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Bring A Change In Your Life With Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

T Shirts have always been popular with men who believe in being classy yet casual. When T Shirts were first introduced they were mainly worn during casual occasions, but nowadays Tshirts are also worn for parties and on some formal occasions. The T shirts introduced by Ajaxx63, an American brand, have completely different designs and patterns. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ajaxx63 helped to bring a change in the mindsets of people as far as T shirts are concerned.

Designers Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser launched this line with the sole intention of promoting gay culture. Their T shirts bore designs that made Ajaxx63 a popular brand throughout America. Various fashion magazines and television shows started promoting this brand that experimented with T shirts. This time, Ajaxx63 introduces new its Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt which bears no logo or designs on it.  It appears in one colour (morning blue) that enhances your cool dude looks! The T shirt is carefully structured to adhere tightly to your body without making you uncomfortable. As these T shirts appear in plain colours, these can be worn on any ocassion. Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is made from pure cotton which provides you total comfort. The T shirts appear with perfectly fitted banded sleeves which help to flaunt your curvaceous muscles. The high necked design and the tight fit make your physique prominent without exposing it too much. This brand also manufactures long sleeved T Shirts, Muscle top T shirts, tank top T Shirts and many unique products.

It takes a lot of courage to defy traditions and Ajaxx63 has had that courage. It brought about a complete revolution in the art of clothing. Are you also interested in bringing about a change in yourself? Just grab Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt and be that guy!

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Ajaxx63 T-Shirts Combine Fun, Fashion and Style

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

If you are crazy about T-shirts and like wearing them almost on a daily basis, then Ajaxx63 is your brand for sure! Ajaxx63 believes in providing men with fashionable and trendy clothes that further allows them to make their own style and fashion statement. The brand picks up the latest concepts and themes to design creative, stylish and gorgeous T-shirts that stay in vogue for a long period. The brand has a wide variety of T-shirts for gay community as well.

The idea of launching the Ajaxx63 brand of T-shirts for men first came to Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser. While Bill had designed multiple clothes for brands such as Ralph Lauren/Polo Sport, Gap, Eddie Bauer and Vogue, Andy is basically renowned as a management guru from the Museum of Modern Art and Sony in New York.  The two resolved to put together their mind and money to establish a brand that served men as well as the gay community. The duo decided to relocate to Seattle and incepted Ajaxx63 in the year 1997.

Both Andrew and Bill put in a lot of hard work and dedication to design unique and the latest collection of T-shirts so that gay people all across the world can lay their hands on something that is fashionable, electrifying and colorfully pleasing at the same time. Every Ajaxx63 T-shirt is made of the highest quality fabric that is carefully sewn to create wonderful T-shirts that are never dull and boring and always in tune with the latest in the fashion industry.

The Ajaxx63 range of T-shirts is meant for men who love to don fun, exciting and out of the box T-shirts. Every Ajaxx63 T-shirt is created after observing the gay lifestyle and culture closely so that they get exactly what they are looking to buy. Apart from T-shirts, the Ajaxx63 brand also incorporates a wide range of Beanies, Caps and Jewelry. The brand offers different styles of T-shirts including, Long Sleeved T Shirts, Muscle Top T Shirts, Short Sleeved T Shirts and Tank Top T Shirts.

Those who are planning to grab Ajaxx63 brand of T-shirt could grab the Ajaxx63 Tank Tight End tank top for starters. This is basically ‘A’ back beater style of tank that is made of 100% cotton that can be safely worn to the gym or the club. This particular tank top allows you to flaunt your muscles and move around with complete freedom. It stretches easily and is extremely lightweight.

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Gay dudes prefer only Ajaxx63

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Not all fashion brands are meant specifically for gay men but breaking that trend is Ajaxx63 which caters specifically to gay men, keeping their tastes and preferences in mind. The brand was found in the year 1997 by operations director Andrew Fraser and designer Bill Sherman. Bill has worked with many notable names from the fashion industry like Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Gap, Polo Sport, etc. However, the duo did not find this challenging enough, and shifted to designing for urban oriented gay men of today, which was a first of its kind concept. In fact, Ajaxx63 is now seen almost as the gay culture’s banner bearer.

Although meant for the gay crowd, there is nothing overtly gay about their clothing and their designs are clean, modern and sophisticated. Ajaxx63 manufactures a variety of menswear and accessories like caps, beanies, long sleeved t shirts, jewellery, short sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc.

Short sleeved t shirts by Ajaxx63 are available in more than 55 variations of designs, messages, logos and colours. There are choices galore in this department and you will be left spoilt for choice. You can get them in regular fits as well as athletic fits. The athletic fit is figure hugging and gives a great look to your physique, making it appear fit and lean. Their T shirts are crafted from 100% cotton and are extremely comfortable as well as sporty.

Tank top t shirts by Ajaxx63 are the perfect epitome of a biker chic look. They give you a tough guy look which can be very appealing. Make heads turn and look sexy in a raw manner by wearing these Tees. The fit is great and hugs the body at the right places. The material used is 100% cotton which is extremely lightweight and the ribbed nature makes it doubly comfortable.

For a taste of muscle top t shirts there is no better option than Ajaxx63 muscle top t shirts. Their cotton t shirt is available in many colours. There are no graphos on them and they are kept relatively simple. They are very comfortable as well. The fit is excellent with a slight taper, which gives it an athletic feel. They are perfect if you want to flaunt your perfect physique.

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Men’s underwear- all you need to know

Friday, June 10th, 2011

These days, there is a vast array of men’s underwear to choose from, all for different types of occasions and purposes. There are those for casual or athletic purposes and some can choose from the various types of designer men’s underwear as well. The various types of manufacturing techniques, style cuts and fabrics have resulted in different and separate categories of underwear for men. With the tastes of people changing, the designs of then underwear have evolved as well.

With the changing times in terms of fashion there are many types of materials to be considered like everyday cottons which provide the maximum comfort in everyday wear, milk fiber, hemp, soy bean fiber, mesh, nylon, spandex, polyester, etc. With the different types of materials and their varying comfort factors, men’s underwear is not as regular and boring as may be thought to be.

There are many different styles and cuts to choose from like briefs, boxers, g strings, jockstraps, trunks, etc. each style is different and unique. They are in different lengths as well so that they can be worn easily with low rise jeans. Some of the waistbands of the underwear have clips which make for easy use. The pouches of the underwear have shelves and the straps hold everything in place. There are mesh and strapping to stop chaffing and to protect.

With many designers coming in the field of designing innovative underwear for men there are designer brands and labels of underwear available in the market. Some of the notable names are Candyman, 2wink, Sauvage, Rufskin, Arroyman, Ajaxx63, Azzaro, Calvin Klein, California Muscle, Burberrys, etc.

Boxers are the epitome of comfort and casual underwear which are adored by all. They are generally made from comfortable materials like silk and cotton.  The boxers are loosely fitted and the waistband is gathered or elastic. They give a street wear look and give great leg movement. One of the biggest advantages of using boxers is that they can double up as nightwear and are used by men of all ages.

If you need to find something to wear underneath that low rise jeans or want to avoid showing the underwear line through trousers then g strings or thongs are the best options for you. This kind of underwear is great for athletic men who indulge in various kinds of sporting activities. They do not ride and provide ample space for the legs to move in various directions. Silks and other materials are used to make the underwear. This type has a number of designs and styles. The style has become popular for both men and women, especially for swimwear.

Jockstraps are popular options for those men who love all kinds of sports. Jockstraps provide maximum comfort and support for men, making it suitable for all sorts of activities and environment.  There are various variations on the style as well for various uses and various choices of the user.

All the various types of men’s underwear come in a range of vibrant colors and bold and innovative prints to reflect the choices and individualities of the men. For those who want to experiment can opt for the different prints and those who like to stick to the conventional can simply go for the underwear in solid colors, the choice is entirely yours.

Men’s underwear through the ages

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

These days, the very thought of life without underwear is impossible and absurd. Underwear has become an essential part of our daily life and routine. In fact, not only is underwear a necessity but also a mark of fashionable men these days. All in all, the modest means of covering the private parts of an individual has come a long way.

According to historical facts and figures, it is supposed that men’s underwear was first conceptualized by the early Egyptians. The underwear was born in the form of loincloths in the land of the pharaohs and pyramids. This form of men’s underwear was worn by Romans and Greeks as well. Later on, the loincloth was replaced by a form of men’s underwear which was sort of like a short-legged trouser during the Middle Ages. These types had laces to be tied around the waist so that the underwear stayed in its proper place. Some of those forms of underwear had a feature which was called a cod piece which was actually a flap in the frontal portion of the underwear. This feature was the earlier version of a fly, which is now a common phenomenon in all trousers. Some of the underwear was available with the inclusion of pads, which increased the comfort factor of the clothing manifold times.

With the industrial period, underwear began to be manufactured on a huge scale. The earlier manufactured underwear was made from cotton. But later on, with the passage of time, other materials came to be used like nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. In fact, these materials are now mixed in varying proportions to give birth to newer materials.

With time, amazing styles of sexy men’s underwear has evolved. With the rising demand for fashionable and sexy underwear for men, many fashion labels and brands have started churning out various styles of underwear. Some of these famous names are JM, McKillop, Pipe Underwear, Doreanse Arroyman, Ballbra, Jocko, Gigo, TImoteo, Tulio, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, WildmanT, Male BasicsLingerie, C-IN2, N2N, Narciso, NY Jox, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, King Style Underwear, Mundo Unico, Buffedbod, Pikante, California Muscle, DMK Designs, Svenjoyment, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Aware Soho, Go Softwear, Geovanny, etc.

Some very unique and creative designers have been the creators of different types and styles of underwear like boxers, g-strings, pouch underwear, jockstraps, boxer briefs, bikini briefs, sunga, tanga, etc. Some of the underwear is meant to provide only comfort and support and is aimed for the modest man in you. But some are designed keeping in mind the bold and adventurous side of men who loves to experiment. Each of these different styles has unique utility of their very own. If boxers provide the maximum comfort, then jockstraps give the maximum utility by protecting your private parts from shock during sports or other physically strenuous activities.

There is innovation is the use of materials as well. Cotton is the most commonly used due to the comfort and breathability of the material along with an excellent fit. However, plain old cotton has competitors in the form of rayon, spandex, lycra, polyester, mesh and net. These are often mixed to get different materials with different functions and effects.

The gradual and wonderful evolution of sexy men’s underwear has left men spoilt for choice.

Gay men underwear – A fashion necessity

Friday, May 20th, 2011

There are some companies and brands that are more popular with gay men or cater specifically to the gay population. The basic requirements in case of choosing gay men underwear is that they have to make the wearer look great and along with the underwear looking great as well. Gay men underwear available in the market today comes in different kinds of colors, patterns, styles and materials. In fact, the wide range of gay men underwear available is everything that anyone can possibly imagine. Show off your style in a fiercely competitive gay scene by wearing the different types of underwear manufactured by various brands.

You can choose from the various super functional brands manufacturing gay and gay interest men and metrosexual underwear like Ajaxx63, FREE Twink Underwear, Cocksox, Gregg Homme, C-IN2, 2xist, etc. The underwear they provide is luxurious as well as stylish. There are various types of men’s underwear to choose from like jock straps, boxers, briefs, bikini briefs, thongs, etc depending on the tastes and occasions. The huge underwear range will help you decide what you need – whether it is for special nights or to wear them regularly. You can go in for sleek, sophisticated, risqué or avant garde styles of gay men underwear according to your requirements.

Normal briefs and boxers may be all right for daily use, but sometimes there arises a need for sexy and out of the box underwear. You can use these on special occasions and for special people!

The materials that gay men underwear is made from vary hugely. This include cottons for everyday wear, polyester, spandex, lycra, silks and even leather and latex for those who love to experiment and love a taste of adventure.

There are many kinds of styles made available by the various brands. You can wear sheer mesh underwear for some adventure and simply impress that someone special. You can also try the X shape thong manufactured by some innovative brands. Many of the gay men underwear have a number of revolutionary features which seem almost too good to be true. You can put your trophy on the shelf and the sling support system in some of the underwear that enhances your package to give you the maximum advantage and gives you a nice outline as well. There are casual yet eye catching underwear styles with form-fitting and sporty designs.

There are sheer mesh thongs, European style briefs, leather look fetish wear and body suits and g-strings manufactured by several brands that will immediately make you want to buy one for yourself or your partner. The brands and companies know that the gay population wants to look and feel different, and they want innovation when it comes to gay men underwear.

For those planning for a sexy and romantic night out, there is some underwear which can put an adult twist to the night so that it turns out hot and steamy. These boyhood styles, with their obvious twists, will leave you satisfied and at the same time will not compromise on your comfort factor. There are many brands manufacturing these kinds of underwear that suit fetish scenes well.

There are wide array of swimwear for the gay scene as well, which are not only sporty but sexy and comfortable as well.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding gay men underwear being too plain, ill-fitting and cheap. Check out popular stores online to see some truly innovative styles that you will simply love to buy for yourself or your partner!

Ajaxx63 – Pioneers in Urban-oriented, Gay-targeted Clothing

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Ajaxx63 is one of the few men’s clothing brands that cater specifically to contemporary gay culture.

Ajaxx63 first began selling its products at the Pride Festivals and became an over-night sensation. They also made an appearance in the first season of “Queer as Folk”, and gained their foothold in the gay fashion industry after becoming partners with This move allowed them to reach their zenith and become a cult name in the gay retail industry.

Ajaxx63’s beanies and caps are manufactured using high quality fabrics. Their fine workmanship, smart styling and multi-color embroidery are all hallmarks of this line. Their long-sleeved T-shirts reflect the athlete in you in a tasteful yet sexy way, and their great fit is due to the naturally stretchy quality of the light thermally woven cotton. Their range of sleeveless, muscle top T-shirts is truly made for the hunk inside you, and the funky messages written on the front add to the cool quotient. Ajaxx63’s short sleeved T-shirts are available in more than 70 variations. These T-shirts hug your body, emphasizing your masculine sexuality, while their range of tank top T-shirts made of 100% cotton are not only sexy, but outstandingly comfortable and durable as well.

Ajaxx63 does not believe in compromising comfort for style, and they use only the finest fabrics. They redefine the concept of a T-shirt by making theirs energetic, modern and fashionable.

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Ajaxx63 Garments

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Ajaxx63 is more than just a brand for gay men. It’s about having the guts to be who you are!

The Ajaxx63 product line includes some very provocative T-shirts with the most daring of prints, such as this Ajaxx63 Swallows Contrast Ringer T-shirt or the Ajaxx63 “F*ck buddy” T-Shirt. Shock the people around you. Amaze and outrage. Forget about subtlety. Feel like bragging a little? Why not walk out the door wearing this Ajaxx63 “Built for endurance” regular tee .

Ajaxx63 T-shirts say the things you don’t always feel like saying yourself. After all, even the founders of this high profile gay brand like to think of their creations as “fashion with a message; be proud of who you are”. While you`re showing off your hard earned biceps and pecs, you could also be provoking strangers to steal a glance at you or even approach you. The Ajaxx63 contrast ringer “Define Boyfriend” T-shirt would make a perfect conversation starter during such encounters.

Ajaxx63 T-shirts and tank tops are so popular that they have appeared regularly on hit series such as “Queer as Folk”, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, “What Not to Wear”, “Open Bar”, “MTV” and “Q Television”.

Ajaxx63 creators are obsessed with the look and feel of their products. This is why they only use the finest cotton that perfectly hugs your body. They constantly research all aspects of gay life in order to discover what makes you guys tick and what you need and want. Their garments and hats are, in their own words, “clever, sexy and edgy”.