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Show off your abs in trendy ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Because of their versatile nature and sleeveless design, tank top T shirts offer optimum comfort to the wearer, allowing him to remain calm and relaxed all the time. They are the most preferred choice of clothing and are often worn on a hot summer day or as a top underneath another shirt. Like all other T shirt variations, tank tops are without any doubt the most appealing and trendy casual wear. You can wear them to the beach with your beach shorts or to the gym with your fashionable pair of running trunks to look casual and stylish anytime.

Established in 2005, Barcelona based ES Collection is a brand committed to creating top quality, cutting edge designs using the best production techniques. Boasting of the use of top quality fabrics, their menswear is designed to withstand time. Besides designing hip and cool tank tops, they have a wide variety of products including designer bags, beach towels, bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, boardshorts beachwear, bodysuits, beach towels, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, G string swimwear, hats, jammer swimwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved T shirts, pants, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, shorts swimwear, sleepwear, socks, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, sweaters and windbreakers and armbands and bracelets for men.

If you want to show off your toned and chiselled physique in colourful and fun tank tops, their funky and trendy ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts are simply perfect for you! Available in pink/white or mint/white combinations, they are definite quality tank tops with contrast trims and printed with 69 on the pink or mint background! Made from quality cotton and Lycra blend, these men’s tops provide an athletic fit to the wearer and ensure maximum comfort all day long! The soft and stretchy fabric of their garments gives off a light and airy feeling the moment they are worn, thereby elevating your comfort level during even the most strenuous of activities! With its sleeveless design and round neckline, their tank tops are cool and fun and you can wear ES Collection Tank Top 69 T Shirts to the beach, gym or as everyday wear at home. Team them up with casual pants, chinos or jeans to look cool and casual while showing off your bulging biceps!

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Make a splash at the pool with a 2EROS Signature Super Low Rise Bikini Swimwear!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

The market is flooded with different and diverse styles of swimwear for men, providing men with many options to choose from. Among the many popular swimwear styles, bikini swimwear is a much loved and preferred swimwear option among men of all ages.  Although earlier this form of swimwear style was used by sportsmen in their aquatic sports and events, nowadays bikini swimwear is widely in demand by men who want to flaunt their athletic physique.

Pronounced “To Eros” and named after Eros, the Greek God of love and lust; the brand’s name actually means “to the God of love”. 2Eros’s various men’s outfits are designed for today’s smart and confident men who look for sexy and stylish designs in their swimwear and underwear. The Australian brand 2EROS is the brainchild of Jason Hoeung who wanted to offer fashionable men all across the world apparel that is functional, stylish and unconventional. The speciality of the fashion label is their low cut and form-fitting designs in striking colour choices that are meant to accentuate the chiselled physiques of today’s body conscious men. Apart from bikini swimwear, this popular menswear also offers armbands and bracelets, hats, necklaces and pendants, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jockstrap underwear, shorts swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear for men.

If you are not afraid to show off your wild and daring side in skin revealing and raunchy bikini swimwear, then 2EROS Signature Super Low Rise Bikini Swimwear is perfect for you! The bright blue colour bikini swimwear is made from top quality fabric that ensures you stay cool and comfortable in your swimwear. Designed with your comfort in mind, this bikini swimwear comes with a spacious front pouch that does not fail to provide its wearer with the necessary room and support for his package. The comfort level is further elevated with the use of a soft and supple front lining in place of skin chafing net linings.

Though the stretchable fabric fits easily and snugly, the use of stylish and usable drawstring ensures that you do not lose your swimwear in the water.  Featuring different coloured drawstrings and matching signature print of the brand for the different swimsuit pieces – for instance black coloured drawstring in the blue swimwear; white coloured drawstring in the red outfit and pink coloured drawstring in the white outfit- this low cut bikini swimwear is the ideal choice for any chic and daring man! The other colour options that the 2EROS Signature Super Low Rise Bikini Swimwear is offered in are red and white.

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Look cool and confident in a 191 Unlimited ‘What A Pretty Face’ V neck Short Sleeved T Shirt!

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Among the various essentials that take up closet space in any man’s wardrobe are short sleeved T shirts which always stay in fashion. Men love to wear them all the time, whether at home or their workplace, because they are immensely cool and comfortable. When it comes to designing these popular men’ apparel, designers produce variety of styles and cuts to suit various occasions. The comfort fit offered by T shirts make them highly popular among men. Among the very few leading menswear brand, 191 Unlimited deserves special mention due to the trendy designs produced by this brand.

Launched in 2002 by two best friends Girish Karnani and Partha Sharma, 191 Unlimited is one of the most well known and best selling menswear brand in the world. Each of their men’ creations are based on four important principles – fit, comfort, affordability and cutting edge design. The other interesting men’s apparel that 191 Unlimited is best known for is hats, jackets and coats, long sleeved shirts, long sleeved T shirts, pants, short sleeved shirts, shorts, sweaters and windbreakers, tank top T shirts and ties. Since its inception, 191 Unlimited has been offering attention grabbing and unique blend of trendy outfits to brand and style conscious men all across the world!

Instead of purchasing traditional short sleeved T shirts, get the brand new 191 Unlimited What A Pretty Face V neck Short Sleeved T Shirt Green/Blue to flaunt your fashion prowess in a trendy and funky manner! This T shirt is ideal for men who look for versatility, style and comfort while shopping for branded T shirts. Made for utmost comfort, this T shirt does not fail to elevate the comfort level of its wearer.

The indescribable softness of the garment is due to the double washing process that this piece of garment undergoes, before and after it is sewn. This T shirt comes in a bright contrasting combination of colours. The eye catching contrasting blue pocket is brilliantly set off against the green of the garment, making this short sleeved T shirt look cool and striking! This vivid colour combination along with the V neckline makes this simple tee suitable for wearing to clubs dos, barbeque parties, beach parties and all kinds of casual events. Pair it up with casual pants or chinos or jeans and strut around looking cool and casual all the time!

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Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt – The ultimate in coolness and style!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Originally, T shirts were worn as undergarments, but with the passage of time they have become popular outerwear that come in all kinds of variants. One of these variants is short sleeved T shirts. Though there are many brands in the market that offer trendy and voguish short sleeved T shirts, Ajaxx63 continues to remain the favourite of fashion and image conscious men across the world.

Established in 1997, the fashion label Ajaxx63 was founded by Bill Sherman and Andrew Fraser with the aim to deliver “Clever, sexy and edgy” creations, and is proud of their “modern, energetic and fashionable” approach to men’s clothes. According to them, T shirts are indispensable fashion pieces and they introduce T shirt collections centred on unique themes and ideas in what they call “fashion seasons”. Catering to the changing fashion trends (as well as keeping the distinctive tastes of their customers in mind), the designers at Ajaxx63 are constantly reinventing and redefining their ideas to bring out products that reflect their customer’s dressing styles. The Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is a case in point.

The Ajaxx63 Tee Athletic Fit Barefront Short Sleeved T Shirt is perfect for showcasing your sculpted body in public. Made from the finest quality cotton fabrics, the T shirt exhibits world class quality craftsmanship. Extremely smooth and soft on the skin, this T shirt provides the fit and shape retention that wearers always look out for in their T shirts. Designed for the utmost gratification of not only the wearer but the people around him, the use of a non- graphic look on the front (as well as the figure hugging tapered design) allows healthy and fit individuals to flaunt their super-toned abs to the maximum!

The close-fitting short sleeves ensure the wearer’s sculpted arms are always attractively displayed. Ideal for all kinds of casual occasions from night outs to the pub or club to beach or pool parties, this form fitting blue coloured T shirt looks best when paired with a pair of jeans or casual pants!

Comfortable and well-fitting, this T shirt from the Seattle-based brand caters to both the athletic man and the man of classic fashion tastes. The other products this brand specialises in includes beanies, hats, jewellery, long sleeved T shirts, muscle top T shirts and tank top T shirts.

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Hide Your Abs In A Trendy CA-RIO-CA Logotipo Tank Top T Shirt!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

A stylish tank top is an indispensible item of clothing in any fashionable man’s wardrobe. Due to its sleeveless design, a tank top offers optimum comfort to the wearer, enabling him to calm down and relax anywhere, anytime. Whether you are on the beach or in a night club, a versatile tank top is just what the fashion doctor ordered. If you have a sculpted physique, you will definitely look great in your trendy tank top. Wear your tank top to show off your tan on the beach! A good tank top can truly be your favourite piece of clothing during hot and humid summer days.

Men’s tank tops are available in a variety of styles, colours and designs. You will come across loose tank top T shirts, fishnet tank top T shirts and embroidered tanks. Men’s tank top T shirts are made from a variety of materials like cotton, lycra, nylon, cotton blends and terry cloths. Sleeveless tank tops are very appealing as well. You will also find a variety of neckline styles in tank tops. According to your choice and preferences, you can either go in for a round neckline or a V neckline.

Tank top T shirts are men’s versatile essentials. Wearing a tank top T shirt in summer can ensure optimum comfort. Just team a tank top T shirt with a funky pair of flipflops and look stylish and casual anytime! You can also wear your tank top T shirt in the gym with your stylish pair of running shorts. In the past few decades, a number of brands have come up that offer comfortable and stylish tank top T shirts for men. But, one brand that has gained immense popularity in the last few years is CA-RIO-CA. CA-RIO-CA is well accepted by fashionable guys for creating some casual, funky and sporty outfits. CA-RIO-CA is a popular swimwear brand that has its base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Actually, the name of the brand is derived from the indigenous Tupi tribe of the city of Rio. The native inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro was known as Carioca. The spirit, passion, colours and energy of Rio de Janeiro are reflected in CA-RIO-CA products.  You can find a wide range of men’s products like bikini swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, shorts, short sleeved T shirts, long sleeved T shirts, beach towels, hats, necklaces, pendants, armbands and bracelets.

If you want to showcase your buffed-up curves in a most casual manner, try a CA-RIO-CA Logotipo Tank Top T Shirt.  With its round neckline and sleeveless design, this T shirt is indeed cool and funky.  Featuring an eye catching CA-RIO-CA graphic on its red background, the CA-RIO-CA Logotipo Tank Top T Shirt can be worn on the beach, night clubs, gym and at casual parties. Made from quality fabrics, this tank top T shirt ensures maximum comfort all day long.

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Wish For Your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants Now!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It is indeed tough to choose a pair of breeches for a man. You need to first select a pair that provides immense comfort and also make sure that the pants are quite stylish and trendy to suit the varied styles and tastes of men. Moreover, picking the right colour is also essential. A fashionable man is just not satisfied with any drab and typical colour. He also demands that his pants be funky and able to enhance his sex appeal. While riding motorcycles or bikes, men look for pants that are comfortable and are designed to enable free movement of the legs. Well, one look at Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants proves that they are designed to fulfil all these demands – and more!

The Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants are crafted from pure leather and the special cut is made to provide utmost comfort. These pants also have a liner of mesh to offer additional comfort to the wearer. Interestingly, these chaps pants have “zip out” lining made of quilted polyester that can be taken out whenever required. So, you can wear these pants even during hot summer months without getting soaked in sweat.

These chaps pants are trimmed with buckle and snaps of stainless steel that looks quite trendy and chic. You can trim the lower panel for a custom fit. These chaps pants are made from pure leather, so they are quite durable and long lasting. Crafted from pure leather, these chaps pants retain their shine, smoothness and style for a long time. Since these chaps are available in different sizes, get your right size now to look sexy and sizzling in your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants! Just team them up with muscle top T shirts, tanks top T shirts or polo shirts and look immensely sexy and cool!

Hawg Hides is a popular brand creating stylish apparel and quality accessories for men. They believe in using pure leather for crafting their apparel, and provide quality leather that is tough and durable.  Made from genuine leather, all of Hawg Hides products are long lasting. Apart from Motorcycle Chaps Pants, they also create other pants, hats, jackets and coats, bags and other accessories for men. A man simply looks ravishing in Hawg Hides apparel!

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Find Your Sporty Xwear Sport Shorts Today!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Nowadays, shorts have become very popular and trendy apparel for men. Shorts are worn not only during the hot summer days but also during various sports and fitness activities. Shorts are usually made from soft and breathable fabrics that provide maximum comfort to the wearer. Over the years, men’s shorts have undergone a lot of changes to assume their current contemporary form and design.

You can find an abundance of designs to suit your styles and fancies. Talented designers are creating some fabulous and trendy shorts – some designed with pockets, some with button up or zip mechanisms, while some are even provided with loops to fit a cool belt in them. Shorts can be categorised into gym shorts, jean shorts or jorts, linen shorts, khaki shorts, board shorts and pleated shorts.

Xwear is one of those brands that creates some bold, stylish and sporty shorts for men. This brand is based in Australia and its designers rightly understand the needs and requirements of men everywhere! Besides shorts, they also create hats, tank top T shirts and bikini swimwear. The colour variations of their apparel are also unique. Their range varies from basic white and black to other vibrant colours.

If you love to indulge in various sports and other athletic activities, then there’s nothing better than Xwear Sport Shorts. The fabric used for creating these shorts is made of very fine quality and is durable as well, ideal for rough sports and rigorous workout sessions. Made from high quality fabric, Xwear Sport Shorts keep you comfortable all the time! They are neither too long nor too short – just the right size required to enhance your well-toned body. The considerably broad waistband of this pair of shorts provides added support. The pure white colour contrasted with bright patterns is quite striking.

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