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Have you tried Jellyfish Swimwear Yet?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

If you were of the impression that swimwear is just another piece of cloth and it does not matter much whether you are wearing unique looking swimwear or not, then you might have to revisit your decision once you have taken a closer look at Jellyfish range of swimwear. The Jellyfish collection will tempt you and you are bound to purchase at least one or more design the very moment you have taken a closer look at every design offered by the brand.

Headquartered in Australia, Jellyfish designs both European and Brazilian style swimwear and manufactures them in Brazil itself. It is in Brazil that the company gets all the inspiration to manufacture its high quality textiles and accessories and Jellyfish uses this opportunity perfectly well to create designs that are hot, sexy, appealing and inspiring. The brand creates international swimwear and beachwear for men and women across the globe. So, if all this while you were donning just about any brand of swimwear, it’s about time you took the right decision and switched to Jellyfish for the brand takes your body shape and muscles into account in order to carve great and exotic looking swimwear.

Jellyfish is not just any ordinary swimwear brand. It mixes unique cuts and patterns and bold and sexy colours to create extra ordinary swimwear that is soft, cool and comfortable. The wearer would feel completely at ease in a Jellyfish swimwear that come in variety of styles including one piece, monokini, two piece, g string, bikini, short, tankini and tanga.

The wearer is bound to get all the attention in Jellyfish swimwear. So whether you choose to indulge in beach activities or simply relax by the pool side, you can safely bank on Jellyfish. The brand mainly designs two different styles that include Bikini Swimwear and Square Cut Trunk Swimwear.

The Jellyfish Custom Swimwear Bikini Diagonal Insert is one of the hottest products being offered by the brand. It is sexy, seductive and has all the attributes in it that can make the wearer the centre of attraction. It features Lycra diagonal insert panels and trim that is shines and enhances the overall look of the swimwear. It is fully lined, soft, smooth and flexible. Made from 83% Polyamide and 17% Elastane, it is available in variety of colours including, Baby Rose, Blue Night, Embossed Black, Pink among others.

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Walk with pride by wearing Jellyfish Swimwear

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Sometimes, no matter what the brand and how much you look, you just cannot seem to find exactly what you are looking for. Understanding this predicament of people, the brand Jellyfish was introduced, which can create custom-made swimwear, keeping just the exact specifications given by you in mind and the requirements that you might have.

Jellyfish swimwear helps you look and feel good by not only designing swimwear that suits you and meets your needs, but by also by designing swimwear that is unique just for you! Their uniqueness will surely make you stand out in a crowd and catch quite a few eyes! Their swimwear can be designed so that what you wear will not resemble any others! You can become the designer and give your opinions and inputs on the prints, colours, materials, cuts and styles to be used. Your wish is their command and voila! You will have swimwear that is absolutely unique!

The Brazilian brand, which designs on the beaches of Brazil, definitely has that influence with the sets of colours and prints. You can look at the sets of colours, prints and styles available to choose from and create your unique piece. In fact, if you are more of a man with simple tastes, then you can go in for plain designs and solid colours. The motto of the company is to provide their customers exactly what they want, so go ahead and demand whatever your heart desires!

The fit of the swimwear made by Jellyfish is absolutely perfect! They are fully lined so as to support (and at the same time flatter) the male body. However, since the customer has the last say in everything, the swimwear can be tailor made to be unlined.

The quality of the materials used to make their swimwear is always of high quality. Jellyfish never makes any compromises in that respect! The material used is a mix of 17% elastane and 83% polyamide so to make it quick drying as well as stretchable!

Various kinds of features can be added on them as well like floral panels, belt buckles, faux belts or plain belted, keyholes, eyelets, etc. The sky is the limit! Take a look at the variations offered at Deal by Ethan and let your imagination run wild!!

Jellyfish Swimwear

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Walk with pride on the beach in custom swimwear you designed yourself. Just make sure you`re ready to deal with all the attention you’ll get!

It`s just something you have to try in order to know how it feels. Imagine walking bare foot on the hot sand in a pair of trunks, knowing there`s no one on the beach wearing anything remotely resembling what you’re wearing. You’re sexy, sassy, sleek and self-confident, and the best part is, you`re unique. There`s no way you`ll run into someone wearing the same thing you are. Now, you may ask yourself, how is this possible?

Jellyfish’s customizable swimwear makes it possible! Jellyfish offers you a truly exciting possibility when purchasing their swimwear at You get to play fashion designer with all of the swimwear designs offered in their product line! They put you in the spotlight. They want your input, your opinion, your taste and your passion. They want you to choose the colors, prints and trim, and then they put together a swimsuit designed and crafted specifically for you. This way, you get exactly what you want – to the letter.

So, go ahead. Play a little. Imagine what colors and prints you would choose on this Jellyfish square cut floral side panel custom swimwear.

All Jellyfish swimwear is designed in Brazil and influenced by the hottest trends on the Brazilian beaches. So, bring out your creative side and customize your own sexy swimwear from the Jellyfish collection at today!