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Flaunt Your Excessively Raunchy Aqalogy Delphinium Boxer Brief Underwear!

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Boxer brief underwear is basically considered to be a hybrid between the two major underwear designs-boxer shorts and briefs. Like boxer shorts, boxer briefs are long in the legs, but like brief underwear, they are also tight-fitted. Although a variety of men’s underwear designs like bikini underwear, thongs underwear, jockstrap underwear, and G string underwear are available in the market, men who look out for comfort and style invariably find boxer brief underwear most suitable.

Designers have found that boxer brief underwear is in great demand among men of various age groups. One of the reasons for the popularity of boxer brief underwear is its tight fit which helps in enhancing the body. In addition, boxer brief underwear is designed to ensure a perfect fit around the waist and thighs, and helps in providing optimum comfort to the wearer. Moreover, this type of underwear design offers maximum support to your package during workout sessions, wrestling or other sporting events. So, boxer brief underwear has become immensely popular among wrestlers, athletes, and sportsmen.

When boxer brief underwear came into fashion, it was mainly available in plain colours like black, brown, grey, and white. But, with a change in trends and fashion, fashion conscious men began to look for something extra beyond comfort and fit. To cater to the demands and requirements of fashionable men, ace designers have been putting in their best efforts to make boxer brief underwear look trendier and raunchier. Currently, the market is full of a variety of boxer briefs that are manufactured by leading brands. These boxer briefs are crafted from different fabrics and are available in different textures and styles to suit the needs and demands of men. However, one brand that every man prefers is Aqalogy.

Based in Slovakia, Aqalogy has found its way in every fashionable man’s wardrobe all over the world. Those who are bored with drab colours and plain designs will surely love to pick some Aqalogy underwear. Their ace designers are not only coming up with playful designs but use some richly coloured fabrics to create various men’s underwear. Made from a cotton spandex blend, Aqalogy underwear ensures utmost comfort to the wearer. Since its inception, this brand has been manufacturing some stylish and trendy boxer brief underwear. Men find the Aqalogy Atoll Boxer Brief Underwear, Aqalogy Aquarius Boxer Brief Underwear or Aqalogy Fierry Tail Boxer Brief Underwear truly voguish and sporty.

If you are looking for colourful, trendy, and comfortable boxer brief underwear then the Aqalogy Delphinium Boxer Brief Underwear is surely your pick. This low rise boxer brief underwear can help to flaunt your chiselled physique. This underwear is neither too long nor too short but just the appropriate size that will help you look hot and sexy. Aqalogy Delphinium Boxer Brief Underwear has a broad waist band with the brand name etched on it. This waist band helps in providing adequate tightness and support. For a slightly funky look, you can also reveal this waistband from under your low rise jeans or trousers to fetch you adorable glances!

The fabric that is used for making Aqalogy Delphinium Boxer Brief Underwear contains cotton (95%) and spandex (5%). Due to the presence of a soft and breathable material like cotton in the fabric, the wearer remains comfortable all day long.  Spandex helps in retaining the stretchability and tightness of the underwear, ensuring a perfect fit. Unlike traditional boxer briefs, Aqalogy Delphinium Boxer Brief Underwear is indeed colourful. The eye catching blue and white colour combination and the striking prints make this underwear immensely popular among men.

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Go Get Your Punto Blanco Oceanic Muscle Top T Shirt Now!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Among various other outfits, T Shirts are particularly popular among men. The reason is quite simple. They not only provide utmost comfort but their design permits you to wear one on any casual occassion.  Various brands producing menswear found the T Shirt the most accessible apparel to experiment with. Thus, renowned designers put in their strong creativity and immense effort to bring out different innovative designs of T Shirts. Among various designs, men found the Muscle Top T Shirt quite cool and trendy.

The sleeveless design itself it one of its advantages. You can wear it in scorching heat as well as at informal parties. Very few outfits actually give you the scope to wear them on different types of occassions. The brand that has specialized in creating stylish muscle top T shirts is Punto Blanco. This line was started at the end of the 19th century by a skilled person called Mister Valls. One cannot deny the fact that the brand gained popularity because of its innovative designs and the high-quality fabrics that are used in creating their range of clothing.

Punto Blanco manufactures a wide variety of menswear like long sleeved T shirt, muscle top T shirts, short sleeved shirts, tank top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts, shirts, bikini swimwear, shorts swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, thong swimwear, thong underwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, long boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, boardshorts beachwear, boxer shorts etc.

Anybody will crave for a Punto Blanco Oceanic Muscle Top T Shirt! The fabric required for making this muscle top T shirt consists of cotton (93%) and elastane (7%). Cotton elevates your comfort level and makes this outfit ideal summer wear apparel. Elastane ensures stretchability and tightness. Thus, the curves of your well-toned body become even more prominent after wearing this muscle top T shirt. It has a fine neckline and sleeveless design allows you to expose your sculpted muscles.

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Frank and Beans is Durable, Affordable and Stylish

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Frank and Beans brand of menswear was incepted in the year 2009 in Sydney, Australia. The brand offers a fine collection of mens apparel that is truly innovative and stylish. The brand offers some of the greatest designs that are affordable and last really long. The brand has a simple motto and the entire team at Frank and Beans works really hard to achieve that one single mission i.e. to offer a pair of underwear that is comfortable and super soft. Even though the brand is quite new in the mens fashion industry, yet it has managed to carve its own niche in the market. Frank and Beans basically designs two types of underwear – Brief Underwear and Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear. The good part about this brand is that they offer high-quality underwear and do not charge a premium of hefty price for the same.

Any wearer who chooses to don the Frank and Beans range of underwear will know that they are investing in genuine and superior quality fabric that is durable and stylish at the same time. The cuts, designs, quality of production offered by Frank and Beans are simply breathtaking.

The brand does not merely stop at offering quality and comfortable underwear – it goes a step ahead and offers incredible designs that are rare and amazingly beautiful. If there is any brand that is soft and luxurious then it has to be Frank and Beans for sure! Their boxer shorts underwear has received rave reviews from some of the known designers in the industry. There is nothing about Frank and Beans that you cannot appreciate – they have the best designs, fabric, prints and styles that will leave you charmed and overwhelmed. Frank and Beans adorns your body and package and is truly sensational. The brand aspires to succeed and capture the minds and hearts of men across different parts of the world.

Let’s talk about the Frank & Beans Solid Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear available in black color. From the name of the product, one can make out that it is extremely loose, comfortable and breathable. The designers at Frank and Beans have used 100% cotton to design this particular underwear which clearly means that the wearer will get a fabric that is soft, smooth and offers complete freedom of movement. It comes with a square button and elasticized waistband.

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Lord Menswear is Stylish, Comfortable and Lavish

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Lord range of menswear is for men who believe in leading a modern and lavish lifestyle and seek the same qualities in their underwear as well. Those who are bored of wearing normal looking underwear and want to try a different brand for everyday wear can easily choose Lord, for it is both comfortable and stylish at the same time. Each piece designed by Lord is fabulous and unique. The brand is a ‘one of its own’ kind of brand and is liked by men who love to flaunt their package and assets and like to move around with complete freedom. Lord also plays its part in safeguarding the environment by using fabric that is environment friendly. The brand uses materials that are natural and hypo-allergic that ensures that you never feel cramped in underwear. The good part about this fabric is that it does not cause any harm to your skin at all. The brand can be credited for creating some high-quality, creative and inspiring designs using color combinations and styles that have never been seen or tried before. If you love to relax in your home in underwear then Lord wouldn’t disappoint you for sure for the fabric used for designing the Lord range of menswear is soft, smooth and completely breathable.

Lord range of mens underwear is admired by everyone for it is simple and refreshing. Lord underwear will never ride up and stretches easily. The designers at Lord offer excellent designs and incorporate such features in underwear that will encourage the wearer to choose Lord over other brands of underwear.

For instance, the Lord Boxer Shorts Printed is one such apparel that can be easily worn either to the gym or when you are planning to spend an entire day relaxing at home in nothing more than a pair of shorts. It is made of 100% Cotton, which clearly implies that all you will experience comfort for the fabric is soft and smooth and allows air to pass through freely. This loose fitting boxer shorts comes with an open front. What adds style to this underwear is the fact that it comes in unique prints. So, if you are consciously looking for boxer shorts that offer great fit and is made of the highest quality fabric, then Lord Boxer Shorts Printed.

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Choosing the Right Kind Of Broad Shorts Enhances Your Body Build

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Broad shorts are mainly measured as informal clothing and meant to be suitable for beach wear. But now, it has come into trend and even models have been seen sporting them on the ramp. They were considered to be casual wears and meant particularly for swim wear, but nowadays they are used for picnics and even for outings, even dates. Since they are so comfortable people even wear broad shorts in the house and they are even worn elsewhere informally for outings. They are in vogue and people generally prefer to wear the broad shorts as casual wears. Choosing the right kind of broad shorts enhances your body build and persona.

Broad shorts are obtainable in various designs and styles. The most popular broad shorts are the Hawaiian flower prints. They are usually available in a wide array of shades, color like darker prints. They are also available in brighter red, yellow, blue and deep green prints. The other unusual designs and patterns available in broad shorts are beer logos and pictures of heroes and heroines. They may sound a little weird but men love sporting them in al in all forms. They are available in different designs so that people can get a pair of broad shorts as per their happiness and taste.

One can buy the comfortable and cozy broad shorts online from one of the best online store called The rates of broad shorts available online is much cheaper compared to those available in the local market. The market rates are dearer and costlier; this is because if you buy online you will get the factory rate. Online purchasing has many advantages. You can choose your design and size without running in the crowded market, and you can buy from your house irrespective of time and day. You can do online shopping anytime you feel like right at the comfort of your come. You just have to place your order and the delivery of the product is made at your doorstep very quickly. If you are buying online you must know your exact size so that the broad shorts which you are buying fits you and you don’t have to go through the trouble of returning them back.

From you can get the latest designs, the best of brands and patterns in much cheaper price with the best available quality. The new designs which hit the market trends are all available online and you may feel tempted to do online shopping once you start browsing the website. The latest designs are usually not available in the market; it takes time to come to the market. The most important factor is the price; it is extremely cheaper if you buy your broad shorts online from The selection of designs and styles of broad shorts is continuous and never ending and all the latest designs and patterns are usually available online, all that you have to do is fill in your shopping cart and enjoy the attention the broad shorts brings in once you wear them on.

Men’s Trunk Underwear

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Trunks are used as underwear, and they are generally shorter than the broad shorts, which generally extends from the waist to the knees. Men’s trunk underwear is much shorter and is used as underwear by many. In the U.S. they are commonly used as underwear. They come in many designs and it is generally made of nylon or pure soft cotton, with disarray lining inside for fast drying.

The men’s trunk used as underwear is a shorter adaptation of boxer briefs. The trunks are generally tight fitting like the underwear but some of the traditional trunks are loose fitting and baggy like the boxer shorts. The underwear or the swimwear depends on the user’s need for comfort, so some men may choose the tight fitting; others may opt for loose and baggy ones. The men’s trunk underwear is a trendy pick for many. The trunks are usually square cut resembling very like the boxer briefs but with shorter legs.

Men’s trunk underwear generally covers from the waist to the upper thigh. Men generally favor the comfort and calm effect of the trunk when worn for swimming, because they can be used as underwear and also as swimwear, with further relieve of fast drying. Men’s trunk underwear comes in a variety of styles like boxer briefs, jockstraps, long johns to mention a few. It depends on person to person what kind of trunk he wants to wear; a boxer brief or a customary brief. Men should choose the underwear as per his persona and build. The men’s trunk underwear differs in style extremely and they come in many brands. There is branded trunks underwear available in the market and the best place to get them online is the best shopping site for men’s underwear of all types and styles.

Online sites like is of great assistance as several well known brands are available for purchase with innumerable number of styles of undergarments and swimwear which are all branded and made from the best of quality. Brands like Speedo, Aqualina, Starwear, Playboy, Jellyfish Swimwear, Beach Brasil and Aquaswiss, are all available under one roof. If you are bothered about the price factor then let us assure you this will be one of the best deals which you could make online. The price is not soaring high here and is just perfect for anyone, without that extra pocket pinch.

The trunk usually comes in elastic waist and the material used is either nylon or pure soft cotton which gives a calm, cool, relaxed and flexible feeling to the user. The trunks have a variety of colors and the customer can pick his favorite color. The soft cotton material is generally used in making the men’s trunk underwear as it absorbs sweat faster and the user does not feel uncomfortable at all. It saves you from acquiring rashes and itches, hence pure cotton trunks are preferred more. The other advantage of cotton trunk underwear is that it allows air to flow smoothly and thus gives relieve to the user making him feel relaxed and free.

Nowadays, latest technology and expertise is used with modern skills and know- how. There are many giant companies such as Calvin Klein, Jockey and Andrew Christian manufacturing stylish and up to date men’s trunk underwear. They use the modern technology and skill in designing this underwear. The men’s trunk underwear is in great demand among the fashion trendy youths of today.

Boxer Briefs Are A Part Of Underwear For The Men

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Boxer briefs are similar to boxer’s shorts, and these briefs are a part of underwear for the men. The boxer briefs are longer, tighter and more fitting like the underwear. The boxer briefs are mostly used in countries like the U.K., in the U.S.A., Canada and in Australia. People in these countries favor boxer briefs mostly for as a form of underwear.

The boxer briefs were introduced in the market in the year 1990, and it was named mid length briefs. These briefs are very trendy among the youths, and the youngsters in the U.K., in the U.S.A., Canada and in other European countries frequently use these briefs as underwear. The elderly generation prefers the regular underwear.

The boxer briefs contain pouches to provide more space for the male genitals or for male private parts. They are generally used by the sportspersons akin to the jockstraps like the underwear and are used regularly. It is fashioned in such a way that it gives a good fitting and a fine exposure towards the waist and the thighs. The boxer briefs usually have a snap front, a small hole fly and a pouch to protect the male genitalia. It is generally stitched on the back area for demarking the buttocks. The boxer briefs are either woven or knitted like the other men’s briefs.

There are many kinds of boxer briefs; one of them is called trunks. The trunks are generally short and it is also used as underwear. These briefs are very showy and revealing but they are still favored by many men. The boxer briefs are generally free and baggy, they don’t have tight elastics at the legs, and hence they provide more comfort to the legs. They are more free and comfortable.

Now that the markets are becoming more and more fashionable and stylish, the designs and colors of these boxer briefs have also multiplied. The males have lots of choice as far as briefs are concerned. The sales of the boxer briefs have increased immensely and many branded boxer briefs are launched in the present day market. is a popular site offering range of designer men swimwear. Brands like They have great brands like FREE Twink Underwear, Dreamgirl’s Dreamguy, Blue Line, Gregg Homme, Aquaswiss, Starwear etc.

The boxer briefs can be doubled and worn as swimsuits. It is very comfortable and easy, and this is the reason why the youths prefer to wear them as regular underwear. The fabric used in making these briefs are pure cotton, and we all know that cotton absorbs sweat easily and thus the wearer does not feel uncomfortable at all. It also contains a pouch to safe guard the male private parts, hence the boxer briefs are most suitable to be used as the most suitable underwear for men.

Men’s Underwear as a Huge Fashion Statement Today

Monday, July 25th, 2011

The most certain fact which we knew about men is that they are not good shoppers and this is but a well established fact. But hang on, time is changing and the men of today are no more callous and lazed shoppers, even if it was underwear they are all becoming very conscious about the way they look, irrespective of the fact of it being an innerwear.

Today, you will be shocked and more than alarmed to see the huge variety, styles and shapes men’s underwear come in all over the place. From the very traditional boxers to the skimpy yet sexy looking g-strings, you will fall in love with the variety present before them. All that you will to do is set their mood and go in for the attack.

If you are the simple kind of guy, but loves styling and staying high on fashion, do not get worried. We have the astounding website before you from where you can chose your perfect pair of underwear. The name of the website is which offers the best in quality and branded underwear’s like 2EROS, 4Skins, Azzaro, Ajaxx63, Baskit etc, to name a few, which comes in several styles. This website must be pasted on your browser list, as once you peep into the website, you will understand why it has become the favorite of men around today.

The new age men love to experiment on anything and underwear’s are not left behind. Boxers are definitely must haves in the wardrobe of every man, but the quality and varieties, colors accessible at is simply mind boggling. You also get several varieties of materials from cotton to lycra to mesh, you name it and they have it presented before you. Choose the one you feel comfortable in and try out the latest trends that are displayed before you.

If you have worn the regular boxers all through your life then experience the liberating feel after wearing G-string underwear, also the low rise underwear makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and at the same time is highly stylish. Some of the sexy and exotic styles which men love to flaunt are the G-stings and the bikini wear and if they fit you well, there is no other way than holding everyone’s attention. If you love to wear low waist jeans and reveal that attentive underwear too then you can even try that trick. It’s definitely the deal for the day and you sure will earn some fresh brownie points from girls around you. Try it and spice up your style!

Buying underwear is not a chore anymore

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Buying underwear is a chore for most men. Though it is an essential part of a men’s wardrobe, it is usually not given much importance. Some men believe that there are not many options from which they can select and choose their underwear and so they usually opt for something which they have been buying regularly. While some do not want to try out new things and are comfortable with it as they feel a new style or design will not be as comfortable as their regular stuff. However times have changed and men too have undergone a transformation in their tastes and preferences. Men’s underwear is not just restricted to regular cotton men’s brief underwear and boxer shorts.

Times has changed, men’s underwear is now available in different fabrics, colors, designs and styles. There are a variety of brands available in the market and designers are coming up with different styles of underwear quite regularly. Men’s underwear is available in fabrics like Lycra, nylon, silk, cotton, spandex and others. It will depend on the individual who finds which fabric most comfortable. In warmer countries, men usually opt for fabrics like cotton as they find it most comfortable while others in cooler climate are happy with the fabric Lycra and nylon.

Men’s underwear is of many varieties and styles. Men’s brief, boxer shorts, trunks, g-string, thongs, bikini underwear etc are the few common ones. Men’s brief are very common and regular and are most preferred by most men for daily use, especially office goers and professionals. Boxer shorts and trunks are quite old fashioned and the present generation usually opts for branded underwear and new forms and style. However boxer shorts and trunks are high on comfort level. Three forms are trunks are available for use- Classic trunk, Midi and Hipster. They are high on support and comfort.

Most men prefer wearing thongs as they are a narrow piece of cloth attached to a string. It is quite practical and comfortable and offer maximum support with minimum fabric. When it comes to swimwear most men prefer comfort as well as maximum coverage as they are in full public view. Shopping for underwear offline from retail stores as well as online stores is easy. Buying underwear from online stores is easy and more convenient than buying it from offline stores. It offers complete privacy especially for men who feel shy buying innerwear. Online sites are also handy as they offer all the brands under the sun and have more stock than regular offline retail stores. Sites like offer brands like 2EROS, 4Skins, Azzaro, Ajaxx63, Baskit etc and many others.

Thongs for men who likes to flaunt their body

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

In the past centuries, men have been wearing thongs to cover themselves but as time passed, with the advancement and development in every field, thongs were not much popular as it was found to be too revealing and did not cover much. However in recent times, it has become quite popular and has become a hot style statement. It is very popular among men who have good physique and are comfortable in flaunting it. It’s an essential part of a sexy men’s wardrobe. It is a must have clothing for men who wants to look hot and sexy. Even women have been wearing thongs since ages.

Thongs for men are a kind of underwear which is a very narrow piece of cloth which passes through the legs and is attached with a string. It is also known as g-string. It is available in different fabrics, style and colors in the market. There are some styles which are cut higher through the back of shorts and some are very small called micro thongs. There are styles which can be worn by men for daily use and there are some which can be reserved for special occasions. However it is very important to choose a thong which gives a perfect fit as it will ensure the comfort level experienced by the men who wears it.

Men who prefer wearing tight pants and skin fitting jeans, thongs are a very good option for them. Other underwear like boxer shorts and briefs may cause bunching of fabric but thongs will not as it has minimal fabric used. It will create smooth lines which will look good. Some men prefer wearing thongs while some believe it is for women. They believe it is very revealing and does not cover the buttocks. They considered it to be for men who are gay and find boxer and briefs to be manlier.

However thongs are very good for men during the summer months as it offers support and men can feel free and cool. Many straight guys wear thongs and it is designed for men to wear it. One can buy thongs from retail shops however buying it online offers privacy. Shopping online is easy and has an added advantage. One can view the variety of designs worn by male models and choose accordingly. They can take a look at the size chart and choose the right size which matches their size. It is a convenient and simple process. Sites like offers variety of brands like Azzaro, Blue Line, Bone Wear, Calvin Klein CK, DKNY, G-lad Swimwear etc and others.   One can easily order the type of underwear of their choice online.