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Joe Snyder Active Bikini Underwear provides a relaxing experience underneath your pants!

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Besides commonly used underwear such a briefs and boxer brief underwear, skimpy and skin revealing bikini underwear is fast becoming a common sight among body and fashion conscious men everywhere. Boasting of comfort and style, this type of underwear is available in different cuts, colour palette and looks to complement all kinds of fashion tastes and personalities. Bikini underwear from the Joe Snyder menswear collection is immensely popular because it fulfils the wants and needs of men for well made underwear.

Seeing the lack of sensual underwear that offers the perfect anatomical fit in the market, Jose Vargas Snyder launched the famous menswear line, Joe Snyder. With more than 20 years of experience, this Mexican based menswear brand has been revolutionising the men’s fashion market with fashion-forward designs, high quality fabric construction and alluring styles. Their collections for men include bikini swimwear, bodysuits, boxer brief underwear, caps, G string swimwear, jockstrap underwear, G string underwear, jockstrap swimwear, long boxer brief underwear, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T shirts, thong underwear and swimwear.

Joe Snyder Active Bikini Underwear is one of the most popular designer bikini underwear that this Mexican brand offers. Designed for fashion-forward men with active lifestyles, this underwear is offered in black, black sheer, red, turquoise, white and white sheer. Made from a top quality polyamide and elastane fabric blend, the underwear is smooth and soft to touch and has a nice glimmer too! Unlike other non-supportive bikini underwear, this Joe Snyder creation offers unparalleled support levels! Exceptionally light and roomy, it keeps your asset in place throughout the whole day, whether you use it for casual or sports activities. Most importantly, the well designed and snug pouch design not only shapes your asset but holds it up too! The broad elastic waistband branded with the Joe Snyder logo ensures your underwear is comfortably fitted to your body and makes sure that it offers attention-grabbing shape retention to you throughout the day.

In spite of the skimpy cut, it provides the necessary coverage and support you need while exuding the feeling of not wearing anything underneath your pants! If you are not afraid of flaunting your chiselled physique in a daring cut, sport this designer outfit now!

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Qualities that make Joe Snyder Bulge Thong special!

Friday, August 12th, 2011

The Mexican designer label is famous for its individualistic approach to styling men and their conception of the not only the male body and pw it should look as well! The range of jockstraps and thongs have that individualistic appeal and sense of being right! The focus of attention in this blog post is the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong which has been on sale in the market for quite some time now and which has gathered quite a reputation for being naughty and nice at the same time!

Similar to what you find in other variants of Joe Snyder underwear, the Bulge Thong is available in a wide array of colours like black, white, dark blue, electric blue, light blue, orange, yellow, dark red, red, neon green, pinstripe along with black and white mesh for those who want to be a bit daring at times!

The material used for the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong range is a blend of 20% lycra and 80% nylon which is soft and smooth to touch. It gives a lot of stretch to the clothing, increasing the comfort factor manifold times!

The cut of the thong is very minimal and there is no sparable coverage material so there is a note of warning for all those who are bashful! Be careful while buying and wearing Joe Snyder Bulge Thong!

The true to size fit makes it easy to order online as well! The thong’s waistband is made of elastic that is minimally covered. The elastic measures ¼ inches at the top half and that which runs along back strap and around the pouch measures the same. The breadth of strap is 1 ¾ inches which narrows down to ½ inches.

One thing to be kept in mind while wearing Joe Snyder Bulge Thong is the fact that the pouch is single layer which makes it quite visible and revealing! The design is aimed at pushing things out, providing some great lifting and shaping to the wearer!

Little graphic detailing is provided by the small JS logo printed on the pouch at the front which otherwise would have remained quite plain. The pouch is snug and a bit on the tighter side which highlights and enhances the profile of the wearer quite a bit!

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Reviewing the Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The Mexico based underwear and swimwear brand- Joe Snyder has been in the business of garment manufacturing for quite a long time- from 1958 to be exact! Currently, the brand is known for the variety of swimwear and pouch underwear in different types of revealing cuts with an abundance of colour options!

The Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer is also known as the ‘enhancement boxer’ and is available in a number of colours like black, white, red, blue, pinstripe, orange, etc! Most of the items designed by Joe Snyder are multipurpose i.e. they can be used both as underwear and swimwear. In fact, the material of the underwear is swim compatible with the use of a mix of 20% spandex and 80% nylon. Another material that is also used for making this men’s underwear is mesh, which is meant for underwear for obvious reasons.

Although Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer is named a boxer, the design is like a low rise brief. The fit of the bulge boxer is true to size and the fit is further helped by the material, which is stretchy enough to accommodate a wide range of proportions. The elastic band is fully covered and acts as the waistband. The feeling that it gives is quite comfortable. The care and logo tags are relatively large at 1 3/4 x 1 ¼ inches.

The brief does not have full back coverage and quite an amount of the lower backside will be showing when you wear it! The centre seam runs down the middle, clearly defining the cheeks and this gives the feeling which is quite like that when one wears thong underwear with the material hugging your contours very closely!

The leg bands do not have any elastic and the material’s main body is folded over and sewn flat. The brief’s front measures narrower than that of the sides. The brief’s right hand corner has the logo of JS printed in blue and red.

The single layer of the pouch makes your outlines or profiles quite clear to any observer, so there arises the need to be careful when wearing it!

The pouch works well as bulge booster and you not only get definition and shape, but some noticeable lift as well! The materials stretchiness adds to the benefit of it able to accommodate anyone!

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Get chic with Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer

Monday, August 8th, 2011

The cut half-back style of brief is a common Brazilian style and has been popular amongst the styles of women’s underwear! Among men’s underwear it is quite uncommon but slowly it is been accepted as a popular men’s underwear style. The mini cheek boxer launched and produced by Joe Snyder is available in a huge selection of colours and types like pinstripe, sheer, camo and solids!

The material used to style Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer is a blend of 20% spandex and 80% nylon which is stretchable, of medium weight and smooth to touch. It has a shiny finish and gives a great fit!

The underwear cut, although called boxer is far from that. The uniqueness of the cut lies in the fact that there can be no specific category of the style and cut! This unique style almost warrants a different category for itself with its cross between a thong and low rise brief. Fully covered elastic (of ¾ inches) reinforces the waistband and it is not too tight and very comfortable. The tags of fabric content and logo are stacked on the waistband’s interior-back. They are quite large in fact at 1 ¼ inches x 1 ¾ inches

The centre seam of Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer runs downs its backside and is elasticized so that a snug fit can be created between the cheeks! The item of underwear is brief in the back and has an extension of 2 inches from the waistband’s base. The underwear’s back is like a thong, so those who are comfortable wearing thongs will feel no problem in carrying these off with comfort.

The garment’s frontal part has a minimal design except the signature logo of JS which stands for the brand and is located on the pouch’s left side! The single layer material of the pouch makes the underwear quite revealing so it should be worn with some amount of caution. When you wear this underwear, there might be some visible outlines, so take heed of that! The pouch, which is snug, gives you great shape and lift. The low rise at the front and front seam’s deep plunging fit make Joe Snyder Mini Cheek Boxer daring as well!

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Sexy Tiger or Gentle Lamb? Joe Snyder Has Something for Everyone

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Whether you’re conservative or daring, Joe Snyder has something for everyone.

Founded in 1958 in Mexico by Jesus Vargas Abin, this brand is geared towards those who are willing to experiment. The company was eventually inherited by Abin’s son who brought in fresh ideas, and as a result, in spite of being an old company, it has not lost its touch and continues to go strong.

Joe Snyder’s range of bikini swimwear is vast with more than 100 designs available in various colors and prints. These swimsuits fit snugly and have no liners, which means that they can be used as swimsuits, underwear and sportswear. The material used is stretchable, ensuring that the swimsuits fit any size, and the waistbands are double-seamed and durable. They can be found in normal material as well as sheer and mesh.

Joe Snyder boxer brief underwear and swimwear boast many unique prints and colors, and like all of their garments, they are multipurpose.

Their G-string underwear and swimwear are available in various vivacious colors, prints and designs, and jockstraps are available in sling varieties with a button at the front. The spider and the peek-a-boo designs are particularly bold and sexy, as are the long boxer brief underwear, which are made of cotton, ensuring outstanding comfort and durability.

Joe Snyder running shorts are made of nylon and Lycra spandex and are available in as many as 10 vibrant colors. The square cut trunk underwear and swimwear are available in approximately 100 designs in various colors and prints, and the thong swimwear and underwear are available in almost 60 various designs.

The materials used by the brand are always top of the line. Their fabrics are guaranteed by DuPont with support from the Lycra brand, so there is no question of them ever compromising on quality.

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Joe Snyder G String Underwear & Swimwear: Diversity on the Go

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

If you’re a man on the go, always ready to transform from the worldly to the casual and from the casual to the playful, then Joe Snyder G String underwear & swimwear is the perfect answer. This dynamic thong design allows you to bare all but the glory, providing a comfortable fit that supports, yet feels natural and free.

Joe Snyder G String menswear doesn’t contain a liner and, therefore, can be worn for any occasion. Don a pair of these at the start of the day and you’re ready for anything. Go from office meeting straight to the gym for a session of muscle ripping. Afterwards, stop by the pool or beach for a dip with friends.

Since these sexy Joe Snyder G String thongs are crafted from Nylon and Lycra spandex, they are extremely water repellant which makes it a breeze to go from mild mannered businessman to adventurous superman and back again. This material also offers great elasticity, allowing for just the right fit.

These eye-catching thongs come in a wide selection of colors to fit just about any taste or mood. Chose from white, black, red, royal blue, turquoise, mango, navy, wine, lemon, orange, or white or black sheer for those who enjoy being a bit more revealing. Highly crafted with durable seams, you can wear them time and again with unwavering confidence.

The Joe Snyder G String underwear and swimwear also make great gifts for the man in your life that “has everything”. Opening a package of these sexy, savvy G thongs will tell them that you admire every curve of their Greek god form and don’t want them to hide a thing.

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Sexy Tiger or Gentle Lamb- Joe Snyder for All

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Whether you are a conservative soul or an adventurous person willing to flaunt your sexuality to the world, Joe Snyder is meant for everyone.

The brand was founded in 1958 at Mexico by Jesus Vargas Abin who designed sexy men’s clothing for those willing to experiment himself. Later on, the brand was inherited by his son who brought newer ideas and fresh conceptions to the forefront. As a result, in spite of being an old company it has not lost its touch, and continues to go strong.

Their range of bikini swimwear has more than 100 varieties and is available in different vibrant colours and prints. Their unique elastic feature offers a beautiful snug fit. These have no liner, as a result of which, they can be used as a swimsuit, underwear and sportswear. The material is stretchable, thus ensuring that it can go larger or smaller according to the need of the hour. The waist band is double-seamed and durable. They can be found in normal material as well as sheer and mesh. The boxer brief underwear and swimwear manufactured by them boast of many unique prints. Like all of their sexy clothes for men they are multipurpose and more than 95 varieties of styles and colours can be found.

Their g-string range of underwear and swimwear are available in various vivacious colours, prints and designs. The jock strap underwear can be got of sling varieties with a button at the front so that the front part can be detached or attached at will. The spider and the peekaboos types are really bold and sexy, and their long boxer brief underwear is made of cotton, and is very comfortable.

Joe Snyder running shorts are made of nylon and Lycra spandex and are available in as many as 10 vibrant colours. The square cut trunk underwear and swimwear are obtainable in around 100 styles in various colours and prints. The thong swimwear and underwear are available in almost 60 types.

The materials used by the brand are always top of the line. Their fabrics are guaranteed by DuPont with support from the Lycra brand, so there is no question of them ever compromising on quality. The fabric is made so that they fit extremely well.

Joe Snyder uses a very modern technology for manufacturing its range of sexy clothing for men. Since they are unlined, they are multipurpose and can be used as swimsuits, underwear and sportswear.

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