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Elite Range of Underwear is Exotic, Irresistible and Stylish

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Men who are consciously looking for underwear that offers great support and accentuates their body would be happy to slip into Elite range of menswear, for it is every inch what they desire and crave for. Designed and manufactured in Columbia, Elite range of menswear is capable of invoking desire and passion in men. Elite combines some of the most exotic designs, great cuts and high-quality fabric to create fashionable and stylish underwear for men of all shapes and sizes.

What differentiates Elite brand of underwear from others is its double-stitched hems and great construction. When you invest in Elite, you know that you are getting innovative designs, great fabric quality and unique patterns that are a class apart. Elite is perfect for accentuating your masculine features and body contours. The brand offers a range of briefs, boxer briefs, Jockstraps and Thongs that is ideal for complementing the male body. Almost their entire collection is created using as much as 93% South American cotton.

The jockstrap and thongs offered by Elite come in trendy and bright colours and fine fabrics. The new jockstrap range introduced by Elite is better known as Sydney and features two layers of fabric that makes its pouch. Elite has created some of the most fascinating designs that are available in solid colours, stripes, check patterns and a variety of other styles. So, if you are worried that you wouldn’t find enough range or styles, then think again! Elite has everything a man can think of in patterns that are really trendy and fashionable. Whether you wish to have the hip briefs that sit low on your waist and complements on your body contours or you are planning to get the jockstraps that can make you look sexy and desirable, the Elite range wouldn’t disappoint you for sure.

The boxer brief range from Elite is impressive and is perfect for men who are looking to cover themselves and support their package as well. Solid prints, graphic prints, printed designs, striped designs, Elite has it all and all you need to do is grab all or either of them and make it yours forever!

Those who are looking for underwear that offers great fit, comfort and style can consider slipping into Elite Underwear Boxer Brief Athens. It features a long cut and can make a wearer look more sensuous and appealing. Made from 93% cotton and 7% Spandex, this particular boxer brief is simply amazing.

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Elite underwear Ibiza Hip Brief- Get a taste of Colombia!

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Elite Underwear is another of those men’s underwear labels that is based in Colombia and has created quite a stir with their designs and bold use of colours and prints! This South American fashion label has been catching the eyes of the entire world and affecting the global market with their interesting designs and amazing cuts!

The approach of Elite Underwear towards their lines of underwear has always remained a bit different from the rest. Their basis for visual themes for the underwear has been different cities of the world! There are many cities under their range like Vienna, Chicago, Miami, Tokyo, Moscow, Zurich, Laguna, Munich, Bali, Amsterdam, Barcelona, etc. each of the city cuts have different options related to the prints and colours.

The hip brief in discussion here falls under ‘Ibiza’! The brief can be got in options of black and white and both the variants have the identical pop-art print in gray!

The fit on the legs and waist is appropriate and the material which is used to craft the Elite underwear Ibiza Hip Brief is a mix of 7% spandex and 93% cotton which is the perfect material, for not only a bit of stretch that it has but also for comfortable all day wear! The material is light to medium weight. It is good quality and quite soft to touch as well!

Ink has been used so that the abstract patterns in gray can be made in reality and it lends an amazing charm to the entire look of the underwear. The quality is such that quite a few wash cycles will not affect the print. Then elastic used to compose the waistband is fully covered and very thick, measuring 1 ¼ inches and the seam is situated on the right hand side instead of at the back.

The interior back part of the waistband is the place where the fabric and logo tag of Elite underwear is situated. The Elite underwear Ibiza Hip Brief has full back coverage and the brief sides are quite narrow. The leg bands are of covered elastic and single layer material is composed the brief front. The seam pouch design is fairly basic and snug.

The high point of the brief is its construction with no loose threads, good edges on fabric and clean seams!

To grab a pair of Elite underwear Ibiza Hip Brief all you have to do is visit today!!

Select Sleek and Comfortable Men’s Underwear

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Are you looking for sleek and sexy men’s underwear? If yes, then perhaps before your purchase one for yourself or even if you are planning to gift one to your friend or a loved one, you must make an effort to find out more about the different styles of men’s underwear available in the market.

Today you can pick a brief, trunk, boxer short, G-string, bikini underwear or even thongs for yourself. However, you must remember that if your underwear is not comfortable and easily stretchable then you will feel uneasy and even find it extremely difficult to concentrate on work.

Here, take a sneak-peak at some of the finest designs, cuts and patterns being offered by men’s underwear brands such as PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, C-IN2, Timoteo, Arroyman, Pipe Underwear, WildmanT, Geovanny, N2N, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, 2xist, Pikante, Ballbra, Doreanse, Go Softwear, King Style Underwear, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Jocko, California Muscle, Mundo Unico, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, Buffedbod, Gigo, JM, McKillop, Gregg Homme, etc.

Bikini Underwear

The Bikini style underwear is all about style and sexy looks. This underwear is perfect for those who are looking to woo their partner while on bed. The Bikini men’s underwear comes in different designs and patterns that are essentially designed to enhance your pouch. Many of the leading brands use advanced smooth seam technology on all the seams. A lot of emphasis is also given on the material used for designing the underwear.

Men’s Briefs

A brief is yet another style of men’s underwear that is available in different sizes, colors and forms. While a brief is perfect for extending good support and control, it also allows you to enhance your assets. The best part about wearing a brief is that it gives you the ease of movement.

Boxer shorts and trunks

These types of men’s underwear are usually made from cotton or silk and ideal for those who wish to move around in them while they are still at home.

On the other hand, as far as trunks are considered, you can choose either a Hipster, or a Midi or even a classic trunk. Trunks are capable of offering a lot of comfort.

Men’s thongs

If you are seeking a combination of comfort and support then you would definitely like a thong. A thong is one type of men’s underwear that is much more practical in comparison to other patterns and styles of men’s underwear. Thongs are broader near the waist area.


If you are looking for a simple yet stylish men’s underwear, then you would definitely love to get into G-string underwear. This type of underwear is different from the others as they have narrow strings. It is very popular among those who are into sports and physical activities, as the G-string is capable of offering a lot of comfort and flexibility.

Men’s underwear through the ages

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

These days, the very thought of life without underwear is impossible and absurd. Underwear has become an essential part of our daily life and routine. In fact, not only is underwear a necessity but also a mark of fashionable men these days. All in all, the modest means of covering the private parts of an individual has come a long way.

According to historical facts and figures, it is supposed that men’s underwear was first conceptualized by the early Egyptians. The underwear was born in the form of loincloths in the land of the pharaohs and pyramids. This form of men’s underwear was worn by Romans and Greeks as well. Later on, the loincloth was replaced by a form of men’s underwear which was sort of like a short-legged trouser during the Middle Ages. These types had laces to be tied around the waist so that the underwear stayed in its proper place. Some of those forms of underwear had a feature which was called a cod piece which was actually a flap in the frontal portion of the underwear. This feature was the earlier version of a fly, which is now a common phenomenon in all trousers. Some of the underwear was available with the inclusion of pads, which increased the comfort factor of the clothing manifold times.

With the industrial period, underwear began to be manufactured on a huge scale. The earlier manufactured underwear was made from cotton. But later on, with the passage of time, other materials came to be used like nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. In fact, these materials are now mixed in varying proportions to give birth to newer materials.

With time, amazing styles of sexy men’s underwear has evolved. With the rising demand for fashionable and sexy underwear for men, many fashion labels and brands have started churning out various styles of underwear. Some of these famous names are JM, McKillop, Pipe Underwear, Doreanse Arroyman, Ballbra, Jocko, Gigo, TImoteo, Tulio, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, WildmanT, Male BasicsLingerie, C-IN2, N2N, Narciso, NY Jox, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, King Style Underwear, Mundo Unico, Buffedbod, Pikante, California Muscle, DMK Designs, Svenjoyment, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Aware Soho, Go Softwear, Geovanny, etc.

Some very unique and creative designers have been the creators of different types and styles of underwear like boxers, g-strings, pouch underwear, jockstraps, boxer briefs, bikini briefs, sunga, tanga, etc. Some of the underwear is meant to provide only comfort and support and is aimed for the modest man in you. But some are designed keeping in mind the bold and adventurous side of men who loves to experiment. Each of these different styles has unique utility of their very own. If boxers provide the maximum comfort, then jockstraps give the maximum utility by protecting your private parts from shock during sports or other physically strenuous activities.

There is innovation is the use of materials as well. Cotton is the most commonly used due to the comfort and breathability of the material along with an excellent fit. However, plain old cotton has competitors in the form of rayon, spandex, lycra, polyester, mesh and net. These are often mixed to get different materials with different functions and effects.

The gradual and wonderful evolution of sexy men’s underwear has left men spoilt for choice.

Buy men’s underwear easily online

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Today, not only has innerwear become a necessity, but has also become a symbol reflecting the tastes of men. Some men are equally concerned with what they wear inside their clothes as they are with what they wear outside. Sexy men’s underwear has become popular with men of all ages who want to look and feel good as well. These days, more and more people prefer to buy men’s underwear online as it is an easy and convenient option.

There are a number of advantages of buying men underwear online. Privacy is maintained when buying online and you can browse through various brands without any hassles to find the underwear that is perfect for you. Also, you can get details about the latest fashion trends, styles, patterns and colours online at the touch of a button. You can also compare the prices of each underwear brand and find various deals and bargains online. The prices given upfront help the buyer on a tight budget to choose accordingly. In fact, online stores deliver the products you order right at the doorstep of the buyer discreetly and conveniently.

One of the most advantageous aspects of buying underwear online is that you get all the brands and makes under one roof. You will be able to buy brands like Arroyman, Go Softwear, WildmanT, Ballbra, Jocko, Doreanse, TImoteo, Pulse, Ergowear, PPU, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, C-IN2, N2N, Mundo Unico, California Muscle, Buffedbod, Svenjoyment, Elite Unlimited Underwear, etc by visiting just one online store!

However, before you buy men underwear online, there are some factors that need to be considered. One of the basic and foremost things to be considered is the size. Make sure that you know and order the correct size. Know what fit and which size will be best for you when you buy underwear. Underwear is manufactured according to standard waist sizes in most cases for US brands but the measurements may be different from one brand to another. So it is better to try one or two before you order in bulk. Buy underwear according to both the (S, M and L) sizes given and waistline measurement in inches.

The material of the underwear should be taken into consideration as well while you buy men underwear. The material of the underwear determines the level of comfort so while browsing through the various styles and patterns, the material needs to be given a lot of consideration as well. The material used will also determine the amount of support that you will get.

The style and patterns need to be considered carefully while buying underwear. There are various types of prints available online varying from zebra and leopard, funky messages or abstracts. Make sure you order something that you think you will be able to carry off and feel confident wearing.

Each man wants to look his best for that special someone in his life, so the male enhancement part of the underwear is a very important aspect to be considered as well. Some underwear can bring out the best in a man by giving proper shape and support to the wearer.

The underwear bought must also offer support to the male if he wishes to indulge in sporting activities. This is essential as most of the men love sports and the underwear chosen must not hamper their activities.

Boxers – For guys with the comfort factor in mind

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Boxers are a very popular choice for men’s underwear for the extreme comfort factor they give to the wearer. There are two types of boxers to choose from in general like boxer briefs and boxer shorts.

Basically, boxer briefs are worn by athletic types of men who detest briefs as well as regular boxers with their baggy fitting. A boxer combines the best of both worlds to offer the perfect solution. They are conforming and comfortable and offer lots of support. There is a world of choices while choosing a pair of boxer briefs regarding the fabrics, colors and prints.

A majority of men, however, prefer boxer shorts for daily use. Boxers for guys are the first choice for many. They are considered not only comfortable but sexy as well, as they cover up, leaving a lot to the imagination.

Boxers for guys come in a variety of options with regards to brands, materials, prints, colors, fits and styles. While buying boxers, it is essential to ensure that the fit is perfect and the fabric is comfortable. A lot of people prefer wearing cotton ones as they are very comfortable and allow easy air flow and evaporation of sweat.

Various kinds of brands offer various styles of fittings of boxers for men. Some are loose fitting and are very ideal for even wearing as sleepwear. Some others are a bit body hugging and give the perfect fit and shape to the wearer. Brands manufacturing boxers for guys focus their attention on that part and many also have a functional fly front.

You can visit any online underwear store to get boxers in various colors, textures, prints and style from across various brands like Arroyman, Pipe Underwear, WildmanT, Ballbra, Doreanse, Go Softwear, Jocko, Timoteo, Geovanny, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, C-IN2, N2N, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, 2xist, King Style Underwear, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Pikante, California Muscle, Mundo Unico, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, Buffedbod, Gigo, JM, McKillop, Gregg Homme, etc.

The knit or woven boxers for guys are also good options as they provide a good fit and maintain the outside appearance in case the person in discussion is wearing trousers that are slim fit and are made of thin fabric. They are also ideal if you are wearing low rise jeans.

Some of the companies have gone ahead to incorporate new features in the boxers for guys to make them absolutely indispensible. Some of the boxers manufactured are made of elastane / polyester fabric, which is lightweight and wicks moisture. They also have the unique feature of being anti-odor which is ideal for the athletic men who love to work out or play sports.

You can also indulge in your luxurious side by buying and wearing a pair of boxers for guys made of silk or even silky mercerized cotton. These boxers are soft and feel silky and luxurious against the skin. They also lend a luxurious and interesting look to the wearer.

You can even choose military boxer shorts, which are loosely fitted and in which the seam is sewn in such a way that it does not dig into you. Another variety of boxers for guys include those with suspenders, which are perfect for some naughty indulgence.

Jockstrap underwear for men – A popular choice these days

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Those who are on the athletic side and love to work out or indulge in various kinds of sporting activities often find it hard to get underwear that fulfills their requirements of keeping everything in shape. Regular underwear simply fails to give this benefit to the wearer, but there is one solution which has proved to be a boon for athletic men – the jockstrap design for men. This was first innovated around the 1860s for the comfort of the men who wore it underneath their swim wear, so that a modest appearance was maintained throughout even while bathing or swimming.

The Jockstrap for men, which was used just to maintain a good appearance, has now become almost a necessity for the sporty men of today. This type of underwear provides great support to men while they play sports without facing any discomfort or worry, as the side straps open at the rear and give easy access to the back.

Jockstraps for men are not necessarily used as some kind of designer underwear but as plain underwear for normal and regular use. There is an array of choices available on the different kinds of jockstraps as well. You can take your pick from low-rise, cottons, sports jock straps and compression shorts. The free flow of air inside the underwear makes cotton jockstraps for men a more comfortable as well as popular option. The concept of air flow helps in the quick and easy evaporation of sweat as well. This makes the cotton ones very popular for using for long periods or for regular wear.

Compression shorts are considered more conventional, and are suited for those with a taste for the traditional instead of who prefer a bold look, as the back is covered completely. They look more like boxers, but a jockstrap for men is worn beneath the underwear inside.

Sports jockstraps have their own sets of unique advantages, especially in the fact that there is a pouch at the very front of the underwear which allows for the insertion of a plastic cup, providing protection from any kind of shock. It offers maximum utility to those indulging in high risk games and sports.

Men who love to indulge in the very latest fashion and love to wear low rise jeans should opt for wearing low rise jockstraps for men, which saves them from the embarrassment of peeking underwear or from the continuous tugging of slowly rising underwear.

There are a number of brands and companies that manufacture jockstraps for men like Arroyman, WildmanT, Doreanse, Ballbra, Go Softwear, Jocko, TImoteo, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, C-IN2, N2N, Male BasicsLingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, Geovanny, King Style Underwear, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Mundo Unico, Pikante, California Muscle, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, Buffedbod, Gigo, JM, McKillop, Pipe Underwear, etc. The popularity of this type of underwear has also resulted in the manufacturing of swimwear in this style. Each of the brands lends a signature style to this style of underwear in respect of various designs, patterns, colors and fabrics used. Jockstraps are available in synthetics as well as good quality cotton fibers, so you can choose accordingly.

This functional item of clothing keeps important male parts safe from stress and shock so as to avoid any ailment or complication arising from it. Despite the sexy and unique appeal of this type of men’s underwear, there is no denying the fact that it is of great utility. This makes jockstraps not only functional but extremely edgy and stylish as well.

Sent from the Greek Gods of Olympus to Bring Divine Pleasure to Mortals – Meet the Elite Rome Black Thong!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The Elite Rome black thong is something you wear when your sexual libido is at its peak, or at least when you want to get it there. An extremely powerful garment designed for men who need to feel superior at all times, this thong is created using a perfectly balanced blend of high-tech fabrics that provide amazing comfort and support, allowing you to wear them under your favorite jeans or your fanciest suit. No matter what the occasion, you`ll walk with your head held high.

Made from a sinful combination of high quality, South American cotton (58%), Grade A nylon (13%) and superb spandex (13%), the Elite Rome black thong is a physical manifestation of your most erotic dreams.  The visionary mixture of these three fabrics caresses your skin and induces a blood rush every time you wear them. This super low rise thong is created solely in sexy, mysterious black with alluring transparency patches running along both sides to the back that reveal just enough to entice. All the stitching is double, keeping you supported during even the most extreme activities and providing you with durability well worth your money.

Make no mistake. In addition to being one of the most enticing thongs on the market, the Elite Rome black thong is also at the top of what the underwear industry has to offer with respect to design, technology and fabrics, so visit and pick up yours today!

Secret revealed: Colombian Manufacturer Uses Elite Technology to Sell More Underwear!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Colombian manufacturer of Grade A quality underwear, Elite Unlimited, has finally revealed how they are able to make the finest and most durable underwear today. Basically, it boils down to this:

  • Most of their product line is made using a blend of 93 % South American cotton, known as some of the finest cotton in the world, and 7% spandex. This unique blend gives their underwear supreme comfort, durability and amazing ergonomics.
  • All stitching throughout the line is double, which makes Elite undergarments hard to beat with respect to durability.
  • Their new “Sidney” product line has a sneaky secret ingredient: a highly absorbent pouch that is made of two layers of fabric that “exposes” you in a unique manner to the world.

So, there you have it. Elite Underwear is made for those of us that require the best, and know how to get it.

Want to get noticed? Check out this extremely unique, innovative and heat reactive Tokyo White brief that actually changes color and glows in the dark!

Whether you`re just laying around on a lazy Sunday, sipping some coffee from your favorite cup, running a marathon or out clubbing, Elite Underwear`s got your back when you need it the most.

The underwear produced by this brand is supremely comfortable, sexy, sleek and stylish, and due to constant improvement, research, experimenting and just playing around with ideas, it just keeps getting better. Visit and browse through the finest collection of Elite underwear on the web today!