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Whittall & Shon Retro Shorts Brazil Patch is Remarkable in Every Sense

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

If you are fit and if you are the kind of person who likes to stay active throughout the day, then you will definitely admire Whittall & Shon. Though the brand is more popular for the wide variety and styles of hat that they offer, their mens underwear range is gradually becoming popular too. The manner in which the brand was incepted is an interesting story in itself. Eliot Whittall, who is the chief designer at Whittall & Shon, got the inspiration to set up his own businesses and brand while doing his project at school.

The project was giving the participants an opportunity to create something exciting with unused art material. In turn, the winner could make some money. This is what inspired Whittall to design hats using fabric, stones and some other unused art materials. Eliot learnt designing at Rhode Island School of Design Graduate. The hats designed by Eliot were picked up by stores such as that of Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Today, the brand is also renowned for its t-shirts, microfiber swimwear and loungewear. The other types of clothing manufactured by them includes Bikini Swimwear, Bikini Underwear, Boxer Brief Underwear, Brief Underwear, G String Underwear, Shon Short Sleeved T Shirts, Shorts, Square Cut Trunk Swimwear, Tank Top T Shirts and Thong Swimwear.

When it comes to T-shirts, Whittall & Shon’s collection can match and at times surpass the other brands, for they are soft, body hugging and crafted using the best colors. The Whittall & Shon Athletic Contrast shirts are simply impressive. These V-neck shirts are really sporty and come with contrast piping all along the neck as well as arms. The sleeves have double stripes on them and you can easily wear them to the gym. Whittall & Shon brand offers some of the most creative designs and great color combinations. Whether it is underwear, swimwear or any other line of menswear, you can grab your favorite design and color, depending upon your mood. Their mesh collection is simply splendid. Crafted using 100% polyester it consists of some of the finest pants and shorts and remarkable in every sense.

The product being discussed here is Whittall & Shon Retro Shorts Brazil Patch. This square cut retro running shorts is best for athletes. It comes with contrast color waistband and a beautiful binding. Its sides are curvy and it features a Brazilian patch on the left leg. It is made of 95% Microfiber and 5% Lycra.

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WildmanT Unleash You Wild and Hot Side, Like Never Before

Friday, October 21st, 2011

WildmanT swimwear and underwear can evoke mixed feelings within you anytime and every time you slip into any of their creations. True to its name, the brand is wild and exotic both at the same time. In fact, most users love the brand because it possesses all the requisite qualities that are a must for any swimwear and underwear, such as exotic designs, unique cuts and superior quality fabric.

WildmanT’S underwear and swimwear are created with a simple intention-to make the wearer look hot, feel sexy and comfortable, in a manner which he may not have experienced before. The entire WildmanT range is designed to help the wearer unleash his wild, dark and extravagant side. The brand is way too different when compared to its competitors and nothing absolutely nothing can match their capabilities.

The moment the wearer reveals his WildmanT underwear before his girlfriend or wife, he leaves her aroused so much so that she ends up appreciating the brand for its make, quality and style. So, if you haven’t yet tried Wildman T underwear before, then its time you did, especially if you are planning to get a pair of underwear for yourself.

Wildman T is every inch different and can spark lust in the wearer’s mind and body for sure. The brand has always focussed on creating designs that have never been introduced before by any other mens underwear brand. Men who are fond of the enhanced pouch look and who do not shy from revealing their back either, will definitely like Wildman T range of underwear for they are unique in every sense.

The brand created quite a sensation when they launched the Ball Lifter collection of underwear for the first time. Almost everyone, right from the wearer to ace fashion designers wanted to have a look and feel of this particular collection announced by Wildman T. Today, the brand is the proud manufacturer of a various other styles including, enhancing underwear, suspension jock underwear, push-up underwear as well as the cock-ring style swimwear.

The product that is being reviewed here is WildmanT Underwear Micro Thong. This particular design is remarkably comfortable and completely admirable. It is made from the highest quality fabric and has been created to uplift the wearer’s package and appearance, like never before. The pouch of this underwear is roomy and breathable and its waistband is neither too tight nor too loose, ensuring that the underwear remains on your body and does not slip off.

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Red Dog Underwear-For the Environmentally Conscience Men

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Red Dog is one of those brands that can be credited for ushering sense and sensibility in the Men’s fashion industry. The brand was incepted with the idea of offering environmentally friendly products to men and it can be safely said that Red Dog has quite successfully managed to achieve the same. All Red dog products including Red Dog Sportswear, boxer briefs, trunks and sport briefs are crafted from organic fabrics, which clearly mean that the wearer will get to touch, feel and wear the fabric of the highest quality. Red Dog products are designed and manufactured in Turkey using SKAL certified organic cotton (exclusive of trim).

Each of their designs and creations are made from environmentally friendly dyes so that the wearer gets the best color quality and a great product, at the same time. The primary reason why this brand is different than others is that it encourages organic farming by giving farmers all the necessary tools to improve their skills and thereby the quality of the cotton. As a result, the wearer gets the perfect chance to slip into extremely comfortable and soft fabric. The sheer fact that each of Red Dog’s products are crafted from cotton that is grown devoid of any pesticides or chemicals, makes it a truly exciting and unique experience for men who opt for them. Whether you opt for the Red Dog Sportswear Boxer Brief Underwear or brief underwear or even the Short Sleeved T Shirts, you will definitely feel all the difference.

The brand has always strived to launch new designs and lays thrust on the concept of organic clothing. Nothing can match their unique concept that brings along with it expressions and styles that are truly creative. Red Dog allows men to uplift their personalities, lifestyle and beliefs further. The Red Dog Sportswear Organic Cotton Eco-Sport Brief Underwear is one of the finest designs ever crafted by the brand. This amazing sport briefs has been designed for men who are environmentally conscience. They are soft, comfortable and yet luxurious. Available in different sizes, this underwear is made from SKAL certified Ribbed Organic Cotton. It comes with a stylish pouch front that does not have any opening so that you can enjoy maximum comfort. The fabric is smooth and comfortable and the entire pattern is impressive and different. Its waistband stretches easily and is never too tight around your waist.

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Marcuse Fighter Bikini Swimwear-Don the Stylish and Seductive Look

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Marcuse brand is synonymous with style, comfort and superior quality. The brand was incepted in Australia and has all the requisite character and capacity to challenge any swimwear brand and pattern that is traditionally worn by men in different parts of the world. So, if you are on the lookout for exclusive designs and patterns as far as swimwear for men are concerned, you are bound to find plenty of designs that will meet your tastes and personalities perfectly well. Marcuse always believes in laying emphasis on style and quality. The entire Marcuse swimwear range has the power to leave you enchanted.

Marcuse is hot, stylish and above all different. You can always count on Marcuse for it has the much required experience to offer unique cuts and patterns when it comes to designing swimwear for men. The beauty of Marcuse swimwear is that they offer cuts and styles that are revealing and different at the same time. It combines trendy patterns to produce revealing yet fascinating looking swimwear, which will make you centre of attraction whether you are on the beach or at the pool. Nobody understands the male physique better than Marcuse, which is why their swimwear collection fits appropriately, no matter what your shape and size.

Marcuse has the ability to introduce flawless designs and believes in using high-quality clothes to produce exotic, sexy and fashionable swimwear. Almost all their designs sport a draw string that allows men to adjust it according to their individual requirements. There is absolutely no need to look for precise size when you are glancing through the Marcuse swimwear collection, for each of their designs offer great fit and amazing comfort. The swimwear range offered by Marcuse includes, Fighter, Resort, California, Wave, Muse, Arrest Me, Gentle, Marcus, Venus, Nirvana, Together, Mira, Alexander, Madomination, Sunrise and Verti.

The Marcuse Fighter Bikini Swimwear is essentially low rise swimwear available in different colors. It features a Marcuse’s brand new logo right on the front and is fun yet sexy swimwear that can be easily donned to hit the pool party. You could also pick the low hipster swimwear that has subtle yet exciting splits on the side that partially reveals your lower hips. The gold Marcuse logo embroidered at the back will definitely make men look stylish and seductive, both at the same time.

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50-100% discount on 2wink underwear

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

2wink is Australia’s very own brand that has become celebrated in other countries world over. The slogan- “PERFECTED DOWNUNDER” is perfectly apt as it is not only made in Australia but each item of clothing manufactured by the brand is perfection in itself. The brand was found in 2005 by two Australians who have made Australia proud! The sexy men’s underwear that 2wink manufactures is bound to raise the temperature of all those who even look at it! So if you want your hotness quotient to shoot up, try wearing 2wink underwear!

2wink underwear is one of its kind with high quality and trendy ideas and designs, that too at astonishingly affordable prices!

If you are the shy type then 2wink graffiti boxer brief underwear (which has also been called “hot pants”) is the one for you! The tamed graffiti pattern of 2wink is printed on the side of underwear. The material used to craft the men’s sexy underwear is 100% luxury cotton, which is totally breathable! The elastic waistband is embroidered with the 2wink logo. You can get this underwear in a variety of different colours like black, white, blue, green, etc.

One of the most original creations of the brand which is quite a rage and had created a stir when first launched is the loaded brief underwear of 2wink. The original and famous briefs by 2wink come with a secret pocket inside which can hold a condom! Yes, that’s right! It is not only a great idea but also preaches that you should be safe always! The front pocket is quite large and can hold one condom with perfect ease! The underwear is extremely comfortable despite the pocket and is made from 100% cotton.

If you like a bit of a length regarding your underwear then 2wink long boxer brief underwear is perfect! You can wear 2wink in bed, around home or even for night outs! The front buttons are easy to open and give quick access. It is formfitting and as a result there is no question of forming bulges or bad fits.

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Gregg Homme’s Torrid range: A review

Monday, August 1st, 2011

It is a known fact that the Canadian brand Gregg Homme is synonymous with sexy men’s underwear, and to many of us the brand name comes to mind first when we talk about underwear for men that is sexy and makes the wearer feel attractive and special. So buy a pair of Gregg Homme underwear and feel ready to indulge in some wicked fantasies!

Their range of men’s underwear is sexy and unique and they have raised the benchmark for excellence with their latest offering! Their latest line of underwear for men is called ‘Torrid’ and is aptly named so! The underwear is torrid as hell and will scorch you with desire!

The main feature of the line is skin baring and provocative cuts and designs that leave little to the imagination! The main materials used are either mesh or fabrics that are near-mesh. The cuts are minimal and material used stretchy. The Torrid range has three main styles of men’s underwear- thongs, bikini briefs and briefs in colours that are fun, bright and vibrant, including turquoise, olive and red along with the usual conventional colours like white and black. The cuts have low rise as their primary feature and the back and front are barely covered. All the styles of underwear have a logo patch of Gregg Homme which is a good touch in adding some visual contrast.

The material used for the range is soft and silky to touch as well as feel. The fabric is highly stretchable and smooth. At the same time, the material is very thin and with that the single layer of the underwear makes it an extremely sexy item of clothing that is bound to leave people spellbound! However, what is another very important feature is the fact that is quite durable so you do not need to be concerned about functionality.

The nice shape of the pouch makes for adequate room, even if you need some extra space. The clean seams, great stretching and straight cuts mark the high quality and craftsmanship that are the key features of the brand. Overall, when you wear them you will actually get the feeling that you are wearing almost nothing due to their nice construction and smoothness of the material, which adds to the fun factor.

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Gay men underwear – A fashion necessity

Friday, May 20th, 2011

There are some companies and brands that are more popular with gay men or cater specifically to the gay population. The basic requirements in case of choosing gay men underwear is that they have to make the wearer look great and along with the underwear looking great as well. Gay men underwear available in the market today comes in different kinds of colors, patterns, styles and materials. In fact, the wide range of gay men underwear available is everything that anyone can possibly imagine. Show off your style in a fiercely competitive gay scene by wearing the different types of underwear manufactured by various brands.

You can choose from the various super functional brands manufacturing gay and gay interest men and metrosexual underwear like Ajaxx63, FREE Twink Underwear, Cocksox, Gregg Homme, C-IN2, 2xist, etc. The underwear they provide is luxurious as well as stylish. There are various types of men’s underwear to choose from like jock straps, boxers, briefs, bikini briefs, thongs, etc depending on the tastes and occasions. The huge underwear range will help you decide what you need – whether it is for special nights or to wear them regularly. You can go in for sleek, sophisticated, risqué or avant garde styles of gay men underwear according to your requirements.

Normal briefs and boxers may be all right for daily use, but sometimes there arises a need for sexy and out of the box underwear. You can use these on special occasions and for special people!

The materials that gay men underwear is made from vary hugely. This include cottons for everyday wear, polyester, spandex, lycra, silks and even leather and latex for those who love to experiment and love a taste of adventure.

There are many kinds of styles made available by the various brands. You can wear sheer mesh underwear for some adventure and simply impress that someone special. You can also try the X shape thong manufactured by some innovative brands. Many of the gay men underwear have a number of revolutionary features which seem almost too good to be true. You can put your trophy on the shelf and the sling support system in some of the underwear that enhances your package to give you the maximum advantage and gives you a nice outline as well. There are casual yet eye catching underwear styles with form-fitting and sporty designs.

There are sheer mesh thongs, European style briefs, leather look fetish wear and body suits and g-strings manufactured by several brands that will immediately make you want to buy one for yourself or your partner. The brands and companies know that the gay population wants to look and feel different, and they want innovation when it comes to gay men underwear.

For those planning for a sexy and romantic night out, there is some underwear which can put an adult twist to the night so that it turns out hot and steamy. These boyhood styles, with their obvious twists, will leave you satisfied and at the same time will not compromise on your comfort factor. There are many brands manufacturing these kinds of underwear that suit fetish scenes well.

There are wide array of swimwear for the gay scene as well, which are not only sporty but sexy and comfortable as well.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding gay men underwear being too plain, ill-fitting and cheap. Check out popular stores online to see some truly innovative styles that you will simply love to buy for yourself or your partner!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

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Twink Solid G String Underwear Available Now for Free at

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

This popular Australian online store is now offering the Twink Solid G String underwear for free as part of a grand promotion.

Due to their sincere desire to offer the best discounts and offers, has announced that they are now offering free Twink Solid G String underwear to their valued customers, as well as the Twink Solid Bikini, Solid Glovebox Classic, Solid Longbox and Solid Minibox underwear. Customers will only be required to pay for the standard shipping costs. The shipping charge applicable for purchasing a single product for Australia is $USD 8.00, $USD 9.00 for the USA and Canada. The shipping charge for the UK and elsewhere in the world is $USD 11.00. The shipping charge for any additional item other than the Twink Solid G String that a customer chooses to purchase is $USD 3.50 for Australia, USA, Canada, the UK and worldwide.

Twink G Strings are available in medium, small and large and come in black, light  blue, orange, red and white. They are made from natural fibers and therefore absorb moisture with ease. This G String is made from the finest quality 100% luxury cotton and can be comfortably worn to bed, inside the house or on a night out.

Twink was founded in 2005 by Mark Turner. The company delivers to more than thirty countries, including the USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and others. is a popular online store that is renowned for its vast range of menswear and accessories produced by hundreds of high profile brands, friendly customer service, inexpensive shipping costs and secure shopping.

Free Twink Underwear Solid G String Offers Free Classic Twink Underwear

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

This popular online store, which provides a range of men’s clothing and accessories, is now offering the entire Twink range of underwear for free. has announced that they are now offering their entire range of Classic Twink Underwear free of cost. Customers will be required to pay only for the standard shipping costs charged by The shipping charge applicable for purchasing a single product for Australia is $USD 8.00, $USD 9.00 for the USA and Canada. The shipping charge for the UK and elsewhere in the world is $USD 11.00. The shipping charge for any additional item other than Twink underwear that a customer chooses to purchase is $USD 3.50 for Australia, USA, Canada, the UK and worldwide.

Twink underwear is highly versatile and can be worn on any occasion.  It is available in various sizes and colors, including black, blue, orange, red and white. The Twink collection includes the Solid Bikini, Solid G-String, Solid Glovebox Classic, Solid Longbox and Solid Minibox.

Crafted of loose, breathable, 100% luxury cotton, the Twink underwear collection has been designed to guarantee optimum comfort, durability and fit. is a popular online store that is renowned for its vast range of menswear and accessories produced by hundreds of high profile brands, friendly customer service, inexpensive shipping costs and secure shopping.