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Find Your Gregg Homme STRIPPER V Neck Muscle Top T Shirt Now!

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

In today’s world if you are a fashion-conscious individual, you will surely spend a good amount of time trying to get a nice, chiselled physique. A well-sculpted body can do real justice to a stylish outfit like a muscle top T Shirt. The sleeveless design and the tight fit are just perfect to flaunt a well-built physique. That is why this particular outfit became popular among men straight away when it came into fashion.

Gregg Homme, a popular brand from Canada has been producing stylish muscle top T-shirts that are yearned by most men. Since its inception in 1987, this brand has been focussing on the needs and demands of the fashion conscious male. Apart from muscle top T-shirts, the bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G-string underwear, jockstrap swimwear, jockstrap underwear, loungewear, pants, thong underwear, short-sleeved T Shirts, long sleeved T-shirts, thong swimwear and all the other outfits produced by them are equally trendy and modish. With any Gregg Homme outfit, you are sure to receive admiring glances from people around you!

Once you cast a glance at the exclusive Gregg Homme STRIPPER V Neck Muscle Top T Shirt, you will crave it instantly. It is crafted from a unique fabric that is partially translucent and superbly thin. No wonder – this muscle top T-shirt enhances your sizzling image, making you look ravishing. You will also find the amazing overprint that is of ‘burnout’ stripe design and makes the outfit look fantastic. The edgy V shaped neckline along with the sleeveless cut and the adequately tight fit makes this muscle top T-shirt even more popular! The fabric that goes in making this apparel consists of polyester (92%) and spandex (8%). Both these materials ensure excellent stretchability and tightness.

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Gregg Homme underwear has no substitutes!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

The Canadian brand of men’s clothing Gregg Homme is one of those brands that is unique in appeal and popularity. The brand is no doubt popular amongst people from across the globe, and the brand has been keeping and maintaining the same popularity despite stiff competition.

This brand of men’s underwear manufactures a variety of clothing for men like boxer brief underwear, bikini swimwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear and swimwear, g string underwear, long boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, loungewear, long sleeved t shirts, muscle top t shirts, short sleeved t shirts, pants, tank top t shirts, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, etc.

Bikini swimwear made by Gregg Homme is available in not only normal styles but also in totally innovative styles like Tsunami. The latter is unique in its sexy cut-out back and sides. The straps and the underwear have been riveted and laced. The front has drawstrings and the material used is a blend of 20% elastane and 80% nylon.

Boxer brief underwear from Gregg Homme is available in a range and variety of more than 50 styles that you choose from according to your preference and taste. The collections are varied like Boytoy, Glam, Afterhour, Fuel, Weapon, Provoke, Volumator, Virgin, Torrid, Pump Up, Commando, Bandito, Predator, Hercules, Amazon, X-Rated, Fuzion, Blue Leopard, Capture, Octane, Cruise, Satin Knit, Mystere, etc. Each of their styles is different and individualistic. As a result, the materials and fabrics used are many and varied with various fabrics mixed in different proportions to create the perfect material.

Gregg Homme brief underwear is available is more than 60 variants. Some of the names of the collections of Active, Boytoy, Weapon, Glam, Afterhour, Fule, Virgin, Forbidden, Pump Up, etc. There is a collection called FUZION is dual layered with Tanga style underneath a plain see through brief.

Gregg Homme G string underwear is available in a variety of more than 25 types. There may be variations in cuts, colours and patterns, but one thing that remains the same is the support that each offers to the wearer.

Thong underwear made by Gregg Homme can be got in more than 65 variants and boasts of a variety of colours, textures and prints. You can also make your choice among the jock strap variety of men’s underwear which has more than 30 varieties.

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A Brief look at Gregg Homme Chopper Brief

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It is the greatest aspiration of underwear that it should be functional and versatile enough to be worn in a variety of situations. However, Gregg Homme underwear is more style oriented than everyday underwear! The specialized designs and style that Gregg Homme manufactures are different and all of them have a wow factor associated with them! The Chopper brief of Gregg Homme is one of those underwear that are meant for specific purposes.

The Chopper brief collection includes a variety of features like the use of faux leather, metal buckles, daring designs and shiny metallic fabric. It is true to size with great fit on the legs and the waist. It is basically cut as a low rise brief and the fabric used is a blend of 8% spandex and 92% polyester which is stretchable and smooth to touch!

The fabric’s interior side is black with many metallic ink dots making the brief appear silver. The thin fabric, unlined front and single layer material makes outlines quite visible, so before buying this you have to keep that in mind.

The minimal profile of the brief’s waistband is ¾ inches of covered elastic in black which forms a contrast and lends the brief uniqueness! The fabric and wash/ care tag is paper like and is placed on the waistband’s inside, measuring 1 x 1 ¾ inches. The brief’s back provides full coverage and the centre seam runs down the middle, providing shape and definition. The cut is not too generous enough to create “wedgie” issues.

The brief’s leg bands are made of the same black material as the waistband and it is not reinforced. The side of the brief narrows to 2 ½ inches which includes the leg band and waistband materials.

The garment’s waistband is not contiguous throughout and a large buckle element of faux leather supports it structurally and crosses in the front. Two buckles are fully functional and along with black pleather material and metal hardware consist of the brief’s front at the waist. There is a cut-out piece on the brief’s front to its left which makes it appear more revealing that it truly is!

The pouch is very easy to wear and comfortable due to the generous cut. Contrary to its look, the underwear is good enough to be worn every day.

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Gregg Homme’s Torrid range: A review

Monday, August 1st, 2011

It is a known fact that the Canadian brand Gregg Homme is synonymous with sexy men’s underwear, and to many of us the brand name comes to mind first when we talk about underwear for men that is sexy and makes the wearer feel attractive and special. So buy a pair of Gregg Homme underwear and feel ready to indulge in some wicked fantasies!

Their range of men’s underwear is sexy and unique and they have raised the benchmark for excellence with their latest offering! Their latest line of underwear for men is called ‘Torrid’ and is aptly named so! The underwear is torrid as hell and will scorch you with desire!

The main feature of the line is skin baring and provocative cuts and designs that leave little to the imagination! The main materials used are either mesh or fabrics that are near-mesh. The cuts are minimal and material used stretchy. The Torrid range has three main styles of men’s underwear- thongs, bikini briefs and briefs in colours that are fun, bright and vibrant, including turquoise, olive and red along with the usual conventional colours like white and black. The cuts have low rise as their primary feature and the back and front are barely covered. All the styles of underwear have a logo patch of Gregg Homme which is a good touch in adding some visual contrast.

The material used for the range is soft and silky to touch as well as feel. The fabric is highly stretchable and smooth. At the same time, the material is very thin and with that the single layer of the underwear makes it an extremely sexy item of clothing that is bound to leave people spellbound! However, what is another very important feature is the fact that is quite durable so you do not need to be concerned about functionality.

The nice shape of the pouch makes for adequate room, even if you need some extra space. The clean seams, great stretching and straight cuts mark the high quality and craftsmanship that are the key features of the brand. Overall, when you wear them you will actually get the feeling that you are wearing almost nothing due to their nice construction and smoothness of the material, which adds to the fun factor.

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Different styles of mens underwear and what do they say about you

Friday, June 10th, 2011

With the lapse of time, many different styles of mens underwear have been designed, accepted and worn by millions out there. Each guy is different, and so each of them has a style and taste of his own. Their selection of the various kinds of underwear says something about each of them, and you must remember that all styles cannot be worn by all types of people in general.

You can select the various types of men’s underwear from the various brands according to your requirements like Pipe Underwear, Arroyman, Buffedbod, Doreanse, Go Softwear, Jocko, Timoteo, Ergowear, C-IN2, MaleBasics Lingerie, Ballbra, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, Geovanny, King Style Underwear, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Mundo Unico, Pikante, California Muscle, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, JM, McKillop, N2N, etc.

Briefs are often called tightey whiteys and they offer quite a bit of support for the delicate regions so they are most beneficial during sporting events. Their great fit and support makes it a popular choice as men’s underwear.

One of the most conservative styles of mens underwear is boxers. Whether it is boxer shorts or boxer briefs, boxers remain a popular choice for the general public. It is thought that guys who wear boxers are fond of tradition and also that they enjoy their transformation into manhood. The mystery factor is enhanced by wearing boxers. In fact, the one-button fly concept makes the boxers very interesting. Boxer briefs, on the other hand, give a sleek and sexy look to the wearer. They really shape up the derriere of the man as well.

There are many types of colours, patterns and styles to choose from. However, while choosing from the big printed boxers there are some things to be remembered. The colourful boxers are fun and are available in a variety of fun prints which look good and increase the flirty factor.

Although metrosexuality has been on the rise, thongs are not really for everybody. In fact, if you want to be adventurous with your partner you may wear a thong to titillate their senses. Thongs may be worn by those who are wearing fitted trousers and are afraid of visible lines.

Low rise briefs or bikini briefs are one of the best options in case you wear low rise jeans. The shortness of the underwear forbids any peeking through the jeans or trousers which may cause embarrassment for you in public.

Pouches or sausage slings are male underwear’s with a difference and are downright sexy. They are available in rhino and elephant varieties.

Trunks are the smaller versions of regular boxer briefs with slight modifications. The colourful prints and designs of underwear lend a flirty look for the wearer. The lean, confident and young men can carry them off with aplomb.

Compression shorts are great for those people who remain active and indulge in various sporting activities to stay fit. They cover the entire hip area and majority of the thighs as well.

Long johns, fashioned out of thermal material are the best underwear to be worn during the winters. Long johns help keep you warm because of the thermal material even in the coldest weather.

Jock straps have been designed to provide support to the male parts during various sports like activities or working out. They protect the males from all types of injuries and shocks.

Select Sleek and Comfortable Men’s Underwear

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Are you looking for sleek and sexy men’s underwear? If yes, then perhaps before your purchase one for yourself or even if you are planning to gift one to your friend or a loved one, you must make an effort to find out more about the different styles of men’s underwear available in the market.

Today you can pick a brief, trunk, boxer short, G-string, bikini underwear or even thongs for yourself. However, you must remember that if your underwear is not comfortable and easily stretchable then you will feel uneasy and even find it extremely difficult to concentrate on work.

Here, take a sneak-peak at some of the finest designs, cuts and patterns being offered by men’s underwear brands such as PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, C-IN2, Timoteo, Arroyman, Pipe Underwear, WildmanT, Geovanny, N2N, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, 2xist, Pikante, Ballbra, Doreanse, Go Softwear, King Style Underwear, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Jocko, California Muscle, Mundo Unico, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, Buffedbod, Gigo, JM, McKillop, Gregg Homme, etc.

Bikini Underwear

The Bikini style underwear is all about style and sexy looks. This underwear is perfect for those who are looking to woo their partner while on bed. The Bikini men’s underwear comes in different designs and patterns that are essentially designed to enhance your pouch. Many of the leading brands use advanced smooth seam technology on all the seams. A lot of emphasis is also given on the material used for designing the underwear.

Men’s Briefs

A brief is yet another style of men’s underwear that is available in different sizes, colors and forms. While a brief is perfect for extending good support and control, it also allows you to enhance your assets. The best part about wearing a brief is that it gives you the ease of movement.

Boxer shorts and trunks

These types of men’s underwear are usually made from cotton or silk and ideal for those who wish to move around in them while they are still at home.

On the other hand, as far as trunks are considered, you can choose either a Hipster, or a Midi or even a classic trunk. Trunks are capable of offering a lot of comfort.

Men’s thongs

If you are seeking a combination of comfort and support then you would definitely like a thong. A thong is one type of men’s underwear that is much more practical in comparison to other patterns and styles of men’s underwear. Thongs are broader near the waist area.


If you are looking for a simple yet stylish men’s underwear, then you would definitely love to get into G-string underwear. This type of underwear is different from the others as they have narrow strings. It is very popular among those who are into sports and physical activities, as the G-string is capable of offering a lot of comfort and flexibility.

Thong underwear- Perfect for the men of today

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

It is said that fashions and trends in clothes come and go and they rarely last. But one style of sexy men’s underwear that is here to stay is thong underwear. Thongs look great on the wearer and give a certain edge to him as well. Wearing thongs mark the wearer out as being bold and hip. Thongs are thus becoming increasingly popular in underwear fashion for men. Go and flaunt your bold side by grabbing a pair of thongs from your favourite online men underwear store.

The loincloth is supposed to be the precursor of all types of men’s underwear and the design of the thong underwear seems to be the direct reflection of loincloth underwear. The concept of the thong revolves around showing a lot and yet keeping the climax to itself. However, the preview leaves room for plenty of speculation.

It is said that thong made its first public appearance at the World Fair of U.S.A. in 1939 with the declaration made by New York’s Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia about covering up the city’s nude dancers. The formal introduction of the thong was made by the famous and forward designer Rudi Gernreich in 1974. Soon after Fredericks started selling thongs, other brands followed suit.

You can take your pick from the various styles of the men’s underwear available from various famous fashion houses and brands like 2xist, Geovanny, King Style Underwear, Good Devil, Dirty Fukker, Mundo Unico, DMK Designs, Aware Soho, Pikante, JM, Pipe Underwear, Svenjoyment, N2N, Arroyman, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Go Softwear, Jocko, Buffedbod, ,C-IN2, Timoteo, Doreanse, Ergowear, MaleBasics Lingerie, NY Jox, Ballbra, Narciso, McKillop, Tulio, California Muscle, Brief Underneath, Ajaxx 63, etc that are wildly popular these days.

The various brands and fashion houses have their own unique touch to the concept of thong underwear with their innovative styles, prints, materials and colours. These different colours also come with different textures, appearance and comfort levels. The materials that these brands experiment in include lycra, spandex, nylon and their mixes in varying proportions. These mixed materials give the wearer a good fit and some of the mixes lend a great sheen to the material. Mesh is also a type of material which is becoming a popular form for experimentation in mens underwear. The boldness of it being see-through further adds spice to the already bold thong. The materials used are not only stretchy and comfortable with great airflow, but they give you a great fit by snugly covering the area.

If you want your back to look narrow, wear string thongs. Those who want a lift so that their package gets enhancement and perfect shape should go in for launch thongs and bulge thongs. C-rings also give great fit along with enhancement.

There are almost 150 different kinds of thong underwear to choose from. Opt for solid colours or if you want to add spice to the naughty and fun quotient on the type of men’s underwear go in for bold prints like leopard and jungle. Rainbow prints look really fun and vibrant, while camouflage printed or checks and stripes give a great look as well.

The pouch of the thong often has a hidden opening, offering support and lift to the frontal portion. The lack of liner in some types of thongs makes them an excellent option for wearing them as swimsuits and sportswear, along with using them as plain men’s underwear.

Sexy men’s underwear to spice up your love life

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Sometimes you need to add some spice to your love life to keep up the romance quotient. For that very purpose, you can opt for some of the naughty and sexy men’s underwear available in the market. Many men’s underwear stores are havens for a range of sexy men’s underwear with their many varieties regarding the tastes and occasions of the user. In fact, the underwear not only helps in adding some spice to your love life but it also makes you feel good and confident about yourself as well.

You take your pick from the vast selection of naughty men’s underwear available across various online stores. G strings and thongs prove to be the most popular choices in this type of underwear. Minimalistic underwear is crafted solely for those who have an adventurous spirit. Not only is it revealing and sexy, but offers total mobility and comfort as well. The attached strings give the wearer the option of adjusting accordingly to produce the best fit.

The vast range of styles available is meant to titillate the senses and cater to all types of tastes and requirements of both you and your partner. The various brands and companies produce very innovative styles and some companies almost outdo themselves in the creativity and sexiness department. Some of the notable names in this department are Pipe Underwear, Doreanse, Ballbra, Arroyman, Jocko, Go Softwear, TImoteo, Tulio, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, WildmanT, N2N, C-IN2, Narciso, NY Jox, Male BasicsLingerie, King Style Underwear, Dirty Fukker, 2xist, Good Devil, Pikante, Mundo Unico, Buffedbod, DMK Designs, California Muscle, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Aware Soho, Svenjoyment, Gigo, McKillop, Geovanny, JM, etc.

The pouch and jockstrap were previously used when indulging various sporting activities but now act as a major draw in sexy men’s underwear. The pouch helps not only in protecting but in supporting and enhancing you as well. Adventurous people who really want to try something bold can try underwear made of materials like net, mesh and even leather instead of the plain cotton ones. Some of the underwear comes with detachable fronts, which help in really spicing and heating things up in bed! There are various prints like camouflage, rainbow, animal prints like cheetah, etc. in a variety of bold and vibrant colours. In fact, neon colours like hot pink and fluorescent yellow and green are the hot picks of the season for their fun quotient.

If you want something even better and spicier than these, then you can always opt for the naughty costumes manufactured by companies like Candyman, which is a Colombian brand which is known for its erotic costumes for men. Their various types of costumes are perfect for some indulging of your wildest fantasies by role playing in the bedroom.

There are a variety of unique costumes like Heartbreak Clown and Knockout Nurse. The costume Fire Me Up is a really funky one and is available in two colours- yellow and red. You can also choose the Air Force Marshal Outfit and take your pick from the two royal colours gold and black. If you really want to get down and get dirty then the Take Me In Prisoner is the one for you.

Break the moulds of convention and go ahead and spice up your love life.

Men’s underwear through the ages

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

These days, the very thought of life without underwear is impossible and absurd. Underwear has become an essential part of our daily life and routine. In fact, not only is underwear a necessity but also a mark of fashionable men these days. All in all, the modest means of covering the private parts of an individual has come a long way.

According to historical facts and figures, it is supposed that men’s underwear was first conceptualized by the early Egyptians. The underwear was born in the form of loincloths in the land of the pharaohs and pyramids. This form of men’s underwear was worn by Romans and Greeks as well. Later on, the loincloth was replaced by a form of men’s underwear which was sort of like a short-legged trouser during the Middle Ages. These types had laces to be tied around the waist so that the underwear stayed in its proper place. Some of those forms of underwear had a feature which was called a cod piece which was actually a flap in the frontal portion of the underwear. This feature was the earlier version of a fly, which is now a common phenomenon in all trousers. Some of the underwear was available with the inclusion of pads, which increased the comfort factor of the clothing manifold times.

With the industrial period, underwear began to be manufactured on a huge scale. The earlier manufactured underwear was made from cotton. But later on, with the passage of time, other materials came to be used like nylon, polyester, spandex, etc. In fact, these materials are now mixed in varying proportions to give birth to newer materials.

With time, amazing styles of sexy men’s underwear has evolved. With the rising demand for fashionable and sexy underwear for men, many fashion labels and brands have started churning out various styles of underwear. Some of these famous names are JM, McKillop, Pipe Underwear, Doreanse Arroyman, Ballbra, Jocko, Gigo, TImoteo, Tulio, PPU, Pulse, Ergowear, WildmanT, Male BasicsLingerie, C-IN2, N2N, Narciso, NY Jox, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, King Style Underwear, Mundo Unico, Buffedbod, Pikante, California Muscle, DMK Designs, Svenjoyment, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Aware Soho, Go Softwear, Geovanny, etc.

Some very unique and creative designers have been the creators of different types and styles of underwear like boxers, g-strings, pouch underwear, jockstraps, boxer briefs, bikini briefs, sunga, tanga, etc. Some of the underwear is meant to provide only comfort and support and is aimed for the modest man in you. But some are designed keeping in mind the bold and adventurous side of men who loves to experiment. Each of these different styles has unique utility of their very own. If boxers provide the maximum comfort, then jockstraps give the maximum utility by protecting your private parts from shock during sports or other physically strenuous activities.

There is innovation is the use of materials as well. Cotton is the most commonly used due to the comfort and breathability of the material along with an excellent fit. However, plain old cotton has competitors in the form of rayon, spandex, lycra, polyester, mesh and net. These are often mixed to get different materials with different functions and effects.

The gradual and wonderful evolution of sexy men’s underwear has left men spoilt for choice.

Advantages of using compression men’s underwear

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Cotton and spandex are mixed and used for making compression underwear for men. During various kinds of sporting activities, the usage of compression underwear lends comfort to the wearer. It is not only comfortable but practical as well, as men stay cool as well as compressed when they indulge in different sporting activities. This particular type of underwear holds a number of various benefits and advantages which act as the reasons for the popularity of the underwear.

Some of the brands even manufacture different types of men’s compression underwear, keeping in mind some particular sport, making them friendly for wearing while playing that particular sport. You can find special compression men’s underwear meant especially for bicyclists and another type for football players, gymnasts and others. The style of each of the different compression underwear differs and is modified according to the different types of body movements that can be seen for the different sports.

Most of the leading fashion brands manufacture and supply compression mens underwear. Some of the most notable names are Joe Snyder, Gregg Hommes, Pipe Underwear, Svenjoyment, N2N, Go Softwear, Arroyman, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Buffedbod, Ergowear, Doreanse, C-IN2, Timoteo, Narciso, MaleBasics Lingerie, NY Jox, Tulio, Ballbra, Jocko, California Muscle, McKillop, King Style Underwear, Geovanny, 2xist, Good Devil, Dirty Fukker, Mundo Unico, DMK Designs, Aware Soho, Pikante, JM, etc.

You can even get some of the compression mens underwear in the form of knee-length body suits. You can also choose from a tanksuit girdle shirt made of the compression material. This can be even pulled down to cover the upper portion of the legs. The contour pouch brief can give you a fitter and leaner look. The brief gives its wearer a compressed look for the abdomen area by wrapping itself around it. In fact, wearing such a type of compression underwear when you exercise can result in quick loss of fat from that area by providing heat.

Another great advantage of wearing compression mens underwear is that it offers protection after surgery to the surgical area. The chest binder and compression vest especially made for post operational purposes are perfect. The wearer will be able to heal better from some intense surgery due to the ease and comfort offered by the underwear.

During the frigid cold of the winter, wearing compression underwear can be comfortable as it provides heat to the wearer. It is in fact ideal for those who want to indulge in sporting activities during the winter. Those who have to be outside for professional purposes even in extreme cold can opt for this type of men’s underwear.

Sometimes, people need a bit of help with their physique. Compression underwear is perfect in offering that help. If you have loose skin due to weight loss and you do not know what to do with it, simply put on a compression vest and you will get a slimmer, toner and leaner physique, instantly hiding all your flaws and shaping up your body.

Compression underwear for men is the perfect item of clothing to provide a wealth of warmth, comfort, protection and cooling. Proper selection regarding the style of underwear can give plenty of utility. While buying it, be careful about the fit of the underwear as being too loose or too tight will not make the underwear serve its proper purpose.