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Chammyz menswear for the ultimate comfort experience

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Sometimes, all you need is comfort instead of just style. However, there are a few brands that think about that factor and cater to that requirement of people. Amongst those few is Chammyz menswear which has its main aim in providing the ultimate comfort to the person wearing their clothes. Comfort is the main priority for this brand. However, there is good news for those who love their fair bit of style as well! The various articles of clothing and accessories of the brand are quite chic and stylish along with being comfortable.

Chammyz manufactures a variety of menswear and accessories like caps, hats and beanies, sleep and loungewear, shorts, jeans and trousers, outerwear and sweaters, etc.

The hats and other millinery items made by the brand are loose fitting as well as breathable so that you get the ultimate comfort. The brand uses chamois as the material for construction, and the best thing about the material is that absorbs water and moisture from the body instantly so that you are dry and comfortable.

The shorts from the brand are available in two basic styles- baggy and cut off. They are knee length and made of 100% cotton. There is a draw cord which helps in size adjustment. However, in some cases there is comfortable elastic as well. There are pockets as well so that you can keep something important there.

Sleep and loungewear is available in two basic styles- wraps and robes. They are 100% natural and offer not only coverage but absorbency as well as warmth.

There are many choices when it comes to buying warm clothes by Chammyz menswear. There are styles like classic pullover sweater, boat coat sweater, surf bomber sweater, zipper shirt jacket, button shirt jacket, vest with hood sweater, etc. The jackets are generally 3-in-1 and offer you protection as well as warmth. They have nylon shells that are 100% water proof as well as wind proof. The cuts are relaxed fits, which allows easy movement. There are drawstrings for the waist as well as hood. They are available in a range of fun and vibrant colours, which makes them great and funky apparel that add some colour on a wintry or rainy day.

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Hot, Sexy, Savvy Men’s Loungewear

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Resting and relaxing is something to be savored after a hard day wrestling with the toils of a difficult world. Spending an evening or weekend wrapped in soft, comfortable and stylish loungewear is a just reward for a job well done, especially if spent with a significant other.

The modern man wants to lounge in comfort and look good doing it. Although quality and comfort are key elements of a lazy day just hanging out, a man of the world expects to look sexy and maintain that feeling of sensual, elegant style at the same time, even within the boundaries of his safe domain. offers some of the hottest, sexiest and most savvy men’s loungewear on the market today, providing a large selection of top quality, name brand styles to choose from. If you enjoy kicking back in true luxury, or want to provide your special man the means to do so, check out the fabulous men’s loungewear items available here.

On you’ll find luxurious white Chammyz wraps and hooded robes, as well as super comfy lounge pants that come with or without built-in briefs. Perhaps one of many soft, silky robe sets, which come in a variety of colors and styles, sporting both long and short robes with boxers or pants, will catch your eye. You will also find more traditional styles of men’s loungewear offered, as well as the super sexy styles for the more risqué at heart.

If you want to feel and look like the king of your castle, then treating yourself to the very best men’s loungewear is a must. Or, perhaps you’re looking for that perfect gift that will tell your man exactly how you see him. Passing along any one of these special items from is sure to make your man want to whisk you away into the warm comforts of his private lair.

Favorites – Men’s Loungewear

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Arroyman Pyjama Mesh Pants

These sexy, see-through, mesh pajama loungewear pants by Arroyman are top sellers, and with good reason. Not only do they offer maximum display, but they also provide outstanding comfort. Made from 100% stretch nylon, these sheer PJ’s are a pleasure to wear and show off in.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Black L7

Experience a new Dream Collection release and hot seller from N2N. This arousing and extremely comfortable sleeveless, hooded robe is made of a soft, silky fabric that will gently caress your skin. This loungewear is the perfect selection to kick back and relax in.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Black

Climb into these sexy, long sleeping pants that combine a comfy, loose-fitting style with a casual, worldly man look. Newly released from Bone Wear, these high-quality sleepers have a pleasant stripe print, logo waistband, and are made of 100% cotton for the utmost in wearing pleasure.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Blue L7

Another hot hit from N2N’s Dream Collection, this savagely sexy, sleeveless, hooded blue robe is sure to drive those around you wild. Slip into this knee-length, soft and silky loungewear and experience sensual comfort and relaxation.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Silver L7

Kick back and relax in this popular, silver N2N Dream Collection hooded robe and experience what sexy style is all about. Made from a soft, silky fabric that is sure to send shivers of delight across your skin, this piece is sure to satisfy the senses.

Narciso Robe Sleepwear BATA ISIDORO

This is a highly popular and strikingly appealing sleepwear set from Narciso. Finely tailored and made of high-quality fabric, the BATA ISIDORO consists of an elegant robe and boxer style shorts that are sure to please and surprise. An ideal gift for that special man in your life.

Narciso Robe Sleepwear BATA SUSANA

A definite eye-catcher, Narciso’s BATA SUSANA leopard print sleepwear will bring the wild side out of any man and his partner. This brilliantly tailored dynamic duo consists of a silky soft robe and boxer shorts made of the highest quality fabric. Grab ‘n’ growl for a set of these popular sleepers for slumber or gift giving.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Blue

Light, airy and extremely sexy, these loose fitting lounge pants from Bone Wear are comfortable and stylish with their 100% cotton, blue stripe design and waistband logo. You’ll want to pick up a pair or two of this top-selling sleepwear.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Olive/Red

Yet another popular slam dunk by Bone Wear, this sophisticated and sexy pair of lounge pants says, “Come and get me!” with its olive and red stripe print and logo waistband. Made of 100% cotton, these loungers are as comfortable as they are inviting.

Brief Underneath Lounge Pants with Brief Heather Grey M1504

Now here’s a popular lounge pant that offers great looks, relaxing comfort and extra support with its built-in brief. Made of 100% cotton, this savvy, Heather Grey set with a buttoned front is light, airy and oh, so delightful.

Chammyz 1 / 2 Wrap White

This white Chammyz wrap is a popular choice for the beach, spa, pool, shower, or for just lounging around in. In addition to providing warm coverage and 100% natural Chammyz absorbency, this fashionable wrap also contains clips for easy size adjustment.

Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe Set 6279

Dreamgirl has designed this incredibly soft, silky and sexy Charmeuse robe set consisting of a short robe and boxer style shorts. This popular item can be worn open to reveal a buff bod or held closed by an attached belt. It makes the perfect gift for the man who has “everything.”

Gregg Homme ERA Robe 75701 Coffee

Slip into this sexy and erotic fashion robe by Gregg Homme and feel the difference elegant style makes. This highly popular robe boasts a stunning coffee colored pattern on a black background with black highlighted edges and a belt. You’ll feel and look like high class luxury in this alluring treat for the senses.

Gregg Homme MESH Athletic Mesh Robe G211 White

Fabulous, comfortable, high quality luxury is what you’ll find wearing this stunning Gregg Homme white mesh athletic robe. This popular style exudes sexy and erotic charm and truly complements today’s modern man. An excellent gift idea for a dreamy guy.

Mundo Unico Comfort Lounge Pants 78214F

Comfort is the name of the game with this popular item. Unico’s full-length lounge pants sport a gathered, elastic waistband, internal logos and a single-button rear pocket, all complimented by an eye-catching, plaid design. Slip into these lounge pants for a cozy night’s sleep, or just to hang out around the pad in them.

Chammyz Baggy Shorts: Others Will Know You By What You Wear

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

It is true that no material is as good a Lycra in performance and comfort, but there are times where baggy shorts or three quarters are the most suitable option. Check out the Chammyz baggy shorts when you are simply hanging around the town, touring in some culturally conservative regions or just don’t care for the glamorous figure hugging design.

Chammyz baggy shorts are archetypal redesign of the ‘moondoggie’ shorts. Look stunning in knee length Chammyz baggy shorts with a comfortable elastic band and cotton draw cord to enhance comfort. Believe me it is just the right shorts for guys who want comfort and pockets. You don’t have to feel sweaty and uncomfortable as Chammyz baggy shorts have been designed with magical wicking fabric which takes the sweat to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates and keep your skin fresh and dry. Not only that, enjoy your outing in the sun as they have a 50+ UVB and UVA rating to shield you from the harsh sun rays.

Chammyz manufactures very soft and robust apparel which are especially created to make you look confident and sexy while offering the maximum comfort. You have to try them on to know what I mean…you are sure to get addicted to these smart and suave Chammyz baggy shorts! Breathtaking collection of Chammyz is conveniently available at, just click on and get a pair now. Their unique designs and material allows maximum water absorption and is a wonderful option for outdoor enthusiasts as well as guys who are looking for relaxation.

Are you an ardent lover of natural fabrics…don’t worry Chammyz baggy shorts have been fabricated from plants and trees and yes they are recyclable! This 100% viscose environment friendly yarn is designed under challenging specifications to offer you the finest you can get. The cuts are sleek, sober yet exotic! Chammyz baggy shorts have been pre-shrunk and pre-washed which makes them soft and you yearn for more with their high level of invigoration…you get it with every “Chammyz”.

Waistbands come with stretchy elastic which eliminate the pressure off your stomach when you lean forward and also prevents the rear of the shorts from creating a gap. This is not it…you also have stretch panels, across the crotch, sides or back to move easily without it rubbing against you. The backsides are double layered offering additional durability.

Evolved for the lifeguards and surfers, this exceptional Chammyz material absorbs all moisture and will dry you like a towel all the time keeping you snug and warm.  It is indeed a style statement for the bold and sexy. Chammyz baggy shorts are exciting and drop till mid-thigh or just above the knee and can be worn all through the year. Keeps your balls cool as they are naturally ventilated and in case you overheat, pocket vents will maximise air flow.

What are you waiting for…just banish dullness and boredom from your life, fast and easy than ever before with Chammyz baggy shorts in your wardrobe! Get these cool sexy shorts at and embark on a new lifestyle.