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Lure Everyone Towards You Wearing Your Allure Men’s Leather & Fishnet Zip Up Muscle Top T Shirt!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Trends in the men’s fashion world have been quite unpredictable in recent times. In the past few years, we have seen men go crazy for certain styles and trends, which soon petered out and gave way to new trends and designs. However, it can be said that T shirts have never lost their importance in the men’s fashion segment. Since post World War II, designers have been constantly trying their best to make this outfit even more exclusive and stylish.

As a result, a lot of variations have come in like the long-sleeved T shirt, tank top T shirt, muscle top T shirt and short sleeved  T shirt, each designed to suit various occasions, styles and tastes. Among the varied designs, the muscle top T shirt is quite in demand and preferred by most men.

Allure is one brand that has been making some very hot, trendy and ravishing muscle top T shirts since their inception in 1993. This brand is based in Mississauga, Ontario and has gained worldwide popularity it’s their sizzling, erotic and alluring designs. Moreover, the brand’s designers prefer using leather vinyl for crafting various men’s outfits; as a result, you simply look hot and sexy!

Apart from muscle top T shirts, they also create short sleeved T shirts and vests. They also design some really sporty and fashionable men’s underwear like boxer brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, loincloth underwear, pouch underwear and thong underwear. Men also love their stylish hats.

If you are looking for a really ravishing muscle top T shirt to enhance your looks then, Allure Men’s Leather & Fishnet Zip Up Muscle Top T Shirt can surely fulfil your demands.  When you go out in this shimmering black coloured muscle top T shirt, you are sure to draw in everyone’s gaze. The zipper opening in the front and the fishnet design at the back is indeed striking.

Since it is sleeveless, you can just flaunt your curvaceous biceps the way you like! This muscle top T shirt is ideal for casual parties, night clubs and other casual occasions where you want to be the centre of attraction.  You can get this muscle top T shirt in four different sizes- small, medium, large and extra-large.

Pick your right size and be the hunk to entice everyone. You can get Allure Men’s Leather & Fishnet Zip Up Muscle Top T Shirt as well as other fashionable menswear at our website DealByEthan, which offers various men’s outfits at affordable prices.

Enhance Your Charms in an Allure Rubber Look Vinyl Vest!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Mens clothing has undergone a lot of change in recent years. In present times, experiments are made with casual clothing. A little twist and turn of the design gives a completely different look to the apparel. Generally, vests were used as underclothing, always available in plain typical shades. However, in recent times, the vest has been given some stylish cuts that make it one of the trendiest outfits. Allure, a popular brand has made a lot of innovations with mens apparel. Since its inception in 1993, the brand has been experimenting with new designs, providing a chic look to its apparel.

The Allure Rubber Look Vinyl Vest has become popular with men because of unique cut and stylish design. The most alluring feature of this vest is the rubbery texture that makes it the most exclusive among vests. Unlike ordinary vests, Allure Rubber Look Vinyl Vest is parted in the middle, making you look seductive! It can also be worn over some other outfit, thereby changing the typical trend of vests. The unique part of the vest is the rubbery glossy texture of the fabric. The sizzling black shade simply enhances your charm. This particular vest is available in four different sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. So get your right size now!

You love your body and want to adorn it with the best outfit. You want to be regarded as the most stylish person. Allure fulfils your wishes and desires. Your well sculpted body gets the best look and you get the best compliments with the Allure Rubber Look Vinyl Vest. Your chiseled body needs to be revealed and extract admiration. The Allure vest is designed to expose the required parts of your body, simply enhancing your sex appeal. Get your Allure Rubber Look Vinyl Vest and gain the hypnotic power to enchant the world by your looks!

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Feel the electrifying desire run down your body in Allure Men’s Underwear!

Monday, November 28th, 2011

You always want to be irresistible.You always want to be adored by the world.To suit your style, Allure introduces their new Vinyl Shorts Underwear. It’s not just ordinary shorts but exclusively designed to suit today’s youth. So, if you are bored wearing your typical shorts, just grab your Vinyl Shorts Underwear. This is the product that can completely alter your looks and make you look great.

This Vinyl Shorts Underwear is designed specially keeping in mind your needs.You want to display your sculpted body, and at the same time be a style icon. You can be an Adonis to be adored by all. This particular kind of underwear is specially designed keeping in mind both style and comfort. The specially designed break away pouch is the main attraction of this product. This pattern helps in retaining the shape, and at the same time gives utmost comfort to the wearer. The pouch style became popular with modern men for whom underwear were not just trivial items but something more.

The colour of your apparel enhances your personality. Therefore today’s men are extremely cautious when it comes to choosing the shades of their underwear. Nowadays, this particular apparel does not remain hidden inside the folds of your pants but has become a proud item to be displayed above your waist to extract admiration from others. Allure designers have kept this issue in mind. This product is available in the alluring color black – the colour of seduction! The glossy texture simply makes you the most wanted one!

This particular Allure product is available in four different sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. Since it is available in different sizes anybody can get this underwear and be the dashing hero. Gone are the days when not much attention was paid to inner apparel. These were neglected items stuffed in some corner of your drawer. But now underwear has become the most coveted product not to be kept hidden but to be displayed with utmost pride. Allure understands you demands and therefore caters to your needs.

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Mesh underwear for men – The latest sensation in mens underwear

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

It is often said that fashion comes at a cost. But that’s not the case with mesh underwear for men, which has taken the fashion scene by storm. See through underwear, sheer, see-thru or mesh underwear as it is better known as, has achieved stellar success in terms of popularity. This form of underwear is revealing and daring, leaving very little to the imagination. The outright raunchiness of the garment also fuels and titillates the senses. The transparency of the woven fabric depends on the weaving, and can be both vaguely opaque and fully transparent.

Mesh underwear for men can also be considered as a very practical garment despite its apparent see-through fabric and sexiness. The fabric is very light and absolutely breathable, so the skin can breathe easily, ensuring good air flow and preventing chafing and sweating. So, ultimately it serves two purposes – its looks downright sexy, and is comfortable to wear as well so it can be worn anytime. In addition, the material is soft as silk so it also feels good against the skin.

Mesh underwear for men is meant for adventurous males who want to experiment. The call for adventure has been answered by several brands and fashion houses manufacturing mesh underwear. Brands like Allure for Men, Blue Line, Boqari, BumGear, California Muscle, Candyman, Clever Moda, Cocksox, Cottelli Collection, Croota, Delio Dietz, DMK Designs, Doreanse, Dreamgirl’s Dreamguy range, Elegant Moments, ES Collection, Excite, Exotic Body Wear, Falocco Collection, Gia, Gigo, Go Softwear, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Groovin, Intymen, Jockey, JOCKO, Joe Snyder, King Style, Kiniki Men’s Range, Little Boy Blue Design, Male Power, MANstore, McKillop, Mosmann, Mundo Unico, N2N Bodywear, Narciso Underwear, PAPI, Pikante, Pistol Pete, PPU, Private Structure, Propaganda, Pulse, Punto Blanco, QZ Bodywear, etc. Each of these brands caters to the different tastes of individuals and adds something different to the designs, patterns and styles of mesh underwear for men.

Mesh underwear is available in different styles like g string, briefs, sheer trunks, bikini briefs, mesh thongs, jock straps, sports jock, etc.

Briefs provide full coverage for the butt area, while at the same time the mesh material proves to make the style sizzle and make the briefs a far cry from being conventional.

G strings of mesh are the ultimate when it comes to having a naughty collection of underwear for men. The stunning style is revealing and sexy. The mesh pouch and minimal fabric leave nothing to the imagination particularly if you are looking to spend some naughty times with your partner. The pouch provides full support and comfort to the wearer.

For those who want to experiment with the material but do not feel comfortable with revealing g strings or jockstraps, there is always the option of going in for sheer trunks. They are sheer, but the full coverage of the underwear will provide comfort and keep the wearer from feeling absolutely exposed. The support of the style is also quite undeniable.

Those who have already fallen in love with the mesh style of underwear will surely love the concept of bikini briefs. They look stylish and brilliant, and provide good support and fit. The superb fit of the style is sure to make you look more appealing in the eyes of your partner. This style not only boasts of a superb design but a sculpted fit as well.

For those who want to take the concept of mesh underwear for men to the next level, there is the option of trying mesh thongs – that are bold, daring and innovative.

Feel the kind of passion that only young lovers feel. Go to bed tonight in Allure underwear!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Your eyes found a resting place on his manhood, covered in an Allure studded leather and mesh thong. He looks like a sex god sent down to Earth with the sole mission of pleasing you. A pulsating thrill of excitement is slowly making its way through your body. Neurons in your brain are discharging powerful storms of electricity, and your brain is giving orders to release jets of endorphin and adrenalin into your boiling blood stream, eliminating any sense of logic or reasoning you had before.  Sweet dizziness and trembling lips disclose your fragile consciousness. Your eyes are veiled with passion and yearning. It`s difficult to resist and pointless to fight.

Your hands find his smooth, burning skin. You make your way down his waist and find his passion hidden under the erotic Allure garment. Just touching the leather and mesh induces excitement, causing your palms to sweat before you take them off and dive into the night of pleasure.

Can you remember passionate moments like this in your life? It`s not always an easy mission to achieve this level of emotion and arousal in everyday life, and this is where Allure underwear comes in.

Allure underwear is a brand that reignites the spark of passion, turning it into a giant volcano, an eruption of lava spewing down the slopes of a massive erection of stone and dirt, leaving chaos and havoc behind it, burning everything in its path. Inject a little chaos in your bedroom from time to time. Create one of those “if our walls could talk” kinds of moments by purchasing your Allure underwear  at today.