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Jor Mesh Jock Strap Underwear provides style and function with its well-thought out designs!

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Many smart and fashionable males all over the world are taking to sporting jockstraps underneath their pants because they offer both style and functionality. Providing a sensual and athletic appearance, this underwear style has now become a fashion staple in the underwear drawer of men of all ages! The one brand that has strike a chord with its comfortable fit, top quality construction, quality fabrics and fantastic style is the fast-moving Jor fashion house.

Jor is a renowned swimwear and underwear line founded by Javier Ortega in 2000. Based in Colombia, the brand produces collections that represent Latin spirit and energy so men all around the world can enjoy their durable and comfortable designer creations. Products from the Jor fashion line come in the form of bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jockstrap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear and tank top shirts.

Providing an ego-boosting experience, Jor Mesh Jock Strap Underwear promises to flaunt your masculine sensuality in the most unforgettable manner! Created with fabrics such as nylon and spandex, this jockstrap underwear offers superior fit and shape retention all day long! Apart with being delicate and smooth to touch, the stretchable fabric is very strong and durable even after repeated washing. In addition to the wide elastic waistband that promises a slimming effect, the two strong leg straps provide excellent rear support and lift as well. Light in weight and exceedingly spacious, the breathable mesh pouch is a very sexy design without being overly revealing and does its best to augment your comfort and support levels. Snug and fitted, the supportive contour pouch design also does its share of giving a nice shape and bulge to your asset the whole day!

Available in solid bold colours like black and white as well eye-catching colour combinations such as black/white, white/black, white/green, black/green, black/red (and many more)!, Jor Mesh Jock Strap Underwear is perfect for the office, gym and out about the town! With the Jor logo printed on the front of the waistband, express your sexuality and show off your toned body in this Jor sizzling hot number!

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Experience CellBlock 13 Fugitive Jock Strap Underwear with your very own pair!

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Jockstraps have become the favourite underwear style due to its high form and function factors. Designed to flatter the masculine form in the most sensual manner it is widely popular as alluring everyday underwear among many smart and confident men all across the world. Amidst the wide variety of popular menswear brands, CellBlock 13 is the most popular because of its erotic and sensual jockstraps in wide range of styles, cuts and colours.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CellBlock 13 is a new fashion label launched by Timoteo Ocampo, the designer and creator of the Timoteo fashion house in 2012. This American fashion brand prides itself for offering designs that bring together fetish and fashion. Drawing inspiration from athletic apparel, their designers translate their ideas into fetish style themes. Most importantly, paying close attention to comfort, fit, quality and fashion, their underwear line can be worn for all kinds of situations, be it every day wear or for special occasion. Besides specialising in jockstrap underwear, it also provides bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear and long boxer brief underwear for men.

If you are a fan of jockstraps, give CellBlock 13 Fugitive Jock Strap Underwear a try – a sporty new jockstrap underwear style from CellBlock 13. Available in eye catching vibrant shades of red, yellow and blue, this fashion house emphasizes how underwear need not include only dull and boring blacks and whites. The use of top quality microfibre fabrics in its construction ensures a body contouring fit, as well as stretch capability not seen in any branded undergarment. At the same time, it also makes it possible for the wearer to enjoy his sports and athletic activities.

Made out of a high quality mesh, the comfortable front pouch is able to frame your assets in the most flattering manner due to its contour pouch design! Offering comfort and support all day long, the thick and durable rear straps ensure the underwear remains snugly fitted to your body. With the CellBlock 13 logo distinctly visible on the front of the elastic waistband, this jockstrap is apt for fashionable men who are naturally good looking or work hard to look good.

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Don AMU Form Fitting Jock Strap Underwear to look sexy and irresistible!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Loose and shapeless boxers and briefs are no longer the favourites of style and image conscious men. Nowadays, many well known men’s underwear brands have come up with a whole range of stylish menswear and the choices that are available for fashionable men include stylish trunks, g-strings, thongs, briefs and bikini underwear! Even the once functional sports garment, the jockstrap is now being worn as sexy everyday underwear. It is a well known fact that high quality undergarments make their wearer look, feel and fit better, and this is true for jockstraps as well! One such brand that offers top quality and long lasting jockstrap underwear is the Irish brand AMU.

Located in Dublin, Ireland, AMU or Alpha Male Undies is known for making sensual men’s underwear available to all fashion and brand conscious men of this day and age with an emphasis on a range of fearless and daring colours along with exciting cuts and silhouettes. With the brand logo “AMU” on prominent display on the front of their wide waistband, this leading menswear brand aims to provide perpetual comfort and seductive and alluring designs to all smart and confident men who want to stand out and look and feel sexy in their undergarment! Apart from their popular jockstrap styles, their Irish line consists of two other popular underwear styles – boxer briefs and briefs – for men. While the underwear creations are designed in Dublin, they are manufactured at a factory in Los Angeles.

For men who pride value and comfort in their undergarments, AMU Form Fitting Jock Strap Underwear ensures your assets comfortably stays in place all day long! The fabric used in the construction of this popular menswear is a blend of nylon and spandex that ensure you experience a nice stretch along with perfect fit and comfort. Available in popular classic and bold colours namely black, white and red, the soft and smooth back straps provide excellent support to your rear while hugging your legs closely. At the same time, while ensuring your package is firmly in place, the very supportive and contoured pouch design allows strenuous activity while enhancing your masculine chiselled physique. Most importantly, the trendy low cut design of this apparel with the prominent AMU logo on full display ensures that you are able to show off your sexy fit to people around you.

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Cavalera Brief Underwear- Crafted to enhance your style and elevate your comfort!

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Demands from fashion conscious men in recent times have urged designers in the apparel industry to bring out more voguish and comfortable underwear that suits the personality of every man.  Typical brief underwear and boxer brief underwear has become excessively stylish and trendier in the hands of ace designers.

Men started looking for provoking and chic designs in underwear that ensured their style and comfort. Due to this, jockstraps, thongs, bikini underwear, loincloth underwear and pouch underwear also became immensely popular among men over the years. Although these new styles and designs were all the rage, men still preferred typical briefs and boxer briefs. Especially, brief underwear was most preferred by men because of its edgy design and how it perfectly fits the wearer’s body.  Some believe that brief underwear not only elevates the comfort level of a man but also defines his figure. Apart from highlighting the wearer’s well sculpted physique, brief underwear provides more athletic support and is trendier in its own way.

Till a few years back, brief underwear was available in typical colours like black, brown and grey. Today, brief underwear is available in a wide array of colours. Different styles and designs are also available- you can pick brief underwear with fly fronts or non-fly fronts, the choice is yours! Due to its hip-hugging style, low rise brief underwear has also become quite popular these days. Men’s brief underwear is made from cotton, which is blended with materials like elastane, lycra and spandex. The blend of these materials helps to maintain the stretchability and elasticity of the underwear.  Top designers are also using silk to create some stylish men’s underwear like men’s silk knit briefs.

For manufacturing trendy and hip underwear, many designer brands have become popular among men. But, one brand that has found its place in every fashion conscious man’s wardrobe is Cavalera, a renowned brand from the United States. Since its inception, this brand has been catering to the needs and demands of men worldwide. Cavalera is popular for creating some comfortable, voguish and trendy underwear for men. Apart from brief underwear, Cavalera also manufactures some stylish boxer brief underwear for men.

When style and comfort are both equally important to you then Cavalera Cotton/Elastane Brief Underwear is what you must grab straight away.  Made from premium cotton (95%) and elastane (5%), the Cavalera Cotton/Elastane Brief Underwear is designed to elevate your comfort level. Cotton, being a soft, breathable material wicks away moisture, ensuring optimum comfort to you even on hot and humid days. Due to the presence of elastane, this underwear retains its stretchability and tightness.

Cavalera Brief Underwear has a broad waistband with the brand name etched on it. Want to flaunt your brand? Well, just wear it with your low rise jeans or pants and expose the broad waistband from under your pants! Apart from royal purple, the Cavalera Cotton/Elastane Brief Underwear is also available in brown, black and white.

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Get Maximum Exposure with Expose Contrast Boxer Brief Underwear!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Even today, boxer brief underwear is a great choice among men although varied designs and styles in underwear are available in the market. Bikini underwear, thongs underwear, jockstraps, G String underwear, pouch underwear and loincloth underwear are becoming popular for their skimpy design and style; still, when it comes to choosing underwear that ensures both comfort and style, men invariably pick boxer brief underwear. Demand from fashion conscious men has also urged fashion designers to redesign the traditional boxer brief underwear, making it immensely stylish, trendy and comfortable.

Earlier, boxer briefs were available in typical colours like brown, black or grey. Nowadays, boxer briefs are available in a variety of designs, bold and contrasting colours and prints. In fact, these days men have umpteen options when it comes to choosing their boxer brief underwear. They can pick some low rise boxer brief underwear or even go in for long boxer brief underwear. With designers coming up with varied designs and styles, fashionable men are finding what they want to look stylish and sexy!

Currently, there are many underwear brands manufacturing comfortable and voguish boxer brief underwear for men. However, one brand that can gained immense popularity among all fashionable men is Expose. Based in Colombia, Expose is a highly popular brand manufacturing trendy, comfortable and sexy men’s underwear. The brand became popular for launching underwear, crafted from mesh fabric that simply elevated a man’s sex appeal. The company’s motto ‘DARE TO EXPOSE’ is echoed through their funky and sexy collection of underwear which is designed to enhance the well-sculpted and virile masculine body.

The ace designers of the company believe in using premium and breathable fabrics to make types of men’s underwear. Thus, Expose underwear ensures not only style but also comfort to men. Apart from boxer brief underwear, Expose also manufactures brief underwear, jockstrap underwear, thong underwear and bikini swimwear for men.  All their products are made from premium fabrics and are designed with the sole intention of elevating the comfort level of men.

Take a look at their immensely funky, sexy and voguish Expose Contrast Boxer Brief Underwear!  A unique colour combination of grey and blue make this underwear funky and trendy. Any man who wishes to exude his well-sculpted body will surely go in for this underwear. The underwear tightly adheres to the body, making every curve of the body prominent. The fabric used for making Expose Contrast Boxer Brief Underwear consists of cotton (93%) and spandex (7%). Cotton is a soft and breathable material which ensures optimum comfort to the wearer. Due to the presence of spandex, the underwear remains stretchable. An orange coloured waistband makes this underwear even trendier. Apart from this blue and grey colour combination, Expose Contrast Boxer Brief Underwear is also available in light grey and citro colour combinations. So, it’s time to look sexy with some trendy Expose Contrast Boxer Brief Underwear!

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Be Cool, Casual and Comfortable In CellBlock 13 Prizefigher Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Way back in 1874, fashion experts came up with a new underwear design that was meant to extend optimum protection to bicycle jockeys who rode through cobblestone roads. It was jockstrap underwear, which found its place in the men’s apparel world, and was soon in great demand. Jockstraps became greatly popular among athletes, sportsmen and wrestlers. This particular underwear provides maximum support and protection to your package, making it perfect to wear while wrestling or participating in other sports. In recent times, jockstrap underwear has expanded into the realms of style and fashion.

Ace designers from all over the world are creating new designs, cuts and styles, making jockstrap underwear excessively chic and voguish. With changing trends, designers are aware that these days fashion conscious men prefer jockstrap underwear not just for protection but also to elevate their fashion statement. Due to its raunchy, bold and sexy design, jockstrap swimwear has become extremely popular these days.

Jockstraps these days have become highly stylish, voguish and chic. Even athletic jockstraps have become increasingly fashionable. The bulky protective cup of the athletic jockstrap has become more voguish and purposeful. Traditionally, jockstraps were designed with a broad waistband, open rear and a spacious pouch. Although this design is quite popular among men, it has been modified and has become even more sporty and raunchier.

There are many brands that manufacture jockstrap underwear. However, one brand that has made an impact in the fashion world is CellBlock 13. A popular brand from Los Angeles, CellBlock 13 has lived up to the demands and requirements of fashion conscious men worldwide. Their ace designers create some excessively stylish underwear designs that make every guy look sexy and sporty. This brand believes in using high quality fabrics for creating their men’s outfits. Underwear designed by CellBlock 13 is not stylish but also provides optimum comfort to the wearer. Apart from jockstrap underwear, CellBlock 13 also manufactures boxer brief underwear, brief underwear and bodysuits.

Grab CellBlock 13 Prizefigher Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear if you want sizzling looks and wish to remain comfortable at the same time. This particular jock brief has a comfortable, spacious pouch that provides utmost protection and support to your package. The fabric that is used for making this underwear consists of polyester (88%) and spandex (12%). Due to the presence of these materials, this jockstrap underwear retains its stretchability and tightness for a long time. The sizzling black and vibrant blue colour combination of this underwear is indeed eye catching.  Apart from a blue and black colour combination, this jockstrap underwear is also available in red and black, and yellow and black.

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Timoteo Rugby Athlete Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear Is Designed For You!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Tracing the origin of jockstraps, we find that it was invented during the 19th century. The design provided adequate support and protection to your package, which is why it was popular among bicycle jockeys. However, later jockstraps became popular among sportmen, wrestlers and athletes. With the passage of time, the typical jockstrap was redesigned and reshaped into latest, stylish jockstraps liked by men worldwide. All those brands who manufactured menswear and men’s underwear also brought forward some very chic and modish jockstraps that became popular with men right away. It will not be wrong to say that Timoteo is one such brand that has created some very trendy jockstraps.

Named after ace designer Timoteo Ocampo, Timoteo is a popular line of menswear from Los Angeles. In the hands of this ace designer the designs of different mens apparel like bikini swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear, thong underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, shorts, bodysuits, boardshorts beachwear, tank top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts, short sleeved shirts, and pants received a new touch and became more stylish and chic. Using the finest fabrics, Timoteo Ocampo designed various outfits that soon found their way into the wardrobes of fashion-conscious men everywhere.

Set your eyes on the Timoteo Rugby Athlete Jock Brief Jock Strap Underwear! The design and the cut are indeed innovative. This jockstrap is ideal for those men who love to indulge in various sports and fitness sessions. A roomy pouch provides maximum support and protection to your package and the broad waist strap along with the leg straps provides additional support and tightness. The fabric that is used in creating this underwear consists of cotton (96%) and spandex (4%). Cotton keeps you comfortable all the time and makes this underwear suitable for exercising. Spandex makes this underwear stretchable and considerably tight. The unique colour combination is indeed attention grabbing, making this jockstrap suitable for your body.

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Be The One To Attract Crowd In An Activeman 3 Inch Lace Up Jock Strap Underwear!

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Monotony in every way simply aggravates boredom. Whether it is your daily activity or your inner apparel, anything monotonous and common becomes boring after some time. This is probably one major reason why different outfit brands and the ace designers employed by these brands put in their greatest effort to produce stylish and exclusive outfits that will attract crowd and add colours to one’s life. The same magic works for inner clothing. Drab shades and typical designs may find place in your wardrobe, but after some time remain neglected in one corner. Fashion conscious men are just not happy wearing the same old designs day after day. There is a massive demand for some new and trendy designs that can enhance their classy image. None other than Activeman, the popular brand manufacturing men’s underwear and jockstraps, fulfils this urgent demand.

For many years now, this brand has been experimenting with the designs of jockstrap underwear, producing some most attractive and exclusive jockstraps. Activeman 3 Inch Lace Up Jock Strap Underwear can be regarded as one of the incredible creations of this brand. This jockstrap is equipped with a special draw string that ties up with the tips of nickle, thereby ensuring toughness. It also has five pairs of grommets of nickle. Moreover, the presence of string assures the adjustability of this jockstrap. It ensures that your package receives adequate space and you are provided utmost comfortable while wearing this jockstrap. The presence of a broad waist strap ensures the perfect tightness of this underwear. The fabric that is used in creating this unique jockstrap consists of polyester (96%) and spandex (4%). Thus, you are assured of perfect stretch and elasticity regarding this exclusive jockstrap. The waist strap is made up of polyester (88%) and natural latex (12%), ensuring perfect fit around the waist. Apart from jockstrap underwear, this brand also produces thong underwear.

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Ergowear Max Premium Midcut Long Leg Boxer Brief Underwear- The Cut That Fits You Perfectly!

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Boxer briefs are quite popular with men because of their tight fit and perfect cut. Moreover, the design ensures utmost comfort and the underwear can be worn under any outfit without any difficulty. When you indulge in your favourite sport or your fitness session, just slip into this underwear and simply elevate your comfort level. In the last few decades, various innovations have been made in the world of mens fashion. A lot of experiments have been done with boxer briefs, creating the sexiest and sizzling designs for metro sexual men. Ergowear, a popular brand from Chile has been creating stylish mens underwear since 2003. Skillful designers are eager to produce mens inner apparel that are not only trendy but extremely comfortable.

A quick glance at the Ergowear Max Premium Midcut Long Leg Boxer Brief Underwear proves the point. The tight fit of this particular boxer brief has made the design quite popular among men.  The unique 3- dimensional pouch style provides adequate support to your package and enhances your shape. The underwear is provided with an 11/2 inch broad waist strap with the brand logo labelled on the strap. Now, you can reveal the strap from under your pants and simply enhance your image. The fabric that goes in making this boxer brief comprises of cotton and elastane. Cotton takes care of your comfort, whereas elastane ensures perfect strechability. Thus, the black coloured boxer brief tighly adhers to your body enhancing your ravishing looks.

Apart from Long Leg Boxer Brief Underwear, the brand aslo manufactures bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, brief underwear, jockstraps, ordinary boxer briefs, thong underwear; square cut swimwear, thong swimwear and many other stylish outfits. So, if you are eager to flaunt your chiselled physique, then grab Ergowear Underwear today!

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Just flaunt your body in a Doreanse Printed Tank Top T Shirt!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The introduction of tank tops helped to bring a change in the world of men’s fashion. The tight fit and the edgy cut of this apparel made it quite popular among men who loved to flaunt their well-sculpted bodies. The sleeveless design has also elevated the wearer’s comfort level. Now, with the passage of time, a lot of innovations have been made with men’s tank tops, experimenting with different designs and shades. Doreanse, a famous brand has been manufacturing stylish men’s apparel since 2004.

The ace designers at Doreanse put in their utmost effort to design unique outfits and inner apparel for men and women. Apart from tank tops, the brand also produces boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, bodysuits, jockstraps, G-Strings, muscle tops, T-Shirts and other trendy outfits. Each product is crafted from high quality fabric, thereby ensures maximum comfort to the wearer. Moreover, the classic designs and the unique shades will make people turn their heads and admire your classy taste.

The Doreanse Printed Tank Top T Shirt is one product that has the power to alter your looks completely. The perfect fit of this tee simply enhances your chiselled physique and the exclusive print allows you to wear on beach as well as attend your friend’s party and simply become the centre of attraction. The fabric of the Doreanse Printed Tank Top T Shirt comprises of cotton (45%), modal (45%) and Lycra (10%). Both cotton and modal ensure maximum comfort to the wearer. Cotton, being skin-friendly, protects your skin from rashes and other skin infections. Modal, being extracted from beach wood, elevates your comfort level. Lycra ensures stretchability of the tank top. This particular tank top is available in a wide range of colours like red, black, white and grey and four different sizes like small, medium, large and extra large.

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