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Be Cool, Casual and Comfortable In CellBlock 13 Prizefigher Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Way back in 1874, fashion experts came up with a new underwear design that was meant to extend optimum protection to bicycle jockeys who rode through cobblestone roads. It was jockstrap underwear, which found its place in the men’s apparel world, and was soon in great demand. Jockstraps became greatly popular among athletes, sportsmen and wrestlers. This particular underwear provides maximum support and protection to your package, making it perfect to wear while wrestling or participating in other sports. In recent times, jockstrap underwear has expanded into the realms of style and fashion.

Ace designers from all over the world are creating new designs, cuts and styles, making jockstrap underwear excessively chic and voguish. With changing trends, designers are aware that these days fashion conscious men prefer jockstrap underwear not just for protection but also to elevate their fashion statement. Due to its raunchy, bold and sexy design, jockstrap swimwear has become extremely popular these days.

Jockstraps these days have become highly stylish, voguish and chic. Even athletic jockstraps have become increasingly fashionable. The bulky protective cup of the athletic jockstrap has become more voguish and purposeful. Traditionally, jockstraps were designed with a broad waistband, open rear and a spacious pouch. Although this design is quite popular among men, it has been modified and has become even more sporty and raunchier.

There are many brands that manufacture jockstrap underwear. However, one brand that has made an impact in the fashion world is CellBlock 13. A popular brand from Los Angeles, CellBlock 13 has lived up to the demands and requirements of fashion conscious men worldwide. Their ace designers create some excessively stylish underwear designs that make every guy look sexy and sporty. This brand believes in using high quality fabrics for creating their men’s outfits. Underwear designed by CellBlock 13 is not stylish but also provides optimum comfort to the wearer. Apart from jockstrap underwear, CellBlock 13 also manufactures boxer brief underwear, brief underwear and bodysuits.

Grab CellBlock 13 Prizefigher Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear if you want sizzling looks and wish to remain comfortable at the same time. This particular jock brief has a comfortable, spacious pouch that provides utmost protection and support to your package. The fabric that is used for making this underwear consists of polyester (88%) and spandex (12%). Due to the presence of these materials, this jockstrap underwear retains its stretchability and tightness for a long time. The sizzling black and vibrant blue colour combination of this underwear is indeed eye catching.  Apart from a blue and black colour combination, this jockstrap underwear is also available in red and black, and yellow and black.

To remain comfortable all day long and exude your style statement, get CellBlock 13 Prizefigher Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear today! You can find this jockstrap underwear at DealByEthan. Our website offers nice discounts on various men’s underwear, loungewear, swimwear and other sexy menswear as well.

Wish For Your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants Now!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It is indeed tough to choose a pair of breeches for a man. You need to first select a pair that provides immense comfort and also make sure that the pants are quite stylish and trendy to suit the varied styles and tastes of men. Moreover, picking the right colour is also essential. A fashionable man is just not satisfied with any drab and typical colour. He also demands that his pants be funky and able to enhance his sex appeal. While riding motorcycles or bikes, men look for pants that are comfortable and are designed to enable free movement of the legs. Well, one look at Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants proves that they are designed to fulfil all these demands – and more!

The Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants are crafted from pure leather and the special cut is made to provide utmost comfort. These pants also have a liner of mesh to offer additional comfort to the wearer. Interestingly, these chaps pants have “zip out” lining made of quilted polyester that can be taken out whenever required. So, you can wear these pants even during hot summer months without getting soaked in sweat.

These chaps pants are trimmed with buckle and snaps of stainless steel that looks quite trendy and chic. You can trim the lower panel for a custom fit. These chaps pants are made from pure leather, so they are quite durable and long lasting. Crafted from pure leather, these chaps pants retain their shine, smoothness and style for a long time. Since these chaps are available in different sizes, get your right size now to look sexy and sizzling in your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants! Just team them up with muscle top T shirts, tanks top T shirts or polo shirts and look immensely sexy and cool!

Hawg Hides is a popular brand creating stylish apparel and quality accessories for men. They believe in using pure leather for crafting their apparel, and provide quality leather that is tough and durable.  Made from genuine leather, all of Hawg Hides products are long lasting. Apart from Motorcycle Chaps Pants, they also create other pants, hats, jackets and coats, bags and other accessories for men. A man simply looks ravishing in Hawg Hides apparel!

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