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Best Dance Workouts for Your Living Room

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Don’t have time to go to the gym but want to whip your body back into shape? Then look no further. We went through the hottest dance workouts that you can do in your own home. So grab a pair of Adidas shoes on sale, your most comfy workout outfit, and a bottle of water and get ready to sweat!

Check out these great dance workouts and DVDs. Many are available for free or a small subscription fee online. You can also purchase many of these DVDs at your favorite online retail stores.

30 Minute Caribbean Dance Workout with Selena Watkins

Want to sweat and enjoy an island vacation at the same time? Check out Selena Watkins 30-minute Caribbean dance workout. The class is based on Socanomics. The videos showcase Watkins with other women showing modifications of the moves. Whether a beginner or a dance pro, you will love these moves!

Flat-Belly Belly Dance Workout with Leilah Isaac

If you love to dance and you love to explore musical styles, you will love shaking your hips with professional belly dancer Leilah Isaac. Learn classic belly dancing moves like chest lifts, chest drops, and the iconic hippy shimmy while dropping weight and losing fat. Enjoy an extra dose of tons of fun, too. Work on your core abdominal muscles and rock your belly.

Dance Like Nina 40-Minute Reebok x Les Mills BODYJAM Workout

Fitness guru and actress Nina Dobrev gives you an intense forty-minute dance workout. The collaboration with Les Mills and Reebok makes your heart pump and the calories drop. Grab your favorite shoes for hip hop dance and pump it out with Nina!

20 Minute STRONG by Zumba® Cardio and Full Body Toning Workout with Ai Lee Syarief

This intense dance workout makes you move, fast. High-intensity and high in fun, you will LOVE this motivational dance class with trainer Ai Lee Syarief.

Babywearing Dance Cardio Mom & Baby Workout: Mommy & Me Postnatal Exercise

For new mums that love to workout while taking care of their precious babies, these Babywearing Dance Cardio workout is just for you.

Super Fun Cardio Dance Workout with Broadway’s Joseph Corella and Blogilates Cassey Ho

This fun and easy dance workout explores a variety of fun dance routines to the tune of musical theater classics like Grease. Joseph gives you easy directions. Hop and bop your way to ultimate fitness. Trainer L J does low impact dance moves that are perfect for rocking baby to sleep and rocking your body to good health!

Senior Gold Dance Workout with Paul Eugene

If you have some physical limitations or haven’t worked out in a long time, then try Paul Eugene’s Senior Gold Dance Workout. This slower-paced dance workout routine is perfect for low-intensity cardio and movement. Eugene promotes a healthy lifestyle for seniors and believes dance help keep the “spirit vibrant”. Dance your way to a healthier and happier you with Eugene.

10 Quality Products Other Than Coats from Burlington Coat Factory

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Burlington Coat Factory is a leading retailer of clothing and home products. The retailer operates 567 stores in 45 states, and it is commonly known for offering high-quality designer and name-brand merchandise at competitive prices. The retailer also regularly offers coupons that have discounts of up to 0% off merchandise.

Burlington Coat Factory is commonly known for selling coats and jackets for the entire family. However, besides coats, the retailer also deals with other high-quality merchandise. Some of its other products include the following:

1.       Beauty Products and Fragrances

Burlington sells a variety of beauty products and tools. These include makeup and makeup tools and bags, hair care tools, nail grooming sets, and much more. Their fragrances section comprises of men and women colognes and perfumes from top designers such as Kate Spade, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Rihanna, Cartier, Gucci, Bvlgari, and Paris Hilton. They also sell fragrance sets for those who would like to gift their loved ones with colognes and perfumes.

2.       Jewelry and Watches

Burlington’s jewelry shop boasts a large collection of jewelry and watches from both high-end and low-end designers. Their jewelry collection comprises of women’s earrings, neckpieces, rings, bracelets, and men’s jewelry. They also sell personalized jewelry as well. The watches collection features watches for women, men, and kids. There are also smart-tech watches. Popular designers here are Versace, Invicta, Gucci, Bulova, and many more.

3.       Kids Toys

What’s a good store without something fun for the kids? Burlington sells a variety of toys for kids of all ages, from two years to over eight years. These include dolls, action figures, arts and crafts, bikes and ride on toys, cars, buses, and trains, and electronic and musical toys. These are from popular brands such as Barbie, Disney, and V-Tech. There are books from The Learning Journey as well.

4.       Men’s and Women’s Shoes

The retail store features a wide collection of men and women’s shoes. The women’s section features boots, booties, loafers, flats, pumps and heels, slippers, sneakers, boots, and wedges. The men’s section has men’s boots, dress shoes, loafers, slip-on, sneakers, sandals, and slippers. There are boys’ and girls’ shoes as well. The new Burlington coat factory coupons are giving over 60% discounts on select shoes on the website.

5.       Baby Clothing

Burlington store is endowed with various types of clothing for newborns and infants. Here, one can find bodysuits, pajamas, bottoms, tops, and dresses for little ones. There are also coats, hats, socks, and baby shoes as well. One can also get clothing sets that comprise of full baby outfits.

6.       Baby Furniture, Bedding, and Accessories

Besides baby clothing, the retail store also sells baby furniture such as cribs, changing tables, dressers, chests, mattresses, and toddler beds. They also have bedding, including bed sheets, blankets, and bed décor. Burlington also sells accessories such as car seats, strollers, diaper bags, humidifiers, purifiers, and many more.

7.       Women’s Wear

Burlington has a wide collection of women’s wear which features activewear, lingerie, dresses, jeans, tops, skirts, suits, sweaters, and swimwear. They have some clearance sales and impressive deals such as activewear under $10. They also have amazing discounts of up to $605 on select items.

8.       Men’s Wear

The store also has a huge collection of men’s wear as well. It features men’s activewear, button-down shirts, dress shirts, jeans, pants, suits, t-shirts, undershirts, pajamas, sweaters, socks, and underwear. They have multipack undershirts, underwear, and socks for customers who wish to shop in bulk as well.

9.       Handbags

Women love handbags, and Burlington has lots of quality ones to choose. The bags collection features high-end and affordable bags for the modern woman. They offer various bag styles, including tote bags, clutches, cross body, satchels, and wallets. This section also features backpacks and suitcases for both men and women.

10.    Linens and Home Décor

Burlington features a wide collection of home products, and this includes items such as furniture, window fixtures such as curtains and curtain rods, kitchenware which includes plate, cup, and cutlery sets, bedding, towel sets and shower curtains, and mattresses. They also have throw pillows and home décor accessories as well.

Burlington Coat Factory is not just meant for selling coats and jackets. The retail store sells almost everything that one would need in their home. What’s more, they sell quality items at affordable pricing. Check out their new coupon and take advantage of the current discounts on a variety of items.

Stride with Pride in a Pair of Vein Wear 3 Piece Loafers

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Have the world at your feet with a pair of Vein Wear 3 Piece loafers! Alternate and sharp, this perfectly fitting, chisel-toe loafer provides you with the ultimate in comfort and style. This updated style features a 100% leather, three-panel upper with rolled edges on all the panels. The full leather lining is non-allergenic and neutral, and the soles are rubber embedded with a laser-cut silver foil.

So, purchase your Vein Wear 3 Piece loafers at today, and stride with pride!

Soulier Sneakers

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We all love feet. Feet are sexy and filled with nerve endings that just scream to be tickled or caressed, or maybe even licked (depending on your affinities). They are very delicate and demand proper care, just like our other manly parts. Soulier (pronounced Soo-li-yay  and French for shoes) is fully aware of this fact, and their sneakers do what they`re made to do; look good and feel good. Isn`t that all you really want from your shoes? Constructed of canvas, Soulier sneakers are extremely comfortable, and they look so good, you`ll even want to wear them at home, with your feet raised up on your favorite sofa, just to be able to enjoy the view. Here`s a design you`ll appreciate, the Soulier vintage canvas sneakers  in red, white and blue stripes.

You`ll look stylish and fresh in Soulier sneakers, even if you spring out in your baggiest sweatshirt and sweatpants. The same applies if you`re going out to a fancy dinner with someone special, and you want to leave a good impression. They`ll perfectly compliment both jeans and dress pants. You`ll always look smart and sophisticated, yet still simple and down to earth.

Once you buy a pair, we bet you`ll buy another, and then another. Soon enough, thanks to where you can choose from an extensive collection of Soulier sneakers, you`ll have a jealously guarded collection of them in your wardrobe, always ready to be worn and admired. Start your collection today!

Strut Your Stuff with European Flare

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Nothing makes a man feel more like he’s the king of the world than when he’s struttin’ his stuff, decked out in fine attire and sleek, stylish shoes. Good looking, fine quality men’s shoes are the foundation on which the rest of the outfit is built because no matter how great the garb looks, if the shoes aren’t plush, the outfit just doesn’t work.

What the modern man needs in this high fashion, celebrity world is to put a pair of European dress pups on his feet. Euro style men’s shoes have a slender, narrow toe and a sleeker look, making the wearer appear as if he’s Don Juan incarnate. Adoring eyes can’t help but give a sparkling gaze of approval to the one who’s walking down the street in such high class footwear.

Even the European sneaker designs are more eye-catching, sporting impressive style on a shoe that seems to mold effortlessly to the foot. Heads turn when a pair of these fine sneakers takes to the streets, causing the wearer to feel phat, fine and free.

If you’re searching for a place to browse a wide selection of high quality, name brand shoes for any occasion, look no further than Here you’ll find a treasure trove of attractive men’s shoes to fit practically any outfit. Choose from loafers, lace ups, ankle boots, slippers, sneakers and all weather sport shoes. With such a great selection, you’ll be sure to grab several pair to meet your every whim.

Not only do the shoes at look good, but they are also made with top notch workmanship by such name brand men’s shoe gurus as Vein Wear, DT Clothes, Frog Fashionables, Soulier, Bezzelledout and Spy Henry Lau. You can be confident that any of this fashion footwear will not only get you complementing looks, smiles, nods and remarks, but they’ll also keep their quality look and performance for a long time.

Head on over to and pick up a few pairs of these incredible shoes. You’ll also want to check out the thousands of other fashionable men’s clothing and accessories available to complete your modern man look. At, you can find all you need to dress for success and to strut your stuff with European flare!