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Try Cocksox Active Natural Pouch Long Boxer Brief Underwear Now!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Although in recent times there are a variety of men’s underwear available in the market, boxer brief underwear has still not gone out of fashion. On the contrary, it has evolved a lot and has become more stylish and trendier with ace designers experimenting with the design. Nowadays, unlike the typical boxers or boxer briefs, you may find sexier and modish boxer brief underwear that simply enhances your hunky dory looks. Whether it is the design or the fabric –everything is meant to suit your body. Coming across a multitude of brands, it is indeed difficult to choose one that can fulfil your requirements. However, one you set your eyes on any product made by Cocksox, you know it is meant for you.

Cocksox is a popular line manufacturing stylish menswear. It is based in Australia. The most significant feature of this brand is it understands the needs of men and designs each outfit accordingly. Thus, you cannot complain of any drab or loosely fit Cocksox apparel because each is crafted to enhance your well toned body. Apart from style, this brand also takes care of your comfort level. Therefore, only the finest, soft and breathable fabrics are used for creating their outfits. Cocksox manufactures a wide range of menswear like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, G string underwear, thong underwear, long underwear pants, bikini swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, thong swimwear, tank top T shirts and other outfits.

Just consider the Cocksox Active Natural Pouch Long Boxer Brief Underwear! If you love indulging in different sports, then this underwear is what you should choose. It is provided with a roomy pouch that gives adequate support and protection to your package, keeping you comfortable all the time. It is knee length but the fabric that is used for creating it does not compromise with your comfort level. The fabric consists of ribbed cotton (95%) and Lycra (5%). Cotton, is skin-friendly, and protects the skin from rashes and other skin infections; lycra ensures stretchability and elasticity of the underwear. The presence of a considerably broad and soft waist strap provides added support.

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Don the Enhanced Pouch Look – Slip into Cocksox

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Australian brand Cocksox has ushered a new era in the men’s fashion industry by introducing meticulously crafted designs. The brand was launched with the sole intention of giving men the opportunity to break free and slip into sensuous, extremely stylish and above all comfortable underwear. The makers of this brand have always believed in bringing in new designs and what really sets them apart from other brands is its special pouch design. Almost every Cocksox piece has a unique pouch design that helps the wearer lift and support his asset really well. Men who love to don the enhanced pouch look will love and praise Cocksox designs for sure.

The brand has introduced two different styles in pouches including the Cocksox Original pouch and the Cocksox Snug pouch style. While the Cocksox Original pouch style is slightly larger and is capable of uplifting your assets more, the sung pouch does not enhance your pouch as much but can offer amazing comfort and support that one seeks in underwear. The reason why the brand is admired by ace designers and men from different walks of life is because it uses the highest quality of fabric at the time of designing underwear. For years now, the brand has been widely appreciated by men for it provides them a lot of room and freedom of movement.

Cocksox underwear is crafted from Supplex, which is very breathable, soft and colorfast synthetic fabric that possesses high wicking properties. The Cocksox swimwear for men is made from a mix of classic Lycra and Lycra-Nylon fabric that offers a lot of comfort to the wearer, the moment he slips into it. What more the fabric is durable, colorfast and stretches easily. Men across the globe appreciate the fabric for it is very smooth to touch and capable of resisting chlorine resistant. In a nutshell, the brand is a deadly combination of high quality fabric, innovative design and advanced technology.

The product being discussed here is the Cocksox Classic Brief Swimwear Reef Gold. This swimwear brief is perfect for that pool party or beach activity that you may be planning to indulge in. Designed from plain color fabric, it also features the Cocksox logo on the back, which essentially imparts the product its unique look. It is made from a mix of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra and features a waistband, made of elastic.

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Reviewing Cocksox bikini brief underwear

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Cocksox is one Australian brand of sexy men’s underwear that is known for its sheer daring with the designs and styles that it manufactures and flaunts! Ideally, the label should come with a warning, as it is suitable only for those who are man enough to wear their underwear! The dare and nerve required to wear underwear from this brand surely deserves a special mention. For some time, this brand has been in the market and ever since it started, it has been creating ripples amongst its clients with its innovative creations.

Today, we will be reviewing the bikini brief underwear of Cocksox amongst its many styles of men’s underwear. This style of underwear for men is classic and has been wildly popular ever since the brand came into being. The standard style is available in a few basic colours- white, black, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, etc.

This particular style of men’s underwear was launched with an extraordinary pouch design which has remained as a staple despite the various styles and cuts of underwear made by this brand. Two pouch sizes are made available by Cocksox for the bikini brief style- a snug pouch and the extreme original. Despite the name snug, the pouch has ample space. This style is available in only black and white colours.

The fabric that the bikini brief style of underwear for men uses is a mix of 8% lycra and 92% supplex, which makes it very smooth and soft, so you will be comfortable wearing it for long hours. There is some amount of stretch to the material and it is on the thin side.

The classic bikini design is accentuated by the design of the brief’s waistband. The minimal low profile is 3/8 inch and the elastic band is fully covered and secures the leg bands and waist. There is almost full back coverage with some amount of material covering the back, hugging your curves quite closely.

The brief underwear of Cocksox has a front which often curves downwards in a slight scoop like shape. A single piece of cloth forms the bikini brief’s pouch and the centre seam is flat which allows extreme shaping. The pouch allows lifting and shaping of the wearer’s private parts. A variety of features make this style of sexy men’s underwear a staple for those who like a bit of spice to everything.

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Gay men underwear – A fashion necessity

Friday, May 20th, 2011

There are some companies and brands that are more popular with gay men or cater specifically to the gay population. The basic requirements in case of choosing gay men underwear is that they have to make the wearer look great and along with the underwear looking great as well. Gay men underwear available in the market today comes in different kinds of colors, patterns, styles and materials. In fact, the wide range of gay men underwear available is everything that anyone can possibly imagine. Show off your style in a fiercely competitive gay scene by wearing the different types of underwear manufactured by various brands.

You can choose from the various super functional brands manufacturing gay and gay interest men and metrosexual underwear like Ajaxx63, FREE Twink Underwear, Cocksox, Gregg Homme, C-IN2, 2xist, etc. The underwear they provide is luxurious as well as stylish. There are various types of men’s underwear to choose from like jock straps, boxers, briefs, bikini briefs, thongs, etc depending on the tastes and occasions. The huge underwear range will help you decide what you need – whether it is for special nights or to wear them regularly. You can go in for sleek, sophisticated, risqué or avant garde styles of gay men underwear according to your requirements.

Normal briefs and boxers may be all right for daily use, but sometimes there arises a need for sexy and out of the box underwear. You can use these on special occasions and for special people!

The materials that gay men underwear is made from vary hugely. This include cottons for everyday wear, polyester, spandex, lycra, silks and even leather and latex for those who love to experiment and love a taste of adventure.

There are many kinds of styles made available by the various brands. You can wear sheer mesh underwear for some adventure and simply impress that someone special. You can also try the X shape thong manufactured by some innovative brands. Many of the gay men underwear have a number of revolutionary features which seem almost too good to be true. You can put your trophy on the shelf and the sling support system in some of the underwear that enhances your package to give you the maximum advantage and gives you a nice outline as well. There are casual yet eye catching underwear styles with form-fitting and sporty designs.

There are sheer mesh thongs, European style briefs, leather look fetish wear and body suits and g-strings manufactured by several brands that will immediately make you want to buy one for yourself or your partner. The brands and companies know that the gay population wants to look and feel different, and they want innovation when it comes to gay men underwear.

For those planning for a sexy and romantic night out, there is some underwear which can put an adult twist to the night so that it turns out hot and steamy. These boyhood styles, with their obvious twists, will leave you satisfied and at the same time will not compromise on your comfort factor. There are many brands manufacturing these kinds of underwear that suit fetish scenes well.

There are wide array of swimwear for the gay scene as well, which are not only sporty but sexy and comfortable as well.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding gay men underwear being too plain, ill-fitting and cheap. Check out popular stores online to see some truly innovative styles that you will simply love to buy for yourself or your partner!

All you need to know about buying men’s underwear

Friday, May 20th, 2011

These days, there is a vast array of men’s underwear to choose from, all for different types of occasions and purposes. There is underwear for casual or athletic use, and various types of designer men’s underwear as well. The various types of manufacturing techniques, style cuts and fabrics have resulted in different and separate categories of underwear for men. With the tastes of people changing, the designs of underwear have evolved as well.

With the changing times in terms of fashion, there are many types of materials to be considered like everyday cottons that provide the maximum comfort in everyday wear, milk fiber, hemp, soy bean fiber, mesh, nylon, spandex, polyester, etc. With the different types of materials and their varying comfort factors, men’s underwear is not as regular and boring as it might be thought of to be.

There are many different styles and cuts to choose from like briefs, boxers, g strings, jockstraps, trunks, etc. Each style is different and unique unto itself. They come in different lengths as well, so that they can be worn easily with low rise jeans. Some of the waistbands of the underwear have clips which make for easy use. The pouches of the underwear have shelves, while the straps hold everything in place. There are mesh and strapping for protection and preventing chaffing.

With many designers coming into the field of designing innovative underwear for men, there are a host of designer and boutique brands and labels of underwear available in the market. Some of the notable names are Free Twink Underwear, Narciso Men’s Underwear, Arroyman, Cocksox, Ergowear, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Groovin, Doreanse Men’s, Delio Dietz, King Style, 2xist, N2N Bodywear, Clever Underwear, Mundo Unico, Pulse Underwear, Body Language Fashions for Men, Ballbra, Magic Silk, Go Softwear, Tulio, C-IN2, Spy Henry Lau for Man, JOCKO, Male Power, McKillop, Gregg Homme, DNKY, etc.

Boxers are the epitome of comfort and casual underwear, which are adored by all. They are generally made from comfortable materials like silk and cotton.  These boxers are loosely fitted and the waistband is gathered or elastic. They give wearers a street wear look and facilitate greater leg movement. One of the biggest advantages of using boxers is that they can double up as nightwear and can be used by men of all ages.

If you need to find something to wear underneath low rise jeans or want to avoid showing your underwear line through your trousers, g strings or thongs are the best options for you. This kind of underwear is great for athletic men who indulge in various kinds of sporting activities. They do not rise and provide ample space for your legs to move in various directions. Silk and other materials are used to make this type of underwear. This type of underwear has a number of designs and styles as well. This style has become popular for both men and women, especially for swimwear.

Jockstraps are popular options for those who love all kinds of sports. Jockstraps provide maximum comfort and support for men, making them suitable for all sorts of activities and environment.  There are a number of variations as far as the style, choice and use of underwear are concerned.

All the various types of men’s underwear come in a range of vibrant colors and bold and innovative prints to reflect the different choices and individualities of men. Those who like to experiment can opt for different prints, while those who like to stick to the conventional can simply go for the underwear in solid colors. Either way – the choice is entirely yours.

Bad Boys Who Want Comfort Choose Cocksox

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Why? Because Cocksox underwear are nasty, arousing, wild, daring, adventurous, and due to being anatomically tailored with specially invented, original pouches, they’re so comfortable, you never want to take them off. The unique pouches are so comfortable, appealing and snug that you`d think hundreds of scientists worked in conjunction with thousands of men who told them exactly what they really want in a pair of underwear. Cocksox undergarments provide men with both alluring appearance and outstanding support while still allowing for high breathability.

Men don`t want that much in their underwear – mainly supreme comfort and great looks – and Cocksox has achieved this by way of two kinds of pouches: the “snug pouch”, which you will find on the Cocksox classic boxer brief, and the “original pouch”, such as seen on the Cocksox classic original brief. As you can see, the difference is in the appearance; the Original pouch is more enhancing than the Snug, but both Snug and Original pouches offer the same level of ergonomics, comfort and support. If you want to turn more eyes your way, we recommend the Original.

In addition, Cocksox uses high grade fabrics, such as:

  •  Supplex for their underwear line, which is a highly breathable, soft, fast-drying and colorfast fabric that is very efficient at carrying moisture away from the body.
  •  Lycra for the swimwear line, which is extremely comfortable, stretchy and durable. It is a colorfast and silky fabric that is resistant to chlorine and UV sunrays with an UPF rating of +50.

Men wearing Cocksox have reported that their favorite Cocksox garments have raised their self esteem and provided them with outstanding support while working out at the gym. These are great all-day undergarments, and a lot of guys say that after trying Cocksox, they`ll never use another brand of underwear again.