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Possess Your 2xist Sport Jock Strap Underwear Today!

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

The introduction of jockstraps can be traced back to the late 19th century. This underwear was introduced with the sole purpose to provide maximum amount of support to your package. Initially, men who journeyed on bicycles through uneven roads preferred this underwear. However, with the passage of time, sportsmen, wrestlers, and athletes found jockstraps quite suitable for their sports and workout sessions. In recent times, many designers of umpteen popular brands started experimenting with the design of jockstraps, trying to give them a trendy look. Among the various brands that took the initiative to bring forward excessively stylish jockstraps, the name of 2xist is worth mentioning.

2xist, a popular brand from the United States, specializes in various fashionable men’s outfits. It was started in the year 1991 by Gregory Sovell. 2xist believes in designing outfits that can enhance your personality. The cut, the shape, the colors and the fabric-everything is simply incredible. Any man who looks at any 2xist apparel cannot resist himself from possessing it. You can find various menswear under this line like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, long underwear pants, tank top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts and other outfits. Each outfit is crafted from first-class fabric and the design and shape are simply stunning.

One look at the 2xist Sport Jock Strap Underwear proves this point. The fabric that is used for making this underwear consists of cotton (92%) and spandex (8%). Cotton is a skin-friendly material; therefore, your skin is protected from itching and other skin infections. It is because of the spandex used that the jockstrap retains its elasticity and stretchability. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that this underwear is suited for various sports and gym sessions. It is provided with a roomy pouch that gives utmost support to your package. Moreover, it has considerably broad leg straps and a wide waist strap with the brand name labelled on it. This makes this underwear even more modish and ideal for your body.

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2xist Contrast Square Cut Tank Top – A Style That Makes You Different!

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

You always want to have a style statement that is different from others. You don’t want to be a part of the crowd, but someone whom everybody would admire. Now, your apparel plays a very important role in making you look different. Your image depends on your brand and the design of your clothing. 2(x)ist reads your mind. This American brand has introduced a wide range of mens apparel that is exclusive and rightly designed to suit your image. The 2xist Contrast Square Cut Tank Top is one product that gives your body a perfect shape and enhances your personality.

2xist was founded in the year 1991, and from then on has been experimenting with new designs. 2xist Contrast Square Cut Tank Top has a unique cut that tightly clings to the body. It is a part of the new Contrast collection and has become very popular among men. Their square cut tank tops are made from pure cotton (100%) which provides utmost comfort. It is also designed in a fashion that ensures stretch and perfectly fits to the body. The square cut neck designs make the shoulders and the chest quite prominent. Now proudly flaunt your chiselled physique in a 2xist Contrast Square Cut Tank Top! You can get this tank top in various contrasting shades like black/pearl, infiniti blue/java brown, white/black and other shades. This tank top is available in three different sizes – small, large and extra large.

2xist square cut tank tops are worn by many celebs including the celebrated Curtis James Jackson (better known as 50 Cents). It also shows that this brand made various innovations with their designs and always brought forward something new, something different. This is why the famous hiphop artist wears 2xist square cut tank tops. So what are you waiting for? Grab your 2xist Contrast Square Cut Tank Top and get noticed by the world!

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The forerunner in men’s underwear- 2xist

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

2xist is considered as one of the foremost names in designer men’s underwear. Their motto is to offer casual and sophisticated underwear in the very latest styles. Their cuts and styles are aimed for accentuating and highlighting the male body.

The brand was found in 1991 and since then it has not cut short its stride in making male articles of clothing in cutting edge style. Over time, it has become an icon by itself and has led a revolution in the use of different materials, fabrics and technology to manufacture the best underwear meant for the modern man.

The boxer brief underwear from 2xist is particularly named as ‘no show’ and they do exactly that. The material that they are made of is a mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. You can take your pick from the vast collection of underwear available in bold prints and vibrant colours.

The brief underwear range of 2xist is available in two varieties- pouch and no show. The no show does what it claims and the pouch gives a better it and hugs the body at just the right places. They can be selected according to your needs and the colours that you want as well.

For sporty men, there is the jock strap underwear of 2xist which offers the right amount of support, protection and enhancement. These are available in many vivacious and fun colours to add some spark to the working out of the individual. The collection is truly inspiring and the material is a mix of 55% cotton, 37% modal and 8% spandex which make the fabric perfectly stretchable and comfortable even to wear for extended periods of time.

For those who need something extra from their athletic wear there is the long underwear pants by 2xist. These offer protection against the harshest calamities and weather. They are perfectly fitted and give great lifts so that even while indulging in sporty activities the outer appearance of the wearer is not spoilt.

The essential collection of the brand has a range of thongs which aims at pleasing the wearer. They are made of 100% cotton and there are many kinds of silhouettes to choose from. The construction is minimal so that it almost disappears when worn under your clothing.

2xist is the manufacturer of other varieties of male apparel like tank top t shirts, socks and short sleeved t shirts. Get 2xist at amazing prices from our store now!

2xist- Turning Heads With Its Casual Sophistication

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

If you’re looking for a brand that’s both casual and sophisticated, then 2xist is the brand for you!

Founded in New York in 1991, 2xist is a leader in men’s designer swimwear and underwear and is the choice of the modern man. This unique brand is a trend-setter that always tries to out-do itself by designing underwear that are softer, sexier, drier and more comfortable and elegant than any of those produced by its rivals. 2xist researches and caters to the exact preferences and needs of its customers and is not afraid to try new and bold concepts.

For example, 2xist’s range of Carbon No Show Briefs is made from an extremely unique fabric that is a blend of bamboo charcoal and polyester. This fabric is extremely durable and more absorbent than any other fabric known to man, which means that you can wear these undergarments in comfort all day long, regardless of the conditions. The other advantage of this fabric is that it is a natural deodorizer, which ensures that your package smells great at all times.

Other 2xist products include varsity trunks made of modal-cotton, which is highly resistent to wear and tear and harsh detergents, and the stunning, unique Surf Collection Brief Underwear, which are particularly stunning and the most comfortable underwear that can be found.

2xist also respects nature by using soy cotton, which produces fine, comfortable fabrics that are even more luxurious than cashmere.

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2xist Carbon Contour Pouch Brief Underwear

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Are you looking to flaunt your urban chic sense of style? Do you want a sophisticated yet casual look? Then 2xist is the brand for you!

Established by Gregory Sovell, this American brand offers men style, sex appeal and comfort at a whole new level and is a tough competitor of famous brands like C-in2, Unico and Calvin Klein. The 2xist designers are continuously in the process of refining their designs for sensuous yet practical underwear.

Available in all sizes, the signature Carbon Contour Pouch Brief is a popular undergarment that looks great on any man and is crafted of loosely woven, natural fabric with outstanding deodorizing properties. The unique fabric of this undergarment is a blend of 48% polyester infused with bamboo charcoal and 52% plain polyester. The Carbon Contour Pouch Brief is available in Army Green, Brick Red, Port Red Wine, Blue, Black, and Powder Blue and makes an excellent gift for yourself or your partner.  

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2xist- Turning Heads With the Casual-Sophisticated Combo

Monday, October 11th, 2010

If you are looking for a brand that perfectly combines casualness with sophistication then 2xist is the answer for you!

The company was founded at New York. Started in 1991, the brand has gone on to become one of the most loved brands of sexy men’s clothing with its unique blend of the casual with the suave. It is said to be the forerunner of designer men’s swimwear and underwear and is the choice of the man of today.

Their range of Carbon No Show Briefs is made from carbon fibre fabric made by bamboo burnt in to charcoal, which is then infused into a yarn of polyester at the time of spinning. The virtue of this process lies in the fact that they become extremely durable, and they easily absorb moisture more than any other fabric known to man. Thus, these are sexy clothes men can wear all day long (no matter what the conditions) without any discomfort. The other advantage of this fabric is that it is a natural deodorizer so that your package will smell great at all times. Their range of varsity trunks is very comfortable and is made of fantastic modal-cotton which can resist the wears and tears of time as well as the harsh detergents. As a result, no matter how much you wash them or use them, they will not fade or wear away. The Surf Collection Brief Underwear is really stunning. They are unique and as surfing briefs they are the most comfortable ones that can be found.

2xist uses cotton and spandex but the most unique feature of the materials used in the production of the underwear lies in the fact that they respect nature by using soy cottons which are supposed to be the finest and comfort giving fabrics, and apparently more luxurious than even cashmere.

2xist is not a trend-follower but rather a trend-setter. This noted name in men’s sexy clothing always re-invents itself by coming up with new designs, fabrics and colours. They always try to out-do themselves by designing underwear that are softer, sexier, drier and more comfortable and elegant by far than any of their rivals. They research and cater to the exact preferences and needs of their customers. 2xist does not step back on trying newer and bolder concepts.

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