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Joe Snyder Active Bikini Underwear provides a relaxing experience underneath your pants!

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Besides commonly used underwear such a briefs and boxer brief underwear, skimpy and skin revealing bikini underwear is fast becoming a common sight among body and fashion conscious men everywhere. Boasting of comfort and style, this type of underwear is available in different cuts, colour palette and looks to complement all kinds of fashion tastes and personalities. Bikini underwear from the Joe Snyder menswear collection is immensely popular because it fulfils the wants and needs of men for well made underwear.

Seeing the lack of sensual underwear that offers the perfect anatomical fit in the market, Jose Vargas Snyder launched the famous menswear line, Joe Snyder. With more than 20 years of experience, this Mexican based menswear brand has been revolutionising the men’s fashion market with fashion-forward designs, high quality fabric construction and alluring styles. Their collections for men include bikini swimwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, caps, G string swimwear, jockstrap underwear, G string underwear, jockstrap swimwear, long boxer brief underwear, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T shirts, thong underwear and swimwear.

Joe Snyder Active Bikini Underwear is one of the most popular designer bikini underwear that this Mexican brand offers. Designed for fashion-forward men with active lifestyles, this underwear is offered in black, black sheer, red, turquoise, white and white sheer. Made from a top quality polyamide and elastane fabric blend, the underwear is smooth and soft to touch and has a nice glimmer too! Unlike other non-supportive bikini underwear, this Joe Snyder creation offers unparalleled support levels! Exceptionally light and roomy, it keeps your asset in place throughout the whole day, whether you use it for casual or sports activities. Most importantly, the well designed and snug pouch design not only shapes your asset but holds it up too! The broad elastic waistband branded with the Joe Snyder logo ensures your underwear is comfortably fitted to your body and makes sure that it offers attention-grabbing shape retention to you throughout the day.

In spite of the skimpy cut, it provides the necessary coverage and support you need while exuding the feeling of not wearing anything underneath your pants! If you are not afraid of flaunting your chiselled physique in a daring cut, sport this designer outfit now!

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Show off your abs in trendy ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Because of their versatile nature and sleeveless design, tank top T shirts offer optimum comfort to the wearer, allowing him to remain calm and relaxed all the time. They are the most preferred choice of clothing and are often worn on a hot summer day or as a top underneath another shirt. Like all other T shirt variations, tank tops are without any doubt the most appealing and trendy casual wear. You can wear them to the beach with your beach shorts or to the gym with your fashionable pair of running trunks to look casual and stylish anytime.

Established in 2005, Barcelona based ES Collection is a brand committed to creating top quality, cutting edge designs using the best production techniques. Boasting of the use of top quality fabrics, their menswear is designed to withstand time. Besides designing hip and cool tank tops, they have a wide variety of products including designer bags, beach towels, bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, boardshorts beachwear, bodysuits, beach towels, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, G string swimwear, hats, jammer swimwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved T shirts, pants, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear, sleepwear, socks, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, sweaters and windbreakers and armbands and bracelets for men.

If you want to show off your toned and chiselled physique in colourful and fun tank tops, their funky and trendy ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts are simply perfect for you! Available in pink/white or mint/white combinations, they are definite quality tank tops with contrast trims and printed with 69 on the pink or mint background! Made from quality cotton and Lycra blend, these men’s tops provide an athletic fit to the wearer and ensure maximum comfort all day long! The soft and stretchy fabric of their garments gives off a light and airy feeling the moment they are worn, thereby elevating your comfort level during even the most strenuous of activities! With its sleeveless design and round neckline, their tank tops are cool and fun and you can wear ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts to the beach, gym or as everyday wear at home. Team them up with casual pants, chinos or jeans to look cool and casual while showing off your bulging biceps!

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N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants- Always Providing Optimum Comfort!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

As far as men’s underwear is concerned you can expect a wide range of styles and designs in the market today. The once neglected segment of the fashion industry, men’s underwear section now has different styles of underwear. Apart from boxers and briefs, you will come across G string underwear, thong underwear, bikini underwear, jockstrap underwear, pouch underwear, loincloth underwear and long underwear pants. Among the different varieties, men’s long underwear pants offer optimum comfort to the wearer all the time.

Wear your long underwear pants during winter and remain warm and cosy on all chilly occasions! Long underwear pants, made from temperature balancing natural fibers, can elevate your comfort level on the humid days as well. Trendy and stylish, a descent pair of long underwear pants goes well with jeans or trousers. In recent times fashion designers have been trying their level best to make this comfy underwear style even more voguish. Among the designer brands that offer stylish long underwear pants for men, N2N Bodywear comes highly recommended. Andrew Makay started N2N Bodywear way back in 1997. Since its inception in Los Angeles, N2N Bodywear has always aimed at offering the most stylish and comfortable underwear to men that enhance their sex appeal.

The designers at N2N Bodywear use premium materials to create their line of menswear. As a result, you will remain comfortable all day long in N2N Bodywear outfits. N2N Bodywear brings forth the most stylish, form-fiiting and comfortable men’s apparel that make you feel special always.  Apart from long underwear pants, N2N Bodywear also offers bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string swimwear, G string underwear, jammer swimwear, jock strap swimwear, jock strap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, long sleeved T shirts, loose boxer shorts underwear, loungewear, muscle top T shirts, pants, pouch underwear, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, sweaters, windbreakers, tank top T shirts, thong swimwear, thong underwear and men’s accessories.

When you think of comfort then nothing else comes mind other than N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants. Using high quality fabrics, N2N Bodywear designers have come up with some soft long underwear pants that anyone will find highly comfortable. The presence of cotton (90%) and spandex (10%) makes N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants ideal to wear on hot and humid season. The thin and soft cotton fibres of these skin-tight underwear pants offer optimum comfort to the wearers while the contoured pouch of N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants offers utmost support to your package. Apart from yellow, you can also get N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Long John Underwear Pants in lilac, orange, grey, white and black colours.

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Create Your Own Fashion Statement In PriapeWear St Tropez Bikini Swimwear!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Grab the sexiest swimwear if you want to attract the attention of the people on the beach! And when you think of the sportiest and sexiest swimsuit, nothing is more ideal than bikini swimwear. Available in varied colours, cuts and designs, bikini swimwear is just what you need when you want to flaunt your muscular physique. Till a few years back, bold and revealing designs in swimwear were strictly prohibited in a conservative society. In fact, the men’s swimwear segment was the most neglected segment in the fashion industry; designers were busy creating fashionable outwear, whereas the swimwear and underwear segments were neglected.

Daring types, who were ready to flaunt their bodies on the beach or by the pool, were always on the lookout for raunchy and trendy swimsuits. To meet their demands, designers, finally, shifted their focus and came up with unique and eye catching styles in men’s swimwear. Apart from square cut trunk swimwear and shorts swimwear, the more daring and bold bikini swimwear, G string swimwear, jockstrap swimwear and pouch swimwear are great pieces of swimsuits that fashionable men love to wear.

Well, if you are feeling particularly excited and flirtatious on the beach, you can go in for some trendy and sporty bikini swimwear. There are a number of brands that offer you some voguish bikini swimwear. But, one brand that guarantees both style and quality is PriapeWear. If you are looking for some unique, bold and sizzling underwear, swimwear and outwear, PriapeWear should be your only choice! Their designers actually play with colours when creating their fashionable line of menswear.  PriapeWear offers alluring outfits in a wide range of vibrant colours, styles and designs. The brand offers alluring and stylish bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, shorts, thong underwear and short sleeved T shirts for men.

Seductive and provocative, colourful PriapeWear St Tropez Bikini Swimwear truly enhances your masculine physique. This pair of tri-coloured bikini swimwear is made from nylon (80%) and spandex (20%).  Both these materials help in retaining and maintaining the tightness and stretchability of the swimsuit.  Green and yellow are two vibrant colours that make this pair of swimwear truly chic. An eye catching logo at the back makes PriapeWear St Tropez Bikini Swimwear different from a typical bikini swimsuit. Expect doting glances from people on the beach when you strut around in your PriapeWear St Tropez Bikini Swimwear!

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Boost your X factor In OZ Factor Drawstring Waist Brief Bikini Swimwear!

Monday, May 6th, 2013

It is interesting to see how men’s swimwear designs have undergone rapid changes in the last few decades. The one-time plain and boring swimsuits have become quite stylish and trendy these days. Apart from typical square cut trunk swimwear, jammer swimwear and broad-shorts beachwear, you will come across more provocative and bold designs in the market. Today’s fashion conscious man is eager to reveal his well exercised physique at the beach or pool, and often looks for some sporty and bold swimwear that will be ideal for exposing his tanned physique. When fashionable men were desperately looking for attractive and bold swimwear styles ace designers, from around the world, came up with some voguish bikini swimwear, jockstrap swimwear, pouch swimwear, thong swimwear and G string swimwear for men.

Among these varied styles in swimwear, bikini swimwear is immensely popular among men because it truly helps in accentuating the toned physique. Whether you are swimming or indulging in some beach sports, revealing and stylish bikini swimwear always keep you comfortable. Several brands have taken a lead in creating sexy bikini swimwear for men. But, Oz Factor is one brand that has successfully captured the spirit of beach culture with its swimwear line.  A popular brand from Australia, Oz Factor has been designing sexy, sporty and stylish swimsuits for men since its inception. Their designer Nadiah Kanawaty believes in using premium Italian fabrics for creating Oz Factor men’s swimwear. These fabrics are specially treated to provide protection against harmful sunrays and chlorine.  Besides bikini swimwear, Oz Factor also designs square cut trunk swimwear for men.

Grab some OZ Factor Drawstring Waist Brief Bikini Swimwear if you want to express your masculinity in the most daring way! Made from premium lycra, the OZ Factor Drawstring Waist Brief Bikini Swimwear is stretchable and keeps the wearer in optimum comfort while swimming or sun bathing. To ensure extra support and a proper fit, this pair of bikini swimwear is provided with an internal drawstring. Unlike string bikinis, the OZ Factor Drawstring Waist Brief Bikini Swimwear has 2 inch sides to give support and comfort.  The front of this bikini swimsuit is lined with pure nylon and its contoured pouch provides support to your package. The eye catching bondi blue colour of this swimwear with yellow floral patterns on it can make you look truly alluring at the beach or pool.

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Get some Foglers Arbitre Shorty Square Cut Trunk Swimwear today and feel the difference!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Men’s swimwear segment was the most neglected segment because designers were busy crafting trendy swimwear for women. But things have changed in the last few years. With changing times, designers have shifted their focus to men’s swimwear. In their hands, boring swimsuits have become excessively sporty and funky.

Fashionable men who were always on the lookout for stylish swimsuits found (to their great relief!) that there were some stylish swimsuits in the market. Reputed brands brought forth some daring and bold swimsuits for men such as bikini swimwear, G string swimwear, thong swimwear, jockstrap swimwear and pouch swimwear. Those who looked for swimsuits that ensured maximum coverage, found jammer swimwear, shorts swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear quite useful and stylish.

Inspite of a deluge of new and bold designs in the market, many fashionable men prefer wearing square cut trunk swimwear when they are at the beach or pool.  The design of this type of swim trunks is pretty simple. These swimsuits are short in length and the typical body-hugging style is loved by most men. Nowadays, men’s square cut swim trunks are offered in a variety of colors and designs. Square cut trunk swimsuits are designed with elastic waistbands or drawstrings. Among the varied brands, designing square cut trunk swimwear, Foglers deserves special mention.

This French brand has gained immense popularity since its inception. The ace designers at Foglers understand the needs and requirements of fashionable men. They put in their efforts to come up with excessively bold, provocative and voguish swimwear designs for men. Apart from square cut trunk swimwear, Foglers also offers bikini swimwear and tank top T shirts for men.

Do you want to attract the attention of onlookers on the beach by showcasing your toned physique? Well, then you should try some Foglers Arbitre Shorty Square Cut Trunk Swimwear. Crafted from premium French and Italian fabrics, the Foglers Arbitre Shorty Square Cut Trunk Swimwear is truly chic. The fabrics consist of polyamide (85%) and elastane (15%). Both these materials help in retaining the stretchability of the swimwear, ensuring a snug fit all the time.  This pair of square cut trunk swimwear is provided with drawstrings that are embellished with metal-tips.  This pair of fully lined swimwear is also patterned with a serigraphy composition inside and the white patterns on the jet black fabric look absolutely eye catching!  The short and sexy cut of the Foglers Arbitre Shorty Square Cut Trunk Swimwear will surely make you look ravishing on the beach!

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Be that irresistible hunk on the beach in your Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Gone are those days when men only had the option of trunk swimwear or swimmer shorts while purchasing swimsuits. Today, you get to see a completely different picture thanks to the ace designers whose joined efforts have borne fruit! These designers have come up with a variety of styles and designs in swimwear. Now, a fashionable man does not have to settle for swimmer shorts or old-fashioned trunk swimwear. He can pick some bikini swimwear, jockstrap swimwear, thong swimwear, pouch swimwear, G string swimwear and jammer swimwear. Old-fashioned trunk swimwear has become more stylish and raunchy. In fact, men prefer wearing form fitting square cut trunk swimwear while taking part in water sports and other activities.

Men who desire a bold and irresistible look on the beach invariably fall for bikini swimwear. The bold, revealing design of bikini swimwear helps in enhancing your sculpted body. Bikini swimwear came into vogue during the 1960s and immediately became popular among men. Men, with a muscular physique, prefer wearing this swimwear as this type of swimwear ensures maximum exposure. Top brands believe in using high quality fabrics when creating men’s bikini swimwear. Bikini swimwear tightly adheres to the body and due to its skimpy design, it is often considered ideal for swimming. Among the various brands that have gained popularity for designing some stylish and comfortable men’s bikini swimwear, Geovanny deserves mention.

Based in California, Geovanny is a popular brand designing immensely trendy and comfortable menswear.  Apart from bikini swimwear, Geovanny also manufactures boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, short sleeved T shirts and tank top T shirts. The ace designers at Geovanny believe in using premium fabrics for creating their men’s underwear, swimwear and T shirts so that the wearer remains in optimum comfort throughout the day.

Do you want to look seductive and raunchy on the beach? Well, if that’s what you desire then better pick some Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear! Sporty, stylish and sexy, the Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear is crafted from premium fabrics to ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. This form fitting bikini swimwear tightly adheres to the body, enhancing all the curves of your body. This particular swimwear has two zipper pockets and of course, its signature Alexander style makes it highly popular among men. Apart from electric purple, the Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear is also available in angel white, black and blood red. So, grab your Geovanny Alexander Bikini Swimwear today!

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Swim In Splashing Water Wearing Your BJC Apparel Contrast Two Tone Sports Square Cut Trunk Swimwear!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Men require their swimwear before participating in various water sports like water polo, skiing, surfing, diving, scuba, wakeboarding, and of course, swimming! Men also look for proper swimwear suits while sunbathing near the pool or on the beach. An essential outfit required for varied water sports or swimming, men’s swimwear is available in various styles and designs. You can find board shorts, jammer swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, briefs, bikini swimwear, thongs and G string swimwear among varied swimwear available for men. Swimwear is specially designed to allow wearers to move their legs freely while swimming or while enjoying water sports. Some special swimwear also provides thermal protection to the wearer. Professional swimmers also prefer drag suits (special swim suits) that they wear during their practice sessions. Crafted from mesh or nylon, these drag suits help in providing more resistance against water flow, enabling the swimwear to swim with ease.

Men’s swimwear is available in various styles and designs these days. For a sporty and hunky-dory look, they can choose skimpy bikini swimwear or G string swimwear, or pick up some square cut trunk swimwear, considered suitable for swimming or enjoying different water sports. The choice and popularity of different swimwear designs also varies with various cultures. It is true that the culture of a place has a great impact on the fashion industry of that area. So, different swimwear designs have become popular in different places. For instance, in some places, jockstrap swimwear or bikini swimwear is in great demand among men, while in other places men like to don square cut trunk swimwear or jammer swimwear. Whatever the demand, ace designers all over world are always putting in their utmost effort to make men’s swimwear excessively stylish, raunchy and chic.

Currently, one swimwear brand that stands out is BJC Apparel. Based in Florida, BJC Apparel has invariably found its way into every fashionable man’s wardrobe. Since their inception, BJC Apparel has been catering to the needs and demands of men. They design some stylish bikini swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear that is ideal to wear while enjoying water sports or swimming.

Comfortable, stretchable and stylish, BJC Apparel Contrast Two Tone Sports Square Cut Trunk Swimwear is preferred by all men! If you want to indulge in water sports or wish to swim in the splashing waters, this ‘sports brief’ is definitely the one for you. Made from a fabric that contains nylon (84%) and spandex (16%), this square cut trunk swimwear retains its stretchability and tightness. The presence of a drawstring allows you to adjust this square cut trunk swimwear accordingly. The sporty red and milky white colour combination of this swimwear is indeed appealing. Apart from red, you can also find this square cut trunk swimwear in other colours like navy, black and yellow – all contrasted with white.

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ES Collection’s Sweden Low Cut Bikini Swimwear Enhances Your Looks!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

It is indeed interesting to see how different designs have been added in men’s swimwear collections over the past decade.  Now, men can pick and choose any stylish swimwear that suits their styles and tastes.  Men who are extremely fashionable and love to flaunt their manly physique on the beach invariably settle for bikini swimwear, which accentuate their bodies. The edgy cut and revealing design are also preferred by those men who are tired of wearing traditional swimwear and want to try something contemporary and unconventional. Bikini swimwear fulfils all these requirements.

Currently, many brands that focus on designing some stylish menswear are manufacturing bikini swimwear for men.  However, one brand that creates some sexy and edgy bikini swimwear which enhances the well-toned male physique, is none other than ES Collection. Based in Barcelona, Spain, ES Collection has grown to become one of the most popular brands in Europe.  The bikini swimwear designed by this brand are not only trendy but also quite comfortable, being made from high-quality and stretchable fabrics.

Excessively sexy and sizzling, ES Collection Sweden Low Cut Bikini Swimwear is crafted from polyamide (80%) and spandex (20%).  Due to the presence of these materials, their swimwear remains quite stretchable and tight. Moreover, it is designed with the “Pack Up” system where the bikini swimwear has a padded pouch in front for added comfort.  However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can also remove this padding.  The presence of a drawstring allows you to adjust this swimwear according to your requirements. You can get this trendy bikini swimwear in two varied colour combinations- navy/green and charcoal/red.

The brand ES Collection was founded in 2005. Since its inception, this brand has been making some trendiest and stylish outfits for men. You can find some chic men’s swimwear like bikini swimwear, G string swimwear, jammer swimwear, shorts swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear and boardshorts beachwear made by this brand. They also make some stylish men’s underwear like bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, shorts and bodysuits. Their long sleeved T shirts, short sleeved T shirts, tank top T shirts, sleepwear and hats are also quite classy.  They even offer mix and match options.

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Surfing Becomes Exciting In Your Tulio Surfer Jammer Swimwear!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Jammers or jammer swimwear resembles cycling shorts and is regarded as nice racing swimwear. Looking at the design of jammer swimwear, it can confidently be said that the wearer will be able to swim and surf on the ripping waters most comfortably. The most unique feature of jammer swimwear is its tightness and adherence to the body of the surfer. Moreover, if you possess a well-toned, well-sculpted physique, it gets enhanced a lot with this swimwear. Presently, you may come across different brands manufacturing jammer swimwear for men. However, Tulio is one brand that is known for creating some unique jammer swimwear.

Originating in Brazil, Tulio creates some exclusive swimwear from high quality fabrics that perfectly suit your manly physique. Moreover, the variety of shades and combinations of Tulio swimwear are liked by surfers and swimmers. Apart from jammer swimwear, this brand also produces other men’s outfits like boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, bikini swimwear, G string swimwear; square cut trunk swimwear, boardshorts beachwear, shorts, muscle top T shirts, tank top T shirts, pants and jeans. Any man who sets his eyes on any Tulio product simply craves it!

If you are on the beach, then nothing can be better than your Tulio Surfer Jammer Swimwear. Its perfect tightness and elasticity ensure that you surf on the water quite smoothly. The fabric that is required for making this jammer swimwear consists of nylon (85%) and lycra (15%). The presence of these two materials ensures proper stretchability. So while swimming or surfing, you can freely move your legs. The ace designers of Tulio have indeed combined their skills to bring forward such unique contrast and mix and match.  The yellow, white and navy coloured patches make this swimwear quite unique.

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