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Crazy About T-shirts –Glance Through Prohibited Fashion Range of T-shirts and Shirts for Men

Monday, December 5th, 2011

If you are crazy about fashionable and trendy T-shirts then do not waste your time searching through brands that have nothing but same and usual boring and dull patterns to offer. Instead, glance through the Prohibited Fashion collection of T-shirts and apparel for men that are truly terrific, out of the box and (above all!) comfortable.

Prohibited Fashion offers a wide variety of apparels for men that include, Long Sleeved T Shirts, Muscle Top T Shirts, Short Sleeved Shirts and Short Sleeved T Shirts and Tank Top T Shirts among others. The brand has been consciously creating innovative designs and cuts using fabric of the highest quality. You may be planning to go to a party with your friends or may be simply thinking of attending gym sessions. Whatever your reason and no matter what the occasion, Prohibited Fashion would not disappoint you at all! You could grab their latest and most fashionable T-shirt and don it to attend the party and wear their Tank top to attract all the attention at the gym. The brand is capable of combing elements and features such as fabrics, colour combinations and designs to produce remarkable apparel that has never been seen or worn by men before.

Prohibited Fashion designing team has one simple motto and i.e. to offer men fashionable clothes. How long can you continue suppressing your desires and don the same patterns, styles and colours repeatedly? Prohibited Fashion understands this mindset in men, which is why they keep looking for ways to manufacture apparel that is stylish and a class apart.

Their tank tops can be worn to the gym or club. They are smart and stylish and meant for men who always intend to be the subject of attention amidst crowds. If you wish to play with colours and do not hesitate in wearing different style of T-shirts then Prohibited Fashion is your brand without doubt!

The Prohibited Fashion Contrast V Insert V Neck Short Sleeved T Shirt made of cotton fabric is one of their finest creations. It has been liked by all kinds of men, especially those who love trendy stuff. It is available in a combination of blue and white colour and can be clubbed with a pair of jeans, shorts and even Capri. It is extremely fashionable and is ideal as casual wear.

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Ajaxx63 T-Shirts Combine Fun, Fashion and Style

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

If you are crazy about T-shirts and like wearing them almost on a daily basis, then Ajaxx63 is your brand for sure! Ajaxx63 believes in providing men with fashionable and trendy clothes that further allows them to make their own style and fashion statement. The brand picks up the latest concepts and themes to design creative, stylish and gorgeous T-shirts that stay in vogue for a long period. The brand has a wide variety of T-shirts for gay community as well.

The idea of launching the Ajaxx63 brand of T-shirts for men first came to Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser. While Bill had designed multiple clothes for brands such as Ralph Lauren/Polo Sport, Gap, Eddie Bauer and Vogue, Andy is basically renowned as a management guru from the Museum of Modern Art and Sony in New York.  The two resolved to put together their mind and money to establish a brand that served men as well as the gay community. The duo decided to relocate to Seattle and incepted Ajaxx63 in the year 1997.

Both Andrew and Bill put in a lot of hard work and dedication to design unique and the latest collection of T-shirts so that gay people all across the world can lay their hands on something that is fashionable, electrifying and colorfully pleasing at the same time. Every Ajaxx63 T-shirt is made of the highest quality fabric that is carefully sewn to create wonderful T-shirts that are never dull and boring and always in tune with the latest in the fashion industry.

The Ajaxx63 range of T-shirts is meant for men who love to don fun, exciting and out of the box T-shirts. Every Ajaxx63 T-shirt is created after observing the gay lifestyle and culture closely so that they get exactly what they are looking to buy. Apart from T-shirts, the Ajaxx63 brand also incorporates a wide range of Beanies, Caps and Jewelry. The brand offers different styles of T-shirts including, Long Sleeved T Shirts, Muscle Top T Shirts, Short Sleeved T Shirts and Tank Top T Shirts.

Those who are planning to grab Ajaxx63 brand of T-shirt could grab the Ajaxx63 Tank Tight End tank top for starters. This is basically ‘A’ back beater style of tank that is made of 100% cotton that can be safely worn to the gym or the club. This particular tank top allows you to flaunt your muscles and move around with complete freedom. It stretches easily and is extremely lightweight.

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Most men prefer Prohibited Fashion

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Nothing is prohibited in Prohibited Fashion except being ordinary. Prohibited Fashion abhors ordinariness and always has voted for unique, smart and sophisticated designs. Their range of menswear is popular and can be got at various places across the world like Spain, America, etc. Virtually no country or part of the world has been left untouched and unaffected by the influence of Prohibited Fashion. In fact, the influence that the brand has on fashion overall is quite notable as well. Within a very short time, the designs and approach of the brand has made many fashion stalwarts sit up and take notice of the brand.

Prohibited Fashion manufactures and produces various products for men like long sleeved t shirts, long sleeved shirts, muscle top t shirts, short sleeved shirts, scarves, short sleeved t shirts, tank top t shirts, sweaters and cardigans, etc.

The long sleeved t shirts of Prohibited Fashion are one of kind with their wonderful and unique style statements and designs. You will not only look sophisticated but downright stylish, rugged and manly as well. They are available in various kinds of styles and colours. The material used is a mix of 3% elastane, 29% wool and 68% viscose which make the articles very soft and comfortable.

Their muscle top t shirts are bold as well as stylish fashion statements. You can wear them over normal shirts for a refined yet stylish and casual approach and a street smart look. You can get them in various colours according to what suits you. The material is cotton with metal buttons over some of the styles, which adds a certain amount of edge to their clothing.

Short sleeved shirts made by Prohibited Fashion are available in many colours whether it is the collar or the body. The use of 100% cotton makes these items extremely comfortable enough to be worn even during the warmest summer months. Wearing them is a great way of adding some funk to your appearance.

Prohibited Fashion manufactures short sleeved t shirts in around 60 varieties which are very edgy and stylish. You can choose according to the styles and the colours available. Every style that you can imagine is there in the range. Only 100% cotton is used.

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Ajaxx63 – The Pioneers of Gay Culture Underwear

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Ajaxx63 is one of the very few brands that cater specifically for the gay culture of today by producing gay men’s clothing.

Ajaxx63 is an urban-oriented company which first started selling its products at the Pride Festivals. It became an over-night sensation. They had also made an appearance in the first season of “Queer as Folk.” They gained their foot-hold in the gay fashion industry after becoming partners with This move made them reach their zenith, and become a cult name in the gay retail industry. Ajaxx63 has appeared in various gay fashion magazines as well as the hit series showing on Showtime “Queer as Folk” and others like “Queer eye for the Straight Guy”, MTV’s “Open Bar”, “What not to Wear”, and many more.

Their range of beanies and caps are quite nice with high quality fabrics used for their manufacturing. Their workmanship is fine with smart styling and good quality construction. Multi-colour embroidery is the main hallmark of their line, and their colour combinations are very tight as well. They are perfect to top off the entire look.

You can choose from their collection of mesh panel trucker caps, baseball caps, knit beanies and many more. Their long-sleeved t-shirts are made of thermal and reflect the athletic in you in a tasteful yet sexy manner. Their beautiful fit is due to the naturally stretchable quality of the light thermally woven cotton.

Their graphic designs are stylish and excitingly colourful. Their eye for the detail and beautiful fit is really noteworthy. Their range of muscle top t shirts is sleeveless and truly made for the hunk inside you, as they make you look your beefy best. Their funky messages written at the front add to the cool quotient.

The short sleeved t shirts manufactured by this gay men’s apparel brand are available in more than 70 variations. They are very clingy and hug your body so that the ultimate look is that of masculine sexuality. Their range of tank top t shirts is quite sexy made of 100% cotton, as a result of which there no question of any compromise with the comfort factor.

Ajaxx63 is one manufacturer of sexy men’s clothes that does not believe in compromising comfort for style. They use the finest quality of materials aimed to give maximum comfort. They approach the concept of a t-shirt in a post-modern manner, and are redefining the look of the t shirt by making them energetic, modern and fashionable.

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Clever Maori Long Sleeves Mesh T Shirt Black 7005 Displays The Animal Power

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Clever Maori Long Sleeve Mesh T-Shirt is the one to have a completely tribal look. Clever 7005 sexy men’s t shirts are hot and innovative with an attractive tribal print all over the sheer mesh fabric. Clever Maori t shirt are sexy, masculine and good fun. Get this men’s long sleeve t-shirt with a cool body hugging form in black and flesh tattoo design and a slender crewneck trim is strong black. You will have a body tattoo at less cost and effort with Clever Maori Long Sleeve Mesh T-Shirt. Look and feel sexy with the Clever Maori t shirt which is available easily at DealByEthan at the best price.