and colours. There is the two tone bikini pouch style, fishnet style and criss cross brief style of underwear. Their two tone bikini style is made of microfiber and cut low rise. The anatomical fit is perfect to highlight the best features and aspects of the male physique. In their fishnet style, the rear is made of fishnet, which gives a sexy look to the wearer. Their styles are such that you can not only wear their creations on regular days but also for special days and occasions. Their criss-cross series is hot and sexy, and bound to grab the attention of all in an instant! Apart from the style factor, their creations are also supremely comfortable.

The thong underwear made by BG Men’s is also available in styles that you cannot even imagine! There is the microfiber mesh insert thong, microfiber front zipper thong, microfiber studded thong, chain link thong underwear, etc. All of these are available in bunch of attractive and vibrant colours. The mesh insert thong has a piece of mesh at the centre of all attraction, giving the onlooker a sneak peek at what is there! The cut and style ensure that there is no chance of the underwear getting bunched up and making you look bad. The cut of the underwear is aimed to make you look slimmer and leaner.

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Freedom and love represented by Big Roger underwear

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Big Roger underwear line is the sister company of Sweat menswear’s and has been launched recently. Get in touch with your senses by wearing underwear from Big Roger. Their designs and prints are such that you will get a feeling of warmth when you just take a look at their creations! Wearing them will make you feel confident and free as never before!

Big Roger underwear line manufactures styles of men’s underwear like brief underwear, boxer brief underwear and jock strap underwear, etc. You will be able to make a selection from many variations.

Their boxer brief underwear is low rise and perfectly contoured to give a great look to the appearance of the wearer. The waistband is in white with the graphic logo of Big Roger on it. The design is sporty and stylish and very body conscious. The legs are short, which provides ease of motion as well as comfort. The material used is a mix of 8% spandex and 92% cotton, which provides both warble comfort and washing durability. The graphics on the underwear are bold, clean cut and sexy.

The brief underwear of Big Roger has the same features as their boxer brief underwear. There is a logo of a winged heart in gold and deep red which makes for a sexy addition and is placed right at the centre of the brief’s rear. The back and sides of the underwear are seamless, making them perfectly low profile to wear under your clothes. The pouch of the underwear is single layer, which makes the support low profile. The material uses a mix of cotton and spandex, making it perfect to be worn all day due to the superior comfort and stretchability.

Jockstrap underwear from Big Roger is sexy and low rise and the waistband is in white with the logo of the brand in bold graphics. This style of underwear not only shows off your goods, but hides the waistband of the underwear from been revealed when low rise jeans are worn. The comfort factor and super softness of the jock strap make it perfect to be worn during any strenuous physical activity. You can maintain great shape and fit with the help of Big Roger jock strap underwear.

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All That Remains- the underwear brand that will remain with you always

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

The fashion label All That Remains is quite distinctive in its own way and was founded in the year 2004 in San Francisco by Gregory Sovik, who is a formally trained designer. It did not take very long for the brand to establish a name for itself with its edgy and stylish men’s underwear that can make and break the rules of the fashion industry. The attention to detail in the construction and use of superior quality fabric makes this men’s underwear very special.

All That Remains manufactures a wide range of products and apparels for men like brief underwear, bikini swimwear, tank top t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, etc.

Their bikini swimwear is available in collections like Athens, Daytona, Cancun, Atlanta and Mykonos. The materials used differ from cotton lycra to nylon lycra. All their styles are bold and sexy, but offer an innovative take on their bikini swimwear. Some of them have an inner drawstring which helps you get a great fit. The high legs and full seat form the features of their swimwear. Their swimwear is fully lined so there is no chance of anything being visible once wet.

Brief underwear from All That Remains is made of a mix of rayon and is very silky to touch and feel. Their cuts, designs and styles are masculine and beautiful. The print is neoclassical and sure to be liked by all!

The square cut trunk swimwear from All That Remains is one of a kind, in its signature style and is available in a number of colours to choose from. The cover stitch detailing is razor sharp and covers your body contours to give a great and enhanced appearance to the wearer. The style of the swimwear is sporty and the suit fully lined in nylon lycra or mesh. There is an inner drawstring that helps you get the perfect fit.

All That Remains produces tank top T shirts in a variety of colourful prints and patterns. The materials used to craft them includes cotton lycra which is not only breathable but lightweight as well. The cut is classic and the prints are great to flaunt at the poolside or at the beach. Be prepared to make heads turn when you wear these tees!

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Wear STUD underwear proudly

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The lifestyle brand STUD is a specialist in manufacturing underwear and swimwear which has been created keeping in mind the man of today as well as the active lifestyle that he has to undertake. STUD knows that the man of today wants to look and feel good all at the same time. Quality fabrics and materials are used to craft the products of STUD and then function, aesthetics and form are fused to result in underwear that is the ultimate in breathability, stretchability and comfort.

The waistband of STUD underwear is signature and is designed to enable a sexy contour. There are a variety of clever designs in the underwear of STUD. The main styles that are manufactured by the brand are brief underwear, boxer brief underwear and square cut trunk swimwear, which are differentiated only with name of the collections.

STUD underwear has many collections depending on the cut like sport, low rise sport, Jonas retro, denim cooper, low rise sport trunk, swim brief, etc. You can also get tanga style brief underwear from the brand. The material used is a blend of 5% spandex and 95% cotton.

The main feature of the denim cooper or mini-box style of brief is its pouch which is contoured and has contrast stitching. The STUD label is stitched at the back. The seam is built in at the back.

The Jonas retro brief underwear looks regular and the white waistband has grey line on top. There is a colour panel design in contrasting white, navy and grey at the back. The legs feature white piping which adds to the colour and attractiveness.

The low rise sports brief is available in white and black and is made of a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The front pouch is contoured and the leg openings have pipings on them. The waistband is in royal blue and white.

The swim brief underwear of STUD is made of a mix of 5% spandex and 95% nylon. The brief is super low rise and the front has white drawstring from the inside of waistband. The seamless front and fully lined front pouch makes the swimwear perfectly opaque and comfortable.

The tanga style of the underwear is crafted in material that is a mix of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

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Show off your wild side with WildmanT underwear

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The main purpose behind the conception and now it’s being here in the fashion world is to make the customers feel sexier and hotter than they can possibly feel. Exciting and innovative kinds of men’s underwear feature in their product line that will make you feel like Mr. Hyde instead of Dr. Jekyll!

For those who feel insecure about their package their cries for help have been answered by WildmanT! The brand is noted for the special invention- ball lifter c ring which features in almost all the styles of underwear and swimwear. The feature enhances the appearance of the wearer. You not only look great but your confidence receives a healthy increase. However, you may be assured of the effect as well as your comfort as the materials used to give the effect is soft enough not to be uncomfortable or even harmful.

The variety of products and articles of clothing manufactured by the brand include bikini underwear and swimwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, pouch underwear, thong underwear, jock strap underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, etc.

The bikini style swim brief of WildmanT has a sporty look which can be downright sexy. The swim brief is low cut and has drawstrings while some others have a contrast waistband. The style helps you show your assets and the cock ring is built in and detachable in case you do not comfortable.

WildmanT boxer brief underwear is comfort redefined with pouch front and contrast piping stripes. The cut is great and the brief is available in a variety of colours.

Even the jock strap variety of WildmanT underwear is available incorporated with c rings. You can get hold of the normal varieties as well! There are a number of variations in the colour of the underwear to choose from.

The pouch underwear of WildmanT is backless and the cod piece of the underwear stays in place without the use of any thong strings or straps. The shape is perfectly contoured and hugs the body at all the right places to give a snug fit.

The square cut trunk swimwear of WildmanT is available in two variants- one with drawstrings and another without it and with waistband instead. The double lining of the swimwear makes it opaque.

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Dare to be different with Schultz menswear

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

When you wear Schultz menswear you actually declare yourself to be different and stand apart from the rest of the crowd due to uniqueness offered by the apparels from the brand. The clothes are sure to accentuate and portray your personalities that are as unique as the clothes themselves! The clothes can be used to reflect your moods as well as indicate your opinions.

The articles of clothing manufactured and supplied by Schultz menswear include brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, trousers and jeans, short sleeved t shirts, etc. the men’s underwear produced by the brand is great but what is unique is jeans. The jeans that the brand manufactures, comes with a strap that is interesting and unique looking all at the same time. The utility of the straps is that is eliminates the need and use for a belt.

Schultz menswear come in ranges called I want Out, Hands Free, Get A Grip, Heatseeker, Girls on Top, Coming Soon, etc. The underwear from each collection has the name of the collection written on the waistband. The brief and boxer brief underwear is made from 100% ribbed cotton which provides 100% comfort to the wearer. The general use of colours in the Schultz menswear collection revolve around yellow, black, white, pink, purple, blue, etc.

The short sleeved t shirts by the brand are also made of 100% cotton. Thus, they can be worn for long hours without getting any feelings of discomfort due to the superior air flow that is known as the trademark of the material. It is slim fitting and there are hand printed logos in bold on the shirts. They are available in a variety of colours to suit your mood. The attention to details will surely impress you. In fact, the t shirts are unisex and can be worn by both women and men.

The jeans manufactured by the brand act as the high selling point of it! The innovation lies not only in the softness and smoothness of the texture but also in the fact that it has straps top hold it in place, without the need of belt. The fit of the jeans is excellent and the material super comfortable. The waist is not too low and is medium waisted. There are many shades of the denim to choose from.

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Underworks- working underneath for a great ‘overview’

Monday, August 29th, 2011

All of us need some support underneath our clothes to make us look great wearing the clothes. Underworks, the brand from America, believes this and thus has made the resolution to later reshape the bodies of people so that they look great outside. Effectively the motto of the brand is – reshaping the lives of people!

The number of products and apparel manufactured by Underworks brand includes boxer brief underwear, jammer swimwear, brief underwear, long sleeved t shirts, bodysuits, accessories, long boxer brief underwear, short sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc.

The boxer brief underwear of Underworks works perfectly as a shapewear. Like most shapewear, it comes in white and black. You can choose the length of the underwear according to your preference and up to what part you want to cover to give you a great effect. Two different mixes of fabrics are used to give different effects of the underwear. The use of blend of lycra and nylon is non stretch, and in their shapewear it works really well, altering the shape of the wearer for the better. While another line, which uses a blend of cotton and spandex is soft and stretchy and perfect to be worn all day.

Even with the brief underwear of Underworks, there is one style which is shapewear and another which works as conventional underwear for men. Some of their styles are not meant for hiding flab but also for enhancing some aspects of your physique. There are p-added ones for your rear sides. The design of the shapewear includes a fly in the front and a cotton crotch. It also gives you full on back support.

Underworks’ jammer swimwear gives you the appearance of a perfect physique even outside in the pool or at the beach where nothing can be hidden (or so you would think!). They are fitted and conceal all the flab and love handles that you may have. The swimwear even has an SPF rating of 50, which gives you UV protection and there is an inner pouch which provides you great comfort.

The long boxer brief underwear is super soft and ultra light, since microfiber or blend of cotton and spandex is used.

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Spider Guard underwear- the ultimate in athletic wear

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Athletic men or men who love to indulge in heavy duty sports need constant protection, especially for their delicate and sensitive parts. This need and want for some extra protection has culminated into the development of the brand Spider Guard. The brand is the first and last name that comes to mind as far as the need for protective athletic wear is concerned.

With their range of protective apparel like shorts and jock strap underwear, the brand Spider Guard is the one that most athletes trust. The brand also manufactures and supplies short sleeved t shirts which are perfect to be worn during a sporting event or tournament.

The jock strap underwear of the brand is available in plan jockstraps and another one with an adult cup. The cup jockstrap has an inside cup pocket and 360 stretch material is used for the pouch. The design of the pouch is state of the art, which gives maximum support and lift. The waistband is 3 inches wide and leg straps 1 inch. The inside of the underwear is plush and the leg straps are soft, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

The compression shorts of the brand are also available with a cup pocket inside the underwear, which uses a 360 stretch designed microfiber which has been engineered to wick moisture from the body of the wearer. The design of the underwear is such that compression is provided in order to ensure protection of the muscles from all kinds of injuries. The waistband of the underwear is quite soft and the inside plush, providing a comfortable and secure fit to the wearer.

The short sleeved t shirt of Spider Guard is available in a vivid design as well as one with subtle messages written on them. The material used for crafting their t shirts is cotton which is 100% ringspun and is extremely soft and comfortable. The designs are sure to catch the attention of all those who see you wear them! They are extremely lightweight and perfect for any use whether it is a normal outing, gymming or playing sports.

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Expose yourself to Southern Exposure!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The underwear and swimwear brand Southern Exposure belongs from Florida and has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade under the guidance of Jay M. Levy who is the master mind behind the conception of the company as well as the CEO and president of the company. The credit of producing some of the hottest swimsuits and underwear that the world of fashion has seen goes to the team of Southern Exposure! In the time that the brand has been in the industry, it has built a reputation for itself for producing bold, uninhibited and risqué collection of apparel.

The bikini swimwear collection of Southern Exposure is pretty unique and bold. Not only is the cut daring and bold, but the use of prints and colours is unique and creative as well. Choose from their solid coloured or printed lines. The prints of their swimwear are varied like wild jungle, wild animal, tropical, oceanic, cheetah prints, etc. This variety reflects the varied moods as well as the choices of men. Some of them give a wet look courtesy the antron lycra used, which gives a leather looking rich shine, turning the heads of all and sundry! Some of them even have a bronze finish to them.

The square cut trunk swimwear of Southern Exposure has varieties as well which can make your head spin. The fit of the swimwear is tight and perfect which highlights all the great attributes of the wearer’s physique. The suit has been designed perfectly and is available in a wet look as well. The cut is short styled, and comes with a drawstring with which the fit can be adjusted accordingly so that the swimwear is not too tight or too loose! Get selecting on which colour you want from a wide range!

Their thong swimwear is perfect to be flaunted amongst the crowds and even among thousands you are sure to stand out with the exquisite material used as well as the wonderful use of colours. The unique mix of colours has resulted in the thong swimwear manufactured by Southern Exposure being labelled as art! So, if you are confident of your body and love the fact that it will be admired by others, then thong swimwear by Southern Exposure is the ultimate choice.

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XTG Extreme Game- menswear for the extremely sporty male

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

The Spanish clothing brand for male XTG Extreme Game, is the brainchild of Luis Mentado and is made and arrives from Canary Islands. The influence of the designs for underwear and other menswear are taken from masculine themes like prints of skulls, adult comics, tattoos and vivid colours. The main features of design line are the original and spectacular motives as well as the madness that the designer exhibits. The line is exciting, exquisite and fresh and is aimed to flatter the male body. The main focus of attention of the products of XTG Extreme Game is the modern and dynamic man who wants innovation but at the cost of comfort.

The huge range of products produced by the brand include armbands, bikini swimwear, bags, boxer brief underwear, boardshorts beachwear, hats, bags, brief underwear, long underwear pants, long sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, short sleeved shirts, pants, shorts, short sleeved t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts swimwear, tank top t shirts, sweaters and cardigans, towels, etc.

There are various collections of each style depending on the cut and use of patterns and colours. The bikini swimwear is crafted from a blend of 15% lycra and 85% polyamide. There are various collections like DEAN, CAPTAIN, SPACE, MARINE, BORA BORA, LOST ANGEL, SPUR, FUN CLUB, CICER, AUTHENTIC, HAPY, SOLDIER, SEADEEP, BESIDE, etc.

The boardshorts beachwear is made from 100% polyester material and is available in 3 ranges or collections- WANADOO, WAXX and OCEAN, according to the patterns of the swimwear.

The boxer brief collection has ranges like BLACKLETTER, FEELING, TROUBLE, THAI, GYMBOY, etc. the material used is steel microfiber, a mix of 11% spandex and 89% polyamide. The range is colourful, fun, vibrant and sporty.

The brief underwear of XTG Extreme Game comes in ranges like GYMBOY, TROUBLE, EXTREME FLAKES, THAI, OLYMPIC, LEAVEME, SURFER, FEELING, BLACKLETTER, VUDU DOLL, etc. The material used is a blend of 8% spandex and 92% polyamida.

XTG Extreme Game’s loose boxer shorts come in two ranges- VUDU DOLL and SURFER. The material used to craft this article of clothing is 100% cotton which will give you 10o% comfort!

The square cut trunk swimwear is available in ranges- BUZIOS, BEST, IPANEMA, COPACABANA, MOBILE, HOLY, VIETNAM, AQUARIUM AND ROLLS. The mix of 15% lycra and 85% polyamide is used to craft the clothing.

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