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Dick & Jane Fashion Boxer Brief Stripes Black is Perfect for Enhancing Your Masculine Features

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

One of the biggest questions that you face when purchasing underwear is what brand and make you should invest in. While some men don’t face much of a problem in answering such a question since they already pre-plan, others who are confused can take their time and learn more about the type of fabric, quality of stitching material used and size and cut of underwear before they eventually purchase the desired stuff. However, if you are seeking style, cut, comfort and quality in underwear, then there is one brand that can provide you all of this for sure – Dick & Jane.

Dick & Jane has been designing a range of menswear, including boxers, briefs, shirts and tanks that caters to the requirements of men from different walks of life. The brand has always focused on offering men what they like and not forcing them to wear patterns that are neither comfortable nor exceptional. If you like trendy and fashionable menswear, then you can safely bank on Dick & Jane. The brand has been around for quite a few years and has been introducing menswear that is perfect for those men who are looking to enhance their masculine looks and features. Inspired by the European customs and culture, Dick & Jane collection is truly magnificent. Designers at Dick & Jane pay special attention to the fabric while designing underwear. They do not believe in compromising with the quality of fabric, and select each material carefully so that the wearer gets to don smooth and soft underwear. Only superior quality cotton and elastic is used to craft each and every design that is completely breathable and wearable. Whatever style you choose, you can be rest assured that the fabric wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

The Dick & Jane boxer briefs are crafted using 100% ribbed cotton so that you are able to enjoy immense amount of comfort. The product being discussed here is Dick & Jane’s Fashion Boxer Brief Stripes Black. Crafted from cotton of the highest quality and using anti-piling processing as well as elastic fibres, this underwear is meant for men who have the right kind of physique and muscles. This underwear has been specially constructed and cut to accentuate the male package. What sets this design apart from others is its broad shaped waistband that carries the Dick & Jane logo on it.

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Dick & Jane Menswear – Redefining the history of men’s underwear

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The three attributes that men look for while shopping for underwear and menswear are comfort, style and quality. Finding all these attributes in one brand may have been a difficult thing once but the scenario has changed now. Dick & Jane menswear gives you all this and more, with their line of menswear and underwear that is very popular amongst men of all ages due to the fact that the brand pampers its customers and makes them feel like gods.

Their entire collection of underwear and menswear is a reflection of European history and their main area of distinction from other brands is their focus on minimalistic designs and cuts that exude sophistication. Their creations are tailored to perfection so that they give the wearer a great fit.

Dick & Jane boxer brief underwear is available in many kinds of colours and the material used is woven cotton fabric consisting of 6% elastane and 94% cotton. A technology called anti-piling processing is used which gives you a great fit and enhancement.

The brief underwear of Dick & Jane is also one of a kind with the understated style and elegance that is reflected in them. The same fabric used for their boxer briefs is used to make them as well. Dick & Jane menswear prides itself in using the best quality material available.

Dick & Jane knitwear is available in two basic styles for men – the classic pullover, and sexy jackets. You can get them in v necks as well turtle necks, which offer maximum protection from the cold. You can take your pick accordingly and the knitwear can be got in a mix of materials like cashmere and silk on the one hand, and cotton and wool on the other. You can select some nice designs from various soft and muted colours.

The long sleeved shirt made by Dick & Jane menswear is a true reflection of understated charm and elegance. Wear one with sleeves down for a formal look at the office and wear the sleeves rolled up for a relaxed and casual look. You can electrify all with their shocking pink shirt and add the ultimate sophistication with their white shirts. Pick from solid coloured and prints.

Dick & Jane produces short sleeved t shirts for the male population that outlines the male body in the perfect light. There is also a tank top t shirt for men made by the brand, which is comfortable and fits well.

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Have lots of fun with Dick and Jane menswear!

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Menswear and underwear can be a huge thing for most men because if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing inside, you can never look or feel confident with what you are wearing outside! The apparel brand Dick and Jane menswear understands the dilemma that most men face while choosing their underwear, and so the apparel that it designs is aimed at providing full comfort. Apart from their underwear, other menswear is of superior quality and they offer the latest designs.

The variety of apparel designed by the brand includes brief underwear, boxer brief, long sleeved shirt, knitwear, tank top t shirts, short sleeved t shirts, etc.

The boxer brief and brief underwear by Dick and Jane menswear is divided into varieties like trendy basic, sports, fashion, etc. The underwear is made from woven cotton fabric which is actually a mix of 6% elastane and 94% cotton. The underwear’s cut and construction is aimed at emphasizing the merits of the male body. Anti-piling processing is used for manufacturing the garment, which makes the underwear strong and durable. The brand uses basic colours- white, green and black to achieve a great look for the underwear. The waistband is quite nice and broad as well.

The knitwear of Dick and Jane menswear is available in a variety of styles as well, like V necks or turtle neck pullovers and V neck zip jackets. They are available in a variety of colours so that you can choose one that will suit you. The material used to make the knitwear is a blend of 45% cashmere and 55% silk.

Their long sleeved shirts come in a wide range depending on the cut, and you can choose from a variety of colours and prints. The material used is majorly 100% cotton and (only in some cases) a little bit of elastane (about 4% is used to get a slightly stretchable avatar). The fit of the shirt is aimed at showing off your best aspects even when you are fully covered!

Their tank top T shirts and short sleeved T shirts are basically meant for sports purposes and are made of 94% cotton and 6% elastane, which helps you combine all the best elements of the two fabrics – softness and the breathability of cotton with the stretchability of elastane.

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All you need to know about buying men’s underwear

Friday, May 20th, 2011

These days, there is a vast array of men’s underwear to choose from, all for different types of occasions and purposes. There is underwear for casual or athletic use, and various types of designer men’s underwear as well. The various types of manufacturing techniques, style cuts and fabrics have resulted in different and separate categories of underwear for men. With the tastes of people changing, the designs of underwear have evolved as well.

With the changing times in terms of fashion, there are many types of materials to be considered like everyday cottons that provide the maximum comfort in everyday wear, milk fiber, hemp, soy bean fiber, mesh, nylon, spandex, polyester, etc. With the different types of materials and their varying comfort factors, men’s underwear is not as regular and boring as it might be thought of to be.

There are many different styles and cuts to choose from like briefs, boxers, g strings, jockstraps, trunks, etc. Each style is different and unique unto itself. They come in different lengths as well, so that they can be worn easily with low rise jeans. Some of the waistbands of the underwear have clips which make for easy use. The pouches of the underwear have shelves, while the straps hold everything in place. There are mesh and strapping for protection and preventing chaffing.

With many designers coming into the field of designing innovative underwear for men, there are a host of designer and boutique brands and labels of underwear available in the market. Some of the notable names are Free Twink Underwear, Narciso Men’s Underwear, Arroyman, Cocksox, Ergowear, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Groovin, Doreanse Men’s, Delio Dietz, King Style, 2xist, N2N Bodywear, Clever Underwear, Mundo Unico, Pulse Underwear, Body Language Fashions for Men, Ballbra, Magic Silk, Go Softwear, Tulio, C-IN2, Spy Henry Lau for Man, JOCKO, Male Power, McKillop, Gregg Homme, DNKY, etc.

Boxers are the epitome of comfort and casual underwear, which are adored by all. They are generally made from comfortable materials like silk and cotton.  These boxers are loosely fitted and the waistband is gathered or elastic. They give wearers a street wear look and facilitate greater leg movement. One of the biggest advantages of using boxers is that they can double up as nightwear and can be used by men of all ages.

If you need to find something to wear underneath low rise jeans or want to avoid showing your underwear line through your trousers, g strings or thongs are the best options for you. This kind of underwear is great for athletic men who indulge in various kinds of sporting activities. They do not rise and provide ample space for your legs to move in various directions. Silk and other materials are used to make this type of underwear. This type of underwear has a number of designs and styles as well. This style has become popular for both men and women, especially for swimwear.

Jockstraps are popular options for those who love all kinds of sports. Jockstraps provide maximum comfort and support for men, making them suitable for all sorts of activities and environment.  There are a number of variations as far as the style, choice and use of underwear are concerned.

All the various types of men’s underwear come in a range of vibrant colors and bold and innovative prints to reflect the different choices and individualities of men. Those who like to experiment can opt for different prints, while those who like to stick to the conventional can simply go for the underwear in solid colors. Either way – the choice is entirely yours.

Find the Right Style and Fit with Dick & Jane Menswear

Monday, December 6th, 2010

What do you want from your underwear and menswear? This is a question that would probably take most men only a few minutes to answer, but it is a big deal when it comes to underwear and menswear. There’s a long list of considerations when selecting undergarments, and you’ll find them all – quality, style and comfort – under one brand: Dick & Jane Menswear.

Meet Dick & Jane

Dick & Jane Menswear is one of the popular lines of underwear and menswear catering to the needs of men and their varied preferences. As Dick & Jane’s brand manager puts it, Dick & Jane is an apparel line providing for the needs of every man ranging from clean business wear to contemporary casual outfits. Dick & Jane Menswear is made especially for males out there who are conscious of their masculinity and expressive of their personal styles. This is what Dick & Jane banks on when providing high quality, essential apparel for men.

Ready Any Time

Dick & Jane Menswear believe that being “ready any time” should be the motto of all men. This is why the current collection materializes the Olympic concept of masculinity with underwear designed in black and white canvas with a tinge of eye-catching lemon and avocado stripes, as well as Greek-inspired ornaments.

Dick & Jane Menswear has used the history of Europe to create an entire collection of trendy menswear, and the minimal style is one of the things that makes Dick & Jane Menswear distinct from other men’s clothing collections. The brand very openly admits that they are strict when it comes to the materials they use to produce their products. Utilizing only the finest quality cotton and excellently crafted elastic bands, Dick & Jane Menswear knows what it means to be first rate.

How Dick & Jane Serves You Well 

  • Dick & Jane offers comfortable, high quality boxers and briefs.
  • All shirts, tanks, boxers and briefs are crafted to greatly enhance the masculine appearance.
  • Dick & Jane Menswear boxer briefs are made from 100% ribbed cotton to provide the ultimate in comfort.
  • Their shirts are uniquely tailored with shark fin collars, which is a distinct Dick & Jane Menswear feature that highlights the inner shirt panels.
  • Each item is emblazoned with an embroidered Dick & Jane Menswear logo, which is inspired by recent Olympic themes.
  • Fashion boxers are crafted with a contoured pouch for additional support and comfort.
  • Underwear by Dick & Jane are also cut low on the hips and cross high into the leg to fully emphasize the sharp, male physique. 

These are just some of the good things that Dick & Jane Menswear has to offer. As you can see, this brand has it all – quality, style and comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Dick & Jane Menswear at today!