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N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants- Always Providing Optimum Comfort!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

As far as men’s underwear is concerned you can expect a wide range of styles and designs in the market today. The once neglected segment of the fashion industry, men’s underwear section now has different styles of underwear. Apart from boxers and briefs, you will come across G string underwear, thong underwear, bikini underwear, jockstrap underwear, pouch underwear, loincloth underwear and long underwear pants. Among the different varieties, men’s long underwear pants offer optimum comfort to the wearer all the time.

Wear your long underwear pants during winter and remain warm and cosy on all chilly occasions! Long underwear pants, made from temperature balancing natural fibers, can elevate your comfort level on the humid days as well. Trendy and stylish, a descent pair of long underwear pants goes well with jeans or trousers. In recent times fashion designers have been trying their level best to make this comfy underwear style even more voguish. Among the designer brands that offer stylish long underwear pants for men, N2N Bodywear comes highly recommended. Andrew Makay started N2N Bodywear way back in 1997. Since its inception in Los Angeles, N2N Bodywear has always aimed at offering the most stylish and comfortable underwear to men that enhance their sex appeal.

The designers at N2N Bodywear use premium materials to create their line of menswear. As a result, you will remain comfortable all day long in N2N Bodywear outfits. N2N Bodywear brings forth the most stylish, form-fiiting and comfortable men’s apparel that make you feel special always.  Apart from long underwear pants, N2N Bodywear also offers bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string swimwear, G string underwear, jammer swimwear, jock strap swimwear, jock strap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, long sleeved T shirts, loose boxer shorts underwear, loungewear, muscle top T shirts, pants, pouch underwear, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, sweaters, windbreakers, tank top T shirts, thong swimwear, thong underwear and men’s accessories.

When you think of comfort then nothing else comes mind other than N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants. Using high quality fabrics, N2N Bodywear designers have come up with some soft long underwear pants that anyone will find highly comfortable. The presence of cotton (90%) and spandex (10%) makes N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants ideal to wear on hot and humid season. The thin and soft cotton fibres of these skin-tight underwear pants offer optimum comfort to the wearers while the contoured pouch of N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants offers utmost support to your package. Apart from yellow, you can also get N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants in lilac, orange, grey, white and black colours.

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N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear – Your Outfit For Relaxing!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

When you think of selecting your loungewear, you always consider comfort to be the most essential factor. Any loungewear that cannot provide utmost comfort is of no use to you in any way.  After a hectic day’s work or after a rigorous workout in the gym all you want is to slip in to the most comfortable loungewear. You also want your loungewear to be trendy and chic-something that suits your well-toned body! To meet your demands, different brands are employing ace designers, who are putting in their efforts to create some very stylish and modish loungewear that are liked by men alike.

N2N Bodywear is one such brand that has actually lived up to the expectations of men. By creating some trendiest and sexiest menswear, N2N Bodywear has gained immense popularity and has found its place in men’s wardrobes. Their tagline goes – “Next to Nothing” which perfectly describes the different outfits created by this brand, which are so comfortable and breathable they are almost “next to nothing”. Using premium fabrics, N2N Bodywear designs some very stylish mens apparel that are liked by any fashion-conscious individual. You can come across a wide variety of menswear like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, bikini underwear, pouch underwear, thong swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, G string swimwear, bikini swimwear; jammer swimwear, jock strap swimwear, loungewear, bodysuits, shorts, pants, short sleeved T shirts, muscle top T shirts, tank top T shirts and other men’s outfits from this brand.

Once you set your eyes on N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear, you cannot help but crave for it day and night. Firstly, it is excessively comfortable, being made from a silky fabric that is quite soft and smooth. Secondly, the sleeveless design enhances your sculpted muscles, and elevates your comfort level. Just drape your body in this lounge robe and enjoy your leisure hours comfortably!

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N2N Bodywear has the Power to Make You Feel Special

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

N2N Bodywear was incepted in the year 1997 in Los Angeles by one of the leading men’s fashion designers, Andrew Makay and the brand has since then been loved by one and all. The unique thing about Makay’s designs is that they are exceptional and great in every sense. Whether it is N2N Bodywear swimwear or underwear, men with a taste for lavish and comfortable designs will fall in love with their designs instantly. Thanks to Makay’s vision, the gay fraternity and metrosexual personalities have witnessed an apparel revolution of sorts. However, Makay’s designs are not meant only for the homosexual, even straight men can find innumerable designs, cuts and patterns for themselves.

N2N has the power to make everyone feel special! The brand has been introducing designs that embraces the male physique and then transports him to a new world of sex appeal. The brand has been launched with a simple motto and that is to offer comfortable and superior quality apparel that will enhance masculine physique further.

They offer a variety of styles and patterns including, long-leg boxer briefs, g-strings and thong underwear. N2N designs offer a lot of comfort and style. They can be stretched easily and fit perfectly well. The waistband for every pattern is unique and made of elastic, which is both stretchable and durable at the same time.

N2N has a fetish for offering daring, bold and hot designs for men and they have always managed to impress men from different walks of life with all their cuts and patterns. The brand pays a lot of heed to the pouch style and gives men the perfect opportunity to slip into underwear that has unique and sexy looking pouches, which are also very comfortable and breathable at the same time.

Men who wish to don the enhanced pouch look can don the N2N Bodywear Cotton Boxster Underwear. It is sexy, erotic and irresistible and it is every man’s secret dream. It gives men much required freedom of movement and features a sexy and hot pouch design, which is perfect for slipping into the enhanced pouch look. It is crafted from N2N’s signature, stretchy and thin material, which is essentially a mix of cotton and spandex. It is lightweight and is made from a mix of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. It features a seamless front pouch and is an absolute delight.

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What’s so special about N2N Bodywear Brushed Tactel Boxster

Friday, August 12th, 2011

One of the underwear brands that are always trusted to bring creative and innovative products on table is N2N Bodywear! The uniqueness is not only dependent on the style and design, but on the pattern, sex appeal of the garment as well as the fit! One of the unique innovations of N2N Bodywear is the brushed tactel boxster range!

The material used to fashion these tactel boxsters is a blend of 8% spandex and 92% nylon. The square cut style has been wrapped around with flat back and front design and extreme low rise.

The colours that N2N Bodywear Brushed Tactel Boxster is available are the basic white and black. The fabric of brushed tactel is signature with a unique feel. It is not only soft to touch but can lightly remind you of some suede surface! There is soft sheen on the fabric’s exterior while the inner part is totally shiny!

The thinness of the microfiber fabric makes it quite revealing. So while wearing it one thing must be kept in mind that you will not be leaving much to the imagination when you wear N2N Bodywear Brushed Tactel Boxster!

Fully covered elastic comprises the waistband which measures about ¾ inches with great fit, being true to size like the rest of the N2N Bodywear lines. The brief has very little decoration except for the N2N logo tag which has been sewn flat. The fabric content and size/ care tag is located just behind the tag which has the logo.

The boxster has two side seams and there is not much of a leg design as the legs’ base consists of folded material of 1 inch without any elastic reinforcement.

The fabric is very stretchy which adds to the comfort factor of the fabric as well as the underwear! In fact, it is suitable for wearing all day long, thanks to the soft material! It even feels like a second skin and provides a molding like effect that helps in quite a bit of lift and shaping. This might seem a bit surprising to many people due to the lack of structure or seams of the pouch!

The N2N Bodywear Brushed Tactel Boxster is cut low rise which may result in showing a bit of your hips near the waistband.

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N2N Bodywear Cotton Boxster: get to know about it

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

A number of changes were visible in the year 2009 to the underwear range of N2N Bodywear. However, their range of Cotton Boxster remains more or less the same. N2N’s boxster style is square-cut and has flat front moulding around the package of the wearer!

An exposed elastic waistband of standard measurements is included among the basic features of the Cotton Boxster! In 2009, some new options regarding colours were added. This underwear was previously available in only light blue and green, but now you can get your hands on Cotton boxsters in colours like white, black, navy blue and bright orange as well!

The elastic of the waistband has a soft texture on the inside which makes it comfortable for all day wear! The waistband’s front has the logo of N2N sewn flat measuring 5/8 inches x 1 1/8 inches. The letters of the new logo of the brand are thick typographic ones. The fit of the boxster is true and great! The waistband’s inside centre has the logo tag containing the wash and care and fabric information and is made of shiny synthetic fabric. The underwear offers full coverage at the back and the seams of the designs come in from the sides.

There is no reinforcing of the waistband with elastic and just folded over and then seamed together with the main brief. The fabric of the line is of a fine quality and is actually a mix of 10% spandex and 90% cotton. This mix makes it highly stretchable. The underwear in white is quite see-through. However, due to the all round single layer the fabric is light weight and is quite breathable and great for all day wear! There might be visible outlines which you be very careful about though!

The low rise cut is comfortable and this underwear can be a good substitute as sleepwear and can also be used for simple lounging. Although the front and back is flat, you will get shape and lift from the pouch!

One thing to be noted is the great construction of the N2N Bodywear Cotton Boxster. It is not only good and has clean stitching but there are no loose threads revealed with fabric cuts displaying clean edges.

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Looking into N2N Bodywear Luxe Brief

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Around 2009 N2N Bodywear refreshed some of their pre-existing lines and along with some new lines were also launched which had fresh designs and this included the Luxe line. The line has underwear in just the basic colours- white and black and the waistband is oversized in metallic steel blue. There are three different cuts and styles of men’s underwear under the range- trunk, jock and the one in discussion, the brief.

The fit of N2N Bodywear Luxe brief is excellent. There can be no complaints about the material department as N2N Bodywear is known for its no compromise attitude in case of materials used. The material used is a mix of 8% spandex and 92% polyester. The feel of the material is thin and smooth which feels really good! There is a slight shiny finish to the material and it is quite stretchable!

The Luxe line’s waistband is not like the waistband found in the previous different lines of N2N Bodywear! It measures at 1 ¾ inches and thus is quite a wide waistband when compared to other ranges and styles. A micro fibre material forms the waistband. It is firm when stretched but at the same time thin as well! The logo of N2N Bodywear is marked all round the waistband in contrast to the dark colour of the waistband.

The waistband’s interior back has the logo as well as the wash/ care tags. Shiny nylon forms the material for the tag and is extremely smooth. The low profile that it maintains makes it not at all irritating to the skin when you wear the brief.

The brief has full coverage at the back and the rise is a bit higher than normally expected! From the narrowest point, the sides come in at 1 inch which includes the elastic leg bands and excludes the waistband.

The single layer material of the brief’s frontal part is bound to turn quite a few heads when worn! The base seam pouch of the brief’s front is quite simple. Some shaping and lifting is carried out by the pouch of the underwear; however the enhancement is not too much. The design and fabric of the pouch aim to give a ’molded’ effect, instead of the ‘cupping’ effect.

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Reviewing N2N Bodywear Mojave G-String

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

The underwear lines of N2N Bodywear are several and there are varieties offered in the cuts and styles. N2N stands for Next to Nothing and once you wear them you will feel as if you are wearing next to nothing! N2N Bodywear’s latest staple is the Mojave line, which has many kinds of cuts and styles under its wing! This review focuses on the g string underwear of Mojave which is undoubtedly the smallest article of clothing sold by this brand!

The feature of Mojave line of N2N Bodywear is that all their underwear styles are available in three basic colours- rust, warm grey and olive green. You can take your pick from these three great colours according to what appeals to you and what may suit you!

The string waist is quite stretchable so that even if you buy one size smaller it will be snug and fit you just fine! In fact, even if you buy one size smaller then the fit will be even better and the pouch will remain more managed! The elastic design that is fully covered runs round the waistband and is quite durable, keeping everything secure and in place. Simplicity and cleanliness are the key features of the string and waistband. The size tag and fabric logo is kept in the pouch’s interior the tag design of N2N Bodywear is unobtrusive and compact, despite the placement inside the pouch. A synthetic shiny fabric is used as the tag material which is quite thin and smooth to touch. This results in no interference with the G string’s feel or fit.

A nice curve marks the cut of the front pouch, leaving plenty of room up front. However, although the styling is minimalist, enough coverage is provided so that everything is covered up quite strategically. The pouch is quite roomy and there isn’t too much shaping or lifting function that it performs. However, for all day wearing purposes it is perfect!

One very interesting feature of this sexy men’s underwear is the fact that pouch top and the waistband are not anchored together except at the centre seam, allowing the pouch sides to be pulled in and providing less coverage if you so desire!

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Men underwear shop for all

Friday, June 10th, 2011

There are many men underwear shop from which men can buy whatever style of underwear that their hearts desire. There are stores in and around the locality that you reside in along with many virtual stores selling their wares on the internet as well. Previously, the behind the counter sale was the only thing that people knew. But now online stores have become very popular mode for shopping underwear with ease.

The online stores have a number of advantages. One of them is complete privacy. For some people buying underwear is an extremely private thing. In case you want to buy some naughty or fancy underwear for some great times there is no need to feel shy to do it as there is the assurance of getting complete privacy. Simply go online, browse through the numerous styles and choose according to the requirement, without any shyness whatsoever.

Online stores are great in the respect that they carry men’s underwear of all brands and fashion labels, all under the same roof. The stores carry brands like Good Devil, Mundo Unico, Dirty Fukker, DMK Designs, Pikante, Aware Soho, JM, Svenjoyment, Pipe Underwear, N2N, Arroyman, Go Softwear, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Jocko, Buffedbod, Doreanse, King Style Underwear, 2xist, Geovanny, Ergowear, C-IN2, Timoteo, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Ballbra, Tulio, McKillop, California Muscle, Ajaxx 63, Brief Underneath, etc. Online stores can cater to even the fussiest of individuals who perhaps do not go beyond some particular brand for their underwear needs, with their vast collection.

Men underwear shop online provide the option of browsing without any hassle or fuss. You can browse through hundreds of virtual store just sitting at one place and simply clicking on the mouse to find out exactly what you need. There is no need to invest in lots of time and effort for underwear shopping. It is fast and efficient. The online stores have plenty of pictures and examples of people wearing their wares so that the decision making becomes easier for the buyer as well when he sees how the item of clothing actually looks on somebody.

Another great advantage of buying men’s underwear from online stores is that the shipment is free. There are no extra or hidden costs with shipping charges added on to the underwear. In fact the online stores offer plenty of discounts, sales and schemes which prove to be extremely profitable to the buyer. You can browse through the various stores online to find out about the best deals and promotional offers by them. You can find out the latest trends easily as well before you buy the underwear. In fact the stocks are far more than the normal stores as they do not always carry the latest trends all the time or sometimes the exact size may not be available as well. As there are plenty of stock in the men underwear shops online, the choice and then transaction becomes easy.

There are numerous advantages of buying men’s underwear from online stores. However, there are some things to be kept in mind while shopping for underwear online. The correct size must be known by the shopper. Remember that some specific underwear styles may need different sizes and even some specific brands have different sizes of underwear. So find out about your size and order accordingly.

Different styles of mens underwear and what do they say about you

Friday, June 10th, 2011

With the lapse of time, many different styles of mens underwear have been designed, accepted and worn by millions out there. Each guy is different, and so each of them has a style and taste of his own. Their selection of the various kinds of underwear says something about each of them, and you must remember that all styles cannot be worn by all types of people in general.

You can select the various types of men’s underwear from the various brands according to your requirements like Pipe Underwear, Arroyman, Buffedbod, Doreanse, Go Softwear, Jocko, Timoteo, Ergowear, C-IN2, MaleBasics Lingerie, Ballbra, Narciso, NY Jox, Tulio, Geovanny, King Style Underwear, 2xist, Dirty Fukker, Good Devil, Mundo Unico, Pikante, California Muscle, DMK Designs, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Svenjoyment, Aware Soho, JM, McKillop, N2N, etc.

Briefs are often called tightey whiteys and they offer quite a bit of support for the delicate regions so they are most beneficial during sporting events. Their great fit and support makes it a popular choice as men’s underwear.

One of the most conservative styles of mens underwear is boxers. Whether it is boxer shorts or boxer briefs, boxers remain a popular choice for the general public. It is thought that guys who wear boxers are fond of tradition and also that they enjoy their transformation into manhood. The mystery factor is enhanced by wearing boxers. In fact, the one-button fly concept makes the boxers very interesting. Boxer briefs, on the other hand, give a sleek and sexy look to the wearer. They really shape up the derriere of the man as well.

There are many types of colours, patterns and styles to choose from. However, while choosing from the big printed boxers there are some things to be remembered. The colourful boxers are fun and are available in a variety of fun prints which look good and increase the flirty factor.

Although metrosexuality has been on the rise, thongs are not really for everybody. In fact, if you want to be adventurous with your partner you may wear a thong to titillate their senses. Thongs may be worn by those who are wearing fitted trousers and are afraid of visible lines.

Low rise briefs or bikini briefs are one of the best options in case you wear low rise jeans. The shortness of the underwear forbids any peeking through the jeans or trousers which may cause embarrassment for you in public.

Pouches or sausage slings are male underwear’s with a difference and are downright sexy. They are available in rhino and elephant varieties.

Trunks are the smaller versions of regular boxer briefs with slight modifications. The colourful prints and designs of underwear lend a flirty look for the wearer. The lean, confident and young men can carry them off with aplomb.

Compression shorts are great for those people who remain active and indulge in various sporting activities to stay fit. They cover the entire hip area and majority of the thighs as well.

Long johns, fashioned out of thermal material are the best underwear to be worn during the winters. Long johns help keep you warm because of the thermal material even in the coldest weather.

Jock straps have been designed to provide support to the male parts during various sports like activities or working out. They protect the males from all types of injuries and shocks.

Long mens underwear

Friday, June 10th, 2011

During the winter you need all the protection that you can get from the chill of the biting winter wind. For this purpose long underwear is the ideal choice. Long mens underwear of this kind helps keep the wearer warm by covering the thighs, calves and in some cases even ankles. These long mens underwear keep the muscles warm and as such absolutely ideal for wearing for sports which require the muscles to be kept so.

The long mens underwear is also known as long johns are they are ideal for wearing during all kinds of sports especially during the winter like trekking, climbing, skiing, etc. the long johns are available as three quarters as well and those pants can be worn for running and winter training. The term refers to ankle length pants and underwear to ankle length shorts. Long johns can be worn by women even if they want to indulge in winter sports and want to keep warm.

There are several leading brands and companies manufacturing the long johns like Pipe Underwear, N2N, Arroyman, Go Softwear, Elite Unlimited Underwear, Jocko, Buffedbod, Doreanse, Ergowear, C-IN2, Timoteo, MaleBasics Lingerie, Narciso, NY Jox, Ballbra, Tulio, McKillop,California Muscle, King Style Underwear, 2xist, Geovanny, Good Devil, Mundo Unico, Dirty Fukker, DMK Designs, Pikante, Aware Soho, JM, Svenjoyment, etc. Each of these brands has their own way of manufacturing and employ latest techniques and technology to make the experience of wearing the long johns comfortable for you.

Some companies employ the technology of HELIX-MAPPING athletic support for the designing of the underwear which induces high performance from it. The long cut enhances the benefits and the fit is fantastic, supporting the gluteal muscles fully, giving superb body mechanics. The underwear is seam less giving a beautiful outward appearance without any visible underwear lines.

The pouch of this long mens underwear is precision-fit and well ventilated. The fabric used by the manufacturers is moisture-wicking which gives ultimate comfort. The gait and posture is supported by the underwear. The material of the long mens underwear helps control the temperature of the body with the combination of polyester, spandex and nylon. In fact the material has the property of being dry quickly after wash. The material of the underwear is absolutely safe and durable.

The base layer of the underwear gives a slimming affect by streamlining the lining the body. The snug fit of the men’s underwear gives optimum athletic support. The design is aimed to cater to the needs and requirements of the body of a modern man.

The underwear offers warmth and comfort and the material is soft and lightweight and they are highly breathable as well.

Some companies use synthetic fibres made from recycled fibres and the fibre in turn is recyclable as well. Some manufacturers even employ techniques for natural odour control through benign amino acids so that bad smells are evicted.

The designs around the crotch area are so that range of motions remains unrestricted and the garment easy to layer. The forward position of the side seams creates total comfort without the fear of chafing.

The long mens underwear is available at any store- online or otherwise in a range of colours, sizes and textures. You can choose according to your size and taste from them to protect yourself from the chill of winter.