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Jor Mesh Jock Strap Underwear provides style and function with its well-thought out designs!

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Many smart and fashionable males all over the world are taking to sporting jockstraps underneath their pants because they offer both style and functionality. Providing a sensual and athletic appearance, this underwear style has now become a fashion staple in the underwear drawer of men of all ages! The one brand that has strike a chord with its comfortable fit, top quality construction, quality fabrics and fantastic style is the fast-moving Jor fashion house.

Jor is a renowned swimwear and underwear line founded by Javier Ortega in 2000. Based in Colombia, the brand produces collections that represent Latin spirit and energy so men all around the world can enjoy their durable and comfortable designer creations. Products from the Jor fashion line come in the form of bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jockstrap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, shorts, square cut trunk swimwear and tank top shirts.

Providing an ego-boosting experience, Jor Mesh Jock Strap Underwear promises to flaunt your masculine sensuality in the most unforgettable manner! Created with fabrics such as nylon and spandex, this jockstrap underwear offers superior fit and shape retention all day long! Apart with being delicate and smooth to touch, the stretchable fabric is very strong and durable even after repeated washing. In addition to the wide elastic waistband that promises a slimming effect, the two strong leg straps provide excellent rear support and lift as well. Light in weight and exceedingly spacious, the breathable mesh pouch is a very sexy design without being overly revealing and does its best to augment your comfort and support levels. Snug and fitted, the supportive contour pouch design also does its share of giving a nice shape and bulge to your asset the whole day!

Available in solid bold colours like black and white as well eye-catching colour combinations such as black/white, white/black, white/green, black/green, black/red (and many more)!, Jor Mesh Jock Strap Underwear is perfect for the office, gym and out about the town! With the Jor logo printed on the front of the waistband, express your sexuality and show off your toned body in this Jor sizzling hot number!

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Looking dashing in Jor Sport Gold/Black Boxer Swimwear!

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

It is important to put on the right kind of swimwear in order to flaunt your well sculpted body in an attractive manner. To cater to the bold and adventurous men of today’s world, there are a wide variety of swimwear styles and cuts on offer from leading swimwear brands. Image and body conscious men are no longer afraid to show off their bodies in exciting skin revealing styles of swimwear like bikini, thong, G-string and square cut trunk swimwear. Jor is one of the well known men’s swimwear brands that men of all ages trust when it comes to square cut trunk swimwear in a boxer style. When it comes to looking and feeling good in a boxer swimwear, Jor ranks high in popularity among men all over the world.

Based in Colombia, Jor is a popular men’s underwear and swimwear brand founded by Javier Ortega in 2000. Being the ex- creative director of another well-known underwear brand, Gigo, Ortega had a clear idea of the discriminating taste of today’ s active men. With the aim to create men’s apparel that is not only functional but allows men to express his masculinity as well as feel sexy, Ortega succeeded in creating menswear that encompasses the vibrant spirit of Latin America. The brand’s other popular men’s creations include bikini swimwear, bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, long boxer brief underwear, shorts, and tank top T shirts.

Flaunt your nicely buffed body in some Jor Sport Gold/Black Boxer Swimwear at your next pool or beach party! Designed to show off your sculpted body in the most alluring manner, Jor Sport Gold/Black Boxer Swimwear is perfect for those who want to attract amorous glances from people at the beach or at the pool! The materials used for crafting Jor Sport Gold/Black Boxer Swimwear are nylon (84%) and spandex (16%). The use of nylon and spandex or elastane allows the low rise swimwear to retain its stretch ability and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your water sports without facing any kind of uneasiness. The drawstring waistband provides added support and tightness to this body fitting boxer swimwear. The contrasting gold waistband, stitching and border emphasises the black fabric perfectly.  Apart from this, other interesting colour combinations that the Jor Sport range of boxer swimwear is available in are Gold/Green, Silver/White and Silver/Blue.

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Swimming Is Just So Exciting And Exhilarating In Your Jor FOIL Square Cut Trunk Swimwear!

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

You surely want a swimsuit that will allow you to swim freely when you are at the beach or pool side. You may want people to turn around and cast appreciative glances at your well toned body with the right swimwear, but you can only fulfil this wish when you select suitable swimwear that will help in enhancing your sizzling physique. If you are reasonably fashion conscious, you need to pick up some sexy and hot swimwear that will attract everyone’s attention at the pool or on the beach. Nowadays, there is a wide range of stylish swimwear like the bikini swimwear, pouch swimwear, G string swimwear, thong swimwear, jammer swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear for men to choose from.

Among these varied designs, square cut swimwear is still preferred by most men. Firstly, this swimwear tightly adheres to the body, making your curves quite prominent! Secondly, it is ideal for those who do not like to wear revealing swimwear. The square cut swimwear is traditional yet quite funky and contemporary.

 Jor is a popular brand creating trendy men’s underwear and swimwear. Based in Colombia, the brand has gained immense popularity by creating some funky and body-hugging swimwear that is loved by men worldwide.  This brand creates some very stylish and chic boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G string underwear, jock strap underwear, bikini swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear.

With the intention of making their square cut trunk swimwear immensely trendy and attractive, the designers at Jor have created funky Jor FOIL Square Cut Trunk Swimwear. The unique prints and abstract patterns of this swimwear contrasted on a light background are indeed amazing! The presence of nylon (84%) and spandex (16%) makes this swimwear quite tight and stretchable, while the presence of a drawstring allows you to adjust this swimwear easily.

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