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Teamm8 underwear – Combining a sporty look with style!

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Teamm8 underwear is an Australian underwear brand that is quite a new entrant in the world of underwear fashion, and it comes with a slightly edgy twist! It has already raised the bar with its unique combination of sporty with style! The underwear of this brand is not only ideal to be worn at the sports field but also in the bedroom! The Australian feature of determination has been combined with European flair to give birth to styles that are individualistic and unique! They are not only savvy but stylish as well! If you want to look your classy best at reasonable prices then Teamm8 underwear is the one for you!

The brand manufactures sweaters and cardigans, pants, short sleeved t shirts, tank top t shirts in addition to various styles of underwear like boardshorts beachwear, bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, shorts swimwear, brief underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, etc.

The swim brief of Teamm8 is the brand’s traditional signature trademark and has the logo embossed on it. The fabric is a blend of 20% elastane and 80% nylon, which makes the air flow great and ideal for wearing at the beach or poolside.  Some of them have drawstrings which help in giving it a good fit. They are available in a number of colour combinations which are bright and add a dash of colour wherever you wear them!

The boardshorts swimwear of Teamm8 underwear is great for not only swimming at the beach or pool but during sports events as well! It is made from 100% nylon, which is quick drying besides the fact that it encourages superior air flow! There 4 colour choices available.

The boxer brief underwear is designed in the conventional style of a classic trunk with white elastic waistband. The fabric used in a mix of 5% elastane and 95% cotton which gives superior comfort. The comfort factor does not reduce the style factor in any way. It is great for all day wear and does not ride up, sag or lose shape.

The brief underwear of Teamm8 underwear is super low and great for wearing under low rise jeans. The fact that the fabric used is 100% cotton of superior quality adds to the fact comfort factor.

There are shorts swimwear in sophisticated cuts, styles and patterns as well. The colours are bold and fun!

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Team8 for Team Players

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Muscles, jocks, sweaty sports…are you a team player?

If you want to be a champion, you have to act like a champion and look like a champion. This is not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to get behind the wheel and steer yourself in the right direction? Start living your life like a lion, not a mouse. Drag the “Braveheart” inside of you out in the open and dress him in Teamm8 underwear and swimwear. That`s all it`ll take to give your natural competitive side a boost. Maybe if you put on something like this gorgeous red Teamm8 swimming lane bikini, you might go a step or two in the right direction. It`s made from super-light nylon and elastane that hugs your curves perfectly, and it looks so intense, you`ll be sure to chase off any nearby sharks looking for a quick snack!

Teamm8 is a brand for team players, guys who understand that life is about challenges, exploring your limits, conquering them, and then finding new ones and doing it all over again. They have developed garments for winners, an extensive line of underwear and swimwear designed to emphasize your victor mentality.

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