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Possess Obviously Retro Low Rise Boxer Brief Underwear for Comfort – Obviously!

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Men who are just not satisfied with conventional designs of underwear need to look at the stylish and chic Obviously Retro Low Rise Boxer Brief Underwear. Although it is true that boxer briefs came into fashion a long time back, but in the hands of eminent designers, the typical design of the boxer brief has evolved a lot and became trendier, perfect for a chiselled body. Any man who sets his eyes on this low-rise boxer brief underwear will try to get it at any cost.  This underwear is made from a soft and breathable blended fabric of modal/lycra. The presence of these materials ensures the softness as well as stretchability of the underwear. It is provided with a roomy pouch that gives adequate support, enhancement and protection to your package. A broad elastic waist strap of this underwear provides added support and tightness.

One of the main attractions of this underwear is the brand name that is labelled on the waist strap. This also gives you the opportunity to reveal the strap from under your jeans or pants and let others know about your favourite brand. The presence of piping as well as edging makes this underwear even more popular among men. This underwear is neither too long nor too short, but just what you always crave for. The low-rise design is meant to enhance your sculpted manly physique.

Obviously For Men is a leading brand designing menswear since 2007. Designers Robert and Daniel Miljkovic decided to put in their effort to create some exclusive underwear that will be liked by all men. This brand designs underwear that is not only stylish and obtainable in a variety of shades but also ensures maximum comfort to the wearer. Made with the finest fabrics, Obviously creates men’s outfits that ensure a perfect fit and boost your manly image. Besides boxer brief underwear, this brand also creates bikini underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, etc.

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Obviously Underwear is Eco-Friendly and Man-Friendly

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Obviously brand of underwear for men is one of the finest that is available in the market today. The brand is environment conscious, which is why most of their products are made of modal cotton that need less water in order to be produced in comparison to normal cotton underwear. Obviously does not use chemicals to make any of their products. The modal cotton fabrics that are used to design all Obviously products are made from natural and sustainable wood fibre.

The brand is clearly meant for men who love to keep their package and assets protected. The credit for launching the brand goes to ace designers, Robert and Daniel Miljkovic. Their only intention was to provide comfortable menswear that was capable of safeguarding the wearer’s assets too.

Obviously range of menswear is different from other brands in the sense that it offers extra care for the wearer’s skin. Once you have slipped into Obviously underwear, you won’t get that sticky feeling at all. It also helps the wearer avoid squashing feeling and he won’t have to readjust your underwear at all. You will never sweat in Obviously underwear as it is made of absorbent material fibres that keeps the wearer cool as well as dry.

Obviously range of underwear come with a special pouch that is anatomically designed and allow the wearer to place his package in it. It features a U-shaped seam which in turn forms the pouch’s base.

The Obviously Chromatic Low Rise Boxer Brief Underwear available in yellow color is one of their finest creations. The fabric is very soft and extra lightweight. It is made of 90% Modal and 10% Lycra. It is part of the Obviously Chromatic Collection. The anatomical design of the pouch offers a lot of comfort. The underwear comes with soft and smooth waistband and features the Obviously logo on it. It features a seamless back that ensures that the underwear does not ride up. The seams of the brief are made of very soft threads that help in eliminating rubbing. This particular brief can be safely used as daily wear. It fits perfectly well and is very comfortable and breathable.

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Body Language Fashions –Men’s Fashion like Never Before

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Body Language Fashions is one of those brands that will definitely fetch you a complement from your girl friend or wife, the very moment they look at it. This is precisely why the brand has managed to impress women from all walks of life. Body Language Fashions came into existence in the year 1995 in Texas. The brand offers a range of exciting products for men including, Bikini Underwear, Boxer Brief Underwear and Thong Underwear. It is one of those underwear brands, which is both fascinating and thrilling at the same time.

This brand has the ability to create stunning designs and you will definitely feel like picking all of their styles, no matter what your size. Their designs are imaginative, creative and above all comfortable so that the wearer does not have to undergo the sticky and itchy feeling at all.

The reason why Body Language Fashions has managed to achieve success is simply because they combine sophisticated yet exciting styles and never go overboard, especially when it comes to the color of the material used for crafting their master piece designs. The wearer will simply love to flaunt the underwear he chooses for himself. The unique and great thing about Body Language Fashions is that it is never boring, and can help men accentuate and explore their sexy and fashionable side. Move past the common, usual and mundane styles, by simply opting for Body Language Fashions underwear, for they are creative, stylish and fashionable.

The brand can be credited for inspiring men across different countries in the world. The sheer fact that each of their designs is versatile as well as comfortable puts this brand way ahead of its competitors. The brand focuses on uplifting and unleashing the sexy and hot side of men and gives them the perfect chance to treat themselves better.

The product being discussed here is the Body Language Fashions Large Pouch Brazilian Bikini Underwear. This super sexy bikini underwear is essentially a combination of amazing style, high-quality material and truly innovative creativity. Men from different backgrounds have donned this breathtaking design, simply because it is very comfortable and extremely stylish. The good thing about Brazilian Bikini is that it will help you uplift your masculine features. The underwear has been designed for those men who wish to uplift their personality and for those who do not wish to settle for just about anything.

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Obviously For Men full cut brief

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The ‘Obviously’ underwear brand is Australia based and their designs and creations are one of a kind. The full cut brief is one of the original designs of brief that the brand had launched since their inception at the very beginning! In brief, the brand’s first foray in the market for men’s underwear is represented by the brief!

There are some basic colours in the line up- white, black, blue and red from which you can take your pick! The material used to craft the men’s underwesar is a blend of lycra and micro modal which is extremely stretchable and very soft. The weight of the fabric is quite low and it is very thin and comfortable for wearing. The waistband is made of micro fibre elastic and is 1 ¼ inches. The waistband does not dig in from the sides as it is extremely soft! The waistband has the brand name repeated around its side. The waistband’s interior back does not have any labels or tags attached. The fabric’s interior side at the back has one heat-sealed patch which has the wash/ care and basic fabric care information.

The brief has full back coverage with the cut quite generous, which leads to a high rise cut. For those needing some extra back room, this style of men’s underwear is quite perfect for you! The brief’s side narrows to 1 ¼ inches which does not include the waistband and includes the leg band elastic which is ¼ inches and is fully covered.

The brief front is encrusted with the ‘ergonomic pouch’ which is a trademark and pride of most Obviously Underwear lines. The engineering of the pouch is done in a way so that there is a lot of room in the frontal part of the underwear and that you can feel totally comfortable! However, lifting and shaping is affected somewhat but for those who have comfort as the top-most priority in their mind, this Obviously For Men full cut brief is the one for you! The pouch of the underwear is such that you will not feel pulled back or compressed! The deep base makes the curve quite aggressive, giving it a sock-like effect! The fabric at the front is single layered and the thinness adds to the comfort factor further!

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Obviously for Men

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

There are certain things Mother Nature created in this world: a sun that rises in the east, rain that provides thirsty soil with life, pouches on mother kangaroos for carrying her babies, an ozone layer to provide us with protection from dangerous UV rays and male genitals that need protection. This is where Obviously for Men underwear comes in.

For the first time in history, men have the ability to take care of their assets the way Mother Nature intended it. Designers Robert and Daniel Miljkovic founded Obviously for Men to push the limits of comfort and protection that underwear can provide – and boy, did they ever do it.

A scientific approach to designing underwear has given birth to the amazing concept of an anatomically designed pouch. The U-shaped seam that forms the base of the pouch is designed to sit directly behind your genitals, up against your body. This provides a snug though comfortable fit and separates your genitals from the rest of your body, preventing any embarrassing adjustments in public and ensuring that you feel cool and dry all day long. 

To top it all off, Obviously for Men is very ecologically conscious. Most of their garments are made without chemicals and from modal cotton, which requires considerably less water to produce than normal cotton (1000 kilograms of modal cotton require 500 liters of water to produce, while normal cotton of the same weight requires 6000 liters of water.).

So, Obviously for Men is both friendly to men and friendly to the environment. Purchase your pair from the wide range of Obviously for Men undergarments at today and give both your genitals and Mother Nature a gift.