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You Simply Enjoy Your Aquatic Sports In Sauvage Flamingo Retro Swimmer Shorts Swimwear!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Men like wearing some stylish and trendy swimwear that will help in enhancing their looks on the beach. Earlier, men had few options when it came for selecting their swimwear, but nowadays, things have changed a lot. Now, men’s swimwear is available in varied designs, catering to the different styles and tastes of men. Designers of well-known brands are coming up with some exclusive, colourful and stylish swimwear, especially men’s shorts swimwear that men love to wear for various water sports.

Sauvage is one such brand whose ace designer Elizabeth Southwood spends a lot of effort in bringing out some unique and sizzling shorts swimwear created from Italian micro fiber, lycra and nylon that enhance the male physique.  Sauvage is based in San Diego, California, but men in countries worldwide love Sauvage products. Elizabeth Southwood believes in using some high-quality fabrics for creating the brand’s different menswear.

Moreover, the vibrant and cool colour combinations of Sauvage swimwear like their bikini swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts swimwear and boardshorts beachwear are quite exclusive. Sauvage also manufactures some stylish men’s underwear like boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear and shorts.  They also have some nice collections of long sleeved T shirts and short sleeved T shirts.

When you are on the beach nothing suits your better than Sauvage Flamingo Retro Swimmer Shorts Swimwear. Designed to make you enjoy various aquatic sports, this shorts swimwear is indeed stylish. The most striking feature of this swimwear is its unique flamingo print that looks great on the beach! It is neither too loose nor too tight, neither too long nor too short – just the right size to make you look extremely sizzling and chic. Its broad waist strap is provided with drawstrings that allow you to adjust this shorts swimwear accordingly.

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Plunge Into Water In Your Sauvage Italian Plaid Retro Square Cut Trunk Swimwear!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Gone are the days, when men used to be satisfied with plain and drab swimwear that had neither style nor a proper fit. A peek into a fashion conscious man’s wardrobe proves that swimwear is also considered an essential outfit. Whether you indulge in beach activities or swim around in the pool, your swimming trunks need to be excessively modish. The tight fit and the skimpy design of your swimming trunks should complement your well-toned and curvaceous physique. Just set your eyes on the superbly sexy Sauvage Italian Plaid Retro Square Cut Trunk Swimwear!

This trendy swimming trunk adequately adheres to the body, retaining your sizzling looks. The chequered fabric with a blue base is ideal beachwear; the blue shade along with blue waters of the sea gives you a cooling effect. The most interesting feature of these trunks is its unique design. It is faux – board with short styling. They are not excessively long enough to prevent beach activities, or excessively short, making you feel awkward. These trunks simply allow you to flaunt your manly body. The presence of a broad waistband provides extra support in the waist area and a drawstring enables you to adjust this costume according to your needs. Now you can indulge in different watersports without being uncomfortable, even for a moment.

Sauvage is a popular brand specializing in different outfits like bikini swimwear, square cut swimwear, shorts swimwear, broadshorts beachwear, boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, shorts, long sleeved T-shirts, short sleeved T shirts, trousers etc for men.

Started by eminent designer Elizabeth Southwood in San Diego, this brand has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Each outfit is crafted from superb quality fabric and the designs are favourites among stylish men. Mostly, materials like Italian micro fiber, lycra and nylon are used in creating Sauvage’s swimwear collection. Thus, each item retains its perfect tightness and stretchability. Available in variety of shades, Sauvage is meant just for you!

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Sauvage Beachwear, Loungewear and Underwear are Simply Irresistible – Grab them Today!

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

If you wish to follow underwear brands that are trusted by the likes of Kate Moss, Diane Kruger and other celebrities, then you got to take a look at the Sauvage brand of swimwear and underwear for men. Australia based Sauvage has been making a conscious effort to provide men with some of the most dynamic and creative line of swimwear and underwear. The brand focuses on the latest and recent trends to design fashionable and comfortable apparel for men.

The brand was incepted by chief designer Elizabeth Southwood who also happens to be the owner of the brand. If you have a taste for erotic, sensual and hot apparel, you will find Sauvage very exciting. The brand has forced the fashion experts to turn their heads every time it announced its collection, and in turn even ace designers have praised the brand for the sheer quality, sense of style and sensuousness that they have managed to extend through their unique collections time and again.

Southwood uses some of the most exotic and vibrant colours with bold and innovative graphic prints in order to create innovative apparel. To say that her collection is good is grossly underrating her creativity and capabilities. Every product designed by her is truly magnificent and a class apart.

Apart from swimwear and underwear, Sauvage is also renowned for its other products that include apparel such as long sleeved and short sleeved T-shirts and trousers. Their bikini swimwear for men is crafted from fabric of the highest quality, which is essentially a blend of Lycra and nylon. On the other hand, the boardshorts beachwear range as well as the boxer shorts underwear style offered by them is colourful and really modest. These styles are perfect for men who like it more covered and do not enjoy revealing much of their body. Many of their swimwear products consist of shorts swimwear styles that are made using Italian micro fiber, Lycra and nylon. This particular swimwear range features a mesh liner as well as side pockets and is available in striking stripes, mono colours, checks and many other prints.

Sauvage Athletic Midlength Shorts Swimwear, available in white, is one of the finest products being offered by the brand today. These are made of 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra and are great workout shorts.

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Sauvage is Exceptional and Everything You Want

Monday, October 24th, 2011

USA based Sauvage brand of underwear for men has been created by Elizabeth Southwood. She is both the chief designer and owner of the brand, and ever since her first launch, Elizabeth has been striving really hard to give men exceptional, comfortable and breathable underwear. The reason why the brand has made it this far and is still being admired by thousands of men across the globe is simply because Elizabeth has combined the best and the most vibrant colors and daring as well as exceptional graphic prints to design innovative and stylish pair of underwear.

In fact, this brand is so unique and wonderful that some of the most renowned faces (such as Diane Kruger and Kate Moss) also prefer to don their designs and patterns.The Sauvage collection of menswear includes products such as, long sleeved and short sleeved T-shirts, shorts, trousers, beachwear, swimwear and underwear. Even though the brand managed to gain popularity for its swimwear range for women, its mens range of underwear is also getting great responses.

Men fond of fashionable and sexy bikini swimwear can pick the Sauvage bikini swimwear made from fabric which is essentially a blend of Lycra and nylon. It is available in racer brief as well as low rise operator pouch brief styles that also feature stripes at sides. The Sauvage boardshorts beachwear is another exciting pattern and is basically comfortable boxer shorts made from 100% nylon. Those who do not believe in revealing too much will admire this piece for sure.

Sauvage uses a lot of nylon, micro fiber and Lycra to design sexy, stylish and fashionable swimwear for men. Their swimwear range features mesh liner and side pockets and is available in vibrant single colors, checks style and even in stripes. The Sauvage shorts are incredibly comfortable and come in slim and flexible cuts and are made from fabric, which is a blend of Lycra and terry.

The product being discussed here is the Sauvage Floral Retro Square Cut Trunk Swimwear Sky. Available in retro square cut style this particular swimwear is absolutely comfortable and offers enough coverage. It comes with a pouch that offers enough room and support to your pouch. It also features a very wide waistband which is slightly larger than what you would find in a normal swimwear. This waistband is extremely soft and smooth and won’t bother you at all.

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Sauvage Wear – For cutting edge and exotic menswear

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The world of menswear has many names that are famed for stylish underwear manufacturing, but cutting edge underwear has been given a new definition with Sauvage Wear! The brainchild of Elizabeth Southwood, who is also the chief designer, the brand represents a unique combination of nature’s vibrant colours with graphic prints that result in the creation of ultimate and unique pieces of men’s clothing!

The vast numbers of items of men’s clothing that Sauvage Wear produces includes boardshorts beachwear, bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, shorts swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, long sleeved t shirts, short sleeved t shirts, shorts, trousers, etc.

The brief underwear of Sauvage Wear is low rise and is made of a blend of 20% lycra and 80% nylon. The low rise cut makes it perfect to be worn under low rise jeans.

Their boardshorts beachwear is available in a variety of patterns and stripes of various and unique colour combinations. The swimwear is made of linen, which offers supreme comfort and quick drying facilities, perfect for a day at the beach!

Sauvage Wear’s shorts swimwear is available in a number of collections and types. You can go for the retro but chic look, or go in for a totally funky and colourful look!  The fly is Velcro, and there is a back pocket to keep important stuff (if any) which adds to the list of utilities. The shorts swimwear and plain shorts have different fits and lengths, so you can choose accordingly. The material used is super soft Italian Lycra which is lined with mesh, adding to the softness and comfort of wearing the undwear.

If you really want to turn the heads of all the people at the beach, then Sauvage Wear’s square cut trunk swimwear is your best bet! You will be able to get the style in a huge range of colours, patterns and types that will leave you dizzy with indecision about which one you should actually choose! Each item from their swimwear collection is crafted from Italian microfiber, which is so soft it feels as if you are floating on a cloud when you wear this. The fit is excellent, and gives viewers a peek into your masculinity. Their swimwear comes in a low rise cut.

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Men’s underwear- all you need to know

Friday, June 10th, 2011

These days, there is a vast array of men’s underwear to choose from, all for different types of occasions and purposes. There are those for casual or athletic purposes and some can choose from the various types of designer men’s underwear as well. The various types of manufacturing techniques, style cuts and fabrics have resulted in different and separate categories of underwear for men. With the tastes of people changing, the designs of then underwear have evolved as well.

With the changing times in terms of fashion there are many types of materials to be considered like everyday cottons which provide the maximum comfort in everyday wear, milk fiber, hemp, soy bean fiber, mesh, nylon, spandex, polyester, etc. With the different types of materials and their varying comfort factors, men’s underwear is not as regular and boring as may be thought to be.

There are many different styles and cuts to choose from like briefs, boxers, g strings, jockstraps, trunks, etc. each style is different and unique. They are in different lengths as well so that they can be worn easily with low rise jeans. Some of the waistbands of the underwear have clips which make for easy use. The pouches of the underwear have shelves and the straps hold everything in place. There are mesh and strapping to stop chaffing and to protect.

With many designers coming in the field of designing innovative underwear for men there are designer brands and labels of underwear available in the market. Some of the notable names are Candyman, 2wink, Sauvage, Rufskin, Arroyman, Ajaxx63, Azzaro, Calvin Klein, California Muscle, Burberrys, etc.

Boxers are the epitome of comfort and casual underwear which are adored by all. They are generally made from comfortable materials like silk and cotton.  The boxers are loosely fitted and the waistband is gathered or elastic. They give a street wear look and give great leg movement. One of the biggest advantages of using boxers is that they can double up as nightwear and are used by men of all ages.

If you need to find something to wear underneath that low rise jeans or want to avoid showing the underwear line through trousers then g strings or thongs are the best options for you. This kind of underwear is great for athletic men who indulge in various kinds of sporting activities. They do not ride and provide ample space for the legs to move in various directions. Silks and other materials are used to make the underwear. This type has a number of designs and styles. The style has become popular for both men and women, especially for swimwear.

Jockstraps are popular options for those men who love all kinds of sports. Jockstraps provide maximum comfort and support for men, making it suitable for all sorts of activities and environment.  There are various variations on the style as well for various uses and various choices of the user.

All the various types of men’s underwear come in a range of vibrant colors and bold and innovative prints to reflect the choices and individualities of the men. For those who want to experiment can opt for the different prints and those who like to stick to the conventional can simply go for the underwear in solid colors, the choice is entirely yours.

Sauvage Unleashes its Charm on the World of Sexy Men’s Fashion

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Sauvage is a unique brand in the world of menswear. It is the brainchild of owner and chief designer, Elizabeth Southwood, and it has been creating ripples ever since its inception. Sauvage designs are exotic and cutting-edge. Southwood combines the vibrant colors of nature with bold graphic prints to create truly unique masterpieces.

Sauvage produces a number of different products, including long sleeved and short sleeved T-shirts, trousers, shorts, underwear, beachwear and swimwear. Although more famous for its line of swimwear for women, the brand’s range of sexy men’s clothing has become very popular.

Sauvage bikini swimwear is made from a combination of nylon and Lycra and is available in racer brief and low rise operator pouch brief styles, which are minimalistic with one or two stripes at the sides. Sauvage boardshorts beachwear and loose boxer shorts underwear are modest and colorful and made of 100% nylon. They are ideal for men who are not comfortable revealing too much. Sauvage’s swimwear also includes shorts swimwear made from Italian micro fiber, nylon and Lycra. This swimwear comes with a mesh liner and side pockets, and is available in mono colors, stripes, checks and more. Sauvage shorts are available in slim cuts and retro styles, and are mainly crafted from terry and Lycra. All Sauvage garments are made from high quality fabrics that are long-lasting and durable.

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Sauvage Swimwear

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

At first, it might feel a little uncomfortable, but once you try it, you`ll get addicted to going to the beach in your Sauvage swimwear!

Now, don`t say we didn`t warn you. People can be so jealous, right? I mean, it`s not your fault you stumbled on the most perfect swimwear brand in the world here at and bought something like this ridiculously sexy Sauvage Zipper square cut swimwear in heather gray. Made of a supreme blend of the finest nylon and Lycra, this is a top of the line swimwear garment. No wonder you made a few people jealous down at the beach!

However, seeing people green with envy is something you`re just going to have to get used to when you start wearing Sauvage swimwear, and you can`t blame people for being envious. It’s just human nature.

Sauvage swimwear is manufactured solely in the USA. Designer Elizabeth Southwood, chosen as the top designer in the USA for the 50th anniversary celebration of Lycra and the founder of Sauvage swimwear, demands only the best from her product line, and her designs and materials are among the best in the industry. The swimwear is designed at their headquarters in San Diego, and the fabrics used in the manufacturing process are always the most advanced materials available. Xtra Life Lycra produced by Invista, one of the best manufacturers of high quality fabrics in the world, is the key component of Sauvage’s fabrics. This fabric provides superior stretch retention, minimal fading and longer fabric life.

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