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Men’s brief – an essential part of a man’s wardrobe

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Men’s underwear has been an essential part of their clothing since ages. Men’s brief is a very common undergarment for men and is used by all the men. It is traditional undergarment and has a uniqueness of its own. It is very popular among men’s underwear and is worn by 90% men in the world. Traditionally it was available only in the basic color and style but in recent times it has gained immense popularity and is available in different styles and colors. In contemporary times, with the change in the fashion industry, manufacturers and designers of undergarments are coming up with new styles and forms of undergarments on a regular basis.

Earlier men’s brief were available in the cotton fabric and the color white but with change in fashion and preferences of men, it can be found in different colors and styles. Usually men prefer undergarment made of natural fabrics like cotton as they are comfortable. Nowadays fabrics like Lycra, silk, spandex, nylon, elastane are being used as it adds variety and style to the underwear. Men’s brief are fitting and has good cut. It provides support as well as comfort to the men. Sportsmen and athletes prefer undergarments which are body hugging and men’s brief fit the bill.

Men’s brief is available as briefs and boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are briefs are longer till thigh length and are very comfortable. It is available in different colors and style and is apt for relaxed homely environments. One can even go out of the house for errands wearing a boxer brief as it covers appropriately. They are like boxer shorts in comparison but vary in length. Men’s brief which are tight fitting have elastic waist band and are more like swimwear. They are usually available in Y shaped front style. They are best option for office goers and professionals who have to sit in an office environment all day long.

One can buy men’s brief from online as well as offline stores. It is better to purchase it from online stores as all the brands are available under one store. One can even view the models wearing it online and select according to their choice. Sites like which sell such undergarments have brands like Arroyman, Candyman, Bone Wear, BumGear, Muscle, Modus Vivendi, Punto Blanco, Playboy, Pipe, Jocko, Gregg Homme etc and anyone can buy it from there. Men can order online and with complete privacy within their comfort zones.

Men’s Fashion Accessories Today

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Fashion for men, at present time, is one of the most discussed and celebrated issue amongst all classes. In olden times, fashion for men was not considered as anything of great important, but as time progressed, men became aware of their outfit and more conscious about fashion. Now days, we would hardly find any man having a bit of fortune, unaware about his outlook. In this regard, along with the other fashionable accessories like watches, jewelries, ties etc. men’s underwear plays a vital, and probably the most important role in today’s men of fashion.

Whenever the topic of men’s fashion accessories comes, especially the men’s underwear, you can find a no better place than this website, where you are offered a heaven of choice to choose from. There is a galaxy of types, brands and exclusive offers on men’s underwear only for you. Being an online store, offers you to choose from a wide range of world famous and high class brands like LA Sporting Club, Twink, Narciso, Arroyman etc. and the types are various like Men’s Bikini Underwear, Brief Underwear, Pouch Underwear, Boxer Brief Underwear, Long Boxer Brief Underwear, Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear, G String Underwear, Jock Strap Underwear, Thong Underwear, Loincloth Underwear, Long Underwear Pants, Shape wear, Swimwear and lot more.

Now come to the point how you should choose the best possible underwear for you. This article will guide you on how you can choose the best one for you, keeping the comfort in mind at one end and the fashion on the other. It will show you how to intermingle these two the best.

As this is all about your inner comfort, first ask yourself that in which type of underwear you feel more comfortable. There are many types, as it is mentioned already before. Once you have decided the type that suites you the most, determine your budget. As offers a wide range of every type, it won’t be a problem to find your favorite type within your reach. Here, it is suggested that one should not compromise the quality for budget’s sake as it may decrease your comfort level.

When you have found out what you are looking for, just click on the ‘buy now’ tab and a secured payment gateway would appear. You are just a few clicks away from what you want. Do whatever is asked and place your order. That’s it.

Advantages of purchasing underwear from websites

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

In this world of fashion, people are very choosy for each and everything they use and their choice has major two factors i.e. style and comfort. The style has reached up to the extent of innerwear and there is a huge market of men’s underwear just to satisfy the style, comfort and even the price of the underwear. There are many sites which sell men’s underwear and people are free to choose according to their own style and order.

Today there are many styles available for men’s underwear and depending upon your taste a person can choose a respective style. The Style of the underwear is also a fashion statement since nowadays the jeans are being worn so low such that the underwear is being visible and the brand name represents the standard of the person. Men’s underwear can be purchased online or even offline but there are many advantages of purchasing a men’s underwear from a website than from a marketing store since many a times people feel awkward purchasing it but while purchasing through web they are all alone and can freely purchase. Again no store let the customers try the innerwear so the only advantage of purchasing from the market is also lost on top of it the assistance which is being given on the web are greater than that which we get while purchasing from the traditional market. All the details are given on the web and depending upon the brand, for example 1st gear, Baskit, Bonds, Caron, Casio, Dana, DKNY, Fossil, Gyz and many other are available online with complete detail of all the products. Many a times in the traditional mall we don’t get the required style of the required brand but on the web everything is available just on a single click. Again for purchasing the innerwear one need not move to different parts of the city and the worst part happens when one travels for long distance and after reaching the destination gets to know that the stock is finished. The best advantage of purchasing online is the price, the discounts available on the web are much more than available on any other mall and people won’t get such prices outside the computer. Men’s underwear is the most important of the dress and it should be well chosen because any sort of discomfort in it may be in size or quality can irritate you in many ways. So it is always advisable to choose your innerwear with patience and after understanding all the details about the quality and size of the innerwear.

Underwear for a Gay Party

Friday, June 10th, 2011

The advancement in the fashion industry has brought in changes not only to the outer dresses like t-shirts, jeans, etc that we wear but also to the inner wears. In fact special under wears are now being designed for specific occasions. Special attention is paid on not only the quality of the under wears but also on the variety of colors, styles, sizes, etc that are available.

Many brands these days also design specific gay men’s underwear as well which serve for gay parties mainly. These brands include Ajaxx63, Baxter of California, Beach Brasil, Platinum sport, Tyler & Tyler and many other brands produce gay men’s underwear and they are available online as well. There is a huge competition these days in this market and thus keeping up with the quality and meeting the customer demands is of utmost importance.

During a gay party one of the prime things that attract a person is the underwear. For this purpose many brands have started designing gay men’s underwear which exclusively serves for this purpose. Especially for gays it is the perfect thing to look after. A major advantage is that it is easily available online and there are several categories of which one is this and so one can find it quickly as well.

If you are a gay and planning for a romantic time with the special one in your life then choosing an attractive gay men’s underwear is the perfect thing that you can do to impress your partner. This will spice up your night and make it even hotter than the summer days that you have spent. Wearing perfect size underwear also makes you feel comfortable from inside and thus gives you self confidence. Nicely fitted underwear may increase the look of your bulge both inside and outside the pants. This will thus help you in spicing up the night in the way you wanted it to be.

Apart from these wearing gay men’s underwear gives a great amount of comfort and positive notes in the people. After being satisfied by their partner they tend to feel much more happy than usual. Their concentration on their work also increases to a great deal and hence wearing gay men’s underwear can be the right thing to look for an overall development of your personality. A confident look will help you in solving all the problems in a much smarter way.

Clever Moda Underwear: Love at First Sight!

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you didn’t before, you definitely will once you take a look at the Clever Moda underwear at One look, and you’ll be filled with an obsessive desire to make them yours forever!

Among the myriad of striking differences between Clever Moda and other underwear brands, one is the breathtaking ability of this hot Colombian brand to successfully turn your feelings into silhouettes, colors, applications, prints, stones and glitters. What you feel is what you get, you might say.  If you feel manly, and you are not afraid to show it, Clever Moda underwear will not just get the job done, but ace it.

Just take a look at the Clever Bars Colors orange boxer with its contrast logo waistband and hot, wild print.  After wearing underwear like this, anything else will just seem plain old boring.

However, in addition to all of their unique and drop-dead gorgeous designs, Clever Moda has also not forgotten the importance of comfort. Every garment from their product line, whether it be bikini swimwear, boxer briefs, briefs, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T-shirts, thong underwear or trousers, is made from Grade A fabrics and finely tailored to provide you with the comfort and durability that you deserve.

Leave it to the land that produces the best coffee in the world to also give birth to a brand of underwear with the same rich and intoxicating qualities as its coffee.

Get your testosterone flowing, arouse your senses, and dive into the Clever Moda collection at

Favorites – Men’s Loungewear

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Arroyman Pyjama Mesh Pants

These sexy, see-through, mesh pajama loungewear pants by Arroyman are top sellers, and with good reason. Not only do they offer maximum display, but they also provide outstanding comfort. Made from 100% stretch nylon, these sheer PJ’s are a pleasure to wear and show off in.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Black L7

Experience a new Dream Collection release and hot seller from N2N. This arousing and extremely comfortable sleeveless, hooded robe is made of a soft, silky fabric that will gently caress your skin. This loungewear is the perfect selection to kick back and relax in.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Black

Climb into these sexy, long sleeping pants that combine a comfy, loose-fitting style with a casual, worldly man look. Newly released from Bone Wear, these high-quality sleepers have a pleasant stripe print, logo waistband, and are made of 100% cotton for the utmost in wearing pleasure.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Blue L7

Another hot hit from N2N’s Dream Collection, this savagely sexy, sleeveless, hooded blue robe is sure to drive those around you wild. Slip into this knee-length, soft and silky loungewear and experience sensual comfort and relaxation.

N2N Bodywear Dream Robe Loungewear Silver L7

Kick back and relax in this popular, silver N2N Dream Collection hooded robe and experience what sexy style is all about. Made from a soft, silky fabric that is sure to send shivers of delight across your skin, this piece is sure to satisfy the senses.

Narciso Robe Sleepwear BATA ISIDORO

This is a highly popular and strikingly appealing sleepwear set from Narciso. Finely tailored and made of high-quality fabric, the BATA ISIDORO consists of an elegant robe and boxer style shorts that are sure to please and surprise. An ideal gift for that special man in your life.

Narciso Robe Sleepwear BATA SUSANA

A definite eye-catcher, Narciso’s BATA SUSANA leopard print sleepwear will bring the wild side out of any man and his partner. This brilliantly tailored dynamic duo consists of a silky soft robe and boxer shorts made of the highest quality fabric. Grab ‘n’ growl for a set of these popular sleepers for slumber or gift giving.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Blue

Light, airy and extremely sexy, these loose fitting lounge pants from Bone Wear are comfortable and stylish with their 100% cotton, blue stripe design and waistband logo. You’ll want to pick up a pair or two of this top-selling sleepwear.

Bone Wear Stripe Lounge Pants Sleepwear Olive/Red

Yet another popular slam dunk by Bone Wear, this sophisticated and sexy pair of lounge pants says, “Come and get me!” with its olive and red stripe print and logo waistband. Made of 100% cotton, these loungers are as comfortable as they are inviting.

Brief Underneath Lounge Pants with Brief Heather Grey M1504

Now here’s a popular lounge pant that offers great looks, relaxing comfort and extra support with its built-in brief. Made of 100% cotton, this savvy, Heather Grey set with a buttoned front is light, airy and oh, so delightful.

Chammyz 1 / 2 Wrap White

This white Chammyz wrap is a popular choice for the beach, spa, pool, shower, or for just lounging around in. In addition to providing warm coverage and 100% natural Chammyz absorbency, this fashionable wrap also contains clips for easy size adjustment.

Dreamgirl Charmeuse Robe Set 6279

Dreamgirl has designed this incredibly soft, silky and sexy Charmeuse robe set consisting of a short robe and boxer style shorts. This popular item can be worn open to reveal a buff bod or held closed by an attached belt. It makes the perfect gift for the man who has “everything.”

Gregg Homme ERA Robe 75701 Coffee

Slip into this sexy and erotic fashion robe by Gregg Homme and feel the difference elegant style makes. This highly popular robe boasts a stunning coffee colored pattern on a black background with black highlighted edges and a belt. You’ll feel and look like high class luxury in this alluring treat for the senses.

Gregg Homme MESH Athletic Mesh Robe G211 White

Fabulous, comfortable, high quality luxury is what you’ll find wearing this stunning Gregg Homme white mesh athletic robe. This popular style exudes sexy and erotic charm and truly complements today’s modern man. An excellent gift idea for a dreamy guy.

Mundo Unico Comfort Lounge Pants 78214F

Comfort is the name of the game with this popular item. Unico’s full-length lounge pants sport a gathered, elastic waistband, internal logos and a single-button rear pocket, all complimented by an eye-catching, plaid design. Slip into these lounge pants for a cozy night’s sleep, or just to hang out around the pad in them.

Flaunt European Style with a Savvy Suisse Navy Hoodie

Monday, November 8th, 2010

This navy Macri men’s hoodie is sure to capture the attention of passers-by with its slim fit and stylish Suisse designs printed on the front, back and sleeves. You’ll feel snug as a bug inside this high-quality, soft, combed cotton garment that has been pre- and enzyme washed for even greater softness and long lasting wear.

Big Boys Underwear

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Let’s talk underwear. Some guys settle for comfort, and that’s all they expect. White or black – the colour doesn’t matter. They just want to feel comfortable all day long. Smart? Sure, but it can also be boring – with a capital B.

The classy guy is the one who wants to look fabulous in his clothes or out of them. He’s the one with the cool haircut, the trendy shoes and the shirt that belongs on a runway. Does he want to feel comfortable in his underwear? Oh, yeah. But he wants a stylish place to “hang out in”, too.

Yes! He wants to hang with the Big Boys in the fashion world. They’ve got it all. Big Boys underwear made of silky modal and elastane material that provide around the clock comfort and are soft enough to sleep in. Boxer briefs with just a little leg or mini-briefs without. These feel so good and showcase your . . . umm . . . whatever you’ve got that you want showcased!

Sleek, Stylish Menswear and Accessories for the Modern Man

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Being at the top your game is essential in this day and age, and donning quality menswear is an important part of success. A modern man doesn’t only demonstrate stellar performance, but also shows the world his value by dressing smartly. The old adage that says you can tell a lot about a man by the way he dresses echoes even louder today. Dressing for success in top, name brand, men’s clothing and accessories not only sets the laws of attraction into motion, but also provides the confidence to go forth and conquer. is a one-stop shop for the man who wants to look and feel his best. This hustling, bustling world doesn’t afford one the time to hunt and pick through countless stores and shops, so having such a convenient source of men’s clothing and attire is priceless. Not only can you select from 250+ top name brand products, but you can do it all from the convenience of your computer.

Surfing through the large selection of men’s fashion on will reveal a bounty of shirts, pants, sweaters, coats and jackets, shoes, underwear, swimwear, and loungewear, all coming from top manufacturers to guarantee that you, or the man in your life, look the very best. You will also find incredible men’s accessories such as belts and buckles, jewelry, hats, ties, scarves, sunglasses, wallets, watches, and personal care items that will put the icing on any man’s cake.

There’s even a treasure trove of specials and bundle packages for those looking to get fine men’s clothing items at reduced prices. And for those who want to give a special gift to their adored man, but want to leave the choosing up to them, there are gift vouchers available that will ensure that they will greet you with a pleasant smile and warm hug the next time you meet.

Visit today and check out the extraordinary selection of fine men’s fashion products and look and feel the very best. And be sure to bookmark the site as you’ll want to return time and again for great selections on quality men’s clothing and men’s accessories. Go ahead, you or the special man in your life deserve it!

Get Lustfully Comfortable With Big Boys Pants

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Find support and freedom with Big Boys Pants which come in anatomical designs and allow your big Johnson to hang naturally just as nature had in mind. Are you worried that you are not built like a hunk similar to one of the models here…don’t worry…you can look equally sexy in Big Boys Pants. When you pull them on, you will fill into the flexible pouch for ultimate comfort. I can assure you Big Boys feel even better than what it looks. It is complete euphoria in the form of a garment. They have been designed from modal cotton and for those who haven’t tried this material…will enjoy wearing this exceptionally lightweight sleek fabric manufactured from trees of sustainable farms. This breathing and more durable cotton keeps your rod fresh and healthy always!

Big Boys Pants are hygienic, increase your sexuality and sensuality as well as keep your asset cooler assisting in better sperm production! If you want me to describe the Big Boys Pants in a few words it will be comfortable second skin!  Complete range of Big Boys Pants is easily available online at so don’t wait…get a few right now. They are awesome and nothing like what you have ever worn before.

It is really difficult to convey how much you will love the ‘pouch’ style Big Boys pants.  If you are small in size this will help you look bigger and you if have a lot, Big Boys offers extra space and support which you require. Isn’t it a win-win situation? You will become the Locker Room Jock instantly.

All confidence and no complexes as Big Boys Pants guarantees to be the finest underpants you have ever tried.  Tag less care label, and nothing to irritate you…Big Boys Pants conforms to your body shape offering a perfect fit every time. They augment what nature has given you as well as hug and support while you look stunning! Indulge your pride and joy with the finest pair of pants you will ever find. Just sense the difference, freedom and feel out of the world with Big Boys Pants.