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Time To Grab Your WildmanT Underwear Boxer Brief Now!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Although different shops and malls are flooded with a choice of sexy and trendy underwear for men, the popularity of boxer briefs cannot be undermined. The main reason is its design, which provides adequate support to your package and enables free movement the legs. This underwear suits any apparel and sportsmen, athletes and wrestlers prefer this underwear most. Since this design came into vogue, leading designers of well known brands have been experimenting with it, trying to make the boxer brief sexier and trendier. It will not be wrong to mention that WildmanT is one such brand where the ace designers have put in a lot of effort to make the typical boxer brief look extremely modish.

Setting your eyes on the chic WildmanT Underwear Boxer Brief, you cannot deny the fact that it is chic and trendy. Designed to provide adequate support to your package, this underwear is quite popular among men; neither too long nor too short, but just the right length that goes with different outfits. The fabric that is used for creating this underwear consists of cotton and lycra. Cotton, being quite soft, simply elevates the comfort level of the user. It also protects the skin from rashes and other skin infections. Cotton also makes this underwear suitable for the summer months. Lycra helps to retain the elasticity and stretchability of this underwear. The waist strap is considerably broad and of a different colour. This boxer brief underwear can be procured in three different colors.

WildmanT is a well-known brand designing different stylish men’s underwear and swimwear. It is based in California. Their designs actually cater to the needs and demands of today’s men. Their designs are unique and simply make you look sizzling. Moreover, the premium fabrics that are used for making the underwear and swimwear that help in elevating the comfort level of the wearer. Besides boxer brief underwear, this brand also creates brief underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, pouch underwear, bikini underwear; square cut trunk swimwear, bikini swimwear, etc.

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WildmanT Unleash You Wild and Hot Side, Like Never Before

Friday, October 21st, 2011

WildmanT swimwear and underwear can evoke mixed feelings within you anytime and every time you slip into any of their creations. True to its name, the brand is wild and exotic both at the same time. In fact, most users love the brand because it possesses all the requisite qualities that are a must for any swimwear and underwear, such as exotic designs, unique cuts and superior quality fabric.

WildmanT’S underwear and swimwear are created with a simple intention-to make the wearer look hot, feel sexy and comfortable, in a manner which he may not have experienced before. The entire WildmanT range is designed to help the wearer unleash his wild, dark and extravagant side. The brand is way too different when compared to its competitors and nothing absolutely nothing can match their capabilities.

The moment the wearer reveals his WildmanT underwear before his girlfriend or wife, he leaves her aroused so much so that she ends up appreciating the brand for its make, quality and style. So, if you haven’t yet tried Wildman T underwear before, then its time you did, especially if you are planning to get a pair of underwear for yourself.

Wildman T is every inch different and can spark lust in the wearer’s mind and body for sure. The brand has always focussed on creating designs that have never been introduced before by any other mens underwear brand. Men who are fond of the enhanced pouch look and who do not shy from revealing their back either, will definitely like Wildman T range of underwear for they are unique in every sense.

The brand created quite a sensation when they launched the Ball Lifter collection of underwear for the first time. Almost everyone, right from the wearer to ace fashion designers wanted to have a look and feel of this particular collection announced by Wildman T. Today, the brand is the proud manufacturer of a various other styles including, enhancing underwear, suspension jock underwear, push-up underwear as well as the cock-ring style swimwear.

The product that is being reviewed here is WildmanT Underwear Micro Thong. This particular design is remarkably comfortable and completely admirable. It is made from the highest quality fabric and has been created to uplift the wearer’s package and appearance, like never before. The pouch of this underwear is roomy and breathable and its waistband is neither too tight nor too loose, ensuring that the underwear remains on your body and does not slip off.

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Show off your wild side with WildmanT underwear

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The main purpose behind the conception and now it’s being here in the fashion world is to make the customers feel sexier and hotter than they can possibly feel. Exciting and innovative kinds of men’s underwear feature in their product line that will make you feel like Mr. Hyde instead of Dr. Jekyll!

For those who feel insecure about their package their cries for help have been answered by WildmanT! The brand is noted for the special invention- ball lifter c ring which features in almost all the styles of underwear and swimwear. The feature enhances the appearance of the wearer. You not only look great but your confidence receives a healthy increase. However, you may be assured of the effect as well as your comfort as the materials used to give the effect is soft enough not to be uncomfortable or even harmful.

The variety of products and articles of clothing manufactured by the brand include bikini underwear and swimwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, pouch underwear, thong underwear, jock strap underwear, square cut trunk swimwear, etc.

The bikini style swim brief of WildmanT has a sporty look which can be downright sexy. The swim brief is low cut and has drawstrings while some others have a contrast waistband. The style helps you show your assets and the cock ring is built in and detachable in case you do not comfortable.

WildmanT boxer brief underwear is comfort redefined with pouch front and contrast piping stripes. The cut is great and the brief is available in a variety of colours.

Even the jock strap variety of WildmanT underwear is available incorporated with c rings. You can get hold of the normal varieties as well! There are a number of variations in the colour of the underwear to choose from.

The pouch underwear of WildmanT is backless and the cod piece of the underwear stays in place without the use of any thong strings or straps. The shape is perfectly contoured and hugs the body at all the right places to give a snug fit.

The square cut trunk swimwear of WildmanT is available in two variants- one with drawstrings and another without it and with waistband instead. The double lining of the swimwear makes it opaque.

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The WildmanT Collection

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

WildmanT is the men`s underwear and swimwear brand that lives and breathes for one purpose only: to make you hotter and sexier than you ever thought possible. Their product line is packed with exciting underwear that will pull the dark and wild side of you out into the open and expose you as the animal that you are; the animal that is hungry for more lust and action in his life.

But, let`s put aside the wild side for a second. WildmanT knows that men sometimes feel inadequate about their “package”. Now, literally not wanting to leave you hanging, WildmanT has created a top selling product that has changed men`s lives – the famous “Ball lifter”.  Imagine the looks you`ll get with this hot WildmanT square cut trunk with Ball Lifter C-Ring in cyan! This sneaky little invention is designed to enhance your appearance and the bulge in your pants, and provide you with an instant confidence boost. This product lifts your balls with a soft cloth, raising your package naturally in the air and making it seem like you have much more in your pants than you actually do.

Now, this isn`t cheating! No sir! You don`t have to worry about taking your clothes off and seeing a disappointed look on your partner’s face. Everything that you have is still the same. The Ball Lifter just lifts it up in the air. The thing is, some men have their testicles hanging lower between their legs, making it seem as though they don`t have much to show for underneath.  We know this isn’t true, but wouldn`t it be great to be able to help yourself a little? WildmanT`s Ball Lifter is comfortable, sexy, and once you wear it, you will never go back.

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