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If You Are A Passionate Guy, Just Grab Some Gigo NET Brief Underwear!

Friday, April 20th, 2012

The change that has occurred in the last few decades in the fashion industry has made designers shift their focus to the men’s underwear segment and design some fashionable and stylish underwear that suits the personalities of different individuals. Among the different men’s underwear designs, brief underwear is immensely popular among men. Unlike boxers, briefs are somewhat small in size and their body hugging design is preferred by men a lot.  Briefs are stylish in their own way. This type of underwear highlights the well sculpted physique of men.  Moreover, the design ensures proper enhancement and good athletic support.

In recent times, ace designers have been putting in their full efforts into creating some stylish and trendy briefs for men like classic briefs, microfiber briefs, silk knit briefs, nylon briefs, sport’s briefs and many other designs.  In some brief underwear, you may find a fly front while some are devoid of fly fronts.  Moreover, men’s brief underwear is also available in a wide range of vibrant colour combinations.

You may come across a number of brands that manufacture some chic brief underwear. Among these different brands, the name of Gigo Underwear is quite prominent in the fashion industry. Gigo originates in Colombia – a place famous for its varied cultural diversities. It’s no wonder that the brand’s ace designer Javier Ortega has brought out some unique, exclusive and hot underwear that embodies the colours, styles and spirit of Colombia.

Alluring, passionate and enticing – any apparel designed by Gigo can simply alter your looks! Gigo designs a wide range of men’s underwear and swimwear like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, long boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, bikini swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear. You will also come across other men’s outfits like shorts, long sleeved T shirts, short sleeved T shirts and tank top T shirts. These are available in mix & match and multi-packs.

Gigo offers their exclusive NET Brief Underwear – created from nylon (78%) and spandex (22%), this underwear ensures tightness and complete stretchability.  It has a roomy pouch that gives adequate support and enhancement to your package. The brand name is labelled on the waist strap – now wear any low cut jeans or pants, and proudly reveal the waist strap from under your pants. The net based fabric ensures complete comfort and breathability. NET Brief Underwear is available in different colours like blue, red, black, white, and yellow.  So, choose your favourite colour and get your NET Brief now!

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Get unique and playful with Gigo Underwear

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Gigo Underwear is like a Colombian melting pot of playful, colourful and unique designs and ideas related to men’s underwear! The underwear from Gigo Underwear bears the distinct reflection of diverse cultures that is the hallmark of Colombia, which is home to various cultures and ethnicities like Middle Eastern, African and Native American! The amazing concepts, styles, colours and ideas are due to these cultural influences.

A mere look at Gigo Underwear is enough to make you mesmerized with the styles and concepts which are vastly different from any other brands out there in the international market! In fact, the unique blend and choice of colours will surely hypnotise you!

The variety of styles that Gigo Underwear brings to you include boxer brief underwear, bikini swimwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, g string underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts, long boxer brief underwear, short sleeved shirts, tank top t shirts, etc.

The designs and prints of each of the styles of Gigo Underwear are unique and one of a kind! Not only are the patterns unique, but the colours combinations are totally creative as well, and bound to leave you dazzled and pleasantly so! Feelings and thoughts are captured in the prints and designs of the underwear and that too with a precision that is breath taking!

The materials that are used to craft each piece of this artistic representation are various mixes in varying proportions of fabrics like nylon, spandex, cotton, polyester, lycra, etc. The variations in the percentage while mixing them lends unique elasticity, appeal and stretchability to each of the articles of clothing!

Gigo Underwear prides itself on the fit that it lends to the wearer! When you wear underwear from this brand, it is bound to highlight and emphasize each of your attributes to perfection!! In fact some of the underwear in their range have c rings to uplift and shape the package!

Each of the styles of underwear of Gigo Underwear does exactly what they are supposed to do! There are styles for the requirements of all. Their jockstrap underwear will provide full protection from shock and stress due to physical activities, while their swimwear collection is bound to turn a few heads and grab the attention of people when you are out at the beach or at swimming pool!

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Mesh underwear for men – The latest sensation in mens underwear

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

It is often said that fashion comes at a cost. But that’s not the case with mesh underwear for men, which has taken the fashion scene by storm. See through underwear, sheer, see-thru or mesh underwear as it is better known as, has achieved stellar success in terms of popularity. This form of underwear is revealing and daring, leaving very little to the imagination. The outright raunchiness of the garment also fuels and titillates the senses. The transparency of the woven fabric depends on the weaving, and can be both vaguely opaque and fully transparent.

Mesh underwear for men can also be considered as a very practical garment despite its apparent see-through fabric and sexiness. The fabric is very light and absolutely breathable, so the skin can breathe easily, ensuring good air flow and preventing chafing and sweating. So, ultimately it serves two purposes – its looks downright sexy, and is comfortable to wear as well so it can be worn anytime. In addition, the material is soft as silk so it also feels good against the skin.

Mesh underwear for men is meant for adventurous males who want to experiment. The call for adventure has been answered by several brands and fashion houses manufacturing mesh underwear. Brands like Allure for Men, Blue Line, Boqari, BumGear, California Muscle, Candyman, Clever Moda, Cocksox, Cottelli Collection, Croota, Delio Dietz, DMK Designs, Doreanse, Dreamgirl’s Dreamguy range, Elegant Moments, ES Collection, Excite, Exotic Body Wear, Falocco Collection, Gia, Gigo, Go Softwear, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Groovin, Intymen, Jockey, JOCKO, Joe Snyder, King Style, Kiniki Men’s Range, Little Boy Blue Design, Male Power, MANstore, McKillop, Mosmann, Mundo Unico, N2N Bodywear, Narciso Underwear, PAPI, Pikante, Pistol Pete, PPU, Private Structure, Propaganda, Pulse, Punto Blanco, QZ Bodywear, etc. Each of these brands caters to the different tastes of individuals and adds something different to the designs, patterns and styles of mesh underwear for men.

Mesh underwear is available in different styles like g string, briefs, sheer trunks, bikini briefs, mesh thongs, jock straps, sports jock, etc.

Briefs provide full coverage for the butt area, while at the same time the mesh material proves to make the style sizzle and make the briefs a far cry from being conventional.

G strings of mesh are the ultimate when it comes to having a naughty collection of underwear for men. The stunning style is revealing and sexy. The mesh pouch and minimal fabric leave nothing to the imagination particularly if you are looking to spend some naughty times with your partner. The pouch provides full support and comfort to the wearer.

For those who want to experiment with the material but do not feel comfortable with revealing g strings or jockstraps, there is always the option of going in for sheer trunks. They are sheer, but the full coverage of the underwear will provide comfort and keep the wearer from feeling absolutely exposed. The support of the style is also quite undeniable.

Those who have already fallen in love with the mesh style of underwear will surely love the concept of bikini briefs. They look stylish and brilliant, and provide good support and fit. The superb fit of the style is sure to make you look more appealing in the eyes of your partner. This style not only boasts of a superb design but a sculpted fit as well.

For those who want to take the concept of mesh underwear for men to the next level, there is the option of trying mesh thongs – that are bold, daring and innovative.

Boxers – For guys with the comfort factor in mind

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Boxers are a very popular choice for men’s underwear for the extreme comfort factor they give to the wearer. There are two types of boxers to choose from in general like boxer briefs and boxer shorts.

Basically, boxer briefs are worn by athletic types of men who detest briefs as well as regular boxers with their baggy fitting. A boxer combines the best of both worlds to offer the perfect solution. They are conforming and comfortable and offer lots of support. There is a world of choices while choosing a pair of boxer briefs regarding the fabrics, colors and prints.

A majority of men, however, prefer boxer shorts for daily use. Boxers for guys are the first choice for many. They are considered not only comfortable but sexy as well, as they cover up, leaving a lot to the imagination.

Boxers for guys come in a variety of options with regards to brands, materials, prints, colors, fits and styles. While buying boxers, it is essential to ensure that the fit is perfect and the fabric is comfortable. A lot of people prefer wearing cotton ones as they are very comfortable and allow easy air flow and evaporation of sweat.

Various kinds of brands offer various styles of fittings of boxers for men. Some are loose fitting and are very ideal for even wearing as sleepwear. Some others are a bit body hugging and give the perfect fit and shape to the wearer. Brands manufacturing boxers for guys focus their attention on that part and many also have a functional fly front.

You can visit any online underwear store to get boxers in various colors, textures, prints and style from across various brands like Arroyman, Pipe Underwear, WildmanT, Ballbra, Doreanse, Go Softwear, Jocko, Timoteo, Geovanny, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, C-IN2, N2N, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, 2xist, King Style Underwear, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Pikante, California Muscle, Mundo Unico, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, Buffedbod, Gigo, JM, McKillop, Gregg Homme, etc.

The knit or woven boxers for guys are also good options as they provide a good fit and maintain the outside appearance in case the person in discussion is wearing trousers that are slim fit and are made of thin fabric. They are also ideal if you are wearing low rise jeans.

Some of the companies have gone ahead to incorporate new features in the boxers for guys to make them absolutely indispensible. Some of the boxers manufactured are made of elastane / polyester fabric, which is lightweight and wicks moisture. They also have the unique feature of being anti-odor which is ideal for the athletic men who love to work out or play sports.

You can also indulge in your luxurious side by buying and wearing a pair of boxers for guys made of silk or even silky mercerized cotton. These boxers are soft and feel silky and luxurious against the skin. They also lend a luxurious and interesting look to the wearer.

You can even choose military boxer shorts, which are loosely fitted and in which the seam is sewn in such a way that it does not dig into you. Another variety of boxers for guys include those with suspenders, which are perfect for some naughty indulgence.

Gigo Clothes and Underwear

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The Colombian melting pot has given birth to some of the most unique, inventive, playful and colorful underwear styles you have ever seen in GIGO undergarments. These undergarments are explosions of color that will knock the wind right out of you!

Did you know that Colombia is extremely culturally diverse? There is a hot pot of mixed cultures there, including Native American, European, Middle Eastern and African, and GIGO underwear is certainly just as playful, inventive and colorful as this cultural melting pot. When you have so many cultures, so many different influences, so many different role models, you`re bound to produce some amazing ideas, concepts, colors and styles that are not found anywhere else in the world. Don`t believe it? Take a look at the Gigo Sahara boxer brief and try not to be dazzled by the hypnotic choice and blend of colors.

GIGO is extremely successful at capturing excitement and fun, and painting it with beautiful color combinations that will leave you simply breathless. Like a baby that paints with its fingers and knows only what it feels, GIGO underwear captures feelings and incorporates them in their designs with pinpoint precision. GIGO doesn`t speak. GIGO communicates in graphic language. They developed their own unique, wide-ranged portfolio of prints and colors, so they are truly a brand of underwear you will want to make your own.

So, if you’re in need of some excitement and color in your life, visit today and check out Gigo bikini swimwear, Gigo boxer briefs, Gigo briefs, Gigo G-strings, Gigo jock straps, Gigo long boxer briefs, Gigo long sleeved T-shirts, Gigo multi-packs, Gigo short sleeved T-shirts, Gigo square cut trunks, Gigo tank top T-shirts or the ultimate Gigo mix & match line where you can achieve colossal savings!

Highly fashionable Gigo underwear

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Some explosions are good…like the color explosion on GIGO underwear, that will knock the wind out of you with their amazing “color games” performed on some of the most unique underwear items you have ever seen!

Colombian melting pot gives birth to some of the most inventive, playful and colorful underwear styles.

Did you know that Colombia is culturally extremely diverse? You can find a hot pot of mixed cultures from Native American, European, Middle Eastern and African. GIGO underwear certainly follows that tradition of diversity. When you have so many cultures, so many different influences, so many different role models, you`re bound to give birth to some amazing ideas, concepts, colors and styles impossible to be found anywhere else in the world. Don`t believe us? Take a look at the Gigo Sahara Boxer Brief and try not to be dazzled by the hypnotic choice and mixture of colors

GIGO underwear is just as playful, just as inventive, just as colorful and sexy as the cultural Colombian melting pot.

You might call their style an “explosion of colors”. They are extremely successful in capturing excitement and fun and painting it with colors. Beautiful combinations, that will simply leave you breathless. Like a baby that paints with its fingers, and knows only what it feels, GIGO underwear captures feelings and puts them on their underwear with pinpoint precision. GIGO doesn`t speak, GIGO communicates in graphic language. They developed their own unique wide ranged portfolio of prints and colors, so they are truly a brand of underwear you will want to make your own.

Are you in need of some excitement and color in your life? Check out Gigo bikini swimwear, Gigo boxer briefs, Gigo briefs, Gigo G-string, Gigo jock strap, Gigo long boxer briefs, Gigo long sleeved T-shirts, Gigo multi-packs, Gigo short sleeved T-shirts, Gigo square cut trunk swimwear items, and Gigo tank top T-shirts.

Check out the ultimate Gigo mix & match line where you can achieve big savings and come out swinging with amazing combinations of underwear items.

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