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Franklyn clothing – For those who like to stand out in a crowd!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Franklyn clothing is an Australian brand that has carved out quite a niche for itself with their designs that make you stand out in the crowd! The brand knows that a man’s clothes not only tell the wearer about his sense of style and fashion, but about his economic and social standing as well as his masculinity and confidence. These days, not only the women, but men are equally concerned about their looks and how they appear to the eyes of the other people. The designs of Franklyn are created and brought to life keeping this mindset in mind.

If you want to emphasize and flaunt your masculinity to all, then this is the brand for you! The range of jumpers, hoodies and shirts by Franklyn help you turn the heads of people and make you the centre of all attention. Their fit and style help you look unique, strong and sharp! Make even the most boring and casual days turn special by wearing the range of Franklyn clothing and stand apart from the rest!

There is no question of compromise being made as far as the materials being used are concerned and the durability and comfort of the clothes is great. 100% combed cotton is used and the virtue of this material is that you can stay dry and cool even after a gruelling and sweltering day! The easy air flow helps in the evaporation of sweat very quickly and easily, making your day super comfortable. In fact, their shirts come pre-shrunk so that they remain durable for long.

Franklyn answers the prayers of men who are practical and want style but without burning a hole in their pockets! Their range of menswear is not only fashionable and stylish, but extremely reasonable and pocket-friendly as well. Their products can be got at unbelievably low prices and there are huge discounts for bulk purchases of their products as well.

The online underwear store for men – Deal by Ethan makes shopping even easier and lucrative! On a first time purchase of Franklyn clothing you get a discount of 10%. This sale has in fact, reached a crescendo with the online men’s underwear store offering an unbelievable deal that will leave you gasping! You can now buy one article for clothing from Franklyn and get another one absolutely free!! Yes! It’s unbelievable but true!! Visit the site today to find out for yourself!

Franklyn: Catering to Men’s Vanity

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Clothing reflects a man’s sense of fashion, as well as his social and economic status, his confidence, and of course, his masculinity. Contrary to public opinion, women are not the only vain creatures in existence. Men, too, are concerned about their physical appearance, about how their clothes, haircuts, shoes, etc. look. They, too, want to make heads turn, and Franklyn shirts, jumpers and hoodies help them do just that.

Clothing That Stands Out

Franklyn garments are not only made to emphasize your masculinity, but they also make you look sharp, strong and unique. Franklyn’s casual wear can make your ordinary day special by making you stand out in the crowd. In a Franklyn hoodie, shirt or long-sleeved polo, you’ll attract women like moths are attracted to light.

Comfort and Durability

Franklyn uses 100% combed cotton to keep you cool and dry, even during the tensest of situations. In addition, the shirts are pre-shrunk to ensure durability.

Men are practical. If they can save a few bucks without compromising on looks or quality, they are more than happy to do so. Franklyn understands this and caters to it, which is why they offer their products at very low prices, as well as offer discounts on bulk purchases. If you purchase your Franklyn garment at and are a first-time client, you receive an automatic 10% discount on every purchase of Franklyn clothing. Register on the website and sign up for the newsletters, and receive further discounts and promotional information.