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Sport a JM Swimwear Waves Square Cut 85848 and win amorous glances!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

With newer men’s swimwear designs making their appearance in the market, it has become possible for body and fashion conscious men all over the world to really experiment with their looks in varied attractive swimwear designs ranging from bikini swimwear to thong or G-strings. This is why square cut trunk swimwear is still widely in demand among fashionable men who love to show off their chiselled physique in these square boxer designs and up the fashion quotient at the beach or poolside. Well known Canadian brand JM is a favourite due to its body flattering designs that really highlight the sculpted physique of the wearer.

Launched more than 30 years ago, JM is a family-run business that specialises in manufacturing high end men’s underwear, swimwear and outerwear. Since its inception, this Canadian based menswear brand has been introducing menswear collections that highlights their modern design, sophistication, fit and function. Available throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States, their designer creations occupy a place of privilege in the highly competitive men’s fashion industry. Along with square cut trunk swimwear, JM also specialises in bikini swimwear, boardshorts beachwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, long underwear pants, loungewear, muscle top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts, tank top T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear and thong underwear for today’s fashion forward men.

Boasting of a finish of the highest quality and impeccably tailored cuts, JM Swimwear Waves Square Cut 85848 is perfect for varied water sport activities or pool and beach parties! Featuring a white drawcord for safe diving and splashing around in the water, the material used in the construction of this athletic swimwear is a blend of nylon and spandex which helps you to swim freely or enjoy varied water sports without facing any kind of discomfort. Offered in solid black hue, this square cut swimwear features athletic side stripes in red and white to break the monochromatic colour scheme. While the fabric is soft to the touch, the use of such fabrics provides extra support and tightness while remaining stretchable, which is essential in a well-designed piece of swimwear.

In combination with the square boxer design, the spacious front pouch provides your package with the necessary support while providing you with exceptional fit and comfort! Resting snugly on your hips, this low cut trunk swimwear is comfortable clothing that oozes restrained sex appeal and style without being skimpy and revealing!

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Look sexy and cool in your very own Bayou Beau Bay Breeze Bikini Swimwear!

Friday, August 15th, 2014

If you have a chiselled physique and are not afraid to show it off, then bikini swimwear should be your most preferred choice of swimwear! Nowadays, this very revealing and sexy swimwear is available in myriad colours, styles and cuts to suit men of all ages as well as to help them to make a bold statement and add a bit of fun factor while lounging around on the beach or by the pool! In the cut-throat men’s fashion segment, which is dotted by different and diverse types of brand and their unique designs and styles in men’s swimwear, Bayou Beau ranks high in popularity for designing trendy underwear and swimwear for today’s dynamic and active men.

Founded in 2010 in Houston, Bayou Beau offers menswear collections ranging from bold colours to classic designs to unique cuts to suit varied dressing sense and style sensibilities. With the aim of providing comfortable and fashionable menswear influenced by Southern culture, Bayou Beau presents customers with choice and a taste of the Gulf Coast in its designer offerings. Apart from bikini swimwear, the brand also offers square cut trunk swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear and jock strap underwear for men.

Are you looking for the most stylish piece of bikini swimwear to highlight your super toned abs? Bayou Beau Bay Breeze Bikini Swimwear is the right outfit to sport for your beach or pool activities and will show off your well-toned body at its best! Available in myriad vibrant shades like aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, lime, orange, olive, purple and red, you will be simply spoilt for choice! Designed with white stripes, this low-rise swim brief has a high leg opening so that you can be really mobile. Made from a nylon and spandex fabrics blend which ensures that the swimwear stays in place and feels comfortable too, this swimwear offers excellent flexibility and shape retention to its wearer.  Designed with a full seat for total coverage, Bayou Beau Bay Breeze Bikini Swimwear comes with a contoured pouch lined in cotton-spandex to maximize your support and comfort levels. Feeling extremely comfortable against the skin, this swimwear will not lose its form even after a hectic day of beach activity!

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A Bone Wear Trim Vest Tank Top T Shirt creates a sultry look during hot humid days!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Whether they are worn as an outerwear or underneath shirts, during hot and humid days, tank top T shirts are the most preferred clothing for men of all ages.  Since tank tops are designed without sleeves, they provide much needed respite and comfort when the temperature rises. Available in varied styles, cuts and colours, they are the trendiest and most versatile among all the casual wear and you can wear them with your running trunks or your beach trunks. The name that comes to mind when one is talking about fashionable and functional tank tops is South African company Bone Wear.

Established more than five years ago, Bone Wear is “South Africa’s first international underwear label.” This international brand is well known for its top quality and unique collections of men’s underwear, athletic wear and swimwear. Designed by the noted South African designer Wilco Stemmett, all Bone Wear outfits are made from locally sourced raw materials of the highest quality and provide unmatched movement and comfort! While they redefine style and sex appeal with a striking colour palette, cuts and styles, their collections will appeal to any fashion forward man. Besides specialising in designer tank top T shirts, the menswear brand also offers bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved T shirts, loose boxer shorts, loungewear, personal care, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear and towels for men with discerning tastes.

If you want to experience their comfortable designs and form-fitting fabrics first-hand, you must try the Bone Wear Trim Vest Tank Top T Shirt instead of your regular tank tops. Made from quality locally sourced fabrics, this men’s tank top provides you with an athletic fit while sculpting your chiselled physique with its unique style! Designed with contrasting trims and the Bone Wear logo prominently displayed on the back, the super light and breathable fabric provides ultimate support and comfort, especially for the athlete. In other words, the soft to touch but stretchy fabric is extremely skin friendly and gives off a light and airy feeling the moment you put it on, making this designer top simply right for all your strenuous activity!

Available in three amazing colour combinations – black/white, white/black and white/olive, the typical round neckline and sleeveless design of this fun and cool Bone Wear Trim Vest Tank Top T Shirt makes it ideal for wearing to the gym, beach or home. Put it on with your chinos, jeans and casual pants to win the admiration and approval of your peers!

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Barcode Berlin Officer Tyson Brief Underwear offers a sporty and masculine look!

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Nowadays, men’s brief underwear is available in many different styles, cuts and colours ranging from the traditional to contemporary bold designs. With such a wide variety to cater to men of varied tastes and preferences, brief underwear is no longer considered an ordinary undergarment but a designer creation that is meant to make a style statement!  If you prefer quality made in Europe products, you will surely love the wide-range of menswear from the globally recognised menswear brand Barcode Berlin.

Manufactured in Germany, Barcode Berlin collection of menswear incorporates designs and styles from all over the world while remaining truly European. Providing a wide range of comfortable and sexy cuts, colours and styles, Barcode Berlin is the world’s leading sports and fetish wear designer label. At the same time, this European menswear brand offers modern and modest appealing collections too for satisfying the needs of any man! Apart from brief underwear, the German brand also specialises in bags, beach towels, bikini swimwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, jockstrap underwear, muscle top T shirts, pants, short sleeved shirts, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear, socks, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T shirts and sweaters and windbreakers for men.

Take time out to check out Barcode Berlin Officer Tyson Brief Underwear which offers a distinctive athletic and masculine appearance to its wearer! The designer underwear is offered in three masculine colour combinations namely black/royal, grey/white and white/royal and showcases a classic low-cut and sporty look. Featuring a clean, simple and modern design and cut, Barcode Berlin Officer Tyson Brief Underwear is not only ideal for a man with an athletic body but for all men who like to look good in their brief underwear!

Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, this athletic brief is extremely light in weight yet very supportive and strong. The use of cotton fabric in the making of the brief also offers efficient temperature and moisture control, and keeps you feeling fresh and dry after any rigorous activity! At the same time, while the sporty underwear moulds your body to perfection through its profile enhancing fit and contoured pouch support, the presence of top quality elastane material ensures that the underwear stays stretchable while never losing its shape, thereby remaining brand new all the time! The colour contrasting trim around the leg openings and on the waistband presents a striking, athletic appearance. Along with the soft fabric and wrapped leg openings, the wide elastic waistband bearing the brand’s logo also makes sure that you experience complete comfort!

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Grundies Active Boxer Brief Underwear offers you with unmatched comfort and fit!

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Boxer brief underwear is for fashionable men who favour undergarments that provide complete coverage on the backside while providing a form-enhancing fit. This type of underwear style is not only great for men with an athletic build but for all physical builds. There are boxer briefs in varied exciting patterns, colours, leg lengths and styles to choose from, whether you are looking for athletic wear or everyday wear. The most trusted brand for fashionable but comfortable boxer briefs is Australia based Grundies.

In the Australian men’s fashion market, Grundies is regarded as one of the fastest -selling brands. With over 20 years of experience, the designers at Grundies know what looks good on the male form. Derived from the Australian rhyming jargon “Reg Grundies” to mean underpants, the brand’s creations features iconic images like the Australian flag, Southern Cross, and a variety of cheeky prints! Their collections are most sought after by fashionable men all over the world because of their interesting underwear styles, attention to detail, excellent fits and clean lines. Besides specialising in creating functional and stylish boxer brief underwear, the brand also offers well-constructed brief underwear for men.

To experience superior fit and comfort all day long, give your old and saggy boxer brief a miss and try Grundies Active Boxer Brief Underwear instead! Offered in four stunning colour combinations of black/red, black/white, black/yellow and blue/white, this boxer brief is perfect for sports, gym and everyday wear. Made using a blend of cotton and elastane fabric, it comes with quality stitching on both the inside and outside which keeps it from ripping and ensures that you have longer lasting underwear. The soft and supple cotton fabric is extremely skin-friendly and allows your skin to breathe freely whether you are wearing it at home or to the gym. The use of elastane provides a tight fit while sculpting your body to perfection and makes sure your boxer brief stays snugly on your hips.

Designed with a side panel in contrasting colour, the Grundies Active Boxer Brief Underwear flatters the male form with its profile enhancing design as well as well-constructed pouch support that provides comfort while accentuating your assets. Along with the spacious pouch, the wide elastic waistband (featuring the trademark logo of Grundies) ensures all day support.

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