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Cool and trendy Contrast Clothing Afro T shirt for the modern man!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Even now a short sleeved T shirt is still every man’s favourite clothing. Whether used as an outerwear or an innerwear, this type of men’s apparel is a wardrobe essential for all kinds of occasion. Providing comfort along with exceptional style, it comes in an array of cuts, styles and colours to match different fashion preferences. Among the different popular menswear brands, the UK based Contrast Clothing is one such brand that offers outstanding collections of short sleeved T shirts.

Founded in the winter of 2003 by a group of young artists, London based Contrast Clothing has made a mark for itself in the men’s clothing market with its distinctive and original designs and themes. Designed for the masses, their visually appealing outfits are preferred by men everywhere to showcase their individuality in the unique themes of their designs, which range from symbols to characters to people’s emotions and environment. Apart from skilfully designed short sleeved T shirts, the brand also provides tastefully done long sleeved T shirts, jackets, vests, sweaters and hoodies for men all over the globe.

To look trendy and attractive in your casual wear, try on a Contrast Clothing Afro T shirt for a change! Offered in solid black shade, the designer short sleeved T shirt features one of their distinctive designs – of an Afro man – on the front. Made from 150-160 grams of high quality combed cotton, the casual tee feels extremely soft and delicate across the skin. While remaining exceptionally stretchable, it is designed to provide a figure hugging fit to wearers of different body shapes. The presence of a breathable cotton fabric makes sure you experience ultimate comfort with each and every use!

Light in weight and skin friendly, this T shirt takes in all the moisture to give you a fresh and cool feeling during arduous tasks or hot weather conditions. Featuring double stitching, this designer outfit guarantees a quality construction along with the promise of sexy visual appeal. Sporting a round neckline, it goes well with all kinds of outfits. You can pair it up with your jeans, chinos or casual trousers to sport a laidback appearance!

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Look Raunchy In Your Libidex Bermuda Shorts!

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Shorts have always been the popular wear for men of all age groups. Even few years back, men’s shorts were considered very comfortable and cool summer wear. But, nowadays shorts are worn by men all year round, thanks to ace designers who have made plain-looking shorts highly sexy and sporty! Gone are the days when only loose boxer shorts were all the rage. These days, fashionable men look for form fitting shorts that are available in wide array of colours and designs. Low rise shorts are also quite popular among men. Shorts are worn on beach parties and picnics (casual). With the changing trends, plain-looking, typical shorts were redesigned and made excessively stylish and trendy.

With changing styles, the lengths of men’s shorts have also grown shorter. Even a few years ago, knee length shorts were much in fashion, but now men are comfortable wearing tight-fitting shorts that reach up to the thighs. Of course, longer shorts are also in vogue and you will not look out of style if you wear one on the beach. Fashionable hunks who want to flaunt their well sculpted bodies look for form fitting, thigh length shorts! Cargo shorts, chino shorts and jeans shorts are also all the rage nowadays. Tastes and styles differ from one individual to another. Some like to team cool jeans shorts with funky tank top T shirts while others prefer wearing chino shorts with muscle top T shirts.

Originally, shorts were designed to ensure optimum comfort to men during the hot and humid summer months. So, mostly soft, breathable materials like cotton were used for creating men’s shorts. In recent times, designers are using other materials like lycra and spandex along with cotton for crafting men’s shorts. Cotton helps in elevating the comfort level of men and spandex or lycra ensures the tightness and stretchability of the apparel. Libidex, a brand from London, has become the popular name in the men’s fashion world for manufacturing outfits from latex. Yes, the designers at Libidex believe in using high quality latex for creating types of menswear. Apart from shorts, Libidex also manufactures bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, costumes, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, long sleeved shirts, long sleeved T shirts, muscle shirts sleeveless, muscle top T shirts, tank top T shirts, pants, short sleeved shirts, short sleeved T shirts, neckties, jackets, coats sweaters, windbreakers, belts, buckles, socks and wallets for men.

Just take a look at these Libidex Bermuda Shorts! Unconventional and sporty, Libidex Bermuda Shorts, made from high quality latex, can be teamed with trendy muscle top T shirts or tank top T shirts and can be worn at beach parties, night clubs and picnics. These sizzling black coloured shorts with their glossy texture exude style in a unique way. A pair of form fitting Libidex Bermuda Shorts comes with a flat front and can be designed with or without a through-crotch zip. The choice is yours! Wear the Libidex Bermuda Shorts as you please!

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Wish For Your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants Now!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It is indeed tough to choose a pair of breeches for a man. You need to first select a pair that provides immense comfort and also make sure that the pants are quite stylish and trendy to suit the varied styles and tastes of men. Moreover, picking the right colour is also essential. A fashionable man is just not satisfied with any drab and typical colour. He also demands that his pants be funky and able to enhance his sex appeal. While riding motorcycles or bikes, men look for pants that are comfortable and are designed to enable free movement of the legs. Well, one look at Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants proves that they are designed to fulfil all these demands – and more!

The Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants are crafted from pure leather and the special cut is made to provide utmost comfort. These pants also have a liner of mesh to offer additional comfort to the wearer. Interestingly, these chaps pants have “zip out” lining made of quilted polyester that can be taken out whenever required. So, you can wear these pants even during hot summer months without getting soaked in sweat.

These chaps pants are trimmed with buckle and snaps of stainless steel that looks quite trendy and chic. You can trim the lower panel for a custom fit. These chaps pants are made from pure leather, so they are quite durable and long lasting. Crafted from pure leather, these chaps pants retain their shine, smoothness and style for a long time. Since these chaps are available in different sizes, get your right size now to look sexy and sizzling in your Hawg Hides Solid Leather Motorcycle Chaps Pants! Just team them up with muscle top T shirts, tanks top T shirts or polo shirts and look immensely sexy and cool!

Hawg Hides is a popular brand creating stylish apparel and quality accessories for men. They believe in using pure leather for crafting their apparel, and provide quality leather that is tough and durable.  Made from genuine leather, all of Hawg Hides products are long lasting. Apart from Motorcycle Chaps Pants, they also create other pants, hats, jackets and coats, bags and other accessories for men. A man simply looks ravishing in Hawg Hides apparel!

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191 Unlimited Cruise Control Shorts Offers Maximum Comfort While Cruising!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Shorts were designed with the sole intention of providing utmost comfort to men. When shorts came into vogue, designers hardly paid any attention to their design. What else could be expected when this attire was designed for casual purposes? However, with the passage of time, many renowned and eminent designers realized that comfortable apparel like shorts should be made more stylish and fashionable so fashion-conscious individuals would love wearing this outfit. Among the talented individuals who experimented with shorts, the name of Girish Karnani and Parth Sharma are noteworthy.

The founders of the popular brand 191 Unlimited, these two men actually designed some stylish menswear that soon found the way into mens wardrobes. 191 Unlimited was started in 2002. Both the designers believed in using premium fabrics for designing outfits that would simply elevate the comfort level of any individual. This brand produces a vast array of men’s garments like long sleeved shirts, long sleeved T shirts, short sleeved shirts, short sleeved T shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and coats etc. While designing each item, these designers have put in a lot of effort to create the trendiest and classiest outfits that will simply enhance the looks of any man.

Looking at the 191 Unlimited Cruise Control Shorts, one can make out the utmost effort and excellent craftsmanship that has gone into making this apparel which not only elevates the wearer’s comfort level but also add to his manly looks. These light grey coloured shorts, contrasted with black stiches and the patches and pattern, make these shorts chic and trendy. These shorts have been designed with a 12 inch inseam. The fabric that is used for making these shorts is pure cotton. Cotton not only provides comfort but also protects the skin from itching and other skin infections. Thus, these shorts can be regarded as perfect summerwear. Whether you are relaxing or partying with friends, these shorts are your ideal companion.

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Be The One To Set A New Trend – Grab Your Whip It Leather Double Stripes Pants Now!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Men are quite finicky when it comes to choosing pants for a party or for any informal gathering. A lot of men want to look the best and crave to alter their looks in such a way that people in a party will turn around to cast appreciative glances at them just like women. However, it is not just about the design but also about the fabric of the pants. Picking your pants that are made of cheap fabric would simply spoil your image. Therefore, you pants need to combine style, quality, and comfort. The Whip It Leather Double Stripes Pants can be a nice choice.

The design and the texture of Whip It Leather Double Stripes Pants make this outfit wearable at various informal occasions. It can make you look ravishing for a nightclub or a late night party. It may also suit you for a proper date with your fiancée. These pants have been created from genuine leather, which helps in retaining the luster and the shine of these pants. The stripes at the sides make these pants look trendier. The Whip It Leather Double Stripes Pants have a button fly closure and are equipped with belt loops. The belt loops allow you to wear these pants with any stylish and classy belt. The presence of a belt provides extra support. You can wear this stylish pants with any T-shirt and be the modish man in the party.

Whip It Leather is a popular line of menswear from Argentina. Since its inception, the brand has been catering to the needs and demands of today’s fashion conscious men. However, comfort has not been neglected by this brand. Each outfit is designed from high quality leather that provides maximum comfort. Besides pants, this brand also produces boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, and G-string underwear, short-sleeved shirts, jackets, and coats.

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