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Be A Little Fashionable In A Little Boy Blue Design Pouch Suit!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

You deserve to look your best when you strut around on the beach. You might want to be the centre of all attention and want doting eyes to admire your chiselled physique. Well, to make this dream come true, you need to choose suitable swimwear that will help you in enhancing your looks. Your swimwear needs to be alluring, sexy and contemporary to make everyone cast secrective and doting glances at you.

If you love to show off your muscular physique on the beach, then pouch swimwear is ideal for you. This particular swimwear is designed for those men who are confident enough to try unconventional and sexy swimwear. Pouch swimwear also ensures a snug-fit and the roomy pouch provides adequate support and enhancement to your package. Moreover, its backless, edgy cut keeps you comfortable while swimming in the rippling water.

Many brands are now creating some provacative and chic pouch swimwear for men. Among these brands, the name of Little Boy Blue Design is worth mentioning. This brand specialises in creating some funky, sexy and hot swimwear as well as other men’s apparel that is simply loved by men.  Little Boy Blue Design is the brain-child of designer Charles Wilkerson III who believes in giving the male body what it needs. Little Boy Blue Design was founded in Miami and all their outfits embody the colours and passion of that land.

 Whether it is their swimwear or other outwear, all their creations are made from premium fabrics.  Apart from their pouch swimwear, you will also like other Little Boy Blue Design products like their bikini swimwear, shorts swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, thong swimwear, short sleeve T shirts and tank top T shirts.

To look fascinating and ravishing, you should surely try teh Little Boy Blue Design Pouch Suit! It is crafted from nylon and lycra, and ensures a proper fit and complete stretchability. In addition, its backlesss design simply boosts your sex appeal.  You can also swim comfortably with this backless pouch.  You can find this pouch swimwear in a red and brown camo pattern and in plain white. It is also available in four different sizes-small, medium, large and extra large.

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Little Boy Blue is Juicy, Spicy and Funky

Monday, October 24th, 2011

If you are the sort of person who would love to slip into funky, juicy and sexy looking underwear, then Little Boy Blue range of menswear is what you should look for! The sole of the brand was to provide men with different taste, something really different. Thanks to the brand’s motto, men can now have what they really want-inspiring and alluring designs that have the power to make you feel special and comfortable, all the while and no matter where you go.

It is no for the dull-minded guy who has no charm left in his life. It is only for the passionate man who loves to don exciting sportwear, swimwear, gymwear, club wear and of course, underwear too! Apart from this, they also design and manufacture, Short Sleeved T Shirts, Shorts and Tank Top T Shirts for men.

It is sexy, stylish and adorable from every angle. Little Boy Blue can inspire you and leave you besotted, for it has been designed to provide you extreme comfort and style. Whether you are merely relaxing at home or even when you choose to wear Little Boy Blue underwear underneath your pair of jeans, you will feel absolutely great in it. The beauty of Little Boy Blue range of menswear lies in the choice of fabric and the design, which enhances your masculine looks and features.

Little Boy Blue is really innovative. In fact when the wearer dons Little Boy Blue underwear, they will find it very hard to ignore the pouch style, for it is very sexy, breathable and admirable all at the same time. The cuts and patterns are different, especially that of the bikini swimwear, which will enhance the wearers experience.

Moving on to the waistband style, it is very soft and stretches easily and at the same time ensures that it never feels too tight around your waist. The pouch of the underwear provides enough room so that you can keep the squashed feeling at bay. The product being discussed here is Little Boy Blue Design Dan Shorts. Extremely comfortable and crafted from soft and superior fabric, this particular design has everything in it that will make you feel completely at ease. The fabric used for crafting the shorts is nylon mesh and the waistband is made of elastic.

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Little Boy Blue Design – Designed for the big boys!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The founder of Little Boy Blue Design, Charles Wilkerson III is a genius with creations that are distinctive and unique, so you can stand out even in a sea of people with one of his creations. The range is extraordinary so you look sophisticated and stand out in the crowd.

Little Boy Blue Design manufactures products like pouch swimwear, bikini swimwear, shorts swimwear, thong swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top t shirt, short sleeved t shirts, etc. Little Boy Blue Design products are sexy masculine and funky and meant for all! The fabric used is easily cared for, innovative and comfortable.

Their bikini swimwear is available in a variety of fun and vibrant colours. You can get them in a normal finish as well as a matte finish. Each article of clothing is an example of the highest quality of workmanship and fabric. The material used in nylon, which is quick drying.

Their pouch swimwear is also a pouch suit and gives you the perfect fit and enhancement you need. It is backless and is crafted out of lycra. The style is available in plain solid colours as well as printed versions.

The shorts made by Little Boy Blue Design are available in many bright colours and come with contrast piping on the sides and the bottom. The stripe lends a sporty edge to the article. It is composed of nylon mesh which is extremely comfortable. The stretchability is great, offers a perfect fit and dries quickly enough as well. In fact, it is perfect for all day wear since the air flow is good and dries up sweat very fast.

There are many collections and a wide range of square cut trunk swimwear, which refers to individualistic styles and emphasizes the use of patterns. The swimwear is cut low waist and crafted from a mix of spandex and nylon. There are several patterns like solid coloured ones with side panels, checked ones, etc.

The thong made by Little Boy Blue Design is also quite unique with a beautiful use of colours and patterns creating an interesting collage! The material used provides complete comfort. The back does not cover much, leaves nothing to the imagination and proves to be the perfect thing if you want to flaunt your masculinity.

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Little Boy Blue Design Garments

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Little Boy Blue Design is one of those brands that inspire you like a Picasso painting hung on the stone wall of a Mediterranean villa.

Check out this drop-dead gorgeous Little Boy Blue Design Chad striped square cut swimsuit and see what we mean. You’ll feel the inspiration simply flood your senses. How about this stylish and sexy Little Boy Blue Design Billy square cut swimsuit made from white nylon Lycra, a touch of perfection and just a pinch of cheek?

But don`t think that this kind of art and style is without machismo. No sir. Little Boy Blue Design fabrics are chosen with men`s needs in mind. They are comfortable, durable and provide superior ergonomics. Fabrics include high quality Lycra, nylon and high quality cotton. In addition, Little Boy Blue Design garments wrap around your body and perfectly expose your masculinity. They work with every single curve and bulge in a way that perfectly complements your manliness and self confidence. Yes, you can get a large dosage of “me, myself and I” wearing Little Boy Blue Design garments. So if you`re headed for an important meeting, a blind date, secret rendezvous or a hot, passionate night of love, do the right thing and purchase a product from the Little Boy Blue Design range of garments at today. You always need an edge in today’s fast-paced world, and this is the kind of edge you`ll get addicted to!