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4-rth Eco Hipster Boxer Brief Underwear Is Quite Skin-Friendly!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

In recent times, men’s preferences when selecting their underwear have changed drastically. Those who are aware of the devastation and onslaught on nature particularly prefer wearing eco-friendly clothing, including their underwear. To meet their demands, many brands are coming up with eco-friendly collections –all their outfits made from skin-friendly, breathable and organic materials.

4-rth is one such brand that has responded well to the needs and demands of environmentally conscious men.  The brand’s founder Doug was always perturbed about the way people exploited the natural resources of earth for personal gains.  He could well –perceive the daily deterioration of nature. So, when he started his own line of clothing his main intention was to bring forward some comfortable outfits that are crafted from organic materials like modal.

4-rth has become immensely popular among men not only for creating soft, comfortable and breathable outfits, but also bringing out some stylish and chic menswear that found a place in their wardrobe straight away. This brand is based in Los Angeles, but in the last few years, 4-rth has become quite popular in other countries as well. They design a wide range of men’s apparel like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, shorts, pants, tank top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts and sweaters and cardigans.

When it comes to designing their boxer brief underwear, 4-rth is particularly careful about the comfort level of the wearer. The designs are also stylish and are liked by men immensely. One look at the 4-rth Eco Hipster Boxer Brief Underwear proves that it is an ideal combination of comfort and style. It is made from ProModal – an organic material that is skin-friendly as well as eco-friendly. ProModal is farmed from Eucalyptus and Beech wood and it is even softer and smoother than cotton. Moreover, it can wick fifty percent more moisture than cotton, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

This boxer brief underwear is provided with a spacious pouch that gives adequate support and enhancement to your package. Moreover, it has a 2×1 rib that helps in stretching.  A broad and comfortable waist strap provides adequate support and ideal for guys who like revealing their waist strap from their low-rise jeans.  You can get this underwear in four colours – royal blue, heather grey, black and white.

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4-rth Eco Track Shorts- makes you love your planet!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Shorts are preferred by most men. Whenever you plan a short trip, or simply relax at home, or play some sport, you always prefer shorts. Shorts never go out of fashion but always appear with new innovations. Designers are always eager to create some exclusive designs that are eye-catchers. In the last few decades various experiments were made with the designs of shorts. However 4-rth Eco Track, a brand from Los Angeles has made certain innovations with shorts that are unique.

The line was launched in Los Angeles by a man called Doug who was into private banking. However the problems of global warming and love for his planet agitated him time and again. He was thinking of clothing whose consumption would not harm mother earth and at the same time be stylish. His thoughts found the way through his line 4-rth Eco Track. This is one brand that believes in producing clothings that are eco-friendly. The products are manufactured from tree fibers that are skin- friendly. The line of track shorts introduced by this brand is made from birch tree fiber, thereby providing utmost comfort. This brand specializes in variety of clothing like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, pants, short sleeved T shirts, tank top T shirts etc.

4-rth Eco Track Shorts is not only comfortable but quite chic, making you the trend setter. The product is hand made and therefore ensures lightness and feathery feel.  The shorts are knee-length and trimmed in a particular manner that makes you look fashionable. The shorts are also provided with front pockets that have stitch lining in green and an inside pocket for you to carry your handy gadgets and other small essentials. The track shorts are also provided with a Luxe 1/ 2’’ draw string that helps you adjust the track shorts. The shorts is designed is a manner that it perfectly fits to the body but does not make you uncomfortable.  This is your perfect apparel for workout sessions, sports and outdoor activities. So now sports lovers with athletic bodies go and grab your 4-rth Eco Track Shorts!

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