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Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt – The ultimate in coolness and style!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Originally, T shirts were worn as undergarments, but with the passage of time they have become popular outerwear that come in all kinds of variants. One of these variants is short sleeved T shirts. Though there are many brands in the market that offer trendy and voguish short sleeved T shirts, Ajaxx63 continues to remain the favourite of fashion and image conscious men across the world.

Established in 1997, the fashion label Ajaxx63 was founded by Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser with the aim to deliver “Clever, sexy and edgy” creations, and is proud of their “modern, energetic and fashionable” approach to men’s clothes. According to them, T shirts are indispensable fashion pieces and they introduce T shirt collections centred on unique themes and ideas in what they call “fashion seasons”. Catering to the changing fashion trends (as well as keeping the distinctive tastes of their customers in mind), the designers at Ajaxx63 are constantly reinventing and redefining their ideas to bring out products that reflect their customer’s dressing styles. The Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is a case in point.

The Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is perfect for showcasing your sculpted body in public. Made from the finest quality cotton fabrics, the T shirt exhibits world class quality craftsmanship. Extremely smooth and soft on the skin, this T shirt provides the fit and shape retention that wearers always look out for in their T shirts. Designed for the utmost gratification of not only the wearer but the people around him, the use of a non- graphic look on the front (as well as the figure hugging tapered design) allows healthy and fit individuals to flaunt their super-toned abs to the maximum!

The close-fitting short sleeves ensure the wearer’s sculpted arms are always attractively displayed. Ideal for all kinds of casual occasions from night outs to the pub or club to beach or pool parties, this form fitting blue coloured T shirt looks best when paired with a pair of jeans or casual pants!

Comfortable and well-fitting, this T shirt from the Seattle-based brand caters to both the athletic man and the man of classic fashion tastes. The other products this brand specialises in includes beanies, hats, jewellery, long sleeved T shirts, muscle top T shirts and tank top T shirts.

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Bring A Change In Your Life With Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt!

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

T Shirts have always been popular with men who believe in being classy yet casual. When T Shirts were first introduced they were mainly worn during casual occasions, but nowadays Tshirts are also worn for parties and on some formal occasions. The T shirts introduced by Ajaxx63, an American brand, have completely different designs and patterns. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ajaxx63 helped to bring a change in the mindsets of people as far as T shirts are concerned.

Designers Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser launched this line with the sole intention of promoting gay culture. Their T shirts bore designs that made Ajaxx63 a popular brand throughout America. Various fashion magazines and television shows started promoting this brand that experimented with T shirts. This time, Ajaxx63 introduces new its Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt which bears no logo or designs on it.  It appears in one colour (morning blue) that enhances your cool dude looks! The T shirt is carefully structured to adhere tightly to your body without making you uncomfortable. As these T shirts appear in plain colours, these can be worn on any ocassion. Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is made from pure cotton which provides you total comfort. The T shirts appear with perfectly fitted banded sleeves which help to flaunt your curvaceous muscles. The high necked design and the tight fit make your physique prominent without exposing it too much. This brand also manufactures long sleeved T Shirts, Muscle top T shirts, tank top T Shirts and many unique products.

It takes a lot of courage to defy traditions and Ajaxx63 has had that courage. It brought about a complete revolution in the art of clothing. Are you also interested in bringing about a change in yourself? Just grab Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt and be that guy!

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