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Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt – The ultimate in coolness and style!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Originally, T shirts were worn as undergarments, but with the passage of time they have become popular outerwear that come in all kinds of variants. One of these variants is short sleeved T shirts. Though there are many brands in the market that offer trendy and voguish short sleeved T shirts, Ajaxx63 continues to remain the favourite of fashion and image conscious men across the world.

Established in 1997, the fashion label Ajaxx63 was founded by Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser with the aim to deliver “Clever, sexy and edgy” creations, and is proud of their “modern, energetic and fashionable” approach to men’s clothes. According to them, T shirts are indispensable fashion pieces and they introduce T shirt collections centred on unique themes and ideas in what they call “fashion seasons”. Catering to the changing fashion trends (as well as keeping the distinctive tastes of their customers in mind), the designers at Ajaxx63 are constantly reinventing and redefining their ideas to bring out products that reflect their customer’s dressing styles. The Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is a case in point.

The Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is perfect for showcasing your sculpted body in public. Made from the finest quality cotton fabrics, the T shirt exhibits world class quality craftsmanship. Extremely smooth and soft on the skin, this T shirt provides the fit and shape retention that wearers always look out for in their T shirts. Designed for the utmost gratification of not only the wearer but the people around him, the use of a non- graphic look on the front (as well as the figure hugging tapered design) allows healthy and fit individuals to flaunt their super-toned abs to the maximum!

The close-fitting short sleeves ensure the wearer’s sculpted arms are always attractively displayed. Ideal for all kinds of casual occasions from night outs to the pub or club to beach or pool parties, this form fitting blue coloured T shirt looks best when paired with a pair of jeans or casual pants!

Comfortable and well-fitting, this T shirt from the Seattle-based brand caters to both the athletic man and the man of classic fashion tastes. The other products this brand specialises in includes beanies, hats, jewellery, long sleeved T shirts, muscle top T shirts and tank top T shirts.

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Bored With Your Old Brief Underwear- Get Dirty Fukker Newsprint Brief Underwear Now!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

You always have fun in finding an outfit that is unique and different from the rest. First, it makes people turn their heads to admire your choice and second, you feel good in finding yourself apart from the crowd. To meet your requirements, Dirty Fukker, a brand from London, has brought forward trendy Dirty Fukker Newsprint Brief Underwear! Unlike ordinary briefs that are available in typical shades, this brief underwear has an exclusive print that is immensely eye-catching. Any man who cares about the latest trends and changing fashion will grab this underwear, once he sets his eyes on it.

This particular brief underwear is designed with piping trims in contrasting colour, which makes the brief even more appealing. It is provided with a broad waist strap that gives support and ensures adequate tightness. The presence of the brand name on the strap gives you a chance to reveal this strap from under your pants. Excessively modish and trendy underwear- the credit for creating it obviously goes to the ace designers who have put in a lot of effort to make this brand as well as this product popular among men.

To ensure maximum comfort, the designers have used premium fabric for creating this underwear. The fabric that is used for making this brief underwear consists of combed cotton (92%) and Lycra (8%). Cotton keeps you comfortable all the time and protects the skin from rashes and other skin infections. Lycra ensures stretchability and elasticity of this underwear. Available in different sizes and a variety of colors like red, blue and black, this brief underwear is what you need to be fashionable as well as comfortable.

A well-known brand from London, Dirty Fukker designs different stylish menswear like boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear and beanies. The brand is popular for its innovative designs and exclusive collections.

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Grab your Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap Underwear today!

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

All men want underwear that fits perfectly and elevates our comfort level. If our inner apparel lacks any one quality, it is neither proper nor suitable for daily use. Jockstrap underwear came into fashion during the 19th century and since then has remained quite popular among men. The main reason behind the popularity of jockstraps is the snug fit and the edgy cut that enables free movement of the legs. This particular underwear provides adequate support to your package and even allows you to embark in fitness or other athletic feats without any difficulty. The jockstrap ensures perfect tightness and maximum protection to your package. Since jockstraps came into vogue, quite a number of brands have been experimenting with the design. Renowned designers are always trying to bring out something new, something different that would have the power to bring the real man out of you.

Dirty Fukker, a well-known line from England has been producing exclusive jockstraps that are not only trendy but also comfortable. A fleeting glance at Dirty Fukker Camouflage Jock Strap Underwear proves the above point. Generally, jockstraps are made from synthetic fabric that retains the tight elasticity of the underwear, but Dirty Fukker jockstrap is bit different. The fabric that goes in making this jockstrap consists of combed cotton (92%) and lycra (8%). Cotton ensures utmost comfort and protects the skin from rashes and infections and lycra ensures stretchability. The presence of a spacious pouch provides maximum support and a broad waist strap ensures the snug fit of the jockstrap. The brand logo on the waist strap also gives you a nice opportunity to flaunt the waist strap from under your pants. So, get ready to enhance your sizzling looks in this camouflage-shaded jockstrap. Apart from jockstap underwear, this particular brand also creates boxer brief underwear, brief underwear and beanies.

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Ajaxx63 – The Pioneers of Gay Culture Underwear

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Ajaxx63 is one of the very few brands that cater specifically for the gay culture of today by producing gay men’s clothing.

Ajaxx63 is an urban-oriented company which first started selling its products at the Pride Festivals. It became an over-night sensation. They had also made an appearance in the first season of “Queer as Folk.” They gained their foot-hold in the gay fashion industry after becoming partners with This move made them reach their zenith, and become a cult name in the gay retail industry. Ajaxx63 has appeared in various gay fashion magazines as well as the hit series showing on Showtime “Queer as Folk” and others like “Queer eye for the Straight Guy”, MTV’s “Open Bar”, “What not to Wear”, and many more.

Their range of beanies and caps are quite nice with high quality fabrics used for their manufacturing. Their workmanship is fine with smart styling and good quality construction. Multi-colour embroidery is the main hallmark of their line, and their colour combinations are very tight as well. They are perfect to top off the entire look.

You can choose from their collection of mesh panel trucker caps, baseball caps, knit beanies and many more. Their long-sleeved t-shirts are made of thermal and reflect the athletic in you in a tasteful yet sexy manner. Their beautiful fit is due to the naturally stretchable quality of the light thermally woven cotton.

Their graphic designs are stylish and excitingly colourful. Their eye for the detail and beautiful fit is really noteworthy. Their range of muscle top t shirts is sleeveless and truly made for the hunk inside you, as they make you look your beefy best. Their funky messages written at the front add to the cool quotient.

The short sleeved t shirts manufactured by this gay men’s apparel brand are available in more than 70 variations. They are very clingy and hug your body so that the ultimate look is that of masculine sexuality. Their range of tank top t shirts is quite sexy made of 100% cotton, as a result of which there no question of any compromise with the comfort factor.

Ajaxx63 is one manufacturer of sexy men’s clothes that does not believe in compromising comfort for style. They use the finest quality of materials aimed to give maximum comfort. They approach the concept of a t-shirt in a post-modern manner, and are redefining the look of the t shirt by making them energetic, modern and fashionable.

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