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Joe Snyder Active Bikini Underwear provides a relaxing experience underneath your pants!

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Besides commonly used underwear such a briefs and boxer brief underwear, skimpy and skin revealing bikini underwear is fast becoming a common sight among body and fashion conscious men everywhere. Boasting of comfort and style, this type of underwear is available in different cuts, colour palette and looks to complement all kinds of fashion tastes and personalities. Bikini underwear from the Joe Snyder menswear collection is immensely popular because it fulfils the wants and needs of men for well made underwear.

Seeing the lack of sensual underwear that offers the perfect anatomical fit in the market, Jose Vargas Snyder launched the famous menswear line, Joe Snyder. With more than 20 years of experience, this Mexican based menswear brand has been revolutionising the men’s fashion market with fashion-forward designs, high quality fabric construction and alluring styles. Their collections for men include bikini swimwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, caps, G string swimwear, jockstrap underwear, G string underwear, jockstrap swimwear, long boxer brief underwear, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T shirts, thong underwear and swimwear.

Joe Snyder Active Bikini Underwear is one of the most popular designer bikini underwear that this Mexican brand offers. Designed for fashion-forward men with active lifestyles, this underwear is offered in black, black sheer, red, turquoise, white and white sheer. Made from a top quality polyamide and elastane fabric blend, the underwear is smooth and soft to touch and has a nice glimmer too! Unlike other non-supportive bikini underwear, this Joe Snyder creation offers unparalleled support levels! Exceptionally light and roomy, it keeps your asset in place throughout the whole day, whether you use it for casual or sports activities. Most importantly, the well designed and snug pouch design not only shapes your asset but holds it up too! The broad elastic waistband branded with the Joe Snyder logo ensures your underwear is comfortably fitted to your body and makes sure that it offers attention-grabbing shape retention to you throughout the day.

In spite of the skimpy cut, it provides the necessary coverage and support you need while exuding the feeling of not wearing anything underneath your pants! If you are not afraid of flaunting your chiselled physique in a daring cut, sport this designer outfit now!

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Look chic and comfy in a pair of Croota Tartan Forever Brief Underwear!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

The market is flooded with a wide variety of underwear styles ranging from bold and skimpy to body fitting and traditional. While some fashionable and active men are not afraid to show off their bodies in skin revealing and daring underwear styles and cuts like thong underwear, G-string underwear, pouch underwear and jock strap underwear, some men still favour traditional underwear like brief underwear and boxer shorts.

When it comes to trendy and comfortable brief underwear, Croota stays ahead of its competitors with its eye catching designs and patterns. Founded in 2006 in Australia, Croota has acquired worldwide popularity for its wide variety of vibrant and chic designs and low fitting cuts that are intended to help image and body conscious men make a bold statement in their underwear or swimwear. Featuring striking designs and patterns, Croota produces men’s outfits that meet every man’s daily lifestyle needs.

Croota Tartan Forever Brief Underwear is the perfect example of form meeting functionality. Designed to celebrate the male form and to augment your sexuality, this brief underwear can be worn with any pair of pants, jeans and trousers. Featuring classic Scottish plaid patterns, Croota Tartan Forever Brief Underwear comes in two colourful plaid patterns- brown/blue and orange/blue. Made from a blend of cotton (95%) and spandex (5%) materials, this brief underwear features the Croota trademark “Contrast Comfort Waistband” which provides exceptional support without compromising on comfort. The use of body defining and stretchable materials ensures that you comfort and support levels remain at an all time high and in all kinds of situations. While spandex helps to maintain the firmness and flexibility of the brief, providing you with excellent shape retention experience, the cotton material helps to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.  The comfort is further enhanced by the contoured pouch design which offers optimum support to your assets! The low rise cut of the Croota Tartan Forever Brief Underwear ensures that your curves do not fail to look sexy and alluring all the time.

In addition to brief underwear Croota also specialises in bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, thong underwear, caps, jock strap underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, square cut trunk swimwear and tank top T shirts.

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Ajaxx63 – The Pioneers of Gay Culture Underwear

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Ajaxx63 is one of the very few brands that cater specifically for the gay culture of today by producing gay men’s clothing.

Ajaxx63 is an urban-oriented company which first started selling its products at the Pride Festivals. It became an over-night sensation. They had also made an appearance in the first season of “Queer as Folk.” They gained their foot-hold in the gay fashion industry after becoming partners with This move made them reach their zenith, and become a cult name in the gay retail industry. Ajaxx63 has appeared in various gay fashion magazines as well as the hit series showing on Showtime “Queer as Folk” and others like “Queer eye for the Straight Guy”, MTV’s “Open Bar”, “What not to Wear”, and many more.

Their range of beanies and caps are quite nice with high quality fabrics used for their manufacturing. Their workmanship is fine with smart styling and good quality construction. Multi-colour embroidery is the main hallmark of their line, and their colour combinations are very tight as well. They are perfect to top off the entire look.

You can choose from their collection of mesh panel trucker caps, baseball caps, knit beanies and many more. Their long-sleeved t-shirts are made of thermal and reflect the athletic in you in a tasteful yet sexy manner. Their beautiful fit is due to the naturally stretchable quality of the light thermally woven cotton.

Their graphic designs are stylish and excitingly colourful. Their eye for the detail and beautiful fit is really noteworthy. Their range of muscle top t shirts is sleeveless and truly made for the hunk inside you, as they make you look your beefy best. Their funky messages written at the front add to the cool quotient.

The short sleeved t shirts manufactured by this gay men’s apparel brand are available in more than 70 variations. They are very clingy and hug your body so that the ultimate look is that of masculine sexuality. Their range of tank top t shirts is quite sexy made of 100% cotton, as a result of which there no question of any compromise with the comfort factor.

Ajaxx63 is one manufacturer of sexy men’s clothes that does not believe in compromising comfort for style. They use the finest quality of materials aimed to give maximum comfort. They approach the concept of a t-shirt in a post-modern manner, and are redefining the look of the t shirt by making them energetic, modern and fashionable.

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