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Arouse your passions with Candyman G String Underwear on!

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Do you want to look inviting? Do you want amorous eyes to feast on you? Candyman’s G String Underwear should be the one for you. The alluring designs and exclusive colors make G String one of the most popular items now days. The designs of underwear have undergone a rapid change in the last few years. Designers have always been thinking about bringing out certain designs that can change the mind set of people. G string Underwear was launched with the sole intention to alter the looks of metro sexual man giving him hypnotic powers.

G string Underwear is specially meant for those men can dare to bring a change. The low-cut stringed design is specially made to make you look hot and happening. You emerge as symbol of desire- steamy and lustful. Candyman makes you the hunk coveted by all! Candyman Suspenders G String Underwear is one product that has simply become the most desired item among men. The presence of two suspenders that adorn the shoulders is the specialty of this product. The suspenders provide maximum support and help you in becoming a style icon. The underwear is designed in a manner that it gives support only to the essential parts required and the strings enhance your sizzling looks.

This G string Underwear is available in the ravishing color black- just the one you need to steamy! The color enhances your looks and your virile image. This underwear is available in four different sizes small, medium, large and extra large. So now everyone can grab this product. Apart from G strings Candyman also produces boxer briefs, briefs, thongs and other seductive costumes. The perfect fit and the unique designs are the one that makes the costumes most appealing. So men who really want to flaunt their well- sculpted bodies just get hold of Candyman’s G String Underwear.

Today’s men want to add some spice to life. They don’t want to be a part of the boring monotonous fashion that marks them as “typical” men. They want to break through the paths of conservatism and get something different that will enhance their manhood. They no longer want to abide by the strict rules of the society but want to break the rules and live a carefree. They want to be passionate, comfort-loving as well as stylish. Candyman Suspenders G String Underwear is just meant for those men who want to be different!

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Candyman underwear and costumes – Indulge in your fantasies

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Candyman underwear and costumes are literally what dreams and fantasies are made of. This brand of naughty costumes and men’s underwear manufacturer strives to cater the very best for those who like to add some spice to their love life, and want to make their underwear experience a different one each time they are with that someone special.

Candyman manufactures a range of unique and awesome costumes as well as men’s underwear in different styles like thong underwear, jockstrap underwear, g string underwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, etc.

Candyman produces around 17 costumes of various types like handyman outfit, super hero outfit, western nightmare, private first class server, seductive navy captain, air force marchal outfit, rebel devil, fire me up outfit, desire pirate, sultry commander outfit, men of night, officer naughty, at your services, heartbreak clown, ride on cowboy, midnight devil, knockout nurse, etc. As can be seen from this list, the costumes are of varied and of almost every imaginable type. The collection is colourful and funky and great to sport. Nothing will be quite the same when you wear Candyman costumes.

Candyman underwear adds a whole new dimension to the Candyman brand with their boldness, risqué and sexy styles.

Bikini style of men’s underwear by Candyman is available in more or less classic styles. The material used is comfortable for all day wearing. The style is sensible and highlights all your best features. It is available in basic colours like royal blue, grey, black, turquoise, yellow and white.

Boxer brief underwear by Candyman is available in choices galore with more than 60 variants for you to choose from. They are a unique combination of sexiness and practicality. There are healthy proportions of sheer mesh and lace to add oodles of sexiness. Some of the styles come with suspenders, some with designs or cut outs on the pouch.

Brie underwear by Candyman is also available is around 65 various styles, cuts and colours. You can get them in normal kinds which are made of a mix of materials like 4% spandex and 96% nylon. You can also get them in lace and mesh materials as well.

Thong underwear manufactured by Candyman also has choices galore with around 65 different styles.

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Sexy men’s underwear to spice up your love life

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Sometimes you need to add some spice to your love life to keep up the romance quotient. For that very purpose, you can opt for some of the naughty and sexy men’s underwear available in the market. Many men’s underwear stores are havens for a range of sexy men’s underwear with their many varieties regarding the tastes and occasions of the user. In fact, the underwear not only helps in adding some spice to your love life but it also makes you feel good and confident about yourself as well.

You take your pick from the vast selection of naughty men’s underwear available across various online stores. G strings and thongs prove to be the most popular choices in this type of underwear. Minimalistic underwear is crafted solely for those who have an adventurous spirit. Not only is it revealing and sexy, but offers total mobility and comfort as well. The attached strings give the wearer the option of adjusting accordingly to produce the best fit.

The vast range of styles available is meant to titillate the senses and cater to all types of tastes and requirements of both you and your partner. The various brands and companies produce very innovative styles and some companies almost outdo themselves in the creativity and sexiness department. Some of the notable names in this department are Pipe Underwear, Doreanse, Ballbra, Arroyman, Jocko, Go Softwear, TImoteo, Tulio, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, WildmanT, N2N, C-IN2, Narciso, NY Jox, Male BasicsLingerie, King Style Underwear, Dirty Fukker, 2xist, Good Devil, Pikante, Mundo Unico, Buffedbod, DMK Designs, California Muscle, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Aware Soho, Svenjoyment, Gigo, McKillop, Geovanny, JM, etc.

The pouch and jockstrap were previously used when indulging various sporting activities but now act as a major draw in sexy men’s underwear. The pouch helps not only in protecting but in supporting and enhancing you as well. Adventurous people who really want to try something bold can try underwear made of materials like net, mesh and even leather instead of the plain cotton ones. Some of the underwear comes with detachable fronts, which help in really spicing and heating things up in bed! There are various prints like camouflage, rainbow, animal prints like cheetah, etc. in a variety of bold and vibrant colours. In fact, neon colours like hot pink and fluorescent yellow and green are the hot picks of the season for their fun quotient.

If you want something even better and spicier than these, then you can always opt for the naughty costumes manufactured by companies like Candyman, which is a Colombian brand which is known for its erotic costumes for men. Their various types of costumes are perfect for some indulging of your wildest fantasies by role playing in the bedroom.

There are a variety of unique costumes like Heartbreak Clown and Knockout Nurse. The costume Fire Me Up is a really funky one and is available in two colours- yellow and red. You can also choose the Air Force Marshal Outfit and take your pick from the two royal colours gold and black. If you really want to get down and get dirty then the Take Me In Prisoner is the one for you.

Break the moulds of convention and go ahead and spice up your love life.

Sexy men’s underwear: The best ones to choose

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

In the past, there were not many options for males to choose from regarding sexy men’s underwear. But now with the passage of time, many new styles have evolved. Fashion houses and designing labels come up with new and innovative styles and features incorporated into sexy men’s underwear to make them what they are today. There are a number of options to choose from and a detailed list of the various kinds is given below.

Boxers are the most basic type of men’s underwear and are considered to be classics. They are very comfortable and can even be worn as night wear. They are considered as sexy men’s underwear as they add to the mystery element, and as a consequence, the attractiveness of the wearer. They offer coverage for the entire hip region and a part of the thigh, and have leg openings that are straight cut. The working front fly proves to be a good concept. There are also tapered boxers that are quite like the traditional ones but with leg openings to fit the thighs and side vents, which provides freedom of movement. The front cup panel gives some support, which is otherwise absent in the regular boxers.

Boxer briefs are a unique combination of boxers and briefs and they prove to be one of the most innovative and attractive style of sexy men’s underwear. The cut of this type of sexy men’s underwear is like tapered boxers, but with a tight brief-like fit. The fit of these boxer briefs are extremely appealing for women. They not only offer coverage, but provide support as well by sculpting the lower trunk. The underwear can be worn under all kinds of clothing, and is especially great to wear during sporting activities or under tight pants.

Bikini briefs sit below the belly button, do not have a fly and are considered one of the bolder choices in sexy men’s underwear. String bikinis are ½ inch thick and leave the entire thigh bare. The butt, however, is covered by the seat of the bikini. While wearing low rise jeans and tight trousers, you can wear this kind of underwear. Men with good and fit physique can also pull these off quite nicely. These can be a little expensive as often they are made of nylon or spandex.

Thongs which have a small pouch at the front to support the genitals along with two strings have been quite in demand these days. One of the strings is shaped like a waistband and the other stays between the cheeks of the butt. However, the wearer must have an extremely fit and lean body to be able to carry it smartly. While going shopping for thongs, it is best to stick to materials like spandex and nylon blends and go in for bright solid colours.

There are options galore in the matter of various kinds of sexy men’s underwear that you can buy from any online store. The stores have all the brands under one roof like Pipe Underwear, N2N, Arroyman, Go Softwear, Jocko, Buffedbod, Doreanse, Ergowear, C-IN2, Timoteo, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Ballbra, Tulio, California Muscle, King Style Underwear, 2xist, Geovanny, Good Devil, Mundo Unico, Dirty Fukker, DMK Designs, Pikante, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Aware Soho, JM, Sven O, McKillop, etc.

Candyman Underwear – For That Naughty Little Boy in You

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Indulge in your naughty, playful side with underwear and costumes designed by Candyman, a leader in the world of sexy men’s fashion.

Candyman is a Colombian brand that caters to your wildest fantasies. Apart from their range of underwear, Candyman also produces unique, sexy, taboo-breaking costumes that allow you to indulge absolutely any secret fantasy you might have.

Try a little role playing to spice things up in the bedroom with the Candyman Knockout Nurse or Heartbreak Clown costumes. Or why not try the hot Take Me In Prisoner or the funky, red and yellow Fire Me Up costumes? If you like to be the one giving the orders, maybe the sexy Air Force Marchal Outfit in black and gold is more your style. The vast variety of styles and themes allows your imagination to simply run wild!

Candyman’s range of underwear is also unique, sexy and stylish. The Candyman camouflage Thong Underwear is truly inventive, and it certainly lives up to its name. Revealing just enough to make a provocative statement, it breaks all the moulds of convention, while the Candyman Zippers Brief underwear is truly a work of art with its zippers on both the front and the back.

Such unique concepts have made Candyman a well known brand name in the sexy men’s fashion industry, but they do not compromise on quality, and all the brand’s garments are manufactured using the highest quality fabrics. The company’s philosophy is to produce men’s underwear that will spice up your love life so much so that you’ll discover things about yourself you weren’t even aware of before!

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Candyman Heartbreak Clown Costume

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Wanna fool around? This is the perfect costume to do it in. Meet the Candyman Heartbreak Clown costume!

Clowns are strong theatrical figures invented to entertain audiences, make jokes, relax and make us feel childish and playful again. Beneath our grown-up exteriors, we all have a need to act immature and silly sometimes, and we all like attention. This is why Candyman has created the sexy Heartbreak Clown costume. Can you imagine a more perfect way to get your partner’s attention? This costume will liven up any evening, and whoever your audience may be will be easily pulled into your play.

The bottom part of the costume is a very revealing brief with a clown face and a red nose on the front that everyone will try to squeeze. Do you have a certain someone who`s icy side you want to melt away? This costume will definitely do the trick!

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Candyman Costumes: Be the Life of Your Private Party!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

What do you want to be tonight? A sexy, midnight devil? A seductive navy captain? Maybe a naughty police officer with handcuffs, or a horny air force marshal? Get into the mood with the Candyman Costumes at You`ll find out things about yourself that you never knew were there!

Yep, you read it right. Candyman offers original, sexy and taboo-breaking costumes to spice up your nights of passion. All of the costumes, such as the heartbreak clown or knockout nurse, are incredibly unique.  Role playing has long been one of the most exciting things you can do to spice up things in the bedroom, and with Candyman costumes, you can let your imagination run wild. Costumes from the “Take Me in Prisoner” to “Fire Me Up” will turn your sex life from lukewarm to sizzling hot in seconds.

However, the story doesn`t end there. Far from it. Candyman also offers boxer briefs, briefs and thongs, and all of these products are just as sexy and unique as the costumes. They are in your face and provocative. They break the rules and challenge conventions, putting to the test everything you thought you knew about underwear. How more provocative and tantalizing can underwear get than with this Candyman camouflage thong, which reveals just enough to get the juices flowing, if you know what we mean…

And just imagine all of the things you can get up to with these briefs with zippers in the front and back!

But it wouldn`t be fair for us to try to tell you what to buy, so visit today, feast your eyes on the entire collection of Candyman sexy costumes, and choose for yourself. It’ll be the best choice you ever made!

Candyman Range of Underwear for the Naughty Side of Yours

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010


Do you want to indulge in your naughty and seductive side? Then, go ahead and choose from a wide range of Candyman underwear, a true leader in the world of sexy men fashion. Candyman is basically a Colombian brand which caters to the fantasies of men.

Besides their range of underwear, the most unique aspect is that they produce taboo breaking sexy costumes to indulge all your fantasies. Treat yourself to role playing to spice up things in your bedroom with the help of the unique costumes designed by Candyman. Some of them are truly original like Knockout Nurse or the Heartbreak Clown. The vast varieties make your imagination run wild. The Take Me In Prisoner costume is another hot knock out item. The Fire Me Up costume is very hot and funky as well, and it is available in red and yellow colours. The Air Force Marchal Outfit is another sexy outfit. This sexy men’s clothing is available two awesome colours- black and gold. However, their range of underwear is also unique and stylish. The Candyman Thong Underwear Camouflage is truly inventive, and it certainly lives up to its name. It breaks all the moulds of convention with its provocative appeal. It reveals enough to make a bold statement. The Candyman Zippers Brief underwear is truly a piece of art. What makes it unique is the concept of zippers both at front as well as the back. Such unique concepts have made Candyman a well known name in sexy men fashion.

The brand does not compromise however, on its quality and standards, and all the sexy man clothes are guaranteed for the best materials used. The company’s philosophy is produce sexy men’s clothing that will spice the passion in your life so much so that you will get to know things about yourself that even you were not perhaps aware of.

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Erotic underwear to appeal to the naughty side of men

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Gone are the days that underwear was considered a private thing. With the passage of time, the mindsets of people have changed as well. Many people love to wear erotic underwear in order to add some spice to their bedroom life or simply because of the ‘feel-good inside’ factor.

There is a vast collection of naughty men’s sexy clothing to choose from. One of the most popular choices is thongs and g-strings. These are minimalistic and are crafted especially for the adventurous souls. They are sexy and revealing, and at the same time, offer comfort and mobility. The strings attached are adjustable to suit individual requirements and fits. There are various styles to titillate the imagination of your partner as well. Some companies produce really innovative and sexy underwear for men in such vast arrays that it becomes difficult to choose one. In fact, for the very adventurous types, underwear made from net and mesh are ideal. There are some with detachable fronts which really spices things up. Even in matters of prints, there are variations like camouflage, which really increases the naughtiness quotient. They offer an enhancement of your package as well.

The pouch and jockstrap underwear, which was mainly worn by men under their swimwear so that a modest appearance can be kept, has now become a part of sexy men clothing today. The pouch at the front not only protects but supports and enhances as well. These sexy clothes for men are produced by many famous companies like Joe Snyder, McKillop, Arroyman, Narciso and other are notable names in the production of erotic and sexy underwear.

The name of the Colombian brand Candyman is a notable one in the production of erotic clothes for men. The costumes produced by them are like the forbidden apple eaten by Eve. Their costumes induce role-playing in the bedroom. Some of the popular costumes are heartbreak clown, knockout nurse, “take me prisoner” and “fire me up”. All the outfits manufactured by them are available in different colours according to taste. Your imagination will run wild at their selections. The zippers brief underwear is very innovative as well, since it has zippers both in the back as well as the front.

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