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Sunga- The Best Hybrid for the Daring Man in You

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Sunga is the best answer if you want to indulge in the daring side in you. Sunga is also known as a Mankini. They are almost equivalent to the Speedo style of swimwear, but have a riskier and bolder edge to it as compared to a Speedo.

Sunga was first popularised through the beaches of Brazil where the locals flaunted this daring style of sexy men’s underwear. Now, this bold style has reached out to a large number of people across the world and become a popular style of swimwear. The shape of the sunga may remind you of swim briefs with high waists and low leg cut. However, the sunga is a distinct reflection of Brazilian culture, which is all its own and unique. In fact, the beach culture of Brazil is known as the pioneer for some of the sexiest and revolutionary styles of swimwear for both women and men.

The popularity of the sunga can be attributed to the fact that they flatter the wearer far better than an average Speedo style. Both the cuts are unique and different with some difference. The cut of the Speedo exposes the leg more, and as a consequence, the cut leads to a high degree of freedom of movement. There is more coverage in the sunga style of swimwear with considerably less emphasis on the groin region of the wearer. Sunga is less clingy on the body, and since Brazil is a place of origin for the sunga, the best styles are found in and around Brazil in the various boutiques there. However, these days there are many underwear men stores online which give you a taste of Brazil in their unique collection of sunga style of men’s underwear and swimwear.

Some of the caterers of the sunga style of underwear are Arroyman, Beach Brasil, CA-RIO-CA, CB Coco Brazil, Delio Dietz, Element(o)s, Gabriel Croisser, Intymen, Modus Vivendi, Mundo Unico, Narciso, Tulio, etc. These brands with their unique designs, styles and creativity have lent a touch of Brazil in their Brazilian swimwear range to give you the feel of being at a Brazilian beach amongst the sand and surf without having to go to Brazil or search endlessly for that perfect pair of sungas. Get your sunga underwear in the most traditional Brazilian style from these online stores.

These online stores not only provide you with various styles of the traditional Brazilian clothing but they offer you full comfort, no hassles and free shipping.

There are a variety of prints and colours to choose from. The materials used for the sunga style of men’s underwear differ from one brand to the other as well as from one style to the other. The various materials of the underwear include elastene, polyamide, lycra, polyester, etc. Sometimes, mixes in varying proportions of materials are used to give you the best effect.

Element(o)s Underwear: Sexy Masculinity Personified

Monday, December 6th, 2010

You know it. I  know it. Everybody knows it. Brazilian fashion is always trendy and comes with a blast of color, and Element(o)s underwear and swimwear are no exception to this. Inspired and based in Brazil, Element(o)s is definitely a brand of men’s underwear and swimwear that make women want more from their men. Each garment in the Element(o)s underwear and swimwear collection is meticulously engineered to cater to every sophisticated, hip man who has looks that women drool over.

Simply put, Element(o)s knows what men need and what women want when it comes to underwear and swimwear.

Indulging in Element(o)s

We all know that indulgence can sometimes be dangerous, but why restrict yourself when it comes to your underwear or swimwear? Indulge in Element(o)s, and treat yourself to the following features of this brilliant brand: 

  • breathable, body-hugging, ultra-comfortable fabric
  • an exclusive wide-side cut that doesn’t leave marks on the skin and is a Brazilian hallmark
  • authentic wide-side grips that ensure a snug fit that emphasizes a man’s body contours and physical assets without sacrificing comfort
  • designs inspired by the ocean, tribal themes, abstract and nature art
  • tattoo prints that feature the mighty symbol of masculinity
  • the finest, best quality material consisting of 86% polyamide and 14% elastane to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • products include trunks, low-rise briefs and boxers in white, blue, black and tribal designs that symbolize the ancient warring tribes of Brazil.

So, show off the trendy, masculine and vibrant you. Enhance your firm, sexy, masculine curves. Purchase a garment from the Element(o)s collection at today!