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Men’s brief – an essential part of a man’s wardrobe

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Men’s underwear has been an essential part of their clothing since ages. Men’s brief is a very common undergarment for men and is used by all the men. It is traditional undergarment and has a uniqueness of its own. It is very popular among men’s underwear and is worn by 90% men in the world. Traditionally it was available only in the basic color and style but in recent times it has gained immense popularity and is available in different styles and colors. In contemporary times, with the change in the fashion industry, manufacturers and designers of undergarments are coming up with new styles and forms of undergarments on a regular basis.

Earlier men’s brief were available in the cotton fabric and the color white but with change in fashion and preferences of men, it can be found in different colors and styles. Usually men prefer undergarment made of natural fabrics like cotton as they are comfortable. Nowadays fabrics like Lycra, silk, spandex, nylon, elastane are being used as it adds variety and style to the underwear. Men’s brief are fitting and has good cut. It provides support as well as comfort to the men. Sportsmen and athletes prefer undergarments which are body hugging and men’s brief fit the bill.

Men’s brief is available as briefs and boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are briefs are longer till thigh length and are very comfortable. It is available in different colors and style and is apt for relaxed homely environments. One can even go out of the house for errands wearing a boxer brief as it covers appropriately. They are like boxer shorts in comparison but vary in length. Men’s brief which are tight fitting have elastic waist band and are more like swimwear. They are usually available in Y shaped front style. They are best option for office goers and professionals who have to sit in an office environment all day long.

One can buy men’s brief from online as well as offline stores. It is better to purchase it from online stores as all the brands are available under one store. One can even view the models wearing it online and select according to their choice. Sites like which sell such undergarments have brands like Arroyman, Candyman, Bone Wear, BumGear, Muscle, Modus Vivendi, Punto Blanco, Playboy, Pipe, Jocko, Gregg Homme etc and anyone can buy it from there. Men can order online and with complete privacy within their comfort zones.

Materials in underclothing

Friday, July 15th, 2011

It is a known fact that men’s underclothing has always been underestimated since its invisible. Undergarment is the important piece of clothing for people of all age groups and both genders. Men’s underclothing is available in several designs, styles and fits. It is seen that various types of materials in underclothing range for men is available in the market.

One should select the material that perfectly suits ones body kind. There could be few who maybe allergic to cotton and there could be few who may face irritation with nylon. Such men should avoid wearing undergarments made of such materials. The most popular materials in underclothing for men are cotton, spandex, lycra, silk and nylon. Mostly all opt for cotton underwear in summers. In winters, one generally opts for lycra or woolen underwear. Men, who are not well built, generally choose soft nylon, flannel or silk boxers. It is very important to know that before purchasing the underwear, one should check that the underwear is close fitting. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. One should always purchase the underclothing which one can easily afford and should not get attracted by dirt cheap buys.

One should always give due importance to fit and comfort before choosing the right underwear. One should not fail to check the waistband. The customary size of men’s underwear begins from small which falls between the range of 28 to 30 inches and has’s’ marked on it. The next size after small is the medium size which falls between the ranges of 32 to 34 inches. The large size falls between the ranges of 36 to 38 inches waistline. Generally it is seen that the size differs from brands to brands. It is important to buy the undergarment considering the waistline measurement and the L, M and S denominations.

In today’s time men’s underwear is easily available in various styles and patterns, something for each man. The conventional V – Style briefs can be with or without the pouch in front.  Boxers are another type of men’s underwear which are basically longer from thighs and are form fitting types. Another type is for the sporty men which are the sports underwear, which particularly has a tight fitting and does not have any seams.

A wide variety of undergarments are available online. is the ultimate one stop for all types of undergarments needs. Here one can pick between boxer briefs or regular boxers or briefs or bikinis. One can choose as per ones choice and even pick undergarments for ones beloved too.

Men jammers swimsuits are best option for swimmers and athletes

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Men swimsuits are now available in different styles and colors. Unlike women swimwear which mainly consists of bikini, thongs etc men swimsuits comes in variety of styles like Trunks, Jammers, Board shorts, Thongs, Racers, Boxer Shorts, Speedo style briefs etc. There are numerous brands and styles of swimsuits available in the market and the choice lies in the hands of the men who are going to wear them. Men usually go for simple designs and basic colors but with the change in the fashion trends and apparel industry, swimwears too have gone under a transformation. Now men can choose from the various designs, styles and colors while choosing the swimsuit.

Men jammers Swimwear is usually the best choice or option for athletes and swimmers. They are tight fitting and smooth and offer very good support in competitions and races. They cover the men from mid waist till above the knees. They are similar to the cycling shorts used by cyclists and racers in appearance. They are usually made of fabrics like Lycra, nylon, spandex to offer elasticity and fit and also water resistant. Certain men jammers swimsuit is designed in a particular fashion so that it offers more buoyancy to the swimmer and also helps the body to maintain particular swimming positions.

Men jammers are used by athletes and non athletes during training, gym activities or work out, cycling, racing, running and mostly for water sports or activities. Compared to other swimsuits jammers have excellent water resistant capacity as the materials or fabric used in the making has better water resistance capability. Some jammers of certain brands and make have chlorine resistant fabric and are best for swimming in chlorinated pools or water. Swimwear like Board shorts; trunks etc are also good option for men. They form the casual wear usually worn by men on beaches during relaxed activities and playing sports.

Most men prefer swimwear which offers great fit and are also high on comfortability factor. Young guys prefer swimwear which is minimal and shows off their physique so that they can attract female attention. Thus different people have different choices of swimwear according to their tastes and preferences. Online shopping of such swimsuits is better as online stores offer all the brands. Online sites like is of great help as several well known brands are available for purchase with their variety of styles of undergarments and swimwear. Brands like Speedo, Aqualina, Aquaswiss, Starwear, Playboy, Jellyfish Swimwear, and Beach Brasil are available here.

Types of men’s undergarments

Monday, July 4th, 2011

From past several years a lot of change has occurred in the garments industry. Earlier the change was only seen in the outer fits. But from past several years a big change is seen in the inner wear too. In today’s time even men have become conscious about their attire just like women. Several designs have come up matching the built of every man. Men should be very particular before choosing the right undergarment. Let us look at few of the most common types of men’s undergarments which are readily available. This will help one in choosing the right undergarment for oneself.

The most conventional type of men’s undergarment is the brief. The brief is in fly style and has a Y shaped frontal opening. Brief is available in low rise and mid rise. The waistband is fashioned in such a way that it fits well on the waist. The material covers up to the thighs which help in covering the butt fully. Nearly four inches of material is used which helps in giving maximum protection to ones private organs. In mid rise brief the waistband falls two inches under the waist. In low rise briefs, the waistband falls three inches under the waist.

Another popular type of undergarment for many guys is boxer. It is fashioned in such a manner that it reaches up to the thighs and helps in covering the butt fully. Boxers fit well in loose fitting pants. Boxer can be worn as shorts too at the same time it can be worn as undies. Boxers are highly comfortable. It helps in giving extra fitness in the thigh region and allows easy movements.

A combination of two sorts of styles boxer and brief has given birth to a third style boxer brief. Boxer briefs are very popular amongst the sport lovers. Boxer briefs have a cut opening which quite resembles to tampered type boxer. Boxer briefs style resembles to brief undies and offers better support. It gives a fabulous fitting and is chosen and liked by many guys. Boxer briefs are helpful if worn during sports activities. It also fits perfectly well in tight fitting pants.

All the above undergarments are easily available in different designs and colors. There are even designs on the waistbands; some may even have images on it to give it a much personalized look. Different types of men’s undergarments can be picked from several shops, designer boutiques as well as online store like which offer best brands under one roof.

Men’s Square Cut Trunk Swimwear

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Men’s square cut trunk swimwear is a swimwear very similar to that of the drawer or boxer underwear. Those who feel a bit uncomfortable in the more adventurous swimwear like G-string swimwear or pouch swimwear, men’s square cut trunk swimwear is the ideal one for them. It adds an extra layer of privacy while swimming. It is designed in such a way that would provide you more comfort and give you an absolutely sexy look.

Once there was a time when the very term ‘metrosexual’ was used to dignify a particular type of man who gave priority to their outfit and look. They were kind of separated from the others as a different class of people. But attitude of men has undergone a vast change as now a days, the very term ‘metrosexual’ brings no more sense to us, because now, we all are conscious about our fashion in some way or the other.

We may not have noticed it, but the truth is, men these days spend a lot of their time and energy in order to look attractive and sexy. Men’s underwear is one such revolutionary evolution that has taken place in the history of men’s fashion. May be they are not visible when you use it, but if it is a swimwear, and if you are swimming in a swimming pool with lots of people around you, then the look, fitting and the brand bear a lot more significance to you. And if you belong to that class of shy, still fashion conscious male, men’s square cut trunk swimwear is your ideal one.

It comes with prolonged trunks around your thighs and would cover more area of your thigh than the other common swimwear. They may come in different colors. But as swimwear is the only thing that you wear while swimming, the color must be chosen wisely so that it doesn’t look odd to the eyes. Blue, maroon, black etc. can be ideal. This type has a more body hugging feeling than the other types.

Hence, if you are interested and planning to buy it, none other than can be a better place. It is full of many world famous brands and types of men’s square cut trunk swimwear. So, go to and order you own swimwear!

Men’s Swimwear at its best

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Over the last century, it is noted that the men’s swimwear has changed and developed. For years it has been seen that the most common kind of men’s swimwear has been swimming trunks or shorts. Presently men’s swimwear market is vast. Before opting for the perfect swimwear one should realize whether one would be comfortable in that piece of wear and whether he is daring enough to wear that swimwear.

The swimming trunks are the most common form of swimwear from years. Trunks look much like shorts and it covers the body right from the waist to the upper or mid leg. In USA this form of swimwear is the most popular type. Trunks are mostly made up of nylon and on the inside there is a mesh protective covering which helps in fast drying. Trunks are available in various patterns, colors, styles and kinds.

Another popular form of men’s swimwear is the g-strings. G-Strings are available in several pouch sizes. Most commonly SEEN men’s swimwear is the g-strings which have quite narrow cut with small pouches which fully balloons out which enables everything to fit well. It is made from elastic fabric strings and has the same sides and backsides for all. Such form of swimwear gives a very sexy appeal and should only be worn by those who have the guts to carry it and who love getting attention. Since a handsome man in g-strings swimwear will never get unnoticed.

Racing brief falls under the class of men’s swimwear. Racing briefs are mostly worn by serious and professional swimmers. Racing briefs are particularly made keeping in mind about the diving stunts and maximum fast racing which are carried out by the professional swimmers. Thus, while it is created the designers and the manufactures pay a lot of attention to the durability and strength factors. Racing briefs are made of materials which are chlorine resistant. Chlorine has an adverse effect on material, thus special care is maintained. This is quite crucial since the professional swimmer has to be in his swimwear most of the time. Boardshorts are another form of men’s swimwear, it is mostly associated typically with water sports like water boarding and surfing. Of late these shorts have become quite popular as beachwear too.

Today men’s swimwear forms a big part of the attire industry. It is available in several styles and designs which perfectly fits almost every man’s physique. There are several shops which only cater to men’s swimwear globally. One can get enough knowledge on the same and can pick their choice of swimwear from the internet too. serves the same. One gets the option of buying genuine stylish swimwear from anywhere in the world.

Buy Men’s Bikini Swimwear Online

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Men’s underwear has undergone a vast change both in its design and its usage in the last few years. Men’s bikini swimwear is one such kind of approach to men’s underwear section. It is basically a swimwear for men, which is designed in a bit different style that resembles that of a bikini. It serves fine as a swimwear both for the novice and the professionals.

Being a swimwear, it is a tight outfit that would hug your body in every aspect and would provide you with a light feeling while swimming. It comes with different shades of color among which black and navy blue is the most popular. Other colors include light blue, maroon, red, white, green etc. it is basically made from mixed nylon/lycra cloth that has an elastic property. Don’t be afraid if you see the shape of it is smaller than your original size as it would expand when you would wear it. Like the cloth, the seaming too is elastic and running through the edges. It has a double pouch in front of it for extra protection.

Some men’s bikini swimwear is there in the markets that are newly launched and have no seam inside them. They would surely help in increasing your comfort level while swimming. Apart from all those qualities that are common in all men’s bikini swimwear, there are some brand wise differences in making. Some bikini swimwear would give you a perfect body hugging look and feeling while some will provide you with seamless comfort. Some others will make you look real sexy. Hence, it is suggested that you should pick up the correct one for you according to your taste and comfort.

In this regard, one website you can rely with your eyes closed is There is a large number of collections of different types of men’s bikini swimwear. Not only the types but also the number of brands available is many. Hence, you would have an absolute freedom of choice while hovering through the collections just with your mouse. Yes, it is absolutely an online shopping store for every type of men’s underwear. Also, there are some attractive discounts on purchase which you won’t get from a retailer.

Attractive men’s Pouch Swimwear Online

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

As attitude of men towards the underwear has undergone a vast change, no doubt the underwear companies have become bolder in introducing new designs. Men’s pouch swimwear is a men’s swimming underwear that came into the market as an experimental design. Because of the changed attitude of men, it proved to be extremely successful. These days, it has been one of the most popular men’s swimwear available in the market.

As the name itself suggests, it has a U shaped pouch in between your thighs. Obviously, the pouch is made with a double layer of cloth in order to provide extra protection to your private parts. The reason why it is named so is the pouch in it. This pouch is the main and the most attractive characteristic of this type of swimwear. You would always feel light and sometimes, you would feel as if you are not wearing anything. That actually adds to its appeal. You feel so light and at the same time, you are absolutely safe.

With the extra and unnecessary amount of cloths deducted from its design, the men’s pouch swimwear has been given a handy, smart, light and at the same time a sexy look. It can be predicted with eyes closed that any women, whoever she might be, won’t be able to stop looking at you while you will be swimming with a men’s pouch swimwear around your waist. Others are quite ok but if you have a bit tough built; it is no doubt the ideal one for you. offers you a large collection of men’s underwear among which men’s pouch swimwear in one. It is a men’s swimwear with a handy and sexy look. It would provide you a light feeling and at the same time would give you absolute comfort.

There are different types of this kind now available in the market. Most of them are made from elastic cloth with an elastic run on seaming. Others have the seamless and tag less inside built. Men’s pouch swimwear is available in different colors.

In, you can choose your desired pouch swimwear as it has a collection of not only world famous brands but also a vast types of designs. You only have to browse through the categories or the brands and whatever you think to buy, just click on it and follow the on-screen instruction. has made your private shopping this much easy! Hence, what are you waiting for? Make a rush and start finding the ideal pouch swimwear for you!

Thongs make men feel sexy

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Gone are the days when thongs were just a part of women’s wardrobe and were desired lingerie which men loved it when it was on a woman’s body. However times have changed, men too have undergone change both in tastes and preferences not just in living standards but clothes too. Thongs have come to be a part of men’s underwear. Though thongs reveal too much skin it is now being preferred by men and they love wearing it as it makes them feel sexy. However there are still people who think that it makes men look less manly and they prefer boxers and briefs to sexy men thongs.

There are arguments against sexy men thongs as being skimpy and do not cover the private parts well. But thongs are being designed by designers keeping men in mind. They are perfect men’s underwear for the summer season. It is designed in such a way that it covers well the private parts as well as supports them. It is more comfortable than boxers and briefs as it has less of the materials. It does not make less of a man and many straight men wear it. It has also been found that some girlfriends and wives loves their men wearing thongs as it appeals to them.

Sexy men thongs are available in online stores and are up for grabs. One can buy it online from online stores like at discounted price and can view the models wearing it and select according to their taste and choice. Sexy men thongs are available under brands like Arroyman, Gregg Homme, Ergowear, Bum-Chums, Pikante, Punto Blanco and Tulio under different styles and varieties. These stylized men’s underwear is designed especially for men who feel sexy and hot as these underwear make them feel so. These are great buys for bedroom fun and laugh.

Anyone can wear it, be it ordinary looking guy or a hot looking stud. These sexy men thongs make the men look hot and sexy and give a drive to them. It makes them feel extraordinary and offers a change from their drab, ordinary life. It is a perfect wear for a physically fit man as it showcases his body better. It works wonders while impressing girlfriends and wives and adds a zing to the relationship. Some women and girls are impressed with guys who wear thongs as it arouses them. It has been found that such sexy underwear have helped improve sex lives of many.

Sexy Men’s Underwear for the Adventurous Male

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Men’s underwear is no longer a tabooed subject as it was once. Like women, men too now are enjoying a handful of world class brands of men’s underwear companies that offer them not only comfort but also style. And with the ever improving technology, this fashion has preceded one step forward with, an absolutely online shopping store for men’s underwear.

As far as the comfort is concerned, who likes an itching in his private areas? Probably none. That’s why the companies have come forward with different successful experimental design of men’s underwear. These designs have become popular among the male because they are not only unique in style but also provide comfort in the private areas.

The age old underwear which was prevailing in the market, used to provide protection, at the cost of ones comfort. You used to wear it with a weird feeling in your thighs when you put it off. Now just forget that feeling as new designs are being introduced by many companies in the market. Men’s G-string underwear, men’s thong underwear etc. are just some examples of that kind.

Men are adventurous throughout the starting of the history. Regarding the underwear, they are not an exception. For these kinds of males, the new and adventurous designs have been introduced. The men’s G-string underwear or men’s thong underwear may look a bit unusual but who cares? No one’s going to know what you are wearing inside. And if it gives you comfort, just forget what others say.

The thong underwear or the men’s G-string underwear is designed in such a way that you would never feel wearing anything inside as these don’t suck on your thighs. But at the same time, you are absolutely well protected. They would give you a light feeling of absolute confidence. Besides, they are designed in such a way that they won’t be visible even if you wear any body-hugging clothing.

Now if you are interested in trying these new kinds, there’s good news for you. All you want are available there at They have a large collection of underwear for adventurous men like you! They have got a bunch of world class brands any types of men’s underwear that would help you to choose the correct one for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go and order yours!