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Clever Moda Underwear – A clever choice!

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Clever Moda underwear brand is a Colombian that has been creating sensations ever since its inception and is continuing to do the same. The uniqueness, and most importantly, the basic attraction of the styles of men’s underwear manufactured by the brand lies in a multitude of features like the use of colours, silhouettes and prints. If you are the confident and bold type, then you will definitely fall in love with the various styles of underwear manufactured by Clever Moda. The brand of men’s underwear will make sure that you stay in the centre of attention wherever you go.

Clever Moda manufactures a variety of underwear for men, which includes various styles like bikini underwear and swimwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, pants, long sleeved t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, tank top t shirts, etc.

Every style of their men’s underwear is unique and boasts of a variety of cuts that flatter. The best thing about the fit of Clever Moda underwear is that it accentuates the best features of the wearer so that you appear at your fittest best. The fine tailoring of the brand is noticeable not only for the men’s underwear but for the trousers and pants as well. However, the fit is never too tight or too uncomfortable.

The prints and colours used are innovative and fun. The designs are truly unique and they reflect the fun and vibrant side of the wearer. They look drop dead gorgeous and totally bold. In fact, the Clever Madness orange boxer, which has wild hot prints, is absolutely out of this world! The waistband is in contrasting colour and has the logo of Clever Moda on it, adding to the element of colour. Once you will look at them and put them on, you will never be able to look at anything else, as other objects will simply appear boring and dull!

Another thing worth noting is the fact that materials used to craft the men’s underwear are the best. No compromise has been made on the quality, and the brand Clever Moda is particularly famous for its stringent adherence to quality control. So you may be assured that only the finest Grade A fabrics are used to create each unique piece of apparel.

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Fashion trends in Men’s Swimwear

Monday, July 18th, 2011

In recent times there have been quite a stir in the fashion industry, especially in the men’s wear. Men’s swimwear is becoming as trendy as the women. Different styles, variety and patterns are available in the men’s swimwear. Men can choose from a variety of style, fabric, color and brands as many options are open for them. Designer swimwears are designed by designers and they come with different designs which allow men to choose their own choice of fabric as well as pattern. They can opt for style as well as comfort and look hot at the same time. Now if a man visits the pool or the beach, he will get as much attention as gained by any other female.

Different types of men’s swimwear available for men are Speedo, bikini swimwear, boxer swimwear, board shorts, thongs, swim trunks, racing briefs etc. Swim trunks are one of the most popular swimwear and has been an essential part of men’s wardrobe. The designs are simple; however, it is available in different prints, patterns and colors along with the option of elastic waistband or drawstrings.  It is available in solid colors, polka dots, stripes, plaids, animal prints etc. Speedo changed the fashion trend in swimwear. It brought in a trend of tight fitting swimwear for men as well as women. It was made of Lycra and was best for swimmers as it was comfortable as well as offered freedom to try different swimming strokes.

Racing briefs are mostly used by racers and divers as they offer durability and resistance from chlorine water. Board shorts are mostly used by men who participate in water sports as it offers maximum amount of coverage. It is made up of the fabric polyester and also cotton as it offers comfort in summer. It comes in different colors and patterns and the styles are very flattering and versatile. It is very popular among surfers. Bikini swimwears for men were very popular in the 60’s through 80s. It was popular with men who had great physique and who wanted to flaunt their body.

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