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Don’t Settle For Just Any Brand, Take a Look at ManView Bodywear Collection

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Ideally when you think of getting underwear and swimwear for yourself, you end up settling for just any brand simply because it is meeting your budget. While this could serve your purpose for a short while, what you are not realizing is that in the process you end up compromising on quality, style and a host of other features that are must for mens swimwear and underwear. Therefore, if you don’t want to purchase just any brand and would rather like to spend your hard earned money wisely then don’t look any further than ManView Bodywear.

ManView Bodywear is capable of providing ultimate comfort that you deserve and enjoy and meets your expectations and desires at the same time. ManView Bodywear designers try to analyze the male anatomy and mind, and then proceed with designing the garment. None of their apparel is designed for the sake of launching fresh and new collections from time to time. In fact, a lot of research, detailing and creativity go into crafting every single design that ManView Bodywear offers. If you want a brand of underwear or swimwear that allows you to uplift your package, accentuate your physique and is made from extra soft and smooth fabric then grab that ManView Bodywear menswear today! Every ManView Bodywear piece of apparel is hand crafted and is made specifically for men who have a penchant for something different and fashionable. What sets this brand apart from others is the fact that it is double stitched so that the wearer experiences comfort and gets a highly durable product in return for his investment.

The ManView Bodywear collection of menswear comprises of Bikini Swimwear, Bikini Underwear, Boxer Brief Underwear, Brief Underwear, Jock Strap Underwear, Multi-Packs Swimwear, Multi-Packs Underwear, Square Cut Trunk Swimwear, Thong Swimwear and Thong Underwear styles.

In fact, the ManView Bodywear Classic Square Cut Swimwear offered by them is one of their finest creations. It is basically a square cut bikini style that comes with built in pouch. This particular swimwear is double stitched and will last really long. It also comes with a draw string that assures a great fit and it is unlined so that the wearer enjoys ultimate exposure. It is made of fabric which is a blend of 85% nylon and 15% lycra spandex. This exciting, sexy and stylish swimwear is available in different and vibrant colours such as red, purple, white, Lime, yellow and black.

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Manview Bodywear – Only real men can handle it!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The designing and production of intimate apparel has reached a new and improved level with Manview Bodywear! The main focus of the brand of sexy men’s underwear lies on designing clothing and apparel that accentuate the male physique in all its perfection. The brand takes unique care in manufacturing each piece of underwear which is handcrafted with extreme dedication to transform a simple piece of cloth into a piece of art! Each of the underwear is double stitched so that comfort and durability are not compromised in any way!

Manview Bodywear manufactures a variety of men’s underwear and swimwear including bikini underwear and swimwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, thong underwear and swimwear, jockstrap underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, etc.

Bikini swimwear and underwear is made of a mix of 15% lycra spandex and 85% nylon. The front is seamless, which make it great to wear at the beach. There is full back coverage and is unlined so you can really turn the heads of everybody at the beach or the pool. It is even available in mesh. This article of clothing is available in really vibrant colours to add a dash of fun and excitement wherever you go, like citrus orange, lipstick red, lime, mustard, royal blue, tangerine, purple passion, neon pink, mellow grape, etc.

Boxer brief underwear by Manview Bodywear is perfect to be worn during some strenuous physical activities due to the beautiful support and protection that it lends. There are lots of choices of funky colours in which the underwear is available. The material used is a blend of 5% spandex and 95% cotton which makes it very soft as well as comfortable. The pouch has fly front, which adds to the list of advantages and features of the product.

The pouch of the jock strap underwear made by Manview Bodywear is large and contoured, and the 2 inch wide waistband is in contrasting colours, which adds to the interest factor.

The square cut swimwear of Manview Bodywear is set in a classic style with drawstrings that help adjust the fit. Get them in attractive colours. The material used is a blend of 15% lycra spandex and 85% nylon which makes it easier to dry after a swim in the pool.

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ManView Bodywear

Monday, November 8th, 2010

In an ideal scenario, what you really want from your underwear or swimwear brand is for them to truly accommodate your needs and desires. You want them to provide you with the comfort you deserve and the ergonomics you enjoy. The only real way to achieve this is for a manufacturer to penetrate your mind and discover what`s inside.

ManView Bodywear does this. It`s a brand for men, and they know what men want. Simple as that. Ask yourself: wouldn`t you want underwear or swimwear that really accentuates your unique physique, wraps around your body like a glove, gives you tremendous support and is carefully handcrafted just for you?!

Of course you would, and MenView Bodywear does all of the above and more. Their garments are even double stitched to provide you with supreme durability and comfort, and come in a variety of styles and colors, something a male eye can feast on. Just check out this white or black ManView Bodywear China Groove mid rise trunk with “love” printed on it in Chinese. Need something sportier? How about this cool ManView Bodywear Into The Dragon sports brief that comes in blue, orange or yellow? These garments are made from a superior combination of 95% ultra soft cotton and 5% high quality spandex for supreme comfort, absorbability and durability.

If you want to take a dive into the big blue sea, check out this enticing and comfortable Classic Aussie bikini swimwear that comes in a wide range of colors. It`s even unlined for maximum exposure when wet, so you can arouse everyone in sight!

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