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Stock up your underwear drawer with sexy and bold Gregg Homme Baller Thong Underwear!

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Among the various underwear styles available, thong underwear style is extremely popular among men of all ages due to its long track record of offering functional and practical support to the wearer. This kind of underwear is made up of a narrow piece of cloth that is connected to a waistband on the front that passes through the legs and is connected to a band on the hips. Though they are revealing, they offer maximum comfort and flexibility during the hot summer months. At the same time, thongs are being preferred over other types of men’s underwear as they allow the wearer to make a bold style statement with their underwear. The leader in the sexy men’s thong underwear market is the popular menswear brand Gregg Homme.

Established in 1987, the Canadian menswear brand Gregg Homme is known for its daring and bold styles of men’s swimwear and underwear collections. This renowned fashion label prides itself for producing innovative and audacious creations without compromising on quality, designs and fits.  Through the use of advanced technologies and interesting raw materials, the Canadian menswear brand strives to create unique and exquisitely designed yet comfortable men’s outfits that celebrate male sensuality.

To give a boost to your macho looks, try out Gregg Homme Baller Thong Underwear for a change. Available in four popular masculine colours: black, white, grey and purple, their thong underwear possesses all the distinctive qualities of high-end designer underwear without being too flashy. The material used for making this thong underwear is a durable and lightweight hyperstretch fabric that not only makes you look good but feel good too!

The semi-transparent fabric of the underwear, consisting of polyamide (85%) and spandex (15%), is designed to adapt to your every bodily movement while providing your package with optimum support and comfort. The centre-seamed contoured pouch, which ends in a Y shaped back, acts as a natural support to your assets and always accents your curves in a highly alluring and attractive manner. With the Gregg Homme logo prominently displayed on the elastic waistband, you can show off your innerwear in style and make a bold style statement with your thong!

Apart from thong underwear, Gregg Homme offers accessories, bikini swimwear, thong swimwear, jock strap swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, bodysuits, loungewear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, long boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, long sleeved T shirts, short sleeved T shirts, tank top T shirts, muscle top T shirts and pants for men.

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Arroyman Muscular Mesh Tank Top T Shirt for cool and trendy men!

Friday, December 6th, 2013

A tank top is a common variation of a T shirt that is never out of fashion. It is a wardrobe essential for many fashionable and image conscious men of today. Constructed as a T shirt, tank top T shirts do not have sleeves but thick shoulder straps. While these light and comfortable T shirts are preferred by men as their essential gym clothing, they are also used to give a slim-fitting appearance to their bodies. Available in both round and V shaped necklines, they are highly versatile; you can wear them beneath your outer garments or just pair them up with your casual pants or trousers and strut around looking cool and casual!

Based in Chile, Arroyman is a leading menswear brand that always delivers sensual and masculine outfits for today’s body-conscious men. Offering exceptional comfort, style and fit, their sensual designs are meant to flatter the male physique and are meant for those sexy and fashionable men who want to stand out from the crowd. Besides tank top T shirts, Arroyman is also known for producing bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeve T shirts, loungewear, Muscle top T shirts, pants, pouch underwear, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, sweaters and windbreakers, thong swimwear and thong underwear for men.

To make a style statement in your gym clothing or to simply look cool and care-free in your casual wear, opt for an Arroyman Muscular Mesh Tank Top T Shirt instead of your dull and boring tank top T shirts today! Offered in grey and orange colour options, the Arroyman Muscular Mesh Tank Top T Shirt is constructed from top quality polyester material and features a racer back cut and contrasting trim. The soft but stretchable mesh fabric ensures that the T shirt fits you like a glove and does not make you look baggy. Extremely light and airy, this versatile T shirt is designed to elevate your comfort level while you do your round of weight-lifting and aerobic exercises.  Stylishly simple, Arroyman Muscular Mesh Tank Top T Shirts are perfect for showing off your manly physique at the poolside or for lounging around at home.

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