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Be Every Girl’s Dream Boy In a Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Without glamour, life is so dull. To add glamour, all you have to do is just bring a little change to your style statement. It is time to get rid of all your drab and ordinary loungewear, and grab a lounge robe that will enhance your sizzling and sexy looks. After a fervent swimming session or a splashing bath all your need is a shimmering lounge robe that can turn your into a enchanter, mesmerising your partner. Move around in the right robe and you can cast a spell on him or her. Well, you can make this happen in a Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe!

Dreamgirl, a remarkable brand from U.S.A specializes on producing outfits that can make heads turn! Using the most superior fabric with some of the most innovative designs, this brand has become wildly popular among stylish men. Apart from loungewear, this brand also manufactures different menswear like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G String underwear, jockstrap underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, thong underwear, tank top T-shirts etc. Each apparel is crafted in such a fashion that it perfectly fits your well-toned and nicely curvaceous body.

If you closely notice the shimmering Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe, you will find that it consists of a robe along with boxer styled shorts. Together, these two outfits form the perfect pair to enhance your sexy image. It is provided with a belt, which enables you to wrap this outfit loosely around your body. Once you touch the robe, you will feel the feathery softness of the fabric. The gleaming silky smooth fabric of this robe makes it simply unique. Whether you are relaxing after a bath or a hectic fitness session, this exclusive lounge robe is your ultimate choice. The Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe can also be chosen as a perfect gift item.

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Dreamgirl Sexy, Satin Boxer Shorts for Play and Pleasure

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Nothing looks or feels sexier than satin. These Dreamgirl black satin boxers will not only softly caress you, but will also invite such caresses from your intrigued lover.

Each pair of this comfortable underwear comes with a pocket and a Lover’s Dice Game tucked away discretely inside, providing you with ample opportunity for both play and pleasure.

Favorites – Men’s Loungewear

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Arroyman Pyjama Mesh Pants

These sexy, see-through, mesh pajama loungewear pants by Arroyman are top sellers, and with good reason. Not only do they offer maximum display, but they also provide outstanding comfort. Made from 100% stretch nylon, these sheer PJ’s are a pleasure to wear and show off in.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Black L7

Experience a new Dream Collection release and hot seller from N2N. This arousing and extremely comfortable sleeveless, hooded robe is made of a soft, silky fabric that will gently caress your skin. This loungewear is the perfect selection to kick back and relax in.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Black

Climb into these sexy, long sleeping pants that combine a comfy, loose-fitting style with a casual, worldly man look. Newly released from Bone Wear, these high-quality sleepers have a pleasant stripe print, logo waistband, and are made of 100% cotton for the utmost in wearing pleasure.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Blue L7

Another hot hit from N2N’s Dream Collection, this savagely sexy, sleeveless, hooded blue robe is sure to drive those around you wild. Slip into this knee-length, soft and silky loungewear and experience sensual comfort and relaxation.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Silver L7

Kick back and relax in this popular, silver N2N Dream Collection hooded robe and experience what sexy style is all about. Made from a soft, silky fabric that is sure to send shivers of delight across your skin, this piece is sure to satisfy the senses.

Narciso Robe Sleepwear BATA ISIDORO

This is a highly popular and strikingly appealing sleepwear set from Narciso. Finely tailored and made of high-quality fabric, the BATA ISIDORO consists of an elegant robe and boxer style shorts that are sure to please and surprise. An ideal gift for that special man in your life.

Narciso Robe Sleepwear BATA SUSANA

A definite eye-catcher, Narciso’s BATA SUSANA leopard print sleepwear will bring the wild side out of any man and his partner. This brilliantly tailored dynamic duo consists of a silky soft robe and boxer shorts made of the highest quality fabric. Grab ‘n’ growl for a set of these popular sleepers for slumber or gift giving.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Blue

Light, airy and extremely sexy, these loose fitting lounge pants from Bone Wear are comfortable and stylish with their 100% cotton, blue stripe design and waistband logo. You’ll want to pick up a pair or two of this top-selling sleepwear.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Olive/Red

Yet another popular slam dunk by Bone Wear, this sophisticated and sexy pair of lounge pants says, “Come and get me!” with its olive and red stripe print and logo waistband. Made of 100% cotton, these loungers are as comfortable as they are inviting.

Brief Underneath Lounge Pants with Brief Heather Grey M1504

Now here’s a popular lounge pant that offers great looks, relaxing comfort and extra support with its built-in brief. Made of 100% cotton, this savvy, Heather Grey set with a buttoned front is light, airy and oh, so delightful.

Chammyz 1 / 2 Wrap White

This white Chammyz wrap is a popular choice for the beach, spa, pool, shower, or for just lounging around in. In addition to providing warm coverage and 100% natural Chammyz absorbency, this fashionable wrap also contains clips for easy size adjustment.

Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe Set 6279

Dreamgirl has designed this incredibly soft, silky and sexy Charmeuse robe set consisting of a short robe and boxer style shorts. This popular item can be worn open to reveal a buff bod or held closed by an attached belt. It makes the perfect gift for the man who has “everything.”

Gregg Homme ERA Robe 75701 Coffee

Slip into this sexy and erotic fashion robe by Gregg Homme and feel the difference elegant style makes. This highly popular robe boasts a stunning coffee colored pattern on a black background with black highlighted edges and a belt. You’ll feel and look like high class luxury in this alluring treat for the senses.

Gregg Homme MESH Athletic Mesh Robe G211 White

Fabulous, comfortable, high quality luxury is what you’ll find wearing this stunning Gregg Homme white mesh athletic robe. This popular style exudes sexy and erotic charm and truly complements today’s modern man. An excellent gift idea for a dreamy guy.

Mundo Unico Comfort Lounge Pants 78214F

Comfort is the name of the game with this popular item. Unico’s full-length lounge pants sport a gathered, elastic waistband, internal logos and a single-button rear pocket, all complimented by an eye-catching, plaid design. Slip into these lounge pants for a cozy night’s sleep, or just to hang out around the pad in them.