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Trends in Male Wedding Fashion

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Marc Jacobs’ wedding this year to long-time boyfriend Char Defrancesco arguably marked a watershed in male wedding fashion history. If in the past, it was all about ‘saying yes to the dress’, these days, the groom’s outfit is just as an important – which makes sense considering that fashion is either Instagrammable or it isn’t really fashion. For this stunning celebrity-studded wedding, Char opted for an emerald green velvet tuxedo with accompanying bowtie, while the top-selling designer wore a more ‘serious’ dark green suit with a pale grey Windsor knot tie, cream patent leather shoes, and one feature that lent his outfit just a touch of magic: a single lily pinned to his lapel. The way the two outfits combined was testimony to the modern penchant for looks that complement, rather than match each other. What other trends are big for grooms this year?

It Starts with the Ring

As mentioned above, men’s wedding fashion is growing in importance, and this means paying more attention than to just the suit. The ring – a symbol that both bride and groom will cling to for a lifetime - is now expected to be an expression of a groom’s creativity, lifestyle, and taste. Instead of the stock simply yellow gold band, unique men’s wedding bands are gaining ground. New materials like wood, titanium, and palladium are making their presence felt. Some men (see Ryan Reynolds) are opting for wide, fashionable wedding bands that ooze sartorial flair. Others are opting to stack rings, or choosing rings made in mixed metals (think yellow, rose, and white gold or platinum).

Going against the Grain

It’s your wedding so why not dress in materials that are stylish and comfortable? When French designer Etienne Deroeux (who has shone in New York, Milan, London and Paris) got married recently, he remained true to his passion for active, urban looks by totally foregoing a tie and opting instead for an Indian collared top, worn beneath a simple dark blue one-button jacket and slim fitting trousers, coupled with camper-style outdoor shoes. The simplicity of his outfit went beautifully with his bride (Rae Boxer’s) spaghetti strap dress, which was in white silk and devoid of all traditional embellishments such as beading, lace, and embroidery.

Express Yourself

At socialite Amanda Jones’ recent wedding to Kevin Vaughan, the groom showed fashionistas how ‘new traditional’ is done. He wore a black tuxedo with slim fit, ankle-length trousers and gorgeous black suede slip-on shoes. His jacket had just one, low button and satin labels, which complement his two-toned shoes (in black and grey) to sweet perfection. His outfit went perfectly with his wife’s ultra glam yet classical gown, while paying perfect heed to current trends in terms of cut and jacket choice.

Stars in Your Eyes, Stripes on Your Suit

When fashion designer Victor Glemaud married his diplomat fianceé, both wore striped suits – but in totally different styles. Victor opted for a cobalt one-button suit with wide blue stripes, paired with a baby pink top and a tie in the same color. His fiancée went for a more serious pin-striped suit in navy blue with a raspberry-hued tie that complemented Glemaud’s pink looks to perfection.

It is a unique time in men’s wedding fashion; one in which a groom can really show off his passion for style and fashion. From unique wedding rings to casual tops, velvet jackets, and brightly colored outfits, there are many ways to take a leap away from the expected. Before making your decision, check out the choices made by your favorite celebrities and find the inspiration you may be looking for.

ASICS Sponsors Los Angeles Marathon 2020

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

True to sports performance and its unwavering dedication to athletes, ASICS will sponsor the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon in California this year. Although busy with new releases with its ASICS Kayano sneakers in Australia and abroad, the company has committed to a five-year sponsorship deal starting in 2020 with the Pasadena Half Marathon.

A Commitment to Performance Running

ASICS has announced its commitment to performance running with its partnership with Conqur Endurance Group. Whether running shoes vs. tennis shoes, ASICS will be the official apparel and footwear partner of the L.A. Marathon. ASICS will also be a core sponsor, with media exposure, promotional content, and store event activations. This strategic move will bolster the sneaker giant’s position in running and high end sports performance in North America and abroad.

According to ASICS North America CEO Koichiro Kodama: “ASICS is back and more dedicated than ever to drive our brand forward as we build off of the very foundation we were created on: performance running”. ASICS long-term hope, according to Kodama, is to reconnect with the West Coast community and long distance performance running.

Conqur Endurance Group ignites a passion for long distance running and sports through incredible international events like the “Stadium to the Sea” course, a scenic course that attracts tens of thousands of participants. Other events include the Santa Monica Classic and the L.A. Big 5K. Conqur Endurance Group sponsors dozens of non-profits. Students Run LA, a nonprofit partner, supports community running programs for youths in the United States.

A History of Running

Despite giving up some ground to companies like New Balance in recent years, ASICS has a deep heritage rooted in high performance running. In some ways, it owes its incredible success to runners. The company was founded over half a century ago by designer Kihachiro Onitsuka. ASICS renewed commitment to the sport will include partnerships with the Rose Bowl Pasadena Half Marathon, the Santa Monica Classic 5K and 10K, and the LA Big 5K.


Besides sponsoring the L.A. Marathon, MetaRide, and running events, ASICS has committed to sponsoring long distance runners like Emma Bates and Allie Kieffer. Bates won he 2018 USA Marathon and was the first female to cross the 2019 NYC half marathon. Kieffer followed right behind Bates, placing 7th in the same NYC Marathon. The commitment to notable long distance athlete helps ASICS overall image as it attempts to reposition itself as the top sponsor of long distance running.

Limited Edition Footwear and Apparel

The ASICS commitment to the Los Angeles Marathon includes launches of limited-edition sneakers and apparel designed specifically for the 2020 race. The new collections will be available globally at local and online retailers.

Men’s bodysuit styles for an active day

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Before going into quality men’s bodysuits that are suitable for an active day out, it is considerable to know what a bodysuit is.

Formal introduction to men’s bodysuit

A bodysuit is a one piece and skin-tight dress that covers only the crotch and torso. It sometimes covers the legs and hands. Bodysuits cannot be classed as a swimsuit. Though, the style of a body suit is similar to a one-piece swimsuit. But, the fact is that the materials are different. At the crotch, a bodysuit has hooks or snaps. Bodysuits have various kinds of shoulder straps and collar styles, even sleeves. Men’s body suit can be made from materials such as cotton, nylon or lace. Even elastic materials can be a better one for a comfortable bodysuit for men.

According to fashion trends, there is a new range of men’s bodysuits styles that is fit for an active day. These modern styles are form-fitting garments that properly cover the torso and crotch giving the wearer a sense of comfort.

Originally, men’s bodysuits are produced for a fetish-inspired fashion or everyday active wear. The modern styles of men’s bodysuits will portray a man’s ideal sexy and masculine look. Giving the wearer a balanced form and posture. With the modern bodysuits styles available, men won’t have to wear an awkward look around in old or traditional bodysuits.

Functions of quality bodysuits for men

Men’s bodysuits are meant to provide comfort couple with a sense of versatility in one’s wardrobe. Modern styles of bodysuits are manufactured with unique quality kind of fabric offerings. Such as a sensitive Tactel fabric, micromesh fabric blended with polyamide and other quality materials. Each unique fabrics has its own functions and benefits.

Good and quality men’s bodysuit is supposed to offer a stretch relieves pulling around the crotch region and accentuates the shoulder and chest regions. Also, it is supposed to help trim the abdomen and the hip as well as help soak away sweat or moistures from the body.

What to look for in a bodysuit

A good style of bodysuit for men is cut and tailored to bring out the ideal figure of the wearer making him active throughout the day. Modern-day styles of men bodysuits are suitable for men from all works of life. From a builder to an office man and so on. Aside from a quality design or style, the most important things to consider when buying men’s bodysuit is the comfort and a good color that can easily blend into your everyday clothing activity.

Ensure to check out for styles that are great for outdoors usage. Bodysuits that are easy to wear and makes you feel warm inside. One single fact about bodysuits is the easy washing; either by hand or washing machines. If you are placing your order for your own men’s bodysuit online, make sure you know your size and ensure to place an order with trusted and recommended sellers. If you want to keep fit and look smart throughout the whole day, make a bodysuit a part of your clothing and keep being active all day long.

Great TV Programs To Inspire Your Own Fashion Photography

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

One of the most best thing about getting new clothing, is taking your own fashion photos, modelling your amazing garments, as so many Deal By Ethan customers do. You can send them to friends, or post them on your Instagram page. It doesn’t just have to be a selfie shot though – you can really get inspired and create some truly inspirational and unique fashion photography. There are some great TV programs that can help you get some original ideas for your pictures.


Top Photographer

Top Photographer is hosted by LGBT activist, Nigel Barker, known for his work with Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. The program follows a similar competition format to ANTM, with contestants facing a number of different photography tasks every week. For the amateur fashion photographer there are always hints and tips to be learned from each inspiring challenge, from how to best illuminate the human body, to letting the clothes tell a story. You can also try the Top Photographer challenges yourself, helping you to move out of your photography comfort zone and take a new approach with your pictures.


Sky Arts Masters Of Photography

Sky Arts Masters of Photography is an exceptionally well-made reality show that offers amatuer and semi-professional photographers the chance to win, not only the title of Best New European Photographer, but also $150,000. The show is hosted by the phenomenally beautiful Isabella Rossini. There is some great professional advice every week, from the likes of industry big guns, Bruce Gilden, Dave LaChapelle and Alex Webb. It is not just about lighting and compositions though. You can also learn about creating a photo collage and editing your photos. When you’ve taken your fashion photos, you can even get them printed online and made into beautiful canvases to put on your bedroom wall.


Everybody Street

If you want to give your fashion photography an authentic and real twist, then Everybody Street is the documentary for you. It is about the history of street photography in New York – the ultimate catwalk. Category is uniqueness, nerve and raw beauty. Everybody Street features some incredibly original photographers, including Joel Meyerowitz, Jill Freedman and Elliott Erwitt. From watching this documentary you can pick up some amazing tips and advice on how to give your own fashion photography a visceral and real quality.

Through your personal pictures, you can really celebrate the human body and your unique clothing. You can document your fashion journey and inspire others to do the same.