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5 Important Fashion Tips for Men

Saturday, January 9th, 2021

There are so many rules that we have to follow if we want to be seen as fashionable. Some might say that keeping up with fashion is a difficult task, as not only do you have to pay attention to what is trendy at the moment, but you also need to know how to wear it and how to pull it off. The case with male fashion is a bit more complicated, mostly because men are generally less fashion-conscious, so they need extra help in this department. How often and how should you wear a suit? How many white shirts is enough? How do you combine sunglasses or watches?

1. Know what suit to wear

If you want to be a fashionable man, then owning a suit or two is a must. But there is one thing that you have to pay attention to – it’s not wearing the suit that matters, it’s how you wear it. One of the most important things to have in mind when this is concerned is that you should always have a suit that is well-fitted to your figure. There is nothing worse than a man wearing an oversized suit, so make sure to go to your tailor to either alter the suit that you already have to fit you like a glove or have them make one new just for you. Once you have that, you can go with a white shirt (make sure you own more than one white shirt for formal events) and several accessories – something that sounds very basic can look incredibly impressive.

2. Don’t be afraid of color

Many men make one huge mistake – not being brave enough to pull off different colors in their attire. Black, gray, and brown might be the most popular colors for any guy, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t indulge in an occasional color-pop and feature something that’s either bright, neon, or fluorescent. Also, combining different colors (make sure they are complementary, though) can do wonders for your outfit. If you’re wearing jeans, for example, a piece of clothing that is very basic yet quite effective, you can definitely go with a white tee, but then again, why not combine different colors and create something completely new?

3. Accessorize accordingly

You should wear different accessories depending on the fashion style that you want to rock that specific day. For example, if you opt for casual, and you’re wearing trousers and a sweatshirt or a tee, combining them with sunglasses, a good watch, or some jewelry might be the right choice. However, if we take a formal event as an example, you might want to introduce different accessories to the game. Having a good men’s card holder instead of a wallet will give the impression of high class, which is bound to leave an impression. Apart from that, know how to identify a formal watch. There are plenty of choices on the market, from cheap to costly, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

4. Don’t skimp on shoes

The shoes you’re wearing tell a lot about you. Going with cheap shoes might sound like a perfect option, but cheap shoes are obvious, and they might not look good with the rest of your outfit. Not to mention that cheap shoes will very quickly stop being usable, so you might have to spend money on a new pair. That is why you should always invest in high-quality shoes, either for formal or for informal events.

5. Underwear matters

And finally, let’s discuss your underwear. This is not something that plenty of people will see when they look at your outfit (unless you want them to see it), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go with high-quality underwear, mostly because this will boost your confidence and you will wear your whole attire with more pride.

As you can see, these five tips are not very difficult to follow, but the results can be amazing. Thinking in advance about what you’re going to wear on a specific occasion and knowing when to stop with accessorizing is half of your look. Don’t overdo it, and always have the guts to try out something new and fresh!

Peter is a lifestyle columnist at The Homo Culture and Queer Voices magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

What Is a Jockstrap? Uses, History and Design

Friday, August 28th, 2020

The jockstrap is a style of men’s underwear that was first developed to protect the testes and penis during sports. It was mostly worn for cricket, cycling, and more physically demanding sports like wrestling. The jockstrap is still one of the most commonly worn clothing items for sports because of its ability to protect organs. More importantly, today it is used by sportsmen to protect their sensitive package, as well as used by the everyday man for regular wear.

Jockstrap Design

The jockstrap has a quite simple design. Mens jockstraps usually have a waistband attached to a supportive pouch for the genitals and two leg straps affixed to the center of the pouch. Today, jockstraps for men are produced in many sexy designs and cool prints, which can be found at online men’s clothing stores like Differio. Are you interested in finding a sexy jockstrap? You can also find gay jockstraps on underwear and jockstrap shops that sell hot styles from mesh jockstraps to leather jockstraps. Gay jockstraps support and highlight the pouch just as much, or even more than the standard sports jockstrap.

History of the Jockstrap

The term jockstrap comes from the word “jockey strap” that’s no longer used in everyday conversation. In the 1800s, “jock” was the nickname for penis which is why it is called a jockstrap today. In 1984, the first jockstrap underwear for men was invented for cycling by C.F. Bennett who owned a sports goods company in Chicago. The original purpose was to provide more comfortable rides for cyclists. It grew in popularity when Bennett’s newly formed bike company mass produced jockstraps in 1987. After that, it exploded in the mens underwear market. Today jockstraps are widely used in many physical sports, but you can also find plenty of sexy jockstrap styles.

Uses of Mens Jockstraps

Jockstraps are used for many different purposes and sports. Here are the most common uses of mens jockstraps today.


Jockstraps are basically made for cycling. Since it is widely used for cycling, almost every cyclist owns and wears a jockstrap before competing or during practice. It provides great comfort and safety for these sportsmen while they’re riding their bikes.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports worldwide. In this sport, it’s necessary to wear a jockstrap for the protection of the testes and penis. You might already know that high speeds and fast balls can be extremely harmful for the testes if impact is made. It’s really a no-brainer why every cricketer wears a jockstrap!


Wrestling is also a very popular physical sport around the world. However, it is a dangerous sport too because it’s so physically demanding. In this sport, the sportsman requires a lot of safety around their body, especially sensitive organs like your nuts and penis. It’s no wonder why every wrestler these days wears a jockstrap for the safety of his manhood.


Football is one of the most famous sports and most-played games worldwide. There are very few men in the world who don’t like football very much. And as you know, every physical game requires maximum safety gear because physical games are nothing like online games. In football, it is especially necessary to safely protect your testes and penis with the right mens underwear. This is why almost every footballer still uses mens jockstraps to this day.


Karate is a very cool sport. It is a sport favored by many men around the world too. Like wrestling, karate also requires a lot of safety for sportsmen. Virtually every karate master and sportsman wears a jockstrap before competing with their opponent. The jockstrap protects karate masters from critical danger, and saves their testes and penis from critical hits.

A Dad’s Guide To Parenting Your Newborn

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Parenting a newborn can be one of the biggest challenges for first-time dads. Newborns have many needs and wants that are unique to that specific stage in their lives. As such, parents should be well aware of some tips and tricks that can help them succeed in their parenting journey. Let’s face it: moms have that indescribable maternal instinct that helps them look after their children. Dads, on the other hand, are likely to need a bit more prep to make their parenting journey as smooth as possible.

Fortunately, many helpful resources like Myparentingjournal exist to help us with our parenting concerns. For some parents, looking after a newborn is a delicate task that feels overwhelming and confusing. These resources make the challenges of raising a kid a bit more manageable. Check out the website if you want to learn helpful tips, tricks, and advice. If you’re a new dad, here are four tips you can start with.

Check In On Your Baby’s Sleeping Patterns:

Making sure that your baby regularly sleeps through the night is important. After all, a well-rested newborn is a happy newborn. Look for a crib that has newborn-friendly features and is comfortable and accessible.

If you can oversee how how your baby sleeps even if it’s just for the first several nights, that would be optimal. This will let you identify potential issues like breathing problems early on. Parenting a newborn takes a lot of work and in safeguarding the quality of their sleep, you’re likely going to end up being sleep-deprived yourself. But the end result, of course, will always be worth it.

Help Them Eat Right:

Proper nutrition is a must for babies. Supervising a newborn’s diet and nutrition will involve strict feeding schedules. That said, try to stay as consistent as possible. Being on the dot is indeed challenging, but parenting a newborn can be fun as feeding time can lead to great bonding experiences.

Beware Of Cranky Babies:

Babies can get really cranky at certain times of the day — there’s simply no avoiding it. While cries for food or comfort are normal, crankiness can sometimes be a symptom of something more serious.

If you think your newborn is crying at an alarming frequency, talk to your doctor about it. Colic is fairly common in newborn babies and though it may be frustrating, it can be managed in a number of ways. For one, you can try to use a soothing balm to help calm your baby. Again, if you’ve tried a bunch of things and they just fail to work, connecting with youtr pediatrician for advice is recommended.

Anticipate The Costs

Caring for a newborn can be expensive. Babies need constant care and supervision, plus the cost of milk, vitamins, diapers, and other baby stuff like cribs, tubs, and bottles can easily pile up. If you are working parents and decide to hire a night nurse or a nanny, that could add to the costs, too.

With that being said, anticipating the costs that come with raising a newborn will be extremely helpful. While insurance may take care of hospital and medical expenses, expenditures for clothing, toys, and other implements are usually out-of-pocket.

As with anything else in life, preparation is key. Do everything you can do to make sure that you’re ready financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Parenting a newborn is no joke, and there’s really no shame in asking for help. For now, start reading trustworthy parenting resources to equip yourself with helpful knowledge and expert insight. Discuss arrangements and divide shifts and responsibilities with your partner. Also, don’t forget to relax and breathe. You got this!

How Household Utensils Can Help Find Love in the Future

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Do home appliances know all the details about you? Perhaps it is so if we are talking about smart devices. Kettles connected with refrigerators and wrist watches are already transforming our homes and will soon be able to transform our personal lives. But how?

According to the new report of the famous business school, the way we get involved in international dating and meet potential soulmates will change over the next twenty years. All this is thanks to smart home appliances. Referring to this report, information obtained from devices, such as smart wardrobes, showers, refrigerators, and watches, can be used to match us with our potential soulmates. The data from these devices will tell us a lot more about ourselves than we ever knew before. Instead of relying on self-esteem, smart devices will be able to objectively record data about our personality, preferences, and behavior. For example, a smart shower can say a lot about our hygiene, which strongly corresponds to the level of our consciousness and organization. The understanding of “acceptable” and “good” hygiene is different for each person, which can lead to romantic inconsistencies. By the way, a smart wardrobe can reveal a lot about our style. According to experts, the style of clothing is a very accurate and detailed reflection of a person’s personality.

At the same time, smart utensils such as refrigerators, microwaves, electric kettles, and other kitchen devices will be able to provide information about our diet, nutrition, and even spontaneity when choosing or cooking food. All these factors can be compared with information about other people in order to find the most appropriate person. Smart showers can become the norm by 2022, smart wardrobes – by 2023, and by 2028, our whole house will be “smart”, including toasters. Similarly, in the near future, smart clothes and smart lenses will help control our most complex behaviors and habits. Other home appliances, such as smart TVs, can use data from TV and film preferences, which will then be a key indicator in relationship compatibility.

One of the most popular dating sites has invested more than 18 years in determining what factors can help build healthy and successful relationships. Very soon, any additional opportunities provided by smart technologies can help bridge the gap in understanding between people. According to its experts, almost 7 billion devices are now connected worldwide.

Moreover, in the future, two smartphones, matching the social parameters of people, will send each other photographs of the owners, smart glasses will find suitable people by DNA, a special program will show future parents what appearance their children may have, and many more things will be available. In addition, there will be no dating as such because smartphones will give out all the information about a person.

By 2029, ladies will be able to determine the probability of a breakup with a very high percentage of accuracy from the very first meeting. It means that men who are not going to have serious relationships and create a family must be ready for this and invent tricks in advance. Also, scientific computer compatibility programs will be invented. Programmers will provide the classification of factors that can ruin our future marriage. It will include income, interests, religion, worldview, physical attractiveness, and so on. Analyzing these factors, people in love will be able to minimize the risks of a breakup. So, as you can see, smart devices and gadgets can help us make a relationship better.

Trends in Male Wedding Fashion

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Marc Jacobs’ wedding this year to long-time boyfriend Char Defrancesco arguably marked a watershed in male wedding fashion history. If in the past, it was all about ‘saying yes to the dress’, these days, the groom’s outfit is just as an important – which makes sense considering that fashion is either Instagrammable or it isn’t really fashion. For this stunning celebrity-studded wedding, Char opted for an emerald green velvet tuxedo with accompanying bowtie, while the top-selling designer wore a more ‘serious’ dark green suit with a pale grey Windsor knot tie, cream patent leather shoes, and one feature that lent his outfit just a touch of magic: a single lily pinned to his lapel. The way the two outfits combined was testimony to the modern penchant for looks that complement, rather than match each other. What other trends are big for grooms this year?

It Starts with the Ring

As mentioned above, men’s wedding fashion is growing in importance, and this means paying more attention than to just the suit. The ring – a symbol that both bride and groom will cling to for a lifetime - is now expected to be an expression of a groom’s creativity, lifestyle, and taste. Instead of the stock simply yellow gold band, unique men’s wedding bands are gaining ground. New materials like wood, titanium, and palladium are making their presence felt. Some men (see Ryan Reynolds) are opting for wide, fashionable wedding bands that ooze sartorial flair. Others are opting to stack rings, or choosing rings made in mixed metals (think yellow, rose, and white gold or platinum).

Going against the Grain

It’s your wedding so why not dress in materials that are stylish and comfortable? When French designer Etienne Deroeux (who has shone in New York, Milan, London and Paris) got married recently, he remained true to his passion for active, urban looks by totally foregoing a tie and opting instead for an Indian collared top, worn beneath a simple dark blue one-button jacket and slim fitting trousers, coupled with camper-style outdoor shoes. The simplicity of his outfit went beautifully with his bride (Rae Boxer’s) spaghetti strap dress, which was in white silk and devoid of all traditional embellishments such as beading, lace, and embroidery.

Express Yourself

At socialite Amanda Jones’ recent wedding to Kevin Vaughan, the groom showed fashionistas how ‘new traditional’ is done. He wore a black tuxedo with slim fit, ankle-length trousers and gorgeous black suede slip-on shoes. His jacket had just one, low button and satin labels, which complement his two-toned shoes (in black and grey) to sweet perfection. His outfit went perfectly with his wife’s ultra glam yet classical gown, while paying perfect heed to current trends in terms of cut and jacket choice.

Stars in Your Eyes, Stripes on Your Suit

When fashion designer Victor Glemaud married his diplomat fianceé, both wore striped suits – but in totally different styles. Victor opted for a cobalt one-button suit with wide blue stripes, paired with a baby pink top and a tie in the same color. His fiancée went for a more serious pin-striped suit in navy blue with a raspberry-hued tie that complemented Glemaud’s pink looks to perfection.

It is a unique time in men’s wedding fashion; one in which a groom can really show off his passion for style and fashion. From unique wedding rings to casual tops, velvet jackets, and brightly colored outfits, there are many ways to take a leap away from the expected. Before making your decision, check out the choices made by your favorite celebrities and find the inspiration you may be looking for.

ASICS Sponsors Los Angeles Marathon 2020

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

True to sports performance and its unwavering dedication to athletes, ASICS will sponsor the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon in California this year. Although busy with new releases with its ASICS Kayano sneakers in Australia and abroad, the company has committed to a five-year sponsorship deal starting in 2020 with the Pasadena Half Marathon.

A Commitment to Performance Running

ASICS has announced its commitment to performance running with its partnership with Conqur Endurance Group. Whether running shoes vs. tennis shoes, ASICS will be the official apparel and footwear partner of the L.A. Marathon. ASICS will also be a core sponsor, with media exposure, promotional content, and store event activations. This strategic move will bolster the sneaker giant’s position in running and high end sports performance in North America and abroad.

According to ASICS North America CEO Koichiro Kodama: “ASICS is back and more dedicated than ever to drive our brand forward as we build off of the very foundation we were created on: performance running”. ASICS long-term hope, according to Kodama, is to reconnect with the West Coast community and long distance performance running.

Conqur Endurance Group ignites a passion for long distance running and sports through incredible international events like the “Stadium to the Sea” course, a scenic course that attracts tens of thousands of participants. Other events include the Santa Monica Classic and the L.A. Big 5K. Conqur Endurance Group sponsors dozens of non-profits. Students Run LA, a nonprofit partner, supports community running programs for youths in the United States.

A History of Running

Despite giving up some ground to companies like New Balance in recent years, ASICS has a deep heritage rooted in high performance running. In some ways, it owes its incredible success to runners. The company was founded over half a century ago by designer Kihachiro Onitsuka. ASICS renewed commitment to the sport will include partnerships with the Rose Bowl Pasadena Half Marathon, the Santa Monica Classic 5K and 10K, and the LA Big 5K.


Besides sponsoring the L.A. Marathon, MetaRide, and running events, ASICS has committed to sponsoring long distance runners like Emma Bates and Allie Kieffer. Bates won he 2018 USA Marathon and was the first female to cross the 2019 NYC half marathon. Kieffer followed right behind Bates, placing 7th in the same NYC Marathon. The commitment to notable long distance athlete helps ASICS overall image as it attempts to reposition itself as the top sponsor of long distance running.

Limited Edition Footwear and Apparel

The ASICS commitment to the Los Angeles Marathon includes launches of limited-edition sneakers and apparel designed specifically for the 2020 race. The new collections will be available globally at local and online retailers.

Men’s bodysuit styles for an active day

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Before going into quality men’s bodysuits that are suitable for an active day out, it is considerable to know what a bodysuit is.

Formal introduction to men’s bodysuit

A bodysuit is a one piece and skin-tight dress that covers only the crotch and torso. It sometimes covers the legs and hands. Bodysuits cannot be classed as a swimsuit. Though, the style of a body suit is similar to a one-piece swimsuit. But, the fact is that the materials are different. At the crotch, a bodysuit has hooks or snaps. Bodysuits have various kinds of shoulder straps and collar styles, even sleeves. Men’s body suit can be made from materials such as cotton, nylon or lace. Even elastic materials can be a better one for a comfortable bodysuit for men.

According to fashion trends, there is a new range of men’s bodysuits styles that is fit for an active day. These modern styles are form-fitting garments that properly cover the torso and crotch giving the wearer a sense of comfort.

Originally, men’s bodysuits are produced for a fetish-inspired fashion or everyday active wear. The modern styles of men’s bodysuits will portray a man’s ideal sexy and masculine look. Giving the wearer a balanced form and posture. With the modern bodysuits styles available, men won’t have to wear an awkward look around in old or traditional bodysuits.

Functions of quality bodysuits for men

Men’s bodysuits are meant to provide comfort couple with a sense of versatility in one’s wardrobe. Modern styles of bodysuits are manufactured with unique quality kind of fabric offerings. Such as a sensitive Tactel fabric, micromesh fabric blended with polyamide and other quality materials. Each unique fabrics has its own functions and benefits.

Good and quality men’s bodysuit is supposed to offer a stretch relieves pulling around the crotch region and accentuates the shoulder and chest regions. Also, it is supposed to help trim the abdomen and the hip as well as help soak away sweat or moistures from the body.

What to look for in a bodysuit

A good style of bodysuit for men is cut and tailored to bring out the ideal figure of the wearer making him active throughout the day. Modern-day styles of men bodysuits are suitable for men from all works of life. From a builder to an office man and so on. Aside from a quality design or style, the most important things to consider when buying men’s bodysuit is the comfort and a good color that can easily blend into your everyday clothing activity.

Ensure to check out for styles that are great for outdoors usage. Bodysuits that are easy to wear and makes you feel warm inside. One single fact about bodysuits is the easy washing; either by hand or washing machines. If you are placing your order for your own men’s bodysuit online, make sure you know your size and ensure to place an order with trusted and recommended sellers. If you want to keep fit and look smart throughout the whole day, make a bodysuit a part of your clothing and keep being active all day long.

Great TV Programs To Inspire Your Own Fashion Photography

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

One of the most best thing about getting new clothing, is taking your own fashion photos, modelling your amazing garments, as so many Deal By Ethan customers do. You can send them to friends, or post them on your Instagram page. It doesn’t just have to be a selfie shot though – you can really get inspired and create some truly inspirational and unique fashion photography. There are some great TV programs that can help you get some original ideas for your pictures.


Top Photographer

Top Photographer is hosted by LGBT activist, Nigel Barker, known for his work with Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. The program follows a similar competition format to ANTM, with contestants facing a number of different photography tasks every week. For the amateur fashion photographer there are always hints and tips to be learned from each inspiring challenge, from how to best illuminate the human body, to letting the clothes tell a story. You can also try the Top Photographer challenges yourself, helping you to move out of your photography comfort zone and take a new approach with your pictures.


Sky Arts Masters Of Photography

Sky Arts Masters of Photography is an exceptionally well-made reality show that offers amatuer and semi-professional photographers the chance to win, not only the title of Best New European Photographer, but also $150,000. The show is hosted by the phenomenally beautiful Isabella Rossini. There is some great professional advice every week, from the likes of industry big guns, Bruce Gilden, Dave LaChapelle and Alex Webb. It is not just about lighting and compositions though. You can also learn about creating a photo collage and editing your photos. When you’ve taken your fashion photos, you can even get them printed online and made into beautiful canvases to put on your bedroom wall.


Everybody Street

If you want to give your fashion photography an authentic and real twist, then Everybody Street is the documentary for you. It is about the history of street photography in New York – the ultimate catwalk. Category is uniqueness, nerve and raw beauty. Everybody Street features some incredibly original photographers, including Joel Meyerowitz, Jill Freedman and Elliott Erwitt. From watching this documentary you can pick up some amazing tips and advice on how to give your own fashion photography a visceral and real quality.

Through your personal pictures, you can really celebrate the human body and your unique clothing. You can document your fashion journey and inspire others to do the same.

Great Fashion and Style Ideas for Men – Menswear Tips

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Every year comes with new fashion trends in the market. Men’s fashion is always changing but you don’t necessarily need to stay on top of the latest trends to be fashionable. There are many styles out there, some never get old, other newly created just don’t make the cut, and another bunch of really old fashion styles get recycled. If you want to see the best menswear, check it out here. Here are some tips:

The first and most important tip is having self-confidence

A big part of style actually depends on you having a confident attitude. Self-confidence not only helps you make a good impression while engaging with society but it also shows what you stand for. This means that when you have a sync between your confidence and your clothes, nothing can stop you. You can start building off your confidence by making more eye contact and mastering the art of posing.

You need to improve your footwear

Time for wearing running shoes all the time is over. You need to expand your horizon. The reason for this is simple: as of today (after many centuries), people still judge a man by his shoes. Society still measures the man’s worth and social status by the shoes he wears. That is why spending good money on a pair of high-quality classic shoes is an excellent investment. For instance, you can buy some leather boho bags. Find the right pair for you and start looking as sharp as you can.

Always wear slim fit clothes

Nailing the fit is a must when building up your fashion sense. It might be okay to wear comfy clothes at home, but outside, slim fit clothes define you. In the hierarchy of fashion tips, having a wardrobe of perfect fit clothes is nearly at the top even surpassing things like fabric material.

Have a perfect-fitted suit

A suit is the ultimate fashion item. To be fashionable, you will need to wear at some point a suit. So, if you need to buy one, make sure you get a classic suit. This means that you have to take into account things like notch lapels, consistent stitching, fitting standards, fabric material, etc. If you get a sweet deal for a suit off-the-rack, chances are that it won’t fit you perfectly, so take the time to have it adjusted. Finally, bear in mind that the suit you buy has to match the shoe color that you have at home, so no bright color suits.

No more T-shirts or Hoodies

Lastly, do not wear any T-shirts or Hoodies to go outside with friends or to dates, it is not fashionable any more. You may keep a safe amount at home for indoor activities or to go to the gym. But you must prioritize having casual button-downs or the longtime favorite long-sleeved sweaters. If you still want to wear some shirts, it’s the time to switch to Polo shirts.

Think about these tip and how they can help you improve your fashion style and wardrobe. Be brave and try new things, don’t follow fashion trends, just stick to your own and you will do just fine.

Singapore Fashion Brands That You Need to Know

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Fashion is a topic that most people, especially women, enjoy. It covers trending clothes, shoes and accessories. Singapore has its share of the best fashion in the world. Being a fast-developing state with many wealthy business people and tourists from all over the world, you can only expect the finest fashion. If you are planning to travel to Singapore and you have already made the arrangements with the leading immigration document processing agency – Visa Express, then you need to prepare yourself to experience the exceptional fashion of Singapore. Here are top designer brands that you need to know.

Beyond the Vines

Women who have a taste for fashion will love this designer shop. It specializes in women’s clothes, shoes and accessories of the finest quality any person can imagine. According to those who have bought clothes from this designer, they love the quality, comfort and elegance of this brand. One of the senior designers on the scene claims that their theme is a flattering contour created by soft and elegant fabric. High-end people from all over the world have been spotted shopping here on many occasions.


This is yet another women’s fashion designer dominating the fashion arena in Singapore. They focus on both dresses and casual wear for all women without compromising on the quality they deliver. It is simply hard to walk away from this store without buying something. What makes them even more popular is their affordable price and availability in different locations like Vivocity and Tangs Orchard mall.


This Japanese-inspired fashion line is for men who cherish elegant fashion. Probably, they are the only designer offering clothes from the finest fabrics from all over the world. All their clothes are tailored by experienced designers from Japan to retain their authenticity. If you have been here before, you will find totally new designs since they refresh their collection for new tastes every few months. It is easy to shop here online and find value for every coin you spend.

Benjamin Barker

The name of the brand should tell it all. This is a men’s fashion line with a plethora of options. While the women have shopping fun at Aijek or any other designer stores mentioned, you will have all the options to choose from here. Since it is a local designer line, they offer a collection with a Singaporean taste. Here, you will find the best bespoke suits in Singapore, dress shirts and custom made jackets. What is more is that you will also discover an enticing array of accessories for men. These designer stores can be found in various locations all over Singapore and offer affordable prices.

Carrie K

Both men and women who love accessories will find what they are looking for here. This designer offers the finest in Singapore starting with necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches. Shopping at Carrie K can be a lot of fun, and you had better be prepared for the thrill. The authenticity is always maintained by the local founder Carolyn Kan. She inspects all the handmade crafts with zeal to offer the finest quality to all the customers who visit on a daily basis. Catch up with them in different locations daily.