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The Rapid Rise of Male Aesthetic Procedures

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Long gone are the days where aesthetic surgery was deemed only for women. Celebs like Steven Tyler, Clay Aiken, Patrick Dempsey and even Ben Savage have all gone under the knife to have their appearances tweaked to their liking. While men accounted for only 7.7% of surgical and 9.2% of non-surgical patients in 2017, the prevalence of male aesthetic surgery has increased by as much as 325% since 1997 according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Thanks to TV shows like Extreme Makeover and the ever-popular America’s Next Top Model which first introduced male models into the equation during Cycle 20, more men are considering aesthetic procedures to enhance their appearance. A closer look at the procedure statistics of the last decade indicates just how much plastic surgery trends have developed among men.

Surgical procedures

The 5 most popular aesthetic surgical procedures men underwent during 2017 were liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast reduction/gynecomastia treatment, facelifts and tummy tucks.  According to renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani, the increase in male plastic surgery could be partially attributed to a shift in workplace norms where energy and productivity are often both associated with youth.  With the American economy being driven by technology and social media, a youthful appearance is becoming more important than ever before.

Non-surgical procedures

As far as non-surgical aesthetic procedures are concerned, Botox is by far the most popular among American men, especially Millennials according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Botulinum toxin injections, (affectionately known as Brotox when utilized by guys) have increased by 258% over the past decade and are being requested by men as young as 18. Other popular procedures include Hyaluronic acid filler, non-surgical fat reduction, laser hair removal and photorejuvenation. Men also account for nearly 39% of all tattoo removals indicating that tattoo remorse among men is also fast increasing.

Celebrity worship amongst men on the increase

While women are more inclined to have cosmetic procedures in a bid to look like their favorite celebrities, similar requests by men are on the increase. More than 13% of plastic surgeons who responded to a survey by the AAFPRS stated that they have noted a significant increase in requests for celebrity-inspired procedures. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Jude Law’s nose, Ashton Kutcher’s lips, Leonardo DiCaprio’s cheeks and Jon Hamm’s chin are among the most popular requests.

Whether you want a jawline like Brad Pitt or simply want to fine-tune your appearance a bit, there is an aesthetic procedure available to give you the results you want. Before you commit to a procedure, and a doctor to perform it, take the time and do some research first. The last thing you want is expecting to see Channing Tatum in the mirror and it is Mick Jagger staring back at you instead.

Rag Dynasty shirts for contemporary fashion

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Rag Dynasty is a fashion brand based in Los Angeles that has the main mantra of providing fashionable and street smart clothing for the fashion conscious young men of today. The motto of the company is to make the followers of the brand stand out in a crowd instead of blending in, with their unique designs and fits.

Music, art, fashion, the culture of the times and dynasties gone by, all of this acts as the main inspiration behind the creation of their clothing lines.

The brand manufactures shirts and t shirts of various kinds. They manufacture short sleeved shirts, short sleeved t shirts and long sleeved shirts in various patterns and colours.

Long sleeved shirts produced by Rag Dynasty are available in many variations of patterns and colours. If you want to add some funk to your appearance then all you have to do is choose the patterned shirts of this brand. For a more formal appearance, shirts in mono colours are best. There are some collections in the group named exodus, deluxe and western. The deluxe range is perfect for those formal occasions or to be worn during office hours. Exodus is a slightly stylish outlook of their deluxe collection. Their western range of shirts is indeed a western take on the T shirt with influences of the west clearly visible with their bold prints.

The fabric used is 100% cotton and double stitching is involved. The deluxe collection has velvet neck trim and the logo buttons on it are custom made. Another feature is that they are silicone and enzyme washed which gives them maximum softness.

There are choices galore in the short sleeved shirts made by Rag Dynasty. Their collections of shirts are named western, batwing, military, deluxe and two pocket. As with the others, only 100% cotton has been used to craft these shirts and they have been specially washed to give maximum softness to them. Their buttons are custom made and are stitched with heavy thread to increase durability. Some of their shirts have velvet neck trims which add to the list of features and utilities.

The shirts made by Rag Dynasty have been woven with great care and detail so customers get the very best. For more information on Rag Dynasty shirts and products visit us at Deal by Ethan to get amazing discounts and offers.

Most men prefer Prohibited Fashion

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Nothing is prohibited in Prohibited Fashion except being ordinary. Prohibited Fashion abhors ordinariness and always has voted for unique, smart and sophisticated designs. Their range of menswear is popular and can be got at various places across the world like Spain, America, etc. Virtually no country or part of the world has been left untouched and unaffected by the influence of Prohibited Fashion. In fact, the influence that the brand has on fashion overall is quite notable as well. Within a very short time, the designs and approach of the brand has made many fashion stalwarts sit up and take notice of the brand.

Prohibited Fashion manufactures and produces various products for men like long sleeved t shirts, long sleeved shirts, muscle top t shirts, short sleeved shirts, scarves, short sleeved t shirts, tank top t shirts, sweaters and cardigans, etc.

The long sleeved t shirts of Prohibited Fashion are one of kind with their wonderful and unique style statements and designs. You will not only look sophisticated but downright stylish, rugged and manly as well. They are available in various kinds of styles and colours. The material used is a mix of 3% elastane, 29% wool and 68% viscose which make the articles very soft and comfortable.

Their muscle top t shirts are bold as well as stylish fashion statements. You can wear them over normal shirts for a refined yet stylish and casual approach and a street smart look. You can get them in various colours according to what suits you. The material is cotton with metal buttons over some of the styles, which adds a certain amount of edge to their clothing.

Short sleeved shirts made by Prohibited Fashion are available in many colours whether it is the collar or the body. The use of 100% cotton makes these items extremely comfortable enough to be worn even during the warmest summer months. Wearing them is a great way of adding some funk to your appearance.

Prohibited Fashion manufactures short sleeved t shirts in around 60 varieties which are very edgy and stylish. You can choose according to the styles and the colours available. Every style that you can imagine is there in the range. Only 100% cotton is used.

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Fully stoked on making the world greener – Fully Stoked menswear

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The world is becoming a place which may become a near about impossible place to reside in the near future due to the amount of pollution, waste and lack of conservation. It is time to wake up from our slumber and really do something that will make us proud and make the world a better place to live in. One company that has made this view its motto and ideology is Fully Stoked which supplies a variety of apparel made from sustainable, organic and ethical material. Not only that, the brand even donates nearly 30% of all profits earned for various conservation and protection projects across the globe like various environmental organisations such as Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Bush Heritage Australia and Chimpanzee conservation.

Fully Stoked manufactures menswear like short sleeved t shirts, short sleeved shirts, tank top t shirts, long sleeved t shirts, sweaters and cardigans, etc. Their apparels are not only environmentally sound but stylish as well!

The long sleeved t shirt made by Fully Stoked is available in soft and muted colours like greys, whites, etc. The material used is 100% combed cotton which gives the ultimate in comfort as well as softness. In fact, the fabric comes pre shrunk which minimises the chances of further shrinking so that you can get the exact fit that you had originally bought the garment in! The sleeves and bottom hems are double needled to add to the durability.

Short sleeved shirts of Fully Stoked are made of 100% certified organic cotton and the coloured t shirts are actually dyed with Oeko Tex 100 Eco dyes which guarantee colour sustainability and fastness. Shoulder to shoulder taping is used for reinforcing which offers durability and increases the standard of quality. The shirts are manufactured in a carbon neutral factory.

Fully Stoked manufactures sweatshirts with long sleeves as well as hoodies. All of these are lightweight. The material used for the sweatshirt is a mix of 20% polyester and 80% cotton and the fabric is anti pill. The same material and fabric is used for hoodies as well and can be worn for the entire day comfortably. The kangaroo pocket and shoestring cord are standard features of their hoodies. The hood is lined with cotton.

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191 Unlimited striking the right chord in men’s minds

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Most fashion brands fail to strike a balance between modernity and classical elegance and this has been the complaint of many men. They are often faced with such situations that they have come across clothes that are too modernistic or those which are too old fashioned. Answering their calls and prayers, 191 Unlimited has its main focus on striking the perfect balance between modern tastes with a classical flair!

The brand was started by best friends Girish Karnani and Parth Sharma in 2002 with a capital of only $191. Their principles, on which the line and collection of menswear is based on, are- extreme comfort, affordability, innovative detailing and a great fit. 191 Unlimited manufactures menswear like coats and jackets, hats, pants, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, shorts, short sleeved t shirts, ties, sweaters and cardigans, etc.

191 Unlimited makes nicely fitted blazers, baseball jackets, vests and many different kinds of jackets in varying styles, colours and materials used for different effects. The colours are subtle and the lines are clean which make you look good always.

Their long sleeved shirts are available in various colours as well as subtle and soft patterns and prints. The sleeves are convertible which gives you the option of rolling them down or keep them up as they are. Their shirts are multipurpose and can be worn on any casual occasion or during a wild night out with friends as well. The shirts speak of coolness and casual sophistication. Their short sleeved shirts are no less than their longer sleeved counterparts.

There are ample choices in the pants made by 191 Unlimited as well! There are various cuts and fits to suit your tastes along with different colours too. Most of the pants come with belts so you do not have to worry about the fit or the fact that you have to carry something extra to fix them. There are shorts as well for you to wear during your sporting activities.

For casual outings, if you want to make a great impression on the people around you then 191 Unlimited’s short sleeved t shirts are the ones for you! The shape of their necks may vary, but other features remain universal- the fit, softness of material and comfort of the apparel are all great.

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Ultimate guide to “Grooming secrets for men”

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression, and if you do not look and feel your best, you won’t feel confident enough to win over the world. Looking great makes you achieve a higher level of self esteem, making you feel more attractive and sexy and in turn improving your impression on others! However, looking and feeling good needs grooming, which few men know about. They want to find out but seldom know who or where to ask for grooming tips that can be carried out in the very privacy of their home.

If you are one of those above mentioned men then do not fret! There is a solution for you that is easy, effective as well as private! Get the “Grooming Secrets for Men” ebook and know which points to cover when you are talking about grooming. The book covers various topics like skin care, body hair, hairstyle, hair and dental care, etc.

Having great skin is a dream and need for many, as our face is the most prominent part of us and ugly skin can really affect your confidence levels as well as determine how you are seen by people. The book will first help you identify your skin type and suggest products according to your specific needs. Find anti-aging techniques to boast of great looking skin no matter what your age, learn safe, painless methods of removing blackheads, get tips on how to avoid shiny skin, and much more! This book also educates you on how to save when you buy products and how to use them for maximum efficiency.

Your hairstyle is an important aspect of your appearance, and in some cases, it can make or break your look. “Grooming Secrets for Men” helps you figure out which hairstyle is best suited for you. It also helps you manage your body hair on various parts of body including shoulders, back, arms, chest, neck, legs, etc. The book also offers tips on the best methods for trimming facial hair as well as shaving. For example, using an electric razor in the right way can help you get the smoothest shave.

The book also offers tips on making thinning hair thicker, and how to style it properly. Find out how to get those troublesome greys out of your hair as well! Learn how to use natural toothpaste to get sparkling white teeth, and that too without any harmful chemicals! Other chapters covered in the book include some common grooming mistakes, finding your individual style, giving yourself a spa experience at your own home, controlling body odour, etc.

Look and feel great, create a lasting first impression wherever you go by simply getting hold of “Grooming Secrets for Men”! So get your copy today!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

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